1977 Trans Am

Car show Pictures

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Here's a bunch of pictures from car shows and cruises from over the years.




Here we are stopping by the local pub for a beer (Coors of course) after a local car show.  After one beer I actually think I am Burt Reynolds.




The Bandit himself stopped by for Christmas at a buddy's house.

(I always thought he would be little taller)  













   November 2006; my father & I at a local show in Sarasota, FL.  You can see his 1972 Monte Carlo in the background.




 My dad & I back in '96 right after I bought my T/A 


 My wife & I in 2005 with my 1973 Olds Cutlass Supreme (now sold - the car, not the wife!)



All the boys on the way to a car show in 2004.  This is after Denny's breakfast in the parking lot.








1977 T/A

1971 Vette                                    

1972 Chevelle  



 Here is a picture of the license plate that was on the back of the T/A in the movie.                                                                                        Here's the one from the front.   Both can be found to purchase on Ebay. 




Yes, this is real and not a set-up.  On our way to a car-show back in 2003 cruising up I-75 I had the wrong sticker on my plate and I got pulled over.  Luckily one of my buddies was fast with the camera.  





Yes back in the day (1985) I was aspiring for my role as "The Bandit".   Even though I was just off to my record store job and not running Coors across the state line.    






My wife promises next time to dress up like Sally Field.  


  Summer 2006 at a local classic car auction, David's caddy and my father's camaro for sale.  




Oh the good ole days !







Saylor back high school 1985.  The Classic Hurst Olds with T-tops.



Yes I did own a Fire Truck (with the semi-famous Sonny Royale)     


And yes sometimes you have to wash your own car.    
















Jeff's 1966 Pontiac Catalina


David's Dodge Dart & Chevy Impala