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  This my 1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE.  The 77 t/a had a staring role in a little film (2nd highest grossing moive of 1977) with Burt Reynolds (Bandit) called "Smokey and the Bandit"



 1977 Trans Am SE (special edition) Y-82.  It's located here in Sarasota, FL.   Under the hood is the  400 cubic inch Pontiac 6.6 liter with the optional t.a. engine package from the factory that upgraded the horsepower from 180 to 200 (for a whopping $50.00), and also included chrome valve covers.  3 Speed Automatic transmission.  Hurst t-tops, am/fm/cb radio package.    East bound & Down !







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I went to see "Smokey and the Bandit" when I was 10 years old with my mom.   It was the 1st movie I ever saw in a theater.  

 After that day in 1977 I always dreamed of having the car I had seen when I was a kid.  18 years later in 1995 I found it, and the rest is history.



SE stands for "Special Edition" which was a package that included the gold accents found in the pin-striping, the head lamp bezel, the interior, and the german/gothic style lettering. 






The Georgia state license plate is one of the first images associated with the car - it's the first thing the audience sees when the Bandit rolls it out of the Snowman's truck.




Look closely at the rims.  You will see a lot of these 77's with the wrong rims.  The snowflake rims that came on the 1977 T/A were 15"x7"  and have no lip between the outer rim and where the snowflake starts.  I've seen some 1977's with the 1978 15"x8" WS6 snowflake rims - there is a larger gap from the edge of the rim to the snowflake part of the rim.  In addition, the snowflake pattern is different.  (1978 rim shown in picture below.)








 A couple of little known facts:  The hood scoop that has the T/A 6.6 is a Pontiac 400 motor, as seen on my car here.  If the hood scoop has "6.6 Liter" it's an Olds 403 motor.  Also, the 403 Olds motor came for the California Pontiac plant.  The hood scoop on a 1977 is the only year like this.  The 1978 scoop sits higher up and sticks farther out of the hood.




   Hard to see in the picture, but the dash bezel, steering wheel, horn button and the little firebird emblems on the door panels are colored in gold accents.  Recently I had a guy approach me at a local car show and said he once owned a T/A.  He said it was a shame to see my dash discolored like that from age.  He went on to give me advice on how to clean it.  He was partially right; the non se package came with a silver dash bezel and steering wheel. 

Most everyone associates the above picture of Burt Reynolds in his jacket with the movie.  The red jacket is actually from the second movie.  In the original movie he was only seen wearing the red long-sleeved, button up shirt  (shown below).

The CB and antenna was an dealer add-on to my car.  The movie was released in May 1977.  After that the trans am sales sky rocketed.  My T/A was built  06-77 and shipped out to the dealer on 07-77.  This is after the movie was a big hit and the dealer added the CB radio and antenna.  I know the antenna is not in the same place as the one from the moive, but that's o.k. with me.  Nothing was ever cut or drilled to install it.  The antenna is a magnet base and the wire runs in the trunk crease.   


 Factory GM Photo.  I received it with my PHS Documents.  Check them out here.

1977 Trans Am SE Production Numbers. 

Engine Size and # built of each option - Factory UPC code.

  • 400 (L78) w/out T-Tops 748, Y-81.
  • 400 (L78) w/ T-tops 6030, Y-82.
  • 400 (W72) w/out T-Tops 933 (489 with 4 speed manual transmission) Y-81.
  • 400 (W72) w/ T-Tops 6459 (2699 with 4 speed manual transmission) Y-82.
  • 403 (L80) without T-Tops 180, Y-81.
  • 403 (L80) with T-Tops 1217, Y-82.
  • Total 15,567



  My original 77 invoice/window sticker.  Click to enlarge. 















                Some of my Collectibles.  Click on any image to enlarge.