Mission Statement
As a married Catholic priest, my ministry is to people who for some reason choose not to, or cannot comply with Church regulations but who still have some attachment or love for the Church.

"This is my commandment:  Love one another as I have loved you."    John 15:12

Sunday Mass for Seventy Percent
Seventy percent of Roman Catholics no longer go to Mass on Sunday. 

Turned away or turned off by the Roman Catholic Church you still love? Disappointed with rigid imposition of lifeless rules over the beautiful yet challenging gospel of the Lord? 

We are a group of faithfully dissenting but disenfranchised Catholics who refuse to be “sheeple.” What more can the authorities do? They’re already tried to kick us out. It’s our church and we refuse to leave. Rather than stay away on Sunday morning, we celebrate Mass together around a dining room table, informally, in a loving home, much like the first century Christians did. 

We follow the Roman Liturgy. We share thoughts during the dialog homilies and we practice open communion.  Good homilies are key to good liturgy. People say they like mine. Recently my brother suggested that I sell my homilies on the Internet to priests who don’t study Sacred Scripture and pray over their homilies before dropping them on their parishioners. I’m not going to sell what I write because my ideas are for the most part, not original. I rely on modern, insightful scholars in Scripture and spirituality. These experts include Dianne Bergant, Richard Fragomeni, and Roger Karban. They’re the ones who deserve the credit for what I say on Sundays. 

Our pastor is Jesus Christ. Our presider is a validly-ordained, married Catholic priest licensed by the Society of Christ’s Priesthood.  We don’t ask permission to follow our consciences. We are loyal to our Catholic faith and obedient to the Spirit. 

If Sunday Mass is important to your spiritual development and you are not being nourished at your parish, you might want to give us a try. We celebrate the Eucharist for faith communities in our home most every Sunday. Call 239-948-9423 or e-mail me at cng817@rocketmail.com for time and directions.

Vacationers to Florida are always welcome at our liturgies.

If you have a small group of ten or so people, and want a Mass in your own home, let’s look at our calendars together and talk. 

All people of faith are welcome! We don’t take up a collection but we do insist you contribute something, somewhere to some charitable group, even if it’s to your own parish!