Feeding Habits

Feeding Habits: The Florida Panther often eats 4 to 5 kg a day. They almost eat any animal but mostly deer and hogs, usually whatever is in their environment. They are strictly carnivores and are considered the quaternary consumers of their habitat. They hide in long stalks of grass  and stalk the prey just like any other big cat. the marshes are great for this type of hunting. Florida Panthers will even eat little birds and racoons most of the time what ever they can find. Florida Panthers need to eat at least twice a week in order to be considered healthy. The Florida Panther uses it's slim design to stalk through the marshes and pounce on the prey in an element of surprise. With it's reasonably small feet it is easier to sneak around in the mud and the pads on the bottom of the feet mute the sound of it walking. 

Most of the time Florida Panthers hunt mostly in the small forests in Florida for it's main type of meal: deer, hogs, and birds. The Kittens will be breast fed for a little more than a few months before they start eating meat. To be specific the cubs start eating when they start growing teeth. When Florida Panthers are young they already have started hunting without knowing. Their playing is mostly hunting. The young in the first few weeks of their teeth start to hunt small animals like rabbits, rats, and small birds. The prey density and quality of a habitat is usually where the Florida Panther decides to stay. And even though the Florida Panther does live on private lands it has never been known to eat livestock on farms or ranches near it's habitat, nor have threatened or attacked a person before on record. The Florida Panther is not a human aggressive animal for food if it will ever attack a human it would be for it's homeland space.

 Florida Panther eating a small bird

Niche: The Florida Panther species Niche is the quaternary consumer it's job is to keep the balance of racoons,small animals, and other scavengers or prey at balance from over repopulating in the area.

Food Web: Food Web of Florida Panther Habitat

This Is the food web of the Florida Panther Ecosystem.

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