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 >>>  OVER 1/2 WAY TO THE GOAL!  <<<

November 13, 2017-  When you power wash a building you should start with the roof first and not do it last.  And you should DO the job the right way and stay until it is completed!  That didn't happen.

I’m not trying to be picky, but below is some of what I saw.  It was so bad I got the pump sprayer and my garden hose to try to fix some of it before dark- just to see if it could have been done better.

It isn't perfect by any means, but you can see below with just using my garden hose it does look better.  So it was possible to do a better job.  They just didn't bother.  

Porch roof trim-  what I did with nothing more than the garden hose and bleach (left side) and what he did or didn't do (on the right). 

Much of the place looks worse instead of better!  Example- I had just cleaned up these plants last week because they are right along the walk way and looked really rough (covered, almost buried in sticks and Spanish moss and leaves, etc.) after Irma hit.  I did the same thing right before Irma hit, not knowing of course that the storm was coming.  So 2 times I’ve cleaned them up in 3 months.  

Here is what they look like right now after the power washing.  And this kind of mess and clumps of wet dirty leaves from the roof are all over the place!  

When I woke this morning I looked out the window.  It was covered with dried-on dirty roof water.  All of the windows were covered in it.  Very depressing.    

This is certainly not the sparkle and shine I expected.  
After paying someone to do it, I guess I will have to do it myself.

November 12, 2017-  I didn't know it would be this bad.  I knew it would be bad, but just didn't know how bad.  The men are here doing the power washing- arriving at 7:30 AM on a Sunday morning on a holiday weekend.  Both of my ears are infected- a common thing with me- so ear plugs are not possible.  Between the power washer engine and the sound of the high pressure water hitting the metal the noise is unbearable.  

I also feel bad because I didn't prep the areas real well before they arrived.  Was Babesia herxing, still am, and was feeling rotten all day yesterday.  To my credit, they didn't know when they were coming and gave me less than 24 hours notice when they'd be arriving.  

I am literally shaking from the incredible noise as I try to distract myself and write this update.  The end result I HOPE will be worth this torture?  Will let you know...  

November 9, 2017-  The new roofing materials are here!  I've been researching this product for the roof repairs as have my helpers behind the scenes.  EVERYTHING we've seen about it looks good. It has a 50 year warrantee, super water proof, much better than tin or shingles and it won't blow off when the hurricanes come to town!  

If you have a leaky roof you may want to consider it?  Plus it will cost less than the other options and estimates.  They were all way too high!  So happy here, thanks to your kindness!

November 7, 2017- WOOOOOOO HOOO!  Thanks to you and your kind donations we are ordering the roofing materials tomorrow!  Can't wait to get that done so the rest of the work can begin!  

November 5, 2017-  Yesterday several contractors came by to give estimates.  Sad to say they were too expensive and also very limited in what they can do.  Will start calling more people to see if I can find some with more reasonable rates.  

Still short about 1/2 of the dollars needed to get the place fixed, so if you could share the campaign with others it would be appreciated!

Thankfully, to keep the floor dry and to help lift my spirits I bought a crazy shower curtain. The last one was a flimsy piece of tan colored plastic that cost me all of $3.23 that I knew I'd have to replace soon.  Shortly after returning home after the evacuation I started to slip while getting in the shower.  As I grabbed for something to hold onto I ripped part of the curtain from the curtain rings, making it look and function worse than it already did!

Knowing the days ahead would continue to be tough and sometimes depressing I splurged ($16) and got a new curtain.  As soon as I saw this one I realized I had to have it because there are so many frogs around here- all over the place!  

For example- the first picture is a frog on my window. The second one is the shower curtain. 

Frog on the outside of the window 
It's night time- and he is looking for bugs

Huge frog on shower curtain 
How silly is that?

Goofy and bold, I know!  But, it is so strange it makes me laugh several times a day!  

Thanks again to all who have donated to help me get back on my feet.  And for those who worry about my frog oriented choice of accessories, please don't.  I think my brain will come back around once the work here is done.  ~smile~  

November 2, 2017-  Tomorrow we contact the roofer to get them rocking and rolling! Hopefully they can do it before next year!  Will let you know!  Power washer, if all goes well, should be here this weekend too!  Exciting!  And it will make me and this whole place not feel so depressing and "grubby".  Thanks to you this is possible!  

Please keep sharing these updates with others.  I can't do it and Maggie can't either.  Counting on you all to assist if you will please!  Thanks!

November 1, 2017-  It's November already!  Time sure flies when you are... hmmmm, stopping there!  HA!

Good News- thanks to you we've made some progress!  And now some contractors are coming out for estimates too!  

Bad News- the estimates keep getting higher and higher!  If the contractors do show up they are so busy they can't even start the work until after the first of the year in most cases.  How I wish I were healthy again and could do this work myself! 

Some of you have asked why no updates lately?  Well, there has been... um, let's call it "confusion", dealing with GoFundMe over the past few weeks.  However, I believe they have finally released the "hold" on your donations so they can be withdrawn.  

It appears this "sudden hold on the account with no reason for it" and the ineffective ways they've set up to communicate is a common place occurrence that is also experienced by others.  

Rather than say more, if you'd like you can read the reviews here.   I thought it was me or that we were doing something wrong somehow, but the ratings below indicate it isn't only this campaign having problems. 

The fact GoFundMe's "platform" wasn't sending out my personal thank you notes (as provided for by them as part of the service) had me a bit rattled too.  I think that the problems have been solved now.   

Thankfully, Maggie has not given up after this frustrating ordeal- it was actually me that was frustrating her more then the GFM campaign (~smile~)- and she is ready to put some life back in the campaign.  She will be offering Pay Pal now too- the choice is up to you!

BTW- I appreciate Maggie's willingness to take on this campaign (remember she has to work with me- yikes, what a nightmare!) and again I thank her dearly for her efforts.  I am also thankful to have the help and support of others close to me.  Hugs to you all.

1.  Cleaning is going slowly, but I can finally see some progress.  Funny how when one thing is clean it makes everything around it look even worse!  As for the mold, it is either hiding or it is dying off like I told it to do.  

BTW- It does kind of scare off the contractors when they come to the door and can hear me stomping around inside and yelling "DIE you slime, DIE!"  Of course they don't know who I am talking to (mold), so it has to be concerning for them, don't you think?  

A major concern is that until the roof stops leaking it will continue to get wet inside and mold will continue to try to take advantage of me.  This rain, leak, rain more, cry and clean cycle is keeping me busy for sure! 

2.  I made the mistake of going to the back yard a few days ago.  This is what I saw.  It is waist (waste) deep in some areas!  

BUT, here is one spot that I've been clearing out (below).  
It's not perfect, but at least you can see the ground!

3.  And say a big YIPPEE!  We had enough in the account to cover nearly all of the electrical work, and good news, good news...  it has been competed!  YES! 

You can't see electricity (its invisible I think) or the work that was involved in making it right again, but you can see the receipts and notes here if you'd like.  You can also see the two photos below that I took while the work was progressing.  Yes, there are photos of two outlets posted here. I know, it's very exciting stuff!  ~smile~  


Some receptacles still need covers and one stubborn receptacle box is still not right after many tries, but it will be fixed soon. 

I'm thankful the electrician didn't charge me nearly what the job was worth (at least $1,000 more for labor +/-) so I gave him a few extra dollars for his efforts.  That was the right thing to do.  

And luckily we are sticking close to the budget so far.  I figured about $900 would be needed for electrical repairs.  Total costs for electrical parts and labor- $901.05 

Again, I can't say how much I appreciate you caring and helping me out in times of trouble.  With every little step forward I feel better and have more hope.  Thank you so very much!

OH, did I mention- THANKS TO YOU 
We just went past the 1/2 way mark to our goal!  

$8,825 of $16.8k goal

 PS.  I was suppose to add this to the update...

Pay Pal Button Here

November 1, 2017 Update (Just had to add this inspirational story.)

I've had a beautiful rabbit's foot fern for years.  Its "feet" (rhizomes) look like a rabbit's foot, hence the name.  I knew you'd be wondering about that.  ~smile~

While I was up north being treated for Lyme disease a total of 7 hurricanes and 2 tropical storms came thru this area causing moderate to major destruction.  Sadly, many of my plants were blown away and those that weren't took a severe beating back then and again during Hurricane Irma.  

But, plants are smart.  And obviously some are smarter than others.

While trying to clean and spruce up the porch area part of my plan was to repot the rabbit's foot fern.  When I reached for it I noticed the really old original macrame hanger was shredded and nearly completely disintegrated!  Yet somehow the plant was still hanging in mid-air about 2 feet up from the ground.  Huh?

As I gently pushed back the ferns fragile leaves I saw what the plant did to survive while I was away.  Can you believe...

That dainty little fern had wrapped its fuzzy little feet around a nearby support pole.  It is literally hanging on for dear life!  Bless its little heart.  

How amazing is that?  
And how inspiring is that?  

Lesson Learned...

If a frail little plant can hang tuff 
Through disaster after disaster 
Then so can I!
And so can you!
Assuming, of course... 
That we are both at least as smart as the plant!
Having fuzzy little rabbits feet would probably help too!

October 31, 2017- Update

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  Just dropping in, before the ghosts and goblins frighten me away, to say hey and thank everyone once again for being so kind and helping me out.  

It's been overwhelming here and I've been crazy busy and/or totally exhausted.  Got some new developments (progress) that I'll share in the next couple of days.  Thanks for being patient with me in the meantime.  And enjoy Halloween, but don't eat too much candy!!!  HA!

October 31, 2017-  Progress seems slow, but it is what it is.  Thanks to you I got the new window coverings and just finished hanging the first of about 8 of them.  

Bamboo shades are to help with insulation (it is 41 degrees right now).  They won't mold and are antibacterial too.  I have heard you should not get wild and dance naked in front of them because although they help, they don't provide complete privacy.  Guess I'll just have to find something else to do on the weekends.  ~smile~  

Don't I look pretty?

The tags hanging on it are reminders for me not to get wild and dance naked no matter how strong the urge.