My Logbook


28286 FLORIDA WA4ROX, Largo. 1855+ May 2, 2010. CW beacon in my back yard, fair, warbly.
5954.16 COSTA RICA unidentified ELCOR transmitter, Guápiles. 0120-0158* May 9, 2010. Thanks Gerry Bishop phone tip after seeing Brian Alexander's report, this one has reactivated and at a new time. Good with the same music loop consisting of some English, Spanish (Shakira) and live Spanish tracks. No announcements heard, off.
5954.16 COSTA RICA unidentified ELCOR transmitter, Guápiles. 2336 May 9, 2010. Here in quick check.
5954.238v COSTA RICA unidentified ELCOR transmitter, Guápiles. She signs on at *2157 May 10, 2010. (that is today, Monday). Her sweet little signal is great, until WYFR pops up at *2200, then some splatter but still decent copy, oddly best on the ICOM R75 with internal room random wire vs. NRD-535 with dipole.
And it is the R75 that we measured her sign-on at (5954.238), but by measurement re-check at 2249, she wished to drift down to 5954.184. So, she drifts a bit
while cold. Her format is still the same music loop, or so it seems. Silly Shakira tracks (once a very cute chica, but look at recent photos of her -- not aging well,
even in her still-youth), etc. But I digress. The transmission opened with something in English -- sort of a Police-like song -- but probably some other band, since I'm pretty familiar with the Police catalog.
5954.22v COSTA RICA unidentified ELCOR transmitter, Guápiles. 2333 and 0024 May 11-12, 2010. Quick checks again show Little EL starts out high and drifts down, stablizing. First check at 2333 measured to 5954.22 and recheck at 0024 measured 5954.16.
5954.16 COSTA RICA unidentified ELCOR transmitter, Guápiles. Martien Groot's log in dxld 3707 indeed confirms this shifted times. I had no trace of the *2200 yesterday, May 12. Tonight, May 13, ELCOR popped up at *2258 at near local-level with a Spanish New Wave (Police-like) vocal. And as always, it starts out high before the transmitter warms up and settles down closer to 5954.16. Tonight at sign-on, it was measured at 5954.232. By 2342, 5954.191 and by 0020 at 5954.168.
6045 MEXICO XEXQ Radio Universidad de  San Luís de Potosí. 1136-1240 May 16, 2010. Carrier only, at least no audio making it here, then weak classical music apruptly up at 1230.
5954.18 COSTA RICA unidentified ELCOR transmitter, Guápiles. 2334-0115 May 17-18, 2010. EL having problems tonight. Tune-in to the usual loop music, but gone at 2356 recheck and still not there at 0020 check. But back on at 0109 check, but abruptly off 0115. Didn't make any further checks.
15190 FLORIDA WYFR 2324+ May 19, 2010. Clear and fair with Brazilian-Portuguese preacher, ID and Family Radio theme just before 0000. Initially thought it was a canned gospel program via Brazilian Radio Inconfidência. Proof that an ID is vital!
4024.98 UNIDENTIFIED. 0636-0645 June 12, 2010. Just a fairly weak carrier detected here when checking for the new Star Radio, Liberia.
4900 UNIDENTIFIED. 2305 carrier only and weak. Gone at 2351 recheck. Looking for the new Radio Familia, Guinea, reportedly till 0000v*.
5040 CUBA. Radio Havana Cuba 2147 June 13. Spanish, with "En Contacto" segment, rolling across the top-of-hour with no ID and still in Spanish. Recheck 2313, in English and introducing "DXers' Unlimited" with Arnie, who announced on the segment that RHC will now be airing one hour English segments instead of two
hour blocks, and as a result, DXU will be reduced to 10-12 minutes. The hour compression, he claims, was the result of "surveys" that say listeners do not
have any more than an hour to listen in one sitting. Naturally, he failed to source the survey sources, because they don't exist. It's obviously a sign of RHC cutting back on a nearly dead transmission source, namely shortwave. 5954.17 COSTA RICA. ELCOR, Guápiles 0045-0052* the 'new' music shuffled cycle, and abruptly off. Still not back on 0120 recheck.
6140.98 UNIDENTIFIED. 2304-2320 June 11, 2010. Just a carrier audible here, squeezed by 6140 stations. Not heard on nightly rechecks since. Radio Lider,
Colombia, was reported reactivated (albeit on reported at 6140), which prompted this check.
15745 SRI LANKA. Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Ekala *0051-0102 June 13, 2010. Transmitter up with open carrier at 0051, into percussion quasi-interval
signal for a few seconds, then choral till 0059 English female ID, into religious poetry by male through tune-out. Clear, fair-to-weak. No trace of parallels 6005 and 9780. The latter was clear, but by 0101 recheck , blocked by VOA (Tinang?) English with "Daybreak Asia" from 0105, after the news and at decent level. least as good as 6973 used to be before seemingly greatly reducing power. No trace of the aforementioned, but 15785 one was putting in a massive signal with Hebrew techno, rock and rap vocals, nice female jock.
5954.17 COSTA RICA ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles.  Finally! Tune-in at 2304 June 14, 2010. Presumably just after sign-on, with  telcho- ish audio.  Cuban-accented female with anti-Castro monologue, mentioning the Moncada disaster, Fidel Castro, Cubano, Estados Unidos. Then, abruptly off at 2309. Back up 2314, same female mid-stream, into reggae-ish Spanish vocal from 2317. Abruptly off again at 2325. Back at 2334, more talk, into Barbra Streisand "I Am a Woman In Love" or whatever the title at 2339, and into telco female interview with same female studio host. Male ID for "Radio República" at 2351, with lots of  frequencies (not copied, but surely inaccurate for real time), rooster crows, more anti-Castro speak. 2356 more República ID's, and many more through tune-out. This is likely the first night (a local Monday) that they have actually deviated in all these years from the mystery canned music shuffles, but the frequent transmitter and/or audio breaks that have appeared over the past few weeks are making listening very annoying. You may tune in and think they are not active, but you really need to sit on the frequency for awhile until they pop back up. And I suspect that -- within a few days as a result of my glorious post -- Arnaldo de Jesus Coro Antich will authorize massive jamming on 5955 as a result of this information.
 5954.183 COSTA RICA ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. *2257- June 15, 2010. Transmitter up at 2257:58 as carrier-only, but off within about 15 seconds. Then back up at 2300:34 with taped or streamed Radio República programming, mid-stream. Female and male announcers, light non-political (pro-Christian comments) patter. Male canned ID at 2315, "Sintonice Radio República... (and a string of frequencies)..." into live vocal, more patter.
Same canned ID at 2331. And "Esta es Radio República..." followiing, all canned. Transmitter power is definitely bumped up, too. But it is still in slow-drift
downward mode, albeit slower than before. The technician that bumped the power must have made some fixes on ELCOR.
980 CUBA COCO, Sapo, Ciudad de la Habana. 1914+ July 5, 2010. Per Paul Zecchino tip, easily audible with 970 WFLA's IBOC turned off today (Paul notes that their IBOC is often off on observed holidays, for some odd reason). Cuban vocals, female announcer, COCO ID. But see below.
980 CUBA Radio Ciudad de la Habana, Sapo, Ciudad de la Habana. 0433-0511 July 11, 2010. Audio relayed via COCO with Spanish techo-ish and rock vocals, several Radio Ciudad de la Habana ID's by man and woman hosts. Obviously the same transmitter that normally carries COCO (a/k/a El Periodico del Aire), as the two stations are in the same province. Also, Radio Ciudad de la Habana was heard here while in the Florida Keys, September 11 and 13, 2008 with post-Hurricane Ike coverage (at times relaying Ciudad, other times with COCO or special joint networking).
670 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad de la Habana. 1724-1740 July 11, 2010. Conclusion of Noticiero Nacional de Radio feed, Rebelde theme and ID 1729:54, into FIFA final soccer game coverage.
980 CUBA COCO El Periodico del Aire, Sapo, Ciudad de la Habana. 1216-1231 July 24, 2010. 970 WFLA's IBOC blew up at 1216 while listening (lots of problems there -- at 1211, "I'm Katrina Jennings on 540 WFLA" -- an apparent Prophet software screw-up for the Winter Havewn Clear Channel station. Also, horrible audio and weaker signal once IBOC dropped, and the fishing show host complained he could not hear the callers, assuming he was wearing cans). With IBOC off, COCO inthe clear. Female canned "Esta es COCO (pronounded co-co), El Periodico del Aire... 980 A-M y 94 punto 9 F-M. Desde radiocentro... Ciudad de la Habana..." into Cuban vocals. WFLA's IBOC was back up at 1546 recheck, eliminating any further COCO daytime deception here. Nice level while it lasted
3915 / 5915 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio Fly, Tabubil and Kiunga. 0940-1008 July 25, 2010. Threshold but parallel with instrumental music, male at 0956. Better at 1008 recheck with soft vocal by female in English. 5960 marginally better.
6973 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 2332+ July 28, 2010. Noticing this one is back to their old good signal and modulation level after a long period of seemingly much lower power.
1060 LOUISIANA WLNO, New Orleans. 1657-1710 August 14, 2010. Good signal driving westbound across the Gandy Bridge (Tampa to St. Petersburg) with preacher, canned "...WLNO and WLNO dot com." Into another funamentalist preacher brokered program.
9745U BAHRAIN Radio Bahrain, Abu Hayan. 0222-0245 August 15, 2010. Carrier plus USB, clear and fair with nonstop Arabic pop vocals, not the expected Ramadan experience.
4949.71 ANGOLA RNA Cana A, Mulenvos. 0245-0255 August 15, 2010. Fair-to-poor, in the clear with Portuguese pop, man and woman announcers in QRN. No ID.
88.3 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE) "The Pride FM, The Heart of Kenwood," St. Petersburg.  August 14, 2010. Per tip from R. Foxworth that there may be a new pirate in this area. First heard just off of 22nd Avenue N today, early afternoon. Drove the area, but did not DF the exact location. It's just off of 5th Ave. N -- between 22nd and 24th St. N -- but not sure if it's a block north or south of 5th Ave. N. It's here that it peaks well on the vintage RadioShack Pro-60 handheld with no antenna. All 20's/30's era bungalow homes in this area, lots of trees. Format? "The Pride FM, The Heart of Kenwood" and (I think) WKWV. Yes, pro-gay. All disco-ish songs (Donna Summer, Madonna, Kool & the Gang, Shaka Khan, Michael Jackson and more-recent urban/dance). Live male DJ. Very professional. Brief segment interviewing some lesbian shrink about her mental services and how at least three shows will be recorded about coping with being gay/lesbian in a world that hates said, and will then go live for the show hopefully after. Station number for requests, etc: 727-365-8833. Fairly small signal, almost completely gone on US-19 northbound at 38th Ave. N. When I first tuned in, he mentioned "We're back on the air" so either they were off for technical reasons for awhile, or he was referring to coming up for the day..
5954.22v COSTA RICA ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. 2139 tune-in August 26, 2010. Programing already in progress. Big signal increase at 2151, ID at 2153, and Cuba jammer up seconds later. On August 27: excellent level 2121, off at 2128 recheck. On August 28: carrier up at 2100:15, Radio República programming up at 2100:23, abruptly off 2121, back on 2122, off again at 2135 and never returned. Cuba jammer up at 2158. On August 30: 2155 programming in progress, jammer up at 2158. Seemingly a second pulser jammer joined at 2159. So, República relay is currently up at 2100 daily -- albeit with lots of transmitter breaks -- before the jammer(s) are up. Well, that will be checked once Arnie reads this. 

9665.12 BRAZIL Voz Missionária, Camboriú, Santa Catarina. 2340-2350 September 2, 2010. Presume the one (no ID) with Brazilian Portuguese kiddie music and male announcer. Blocked by Radio PMR. Fair.

9665 PRIDNESTROVIAN MOLDAVIAN REPUBLIC Radio PMR. *2350-0018 September 2-3, 2010. Carrier up at 2350, slight Commie hum. Commie-era five-second test tones from 2354, abruptly off 2355:29. Tones back up 2358:04, English ID 0000:26, into lame news items (they like the word "informational" for some reason), with such exciting topics as corn prices; Ukraine-bashing; East Slavs are good; nice things to say about other breakaway regions such as "Arkhangelsk" (not sure if they were refering to the Oblast or somewhere else). Amusing conclusion to the English program: "That's all for today. Our program is over." Into French at 0015.

660 MÉXICO XEAR La Mexicana, Tampico, Tamualipas. 1101-1110 September 17, 2010. Tune-in to male, "La Mexicana, 6-60... el pueblo Mexicana..." Another XE, far weaker with the required 1100 (currently) national anthem underneath.
700 MÉXICO unidentifieds. *1107 September 17, 2010. Weak in the mix of other stations with choral anthem. On September 19, XE anthems at 1100 at 1107.
700 NICARAGUA Radio la Poderosa, Managua. *1100-1116 September 20, 2010. Carrier up and immediately into choral anthem followed by male canned morning inspirational message ("... gracias Señor Jesús por esta nueva [enhancer?]... gracias Señor Jesús por su presencia...  buenos días, Señor." Then, male canned opening ID: "Esto con los 30,000 vatios de poder de Radio la Poderosa, la soberana del dial, en 700 kiloHertz. Desde Managua, Nicaragua." Into cool, catchy campesino vocal. Excellent on near-perfect grayline through Nicaragua right now. Identical format sign-on the next day, September 21 (up at *1059). Different campesino vocal opening the live programming. My MP3 audio recording is posted at: (click on TLKLaPoderosaManagua-700KHz-2010-09-20.mp3 file).
720 MEXICO XEAVR, Radio Fórmula, Veracruz. 1104-1125 September 21, 2010. Likely the one with fast-paced Spanish female studio newscaster and lots of remote reporter call-ins. Time check for "Centro de México." Excellent, though yet another presumed Mexican was very weak with rancheras underneath. Checking for Radio Católica, Managua on grayline, but no joy.
1000 MÉXICO XEOY Radio Mil, México DF. 1132 September 17, 2010. Fair in passing, parallel 6010.
1060 MÉXICO XEEP Radio Educación, México DF. 1134 September 17, 2010. Fair with female ID, classical music. Mixing with a Cuban. No trace of 6185.
1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, Isla de la Juventud. 1144-1150 September 18, 2010. Male newscaster, mentions of Hugo Chávez, ID. Mixing with slowly-fading up semi-local WSRQ, Sarasota, carrying a pet/vet show.
4048.2 UNIDENTIFIED. Carrier only at 1140, September 18, 2010. Checking for the reactivated Guatemalan, which is being reported closer to 4055, so maybe not related.
5954.18v COSTA RICA ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. Here is a multi-day (September, 2010) tracking of their activity. Currently back in the clear the first hour, and worth noting that the Cuba jammers come up almost always to the second often, indicating they must be on timers:
Sept. 13 - 5954.18 2122, down to 5954.14 at 2153, back to 5954.18 2156. Cuba jammer #1 up at 2158:25, second jammer a few seconds later.
Sept. 14 - 5954.18 2126, Cuba jammers up 2158:25.
Sept. 15 - 5954.18 2137. Cuba jammers up 2158:08 and 2158:25.
Sept. 16 - 5954.18 - 2117, 5954.14 2152. Cuba jammers up 2158:20 and 2158:25.
Sept. 20 - 2150, no trace of ELCOR, but the first jammer blindly showed at 2158:16.
6089.86 NIGERIA FRCN, Kaduna. 2138-2225 Sept. 15, 2010. Presumed Hausa male, lute-type fills, brief highlife vocal. "Radio Nigeria..." at 2156 and talk in same language across the top-of-hour (no time sounders, either). Finally blocked by Anguilla 6090 sign-on at 2225 (they are usually up closer to 2200).
540.118 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua. 1054-1100 September 6, 2010."Corporación... de la agría..." by man, into Spanish tenor vocal. Always make a big het on 540.

590 MÉXICO XEPH, México DF.1102-1112 September 9, 2010. Tune-in to choral national anthem, live announcer mentioning, "... la rey de México..." and a canned "¡5-90 la Más Caliente!" a couple of times, matching their website, a/k/a "Sabrosita" slogan though not mentioned.

660 MÉXICO XEAR, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1100-1105 September 10, 2010. Tune-in to choral national anthem, "La Mexicana 6-60" slogan a couple of times, into rancheras. Excellent, with another weak Mexican underneath, with the anthem about a minute behind.

780 MÉXICO XEMTS, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1107-1114 September 10, 2010. Tentatively the one (seem to recall this one dominates at sunrise peak) and matching the level of 660 XEAR. Nonstop, fast-paced news alternated by man and woman, including Mexican congress actions, time checks for "Centro de México." Anotehr XE with Texican vocals weak under neath from 1111.

810 BAHAMAS ZNS3, Freeport, Grand Bahama. 2100+ September 8, 2010. Fair on a couple of Paul's vintage rigs in the radio room with soca, tight signal. (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)

1000 / 1080 CUBA Radio Guamá, presumed Palacios and Pinar del Río, respectively. Something with their audio source malfunctioned, with both channels running nothing but big, fat open carriers much of the afternoon, finally back with good audio 2108 recheck. (Zechhino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)

1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, Isla de la Juventud. 1032-1100 September 9, 2010. Youthful, albeit squeaky female announcer between Spanish pop and rap vocals, finally an ID at 1100. This one used to be on 1270 awhile back. Very good.

1300 WFFG, Marathon. Excellent mid-afternoon Septbember 8, 2010 with news/talk format. 1600 WKWF sports format also excellent, of course. Only the latter is audible at the QTH in Clearwater due to WQBN (Hispanic), Temple Terrace. (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)

1500 MÉXICO XEDF, México DF. 1115-1125 September  9, 2010. Spot set with peso pricings, male canned "XEDF A-M,México Distrito Federal, 50,000 vatios...Grupo Fórmula..." into more commercials. Very good.

1539.962 UNIDENTIFIED Latin American. 1040-1100 September 6, 2010. In the pile-up of stations with ZNS1 off, someone with Spanish vocals -- some but not all Mexican ranchera-type and not Christian -- on the low side. Also fading in and out of the mix: KGNA, Gretna, Louisiana (Spanish Christian vocals, English ID top-of-hour) and an unidentified with English China Radio International relay, possibly KZMP, University Park, TX or CHIN, Toronto, WNWR, Philadelphia -- all Googling hits as "China Radio International 1540" and suspect the Texan, as it has always dominated the channel best here.

1550 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Nuevitas, Camagüey. 1043-1050 September 6, 2010. Parallel 1180 etc., fighting Spanish WRHC, Coral Gables.

1570 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, unknown site. 2035-2100 September 8, 2010. Kenny G song, paralleled to 530. Extremely poor and very tight null against the Auburndale and another station. First log of this for me since February, 2000 and, if I recall for Paul, since 2005. No other old Enciclopedia channels heard. Logged on Paul's DX-398 portable, coupled to the RadioShack non-active loop on the spice rack base rotator. (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)

1611 UNIDENTIFIED. 1115-1130 September 10, 2010. Weak but stable carrier, gone by mid-morning check. USB needed to avoid Tampa International Airport's TIS.Who?

1670 UNIDENTIFIED. 1118-1430+ September 10, 2010. Odd, unstable, rapidly warbling transmitter (sounding somewhat like the Cuban wobblers, only faster). LOBS about 240/60-degrees. Heard on multiple radios. WFSM, Dry Branch, GA atop it, and not the source.

5921.29 PERÚ Radio Bethel, Arequipa. 1019-1024 September 10, 2010. Presumed the one with young-sounding Spanish female announcer in faced-paced talk, sometimes briefly joined by man. Clear and fair.

5930 / 5970 COSTA RICA Radio Exterior de España, Cariari de Pococí. 1306-1313 Sepptember 6, 2010. Presumed the site with Spanish news items. Both clear and fair, with 5970 a little better.

5954.22v COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. 2110-2130 September 8, 2010. The usual Spanish anti-Castro programming with some opera vocal breaks. Fair. Brought up on a couple of Paul's vintage valve rigs in the radio room. Time to finally Christen this as a clandestine. (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)

6110 / 6150 / 6180 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. 1203-1205 September 9, 2010. Noted in passing with Spanish on these channels in parallel, using up way too much unneeded space so close to each other.

6297.00 ALGERIA (CLANDESTINE) RASD, Rabouni. 2125-2130 September 5, 2010. Clear and fair even at this rather early hour in Florida for this time of year. Pop-ish Arabic vocals.

15150 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Rrepulbic of Iran, Sirjan. 1318-1414 September 9, 2010. Good. Arabic programming with man and woman punctuated by Iranian classical music bed brought up lounder for a few seconds between items, into Quran recital from 1331. Parallel very poor 13800 Zahedan site, which co-channel someone with Spanish Jesus talk. Maybe still VoIRI the one, someone in Arabic at 1546 spot check.

600 TENNESSEE WREC, Memphis. 0600-0602 September 11, 2010. "Newstalk 600, WREC. It's 5 o'clock." Into net news on brief fade-up over Rebelde.

610 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Bahía Honda,Pinar del Río. 0938-0950 September 11, 2010. Airing a song about and with "Radio Rebelde" in the lyrics. Anyone know what the title and artist is?

920 MÉXICO XELE Radio Preferida, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1101-1130 tune-in to choral national anthem conclusion, "El noticiero en la mañana... Radio Informa..." commercials with lots of sirens and back to news. Several "Preferida" and "Radio Preferida... la favorita... Radio Informa..." mentions. Listed in Fred Cantú's online as "Indomable" (Untameable) slogan.

1000 / 1080 CUBA Radio Guamá, presumed Palacios and Pinar del Río, respectively. Still having problems, or not 24/7. Both transmitters off at 1200 check September 11, 2010. Both back, but not very strong, 1410 recheck.

1080 GEORGIA WFTD, Marietta. 1200-1225 September 11, 2010. Mexican Spanish format with rancheras, squeaky female announcer taking phone calls, commercials for stores in Atlanta, "la Ley 10-80 A-M" slogan. Fair on the Aqua Guide 705 RDF, with Radio Guamá absent this morning.

1570 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Las Tunas (per WRTVH 2010). 0930-0935 September 11, 2010. Orchestral movie score, a fragment popping through all the co-channel, in parallel 530. This is the one re-discovered on September 8, daytime, at Paul Zecchino's Manasota Key monitoring station.

1610 ANGUILLA The Caribbean Beacon, The Valley. 0935-0938 September 11, 2010. Fair under Tampa International Airport TIS, with the lovely Mrs. SCott, I presume, rattling away. Parallel 6090.

1690 FLORIDA Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo. 0938 and 1403 September 11, 2010. Just running an annoying, big open carrier on all the sychro transmitters (Largo, Clearwater and presumably St. Petersburg). Audio was running fine yesterday.

9770.2 UNIDENTIFIED. Carrier here every morning, including today, circa 1130. South Korea or something else?

9771.8 UNIDENTIFIED. Another carrier, same timeframe as 9770.2.

700 MÉXICO unidentified(s). 1101-1115 September 12, 2010. Ranchera vocal, female Spanish announcer, into choral national anthem (different one than most stations play, smaller choral group, not as beautifully-executed) at late 1103 start time, talk (maybe news) after, but now mixing with another ranchera station, maybe another Mexican. All fading down rapidly. Looks like a fun channel to sit on at sunrise, or maybe one to pull your hairs out because of.

700 UNIDENTIFIED (Central American). *1114-1118 September 12, 2010. While listening to the fading Mexican(s), an unfamiliar anthem (small band rendition) popped up at 1114, presume sign-on. Not the Honduran anthem, leaving El Salvador or Guatemala the best candidates. Far too late for the Dominican Republic at this location, and I don't think it was the Costa Rica anthem, and also unlikely propagation at this time. Anyone else?

720 TEXAS KSAH, Universal City. 1121-1128 September 12, 2010. Loud with Spanish McDonalds commercial (with English "Chicken McNuggets" and "Happy Meals" not translated to Spanish); another for Applebee's; and something on "Highway 90" mentioned. Into Texicano vocal. Listed slogan is "Norteño 720." WRZN, Hernando, Florida slowly taking over the channel with bird-fed MOYL format oldies, canned ID's.

1060 CUBA Radio Veinte Seis, Matanzas. 1035-1050 September 12, 2010. Tune-in to nice, traditional Cuban oldie vocals, pubescent female announcer. Canned ID by male at 1046: "Esta es Radio Viente Seis, desde Matanzas, Cuba" then, of all things, time sounders (four short, one long) at 1047, into news read by man. Guess they thought it was 13 minutes later than what it was. Cuban time in reverse. Excellent on the sunrise bump. Hi, Arnie. No parallels audible.

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1052-1100 September 12, 2010. Fair to good with traditional Cuban vocals, male canned ID at 1058. Mixing with presumed WNMA, Miami Springs.

1210.1 UNIDENTIFIED. 1052-1100 September 12, 2010. Het (no audio coming through) on high side of 1210, measurement approximate. Not Sancti Spíritus or presumed WNMA, both spot-on 1210.

5954.22 / 5955 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles vs. CUBA jammers. Well surprise, surprise. It only took a few hours after my dxldyg post was read by Arnaldo & Company, and the hour of unjammed República is no more. Tune-in 2139 check on September 11, 2010 found the jammers grinding away on 5955, with the ELCOR transmitter barely audible on the usual 5954.22. I wonder what would happen if, say a US clear channel MW was falsely reported as carrying República? Would Cuba blindly initiate jamming? Could be a fun game for all.

6089.86 NIGERIA FRCN, Kaduna. 2206-2213 September 11, 2010. Very good, albeit briefly, with exited male speaker in presumed Hausa, alternating with short (one or two lines) of Qur'an readings. Hummy audio and crappy remote audio feed, just what one would expect from anything Nigerian. Sadly, big open carrier up at 2111, into Mrs. Gene Scott mid-sentence rattling about from 2212 on 6090 (University Network, Anguilla). Still audible via LSB, but poor, thanks to the lady and her transmitter.

6925U USA (PIRATE) [W]RRI Radio Random International. 0112-0139* September 12, 2010. AC/DC, Genesis, Wings, Guns 'N Roses, Norman Greenbaum, etc. Male ID's as "This is Radio RRI Radio Random International" and final "WRRI" ID. Excellent. Signal about the same for Gerry Bishop in Niceville, FL, who I tipped off during email exchanges.

11905 CHINA CPBS Taiwan-2 (or Voice of Shenzhou Program 6, depending which source used). 1153-1200* September 12, 2010. Good with very nice, exotic ethnic vocals. Not quite Chinese-sounding female briefly at 1159 (listed Amoy or Hakka?), plug pulled promptly at 1200.

690 KANSAS KGGF, Coffeyville. 0957-1000 September 25, 2010. Orchestral Star Spangled Banner, maybe live male, "KGGF... 10,000 watts... serving Kansas, Oklahoma... northwest Arkansas... from downtown Coffeyville..." Very good, and over Radio Progreso. Coffeyville is located extreme southeast Kansas, a couple of miles across the Okie border but otherwise nowhere.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 1100-1106 September 25, 2010. Tune-in to convenient ID by female, "Radio Católica. Desde Managua, Nicaragua." Into soft Christian male vocal. Female announcer back at 1105 with mention of Jinotega (city of), "Radio Católica, Nicaragua" at 1106, into ranchera-ish vocal with accordion. Good with no Mexican getting in the way.

729.93 CENTRAL AMERICAN unidentified. 1022-1031 September 25, 2010. Someone here, weak and squeezed by Progreso and others on 730. Traces of Spanish vocals followed by marimbas. Hmmm.

730 MÉXICO unidentified. *1000-1005 September 25, 2010. Tune-in to male "XE--" into choral XE anthem from 1001. Presume sign-on, (vs. the required anthem play at current 1100). Mixing with Progreso.

920 NICARAGUA Radio Mundial, Managua. 1108-1115 September 25, 2010. Nonstop chatter by man with mention of "Nicaragüense" and "Nicaragua" at 1108; "Managua" at 1110 and 1111; finally a "Radio Mundial" at 1114. Fading down by tune-out. First log of this one for me.

930 MÉXICO XEU La U de Veracruz, Veracruz. 1115-1117 September 25, 2010. Good in passing with ad srting, "XEU... 25 de setiembre" by male announcer.

990 CUBA Radio Guamá, San Luís, Pinar del Río. 1038-1045 September 25, 2010. Fading up very strong level with man and woman newscast, punctuated by Old School news pulsing and laser sound effects. Parallel weaker 1020.

1712 UNIDENTIFIED. 0858+ September 25, 2010. Weak carrier on 1710, probably one of the New England ethno-pirates, but also noticed a carrier here, full AM. Still there 1124 recheck, but gone 1240 visit.

5954.18 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. 2121 September 21, 2010. Abruptly off 2129. Cuba jammer up at 2137! On September 22: 2132 until jammers up at 2158:10 and 2158:24, and possibly a third at 2158:34. Seems to be a constant, sloppy cat-and-mouse chase here.

6071 NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea. 0910-0915 September 25, 2010. Presumed the one, fair signal but weak modulation with male in Japanese.

6185 MÉXICO Radio Educación, México DF. 0915-0925 September 25, 2010. Haven't heard this one in a little while on shortwave, but here today and excellent with middle-eastern flute/percussion instrumental, into Spanish campesino ballad. Parallel 1060 MW.

8400 CHINA jammer (or) TAIWAN Sound of Hope. 1141-1200* September 25, 2010. Following up on Ron Howard's definitive Sound of Hope log. Traditional Chinese instrumental music (not the Firedrake loop), Chinese female with three syllable phrase at 1155 and into soft instrumental. Plug pulled at 1200. Clear and fair, with no trace of any other station on the channel. Carlos Gonçalves, Portugal repored in DXLD that a Chinese transmitter with "regular programming" was the jamming source on 7105 instead of Firedrake, so inconclusive here.

650 CUBA Radio Progreso,unknown site. 1019-1026 September 26, 2010. very good (for a little while) over WSM, parallel 640, etc. Not to be confused with the listed Rebelde (and not parallel Rebelde). As per my Cubalist, this was first noted in Auguat, 2008 with test tones mid-afternoon 8/09/2008, by Paul Zecchino and myself. DF's east of Habana near Ciego de Avila. First log of this one for me since then.

650.55 UNIDENTIFIED (Central American). 1026-1034 September 26, 2010. Weak with Spanish vocals, lots of WSM splatter. Suspect the best candidate is one of the listed Hondurans on 650.

730 UNIDENTIFIED. 1101 September 26, 2010. Something amongst all the others with a warbly transmitter. Not a Cuban wobbler.

1440 ALABAMA WLWI, Montgomery. 1034-1100 September 26 2010. "This is News Radio 14-40" at 1034, then returning to Coast To Coast AM feed. Recheck at 1059, voiced promo by Mark Levin, pimping his show and time "... on News Radio 14-40, WLWI, Montgomery" at 1059.

1490.25 UNIDENTIFIED 1108-1114 September 26, 2010. Just a carrier audible, something Central American?

861 CUBA Radio Reloj, Colón, Matanzas. 0029-0035 October 10, 2010. Thanks Paul V. Zecchino tip, this one is exactly 1 kHz up now. Despite loud and local WGUL, Dunedin, FL on 860, clear enough to pull the top-of-minute tone and "RR" effects.

920 MÉXICO unidentified. 1104 September 27, 2010. "Radio Informa" slogan but that seemingly was the news program name. Poor and quickly faded. On October 2: XE anthem 1t 1100, nothing else clear in the mud.

950 MÉXICO unidentifieds (four). September 28. 2010. XE anthem at 1100, and a second station with anthem at 1111, into rancheras. On October 2, only one anthem heard, beginning at 1101. On October 3: first anthem at 1052, another at 1055 followed by Spanish man, and a third at 1100 followed by clarinet/male jazzy vocal. Then, at 1116, a fourth station with anthem into nonstop ranchera vocals, fade. So, presumably four Mexican stations are making it here, or else someone just likes to play the anthem a lot.

1070 CUBA Radio Guamá,Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río. September 28, 2010, 1105-1107 good with oldie vocal, female announcer, parallel 990.

 610 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Bahía Honda, Pinar del Río.October 2, 2010, 2145. Thanks to Paul V. Zecchino tipping, local WSUN on 620's IBOC was mysteriously off for several days (back now), allowing for easy reception of this one daytime, something not possible with the IBOC on.

 5954.22 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. October 8, 2010. Not on at 2050 check, but there at 2057 recheck (so on a little early today). Drifted dfown to 5954.18 at 2133 recheck at which time they were playing Bert Kaempfert instrumental. Cuba jammers up at 2158:37, :41 and :49. After three, impossible to tell in any more came up. On October 9: ELCOR's carrier up at 2155:00, into República porgram start with theme and ID at 2159:29.

900 UNIDENTIFIED(S). October 10, 2010. 1129-1148 fade. Hootie & the Blowfish "I Only Want to Be With You" into (of all things to hear on AM radio) a New Order song, then a Coldplay song. Spanish man mentioning, "... tremenda... Monterrey..." at 1144. Not sure if the same station.

89.1 MHz FLORIDA WLAZ, Kissimmee. October 12, 2010. 1153-1158. Nice tropo duct. This one, "la Familia" slogan Spanish Contemporary Christian format (with references to the John Young Expressway) coming in well, with occasional WUFT-FM, Gainesville trade-off (NPR). If the listing I find is correct, this WLAZ channel is only 1.1 kW.

5954.22 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. 20056:35 October 15, 2010. Drifted down to 5954.18 by 2155 recheck. First jammer up 2158:03, then seemingly others at :17, :23, :26, :31, :34. On October 16: ELCOR carrier and audio up at 2055:47.

960 CUBA Radio Reloj, Cienfuegos. 9053-0955 October 17, 2010. Very good, listed 1 kW in WRTVH.

861 CUBA Radio Reloj, Colón, Matanzas. 1003-1005 October 17, 2010. Still 1 kHz up, poorly audible with local WGUL on 860.

870 CUBA Radio Reloj, Sancti Spiritus. 1005-1006 October 17, 2010. Very good, listed 1 kW in WRTVH.

930 CUBA Radio Reloj, La Jaiba, Matanzas. 1006-1008 October 17, 2010. Very poor, mixing with Radio Surco.

930 CUBA Radio Surco, Ciego de Avila. 1006-1024 October 17, 2010. Male and female announcers, traditional Cuban vocals. Fair-good, sometimes mixing with "930 The FOX" WFXJ, Jacksonville, FL and the weak Reloj.

1050 CUBA Radio Victoria, Las Tunas. 1024-1045 October 17, 2010.Nice oldie Cuban vocals. Good, but eventually overtaken by XEG 1045+.

900 MEXICO XEW "W", Veracruz and México DF. 1058-1102 October 17, 2010. Anthem from tune-in, "W" slogan after, and audio out of synch between the two, sounding quite messy. Same thing happens on 800 kHz.

940 MEXICO unidentified. Anthem ending at 1102 but too weak after to get an ID. Maybe just XEQ.

1500 MEXICO XEDF Radio Fórmula, México DF. 1125-1140 October 17, 2010. Very good with promo for a ranchera show, commercials, "Grupo Fórmula" at 1138. Fading down by 1140.

9965.5 UNKNOWN
Radio República relay. Per Glenn Hauser tip that the Cuba jammer(s) target is this. Tune-in 1115 October 22, 2010 nothing (jammer or República relay) present. Recheck 1239, jammers up and very weak Radio República audio present at 9965.5. On October 23, 1221-1234, in the clear with República audio. On October 24, in the clear at 1227 quick check. Wonder where this is coming from. Old La Voz del CID transmitter reactivated? Weren't they on a frequency close to this, via Guatemala or Costa Rica? Inquiring minds want to know.

9965 PALAU Radio Australia relay via KHBN. In the process of checking for
República, noticed a clear but fairly weak Radio Australia in English, parallel 9580 but with about a 3-4 second delay, 1151-1200 October 23, 2010. Site per

3160H SOUTH CAROLINA WPJK, Orangeburg. 1200-1201 October 23, 2010. In passing, fair with black Southern gospel vocals. 2 X 1580. Thanks Glenn Hauser tip via World of Radio audio stream listen.

7355 ALASKA KNLS, Anchor Point. 1201-1208 October 23, 2010. Tune-in to clear but weak signal with female, "...on Saturday on KNLS... you need to know.. your host..." into male with mention of the Old Testament.

96.1 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE) "Radio Whitfield", Sarasota. Per a tip on the Tampa board of, confirmed this one is indeed active. No trace of it upon exiting I-75 on University Parkway, westbound, however within a couple of miles it began to pop through "K-Rock" (WRXK-FM, Bonita Springs). Peaking between Lockwood Ridge Road and US-301. Would venture to guess 25-50 watts. Not sure why one would risk a visit from Ralph T. Barlow's antennae-wielding thugs,  gun-toting FDLE misfits or the local Barney Fife, with a format that I can hear on multiple licensed FM's. Didn't have time to DF to the specific address. I give him credit for the frequency choice: a doughnut hole, as outside of the signal range -- even north -- one gets "K-Rock" Signal completely lost by downtown Bradenton. Format is Adult former T40-ish hits (Eagles, Maria Carey, etc.). Yawn.

1190 USA unidentified. 1117-1129 October 24, 2010. PSA's, then "You're listening to American Catholic Radio from the Franciscans" into gospeltalk. Signal faded, allowing the Mexican to dominate. Their website does not list station affiliates (coming soon, they threaten).

1190 MEXICO XETOT ABC Radio, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1129-1134 October 24, 2010. Following up on my unidentified Mexican from a few days ago: not "W" as expected, but rather this one. "ABC Radio... aquí... en ABC Radio" and time checks "centro de México" then into soft Spanish vocal. Good, with unidentified Cuban under.

1210.05 UNIDENTIFIED Central American. Het, with definite Spanish vocals at 1134, October 24, 2010. Cuban-accented Spanish female talk on 1210, presumably WNMA, Miami Springs.

15189.68 BRAZIL Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. 2200-2216 October 25, 2010. Tune-in just in time for nice, long canned ID by male with frequencies, jazzy Brazilian vocals. Presumed WYFR 15190 QRM, but not a big problem when in LSB, as most pieces of WYFR were skipping over due to close proximity.

 4052.46 GUATEMALA R. Verdad, Chiquimula.2335-0002 October 28-29, 2010. Spanish group gospel vocals. Recheck 2352 with US English preacher talking about the Holy Ghost (just in time for Halloween), Canada address for the program at 0000, then dead air, off. Back up at *0036 with carrier, audio up at 0037, abruptly off again at 0039* and back on at *0042, at which point I gave up due to their spastic behavior. Clear and fair.

 5954.18 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles. 0107-0109 October 30, 2010. Excellent signal with jammer(s) present but not a big problem at this hour here.

1220 FLORIDA WJAX, Jacksonville. 1118-1140 October 30, 2010. Adult Standards (Cass Elliott, Neil Diamond), male, "... here on WJAX, 12-20 AM..." at 1124. Owned by Jones College. Some decent transmitter and antenna photos on their web page at: Fair-good.

 1180 MEXICO unidentified. 1133-1138 October 31, 2010. Surprised to hear a presumed Mexican (rancheras) popping through the multiple Rebelde transmitters briefly, then faded on sunrise enhancement. Suspect XEGN "La Gigante" from Piedras Negras, Veracruz, based on how strong so many Veracruz stations are here at this time, but it's going to be very tough to ID this one with the Rebelde mess.

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site (new). 1159-1210 October 30, 2010. While checking for Mexicans or the source of the 1210.05 het, shocked to hear the nine-note Rebelde sounders pop through, then male, "...titulares de Cuba..." headlines at 1200, parallel 1180, et. al. Much stronger Cuban atop, confirmed Radio Sancti Spíritus the next day. On October 31: mostly poor under the other Cuban at 1206-1300, sometimes peaking to fair, with sports, Rebelde ID's. Not audible after mid-morning, so likely some distance east of Habana but not extreme western Cuba (otherwise it wouldn't hold forth this late here). Gone by 1300.

 1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1206-1250 October 31, 2010. Good with soft Cuban vocals, female announcer, finally an ID at 1249. The new Rebelde poor underneath, and two domestics (one interviewing a politician running for office, the other with network sports talk -- both of which faded out by 1300 -- as did Rebelde).

1140 MEXICO unidentified. 1145-1158 October 31, 2010. Briefly in with rancheras, fading and then lost to Rebelde by tune-out.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1158-1206 October 31, 2010. Fair, parallel others.

9525.962 INDONESIA Voice of Indonesia, Cimanggis. 1303-1310 October 31, 2010. English news ready by accented female. Clear and good. 9680 Radio Republik Indonesia on 9680.05 in a the same time, clear though weaker.

9560.5 ETHIOPIA (and CLANDESTINE) Radio Ethiopia / Voice of Democratic Alliance. 1435-1517 October 31, 2010. Presumed the one with nice Horn of Africa vocals, Arabic closing announcements 1459. Then Arabic talk and brief music segments after 1500 which, if the WRTVH schedule is correct (page 498), would be Voice of Democratic Alliance to target Eritrea. Listed as daily in the 1500-1600 block, with Arabic Mo-We-Fr-Su 1500-1530, Tigrinya 1530-1600 Sundays, and other languages alternating in this time block other days. Clear but fade down to nearly useless level by tune-out. Also listed in the moldy oldie PWBR 2009 in this hour.

1140 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, La Habana, Ciudad de la Habana. 1525-1530 October 31, 2010. RadCadHab dominating at this late-morning hour, no sign of Rebelde at least without bothering to fiddle antennas. Fair, parallel 1080. No trace of 1020 (strong Radio Guamá there).

 950 CUBA Radio Reloj, La Habana, La Habana. 1530-1550 October 31, 2010. By pure coincidence, I heard them make the flip to Sundays-only slow, four-note descending doorbell chimes in place of faux Morse RR's. RR's every minute up to 1535:06, when the chimes kicked in and went spastic, continuously chiming over male and female news readers until 1535:53, then only once going forward just past the top of each minute. Clear and fair.

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 2332 November 1, 2010. Nearly local level after WPHT, Philadelphia fading out on sunset, but also Radio Sancti Spiritus co-channel. Rebelde going into "La Mesa Redonda" program feed with Radio Habana Cuba mentions, and indeed parallel RHC 6000, 9640 and Rebelde 5025. Bearings on the RDF place this east of Sancti Spirits (town of).

1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1, Nassau, New Providence. 2336 November 4, 2010. Female cosmetic skin care talk with male host, Bahamian accents, mention of Princess Margaret Hospital. "Joining Hands For Health" was the show. "AM 15-40, Zed Nes One... right here on the Bahamas Radio Network, it's now 8 p.m." into Urban and soca/junkanoo vocals. By 2355, a weak het from 1539, presumably VOA from al-Dhabbiya, UAE. On November 6: 1103 tune-in, female at 1105 with ID and Tropical Storm Tomas advisory. Excellent.

7245 MAURITANIA ORTM, Nouakchott. 2339-2355 November 5, 2010. Heavily-accented French male, into highlife vocals, Arabic talk. On November 6: 2058 Arabic vocals, Arabic female ID 2100, news by same lady, local music from 2103:26. Very good and no sign of 4845.

7250 RUSSIA Voice of Russia, Krasnodar. *2354 November 5-6, 2010. Big carrier up with 1000 cycle tone on/off, interval signal 0000 into ID, English news. Excellent.

1550 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1135 November 6, 2010. Fair-poor, mixing with WRHC Coral Gables and WAMA Tampa (both Spanish format).

1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde (2), unknown sites. 1140 November 6, 2010. Strong but slight delay with annoying echo.

810 MEXICO unidentified. *1142 November 6, 2010. Presumed sign-on with vocal anthem, being the odd time, but bubbled under before any ID. On November 7: ranchera vocals poor at 1133, if the same station.

9615 ALASKA KNLS, Anchor Point. 1149 November 6, 2010. Clear but weak with Chinese male gospeltalk. Faded too low in the noise by 1200 to hear the English hour. New frequency from November 1.

9965.5 CLANDESTINE (unknown location) Radio República relay. 1155 November 6, 2010. very weak audio, unjammed until 1157 when the jammer was brought up. November 7: 1144 much better audio, but jammed at 1200 recheck.

6924.5U PIRATE (USA). 1324 November 6, 2010. Threshold with talk, music. Impossible to ID.

21695 LIBYA Voice of Africa. 1334 November 6, 2010. Swahili male talk, piano fills, ID. Very good and clear; equal level as parallel 17725.

15170 ROMANIA Radio Romania International. 1348 November 6, 2010. Passing by the channel, noted the interval signal at 1348 followed by time pips (something askew?), into Romanian ID and talk. Parallel 11940. Excellent.

5900 RUSSIA WYFR (relay), Irkutsk. 1139-1200* November 6, 2010. Tagalog male bible reader, mention of "2011" (English numbers), the typical low hum on the audio. Voice of Russia Kremlin Bells accidentally slipped through at 1200, upon end of WYFR program, then transmitter off. Clear, good.

3385 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio East New Britain. 1152 November 6, 2010. Best of all audible PNG and Australians. Pidgin female, C&W vocals, fair. 3365-Radio Milne Bay slightly weaker in Pidgin; ABC North Territory 2310-Alice Springs; 2325-Tennant Creek; and 2385-Katherine in very poorly.

800 FLORIDA WPLK, Palatka. 1140 November 7, 2010. "Moon River" and other Adult Standards vocals, "AM 800, WBLK" by man. Fair.

840 SOUTH CAROLINA WCEO, Columbia. 1142 November 7, 2010. Thought I had a Mexican, with rancheras, until an English spot for the South Carolina Education Authority (lottery) came up at 1152, then other spots in Spanish. "AM 8-40" (in Spanish) after the break, back to rancheras. Listed 50 kW D3.
6185 JAPAN Radio Japan, Yamata. *1128 November 9, 2010. Local level with interval signal, into Russian from 1130. / confirms site, 300 kW at 35-degrees. No wonder. This should squish Radio Educación, when on (seemingly not today though had them a few days ago pre-1200, parallel 1060 MW).

4052.47 GUATEMALA Radio Verdad, Chiquimula. 1138 November 9, 2010. Nice female gospel vocals (two in a row at least), done in a 30's style sound. Clear and very good.

5005 UNIDENTIFIED. 1144-1205 range November 9, 2010. No audio, but a nice carrier seemingly spot on 5005. Is Nepal active here? Or China? This on a good Asian morning.

5050 / 9820 CHINA Guangxi PBS/Beibu Bay Radio, Nanning. 1147 November 9, 2010. Clear and good with Viet female, instrumental fills, joined by man. Both channels good, with 5050 clear and 9820 with weak co-channel from someone.

5010 INDIA AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 1152 November 9, 2010. Hindi man and woman talk over woodwind instrument. Clear and fair.

3480 / 4450 / 4557 NORTH KOREA KCBS. 1200 November 9, 2010. Wusan, P'yongyang and Haeju sites listed, respectively. Korean female, orchestral fills into opera. 3480 clear and fair with best audio; 4450 strongest but weak audio; and 4557 mostly just a weak carrier.

5075 CHINA Voice of Pujiang, Shanghai. 1206 November 9, 2010. Tentatively the one (what
else?) with Chinese female talk. Listed as inactive in WRTVH-2010, as alternate (seasonal?) to 9705 (nothing heard there) in the final PWBR. Fair-poor, with data burst QRM.

3280 / 5075 CHINA Voice of Pujiang, Sanghai. 1133-1201 November 10, 2010. Indeed them, Chinese man and woman with bumper music, in parallel. 3280 very good, 5075 too but via LSB to avoid data burst utility.
13775 SA'UDI ARABIA BSKSA, Riyadh. *1157-1202 November 13, 2010. Carrier up then into lute interval signal, Urdu Service with ID by man at 1200 (no opening anthem), Qur'an from 1202. Clear and fair.

15250 SA'UDI ARABIA BSKSA, Riyadh. 1148-1229* November 13, 2010. English Service, the first decent log I've ever had from this. Tune-in to discussion on businesses. News by youthful-sounding female from 1200, mostly mid-east focused, till 1208. Then into "Lesson From the Prophets" program with male discussing Haj pilgrimage process for those coming from Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, "... brothers and sisters of Islam... They are welcome Moslems..." opening and closing of segment with birds and running water sound effects. Next up was "Network Journal" with another guy discussing "the Haj flu" as he dubbed it, and tips on staying healthy when in contact with large groups of people (including gargling with Listerine or Scope -- isn't that all bad since it contains alcohol?). Then discussing famous people who, upon earning their first millions, gave back to their community. Abruptly off at 1229, mid-sentence. Clear and good.

15341.18 MOROCCO Radio Morocco, Nador. 1230-1240 November 13, 2010. Very good with Arabic male. Still way off frequency.

540 MEXICO XEWA "W", San Luis Potosí. 1040 November 14, 2010. Thought it was someone domestic, as at tune-in playing Alan Parsons Project's "Eye In the Sky" but then man and woman ID, "La voz de México, W... Cadena W." Into The Police "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic."

3279.9 ECUADOR La Voz del Napo, Tena. 1148-1154 November 14, 2010. Female in presumed Quechua, into Andean vocals with flutes. Very good, but distorted and overdriven audio.

4417 UNIDENTIFIED. 1159 and 1240 November 14, 2010. Big AM carrier only, seemingly semi-local since it's still  strong well after sunrise.

4800 CHINA CPBS, Geermu (PWBR 2009) or Gormud (WRTVH 2010). 1055 November 14, 2010. Clear and fair with two Chinese males. Presumed the one.

1190 MEXICO XETOT ABC Radio, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1106 "ABC" slogan by man, female mentions of Tamaulipas and other estados across México in a listing of events taking place today. Very good.

1170 SOUTH CAROLINA WDEK, Lexington. 1113 November 14, 2010. Faded up over what seemed to be a Mexican with male, "You're on The Deck... AM 11-70, The Deck" into lame soft male vocal. Googled to ID this. Used to be Hispanic, then WQVA.

650 CUBA Radio Progreso, unknown site. 1127 November 14, 2010. Poor under WSM with female, parallel 640. This is the Progreso outlet noted in August, 2008 first appearing with test tones mid-day, eventually into Progreso audio, possibly on one of the first days active. No trace of the two listed low power Rebelde stations, for what it's worth. Checked this channel per Dave Yocis inquiry.

5936.22NF UNKNOWN SITE (Clandestine). Radio República relay. 0038 November 15, 2010. Per David Crawford discovery, heard here as well, parallel jammed 5954.12. Does not appear to be a spur from the latter, as it's never generated one before and nothing on the opposite side detected. Unjammed, but very weak. Soon to be jammed now that word is out. Bye-bye.

 1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1, Nassau, New Providence. 1050 November 21, 2010. "...the National Voice of the Bahamas" by baritone man, into inspirational/gospel vocals, one with a soca sway to it on a local Sunday morning. Fair-good.

1360 ALABAMA WMOB, Mobile. 1108 November 21, 2010. Soft gospel vocals, "You're listening to 1360 WMOB, Mobile" by man at 1109. Very good on fade-up.

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad. 1138 November 21, 2010. Good in passing with ID, man with Cuban sports roundup. I say good, but presumed WOAI 1200 IBOC hash ever present on 1210 and 1190.

5060 CHINA Xinjiang PBS, Urümqi. 1158 November 21, 2010. Chinese female, distinctive ChiCom time sounders 1200, more babble. In the clear but bad 'frying egg' QRM or QRN, present about everywhere here today. 5050 Beibu Bay about equal; something on 5040 but too weak to tell if China or AIR Jeypore; and 5010 AIR Thiru' weak at the same time.

4820 CHINA Xizang PBS, Llasa, Tibet. 1204 November 21, 2010. Two Chinese males. Clear but in the QRM/N. Nice, deep bass audio processing, something ChiCom's seem to deploy often.

4050 KYRGYZSTAN Radio Rossii, Bishkek. 1211 November 21, 2010. Presumed the one, spot-on frequency but threshold audio. No trace of the Guatemalan anywhere around this channel.

3900H USA unidentified. 1215 November 21, 2010. US English man, possibly ESPN Sports or the like as definite sports monologue, though hard to tell. Very weak. Many harmonic possibilities: 780 X 5; 1300 X 3; 650 X 6. No parallels to anything audible on those fundamentals here. Quickly faded. Not an overload product from the very local 820 WWBA, as they were in open-carrier mode only (see 3280H log).

 3280 FLORIDA WWBA, Largo. 1221 November 21, 2010. No surprise a 50 kW station a mile from the QTH would have a detectible 4 X 820 harmonic here. Telco open carrier as with fundamental 820. Audio finally abruptly up at 1631, distorted for a few seconds, then OK. Big problem there until an engineer arrived to kick something, I suppose. Enjoyed the format, while it lasted.

6280 / 7550 INDIA AIR. 2054-2115* November 24, 2010. Excellent on both channels with traditional Hindi vocals on the English service. Into open carrier 2215:58, off.

1600.05 SOUTH CAROLINA WKZK, North Augusta. 1048 November 26, 2010. Southern black gospel, male canned, “Here comes another hour of… on WKZK.” Hetting WKWF, Key West sports talk format. WKZK has been off-frequency for ages.

6090 CHINA CPBS2, Geermu. 1106 November 26, 2010. Chinese male and female talk, possible commercials or short promos. Parallel weaker 7315 Xi’an. Clear and fair.

1030 MEXICO XEQR Radio Centro, México DF. 1128 November 26, 2010. Vocal anthem at odd  tune-in time, clear “Radio Centro” by man at 1129.

980 CUBA COCO, Sapo, Ciudad de la Habana. 1131 November 26, 2010. Fast-paced male newscaster, “El Periodico del Aire” slogan. Good.

939.89 MEXICO XEQ, México DF. 1138 November 26, 2010. Ranchera vocals, presumed the one based on Dave Yocis off-frequency log in IDXD 78-8.

850 COLORADO KOA, Denver. 1153 November 26, 2010. Toyota dealership spot, several “KOA dot com” plugs, “This is Colorado’s morning show, 850 KOA…” Clear, squeezed a bit from local 860 WGUL.

850 PENNSYLVANIA WKGE, Johnstown. 1157 November 26, 2010. Faded up for a moment over KOA with male, “AM 850 WKGE… Pennsylvania…”

830 MEXICO unidentified. 1158 November 26, 2010. Vocal anthem, clobbered by power increase from very local 820 WWBA. On November 28: 1138 soft vocals and some rock vocals in Spanish – not the typical ranchera fare for a Mexican –female announcer, vocal anthem at 1157 but again wiped out by WWBA power increase. This one will allude me unless the anthem starts a little earlier, it appears.

840 MEXICO unidentified. 1200 November 26, 2010.  Vocal anthem, but too  poor to ID.

9690 NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu. 0846 November 28, 2010. Hausa female fast talker with frequent mentions of Nigeria and Abuja. Highlife vocals from 0849. Clear and good.

9675 BRAZIL Rádio Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, São Paulo. 0854 November 28, 2010. Portuguese preacher till 0857, commercial string, tune-out before any ID (checking for 6105 parallel where something in Brazilian Portuguese was audible with bible scripture, but not parallel – turned out to be WYFR). Fair but some weak presumed China Radio International in maybe Chinese co-channel.

9645.37 BRAZIL Rádio Bandeirantes, São Paulo. 0901 November 28, 2010. Tune-in to album version of The Beatles “Let It Be” followed by Portuguese male announcer, something “Madrugada” program name it seemed, phone interview with another man, into samba tune at 0910. Clear, good.

840 SOUTH CAROLINA WCEO “la Raza”, Columbia. 1020 November 28, 2010. Though this was a Mexican, but not. “La Raza” slogan after each song, Googled that and 840 and confirmed this one per their website. Strong, with WHAS fading down under.

6105 UNIDENTIFIED 1055-1100* November 28, 2010. Chinese man and woman, four equal-length and rather Quaalude induced time sounders (not the standard ChiCom tones) and abruptly off. Taiwan? WRTVH-2010 doesn’t show them up until 1200, but that’s the only source I referenced.

1700 TEXAS KVNS, Brownsville. 1106-1111 November 28, 2010. Elton John’s “Step Into Christmas” followed by male canned, “One classic hit after another, 1700 KVNS.” Then Chicago “Saturday In the Park” at tune-out. Good.

1680 LOUISIANA KRJO “Old Skool 1680 AM”, Monroe. 1120 November 28, 2010. Old Urban soul/pop hits, slogan. Good. Confirmed slogan on a Google search hit of their website.

1521 UNIDENTIFIED Asian(s). 1128 November 28, 2010. Pretty big het right on channel, presume the most likely would Be China Radio International’s 500 kWer at Ürümqi though plenty of other lower power possibilities, or maybe just an aggregate of several. Another carrier on 1503, many possibilities here, too.

890 TEXAS KTXV, Mabank. 2248-2331 December 2, 2010. Presumed the one with Vietnamese programming, mostly nonstop discussion, strong until around 2300 when WLS and others co-channel badly. At 0130, one clear mention of "Dallas" heard. Mabank is about 60 miles SE of Dallas, so presumed the source of Vietnamese here.

1650 FLORIDA repurposed Talking House, Clearwater. Yeah, me. Bought one of those Pt. 15 Talking House transmitters, digitally tunable 520-1700 kHz. On the X-band, 1650 is about the only decent slot here. Haven't had a chance to dink with it much yet. Only gets out a couple of hundred feet with the random wire antenna included, but I'll mess with the placement and antenna later. Live audio patch or two 5-minute loops can be recorded. See: for more information.

890 CUBA Radio Surco / Radio Chambas (FM relay), unknown site, Ciego de Ávila. 2324-0105 December 1-2, 2010. Per tip from Paul V. Zecchino that the Progreso outlet here just flipped to Surco (I had Surco as late as the morning of November 28). Tune in to not Surco, but Radio Chambas ID's. This station is low power FM only (90.7 MHz) in Ciego de Ávila province.Indeed, per the site under Ciego de
Ávila, Chambas is listed as being rebroadcast via Radio Surco for 5.5 hours per day (no times listed). Programming was mostly Cuban dance, techno and rock. After 0000, canned feature on children's care, 0016 song with first few bars of "Jingle Bells" appended. Apparent end of relay at 0100 with Radio Surco ID and programming. Signal was huge. The following local morning (1220 GMT December 2), Surco programming still here with ID. At 2248 check December 2, very poor and hard to tell if Chambas or Surco audio in QRM from a Vietnamese talker (presumably KTXV, Mabank, TX) and WLS. Chambas was an interesting discovery, a first for me. Still not certan if the Surco/Chambas transmitter is the former Progreso one listed in Ciego de Ávila, or new.
1020 CUBA Radio Reloj, Jorobo, Las Tunas. 1135 December 12, 2010. Mostly poor under Radio Guamá, sounders never can catch up with reality: 4 seconds off, 7 for the "RR" sounder. This one is not in your WRTVH-2010, though it was listed a couple of years back I believe.

15290 JORDAN Radio Jordan. 1155-1231* December 12, 2010. Thanks Glenn Hauser tip, not here at 1150 check, but already on at this re-check with Arabic vocals, 3 + 1 time sounder 1200, Arabic male ID, orchestral fanfare, world news till fanfare again at 1214, "Huna Amman" into brief Qur'an recital, then instrumental strings and then Arabic pop vocals. Abruptly off 1231. Why such brief use of a decent channel? Voice of Turkey in Turkish blowing in with nice Turkish music on 15350 same time, and something weak at 1405 check on 15140, maybe Radio Sultanate of Oman in their English hour, but just too weak in terrible local noise to tell. Chimes at 1429.

15250 SA'UDI ARABIA BSKSA. 1220-1228* December 12, 2010. English service with female techo fills, abruptly off at usual 1228. Clear, fair.

9650 UAE Polish Radio (relay). 1804-1859* December 12, 2010. Thanks Harold Frodge, Gilles Letourneau and Glenn Hauser logs, clear and good to very good with English magazine-format programming, "You're listening to Polish Radio, broadcasting from Warsaw" at 1837. Closing ID and reggae vocal.

640 CUBA Radio Progreso, Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana. 0040 December 15, 2010 and 0033 December 16, 2010. Noted sporadic wobbling on this one. Always nice.

9505 ZAMBIA One Africa, Lusaka. 2114-2200* December 17, 2010. Local level with really professional production. Slick promo strings, URL, UK-accented announcers with fast-paced chatter with Christian themes ("fear is lack of faith"), Christian rock. Closing ID and frequency/time schedule 2158.

1670 GEORGIA WFSM, Dry Branch. 1721 December 18, 2010. A high noon local log as we near the winter solstice, fair with sports talk.

660 USA unidentified. 1725+ December 18, 2010. Very weak under Progreso with female Obamacare bashing, 800 number (presumably syndicated sat-fed program). Didn't think about WORL, Orlando until after the fact, but their noon block for Saturday is listed as a local cooking show hosted by a black dude. Format not fitting SC, LA, TX, AL stations on 660. What's the status of WNFS, White Springs, FL? I find no URL, just the FCC dB listing as 50 kW daytime. Parts of the FCC's web has really been crapping out a lot of late, I might add.

660 FLORIDA While looking up 660 in the FCC dB, noted this in-band TIS/MIS. Really? Anyone know if it's active? Calls sound FDOT material. Callsign: WPQD502 Licensee: MARION, COUNTY OF Radio Service: Public Safety Pool, Conventional (PW) City: OCALA, FL Status: Active Grant Date: 03/18/2005     Expiration: 06/01/2015 Site: 1 State: FL County: MARION Coordinates: 29° 11' 42.9" N, 82° 10' 47.3" W Frequency: 0.66000000.

15050 INDIA AIR. 1306 December 19, 2010. Presume the one at near local level with nice Hindi vocals, hummy audio as with most AIR transmitters. Presumed Sinhala service. No parallels found.

9690 / 11620 / 13710 INDIA AIR. *1330 December 19, 2010. Opening with English General Overseas Service, ID and news. 9690 good but hummy; 11620 weak and hummy; 13710 very good and hum-free. Vividh Bharati commercial service in mostly Hindi on 9870 very good same time.

3160.04H SOUTH CAROLINA WPJK, Orangeburg. 1718 December 19, 2010. Surprised to hear this one (well, winter solstice is near), weak but clear with gospel vocals. 2 X 1580.

60 COLORADO WWVB, Ft. Collins. 1725-1730 December 19, 2010. Weak but clearly present with second pulses, shorter one top of each minute.

5960 ALBANIA China Radio Int'l. 2029 December 23, 2010. English with promos for other programs. Clear and fair.

9705 ETHIOPIA Radio Ethiopia. 2147-2148* December 23, 2010. Presumed them, or at least their transmitter, but well past the 2100 closing time. Not sure if it stayed on up to this point, or maybe fired up after for yucks? Just a minute of Horn of Africa music at tune in before the plug was abruptly pulled. Didn't even have a chance for a frequency measurement; they are usually slightly off-channel.

5688U CUBA (spy) V21? (babbling numbers woman, anyhow). Nothing between 1300-1400 checks until recheck at 1407 December 24, 2010, already on with bad hum, stuttering numbers live reads, the kids or the unemployed sister in the background of the presumed Soviet-era, crumbling painted block apartment with no air conditioning and maybe a semi-new cheap ChiCom refrigerator. Abruptly off/back on 1408, off for good 1409. Excellent.

5120.45 PERU Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, Cusco. 1044-1050 December 26, 2010. Peruvian folk vocals, Spanish male announcer at 1047. Clear, fair. Presumed the one so didn't stick with it, since Peruvians are of little interest.

6250.5 KOREA, NORTH P'yongyang Broadcasting Station. 1105 December 26, 2010. Korean man ranting monologue, into orchestral/vocals. Good.

1240 FLORIDA WFSX, Ft. Myers. 1145-1200 December 26, 2010. Fair with seemingly locally-produced investment program hosted by a guy. Canned promo for "... Southwest Florida... 92.5... The Coast (or maybe just a generic "the coast" reference -- in any case, a reference to WFSX-FM, Estero, FL simulcast)..." Slowly overtaken by the Mexican, which I thought was merely something domestic (see log). Reappeared poorly but mixing with an unidentified at 1208, playing The Beatles "Hey Jude" then the channel was destroyed by local 1250 WHNZ, Tampa IBOC up at 1215 sunrise-ish.

1240 MEXICO XERPA Radio Ranchito, Morelia, Michoacân. 1155-1201 December 26, 2010. Rancheras slowly overtaking WFSX. Thought it was a domestic, but nice, clear "XERPA" ID at 1200 by man, back to rancheras, fading down by 1208 on the last gasp of non-dawn. No slogan heard, just the calls.

9750 MALAYSIA Voice of Malaysia. 1215-1235 December 26, 2010. Indonesian service with male hosting Malay or Indo soft rock/pop vocals, "Suara Malaysia" ID at 1227. Very good.

15120 NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria. 1806 December 26, 2010. English with man and woman discussiing Christmas and Boxing Day traditions in Nigeria, Christmas music snips. Clear and very good.

6025.11 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Radio Amanecer Internacional, Santo Domingo. 1815 December 26, 2010. Soft Spanish Christian vocals, ID and brief inspirational words by Spanish male, back to vocals. Very good.

1790.05 FLORIDA (MIS) WQKP882 (or WQKP883) Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo (9685 Ulmerton Rd.). 1827 December 26, 2010. Putting out a big spur 100 kHz above the fundamental (and presumably also on 1590.05, but since there's a local station on 1590, not detected here). Not much audio making it, but a massive 60 cycle hum, as with the 1690.05 source. This one may make it well beyond Tampa Bay, since the fundamental has been heard as far away as Titusville, FL. At least one -- if not two others -- operate in synchcro audio (north Clearwater and possibly still central St. Petersburg, though only two calls are given). But [it/they] are on-channel. This one, near my monitoring site, has been off-frequency for forever. Format remains Pinellas County road construction and PSA loops, mostly female, but one male road segment. No update concerning the fact that we've been under a boil water advisory since last Thursday, and expected for another two days. Male calls ID drop, with these calls (ex-WPTI814 for seemingly all used to be used, when on original 940 kHz followed by the move here by all three whence active). Calls do not specify location. But no harmonic on 3380.1 detected (for sure I used to be able to pull it down in the parking lot, near the Largo transmitter, not surprisingly). FCC dB falsely lists a wild list of addresses for the two, and even spells Ulmerton Road incorrectly.

96.5 MHz FLORIDA WVVD-LP, East Tampa. I recall seeing this one listed 2-3 years ago with a pending LPFM application, and presumed it was never granted. But in the process of searching something else on 96.5 last week, I noticed this is listed as licensed. Indeed, audible (poorly) in south Tampa's Dale Mabry/Henderson Blvd. area around 1925+ December 30, 2010, trading audio at times with WHTQ, Orlando (Classic Rock). WVVD-LP is Spanish Christian, mostly soft Christian-Latin ballads. Now the odd thing is the city of license: there is no actual city of East Tampa, and in fact the transmitter is located in Gibsobton, abouy seven miles SSW of what one may perceive as East Tampa (and the Iglesia Cristiana La Nueva Jerusalem address).

11905 SRI LANKA SLBC.  1534 December 31, 2010. Per Glenn Hauser/DXLD, Radio Ceylon is being reported in English at 1530-1630 per the WRTH 2011 but initially, at least, he's hearing Belarussian from Poland via Woofferton UK, into Ukranian from 1530 after a slight antenna shift. At first, essentially the same results here, and just as I was about to tune out, subcontinental music bubbled up from 1534. Accented English female briefly at 1536, back to subcontinental vocals. Mixing about equal with Woofferton, making reception of either pretty much junk.

9740 SINGAPORE BBCWS relay. 2354-0001 December 31, 2010. English, clear but weak, time sounders into the annual long-running Big Ben chimes ringing in 2011, then into news. Sad that this is the only BBCWS English channel I could find progagating at this hour. There's still something special in hearing London chiming in the New Year's on shortwave, difficult though it is now.

1240 ALABAMA WULA, Eufala. 1156-1201 January 2, 2011. Sports talk, then male, "You're listening to ESPN... on WULA..." into unidentified network news, leading with the Cincinnati, AR tornado. Faded down and gone in the mutliple co-channels. Listed as 600 watts Class C. If so, a pretty good graveyard catch here.

1700 (LPR) GEORGIA "WTYB Tybee Island Community Radio", Georgia; a Part 15-compliant station that will soon be de-listed from active/presumed active (bolded frequency) status. See FLPRS for details. Thanks to Mike Cooper, who checked 1700 a couple of times day and evening while holidaying on Tybee Island last week.

87.5 MHz (LPR) GEORGIA "Freedom Path Radio", Savannah. Nnticed this one listed at 87.5 (surely a pirate, if active) in Savannah: though his own website does not reference anything terrestrial radio Looks like he has a 'tude, too.

8989U UNIDENTIFIED (LATIN AMERICA) "El Buen Pescador". 2259-2332 January 6, 2011. Thanks Crawford tip (and his branding), very good with Spanish male solo preaching, lots of "Hallelujah hermano" and  occasional simplex channel calls from listeners, to which he occasionally responded briefly before going back to his preaching. Comes up roughly 2300, local weeknights at least.

6060 ARGENTINA RAE, General Pacheco. 2232-2325 January 7, 2011. Surprised to hear this one with RAE Spanish programming, northern campesino vocals (as opposed to the more-common tangos), ID's. Fair, and parallel very good 15344.98. WRTVH-2010 (since the Euro distributor doesn't want to supply the 2011 in a timely manner) lists 6060 as closing at 2300, with 15345 continuing till 2400. But not, as 6060 remained on through tune-out, presumably on till 2400 also.

1240 / 1270 FLORIDA WFSX, Ft. Myers and WNOG, Naples (respectively). 1214 January 8, 2011. Enzime pill quack doctor brokered show, noted poor on 1240. Then tuning up, the same show, very slightly out-of-synch audio. On January 9, also in parallel 1224 with spots for a local BBQ joint and a store on US-41 in Bonita Springs. 1270 marginally better up here.

1530 UNIDENTIFIED. Maybe domestic. 1050-1058 January 9, 2010. Rapidly unstable carrier or bad exciter, no audio and present only in LSB. In USB, WCKY, Cincinnati with preacher on a local Sunday morning. The unstable signal was lost 1t 1058 when WCKY's antenna switch and audio gain clobbered this.

1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 1149 January 9, 2011. Surprised to hear this one (if my records are correct, last noted in 2008) at fair level with piano tunes, parallel strong flagship 530. Still audible at 1305 recheck, but another check a couple of hours later, nothing making it. Almost thought I had traces of the 1320 listed Enciclopedia in the 1200 hour at one point, but inconclusive. Presumed site based on propagation timing for my location.

1280 FLORIDA WTMY, Venice. 1216 January 9, 2011. Phil Hendrie, commercial break, canned promo for sales inquiries to "564-WTMY, Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice" by male voice-over. Fair.

960 CUBA Radio Reloj, Ciefuegos. 1228 January 9, 2011. Very poor with "RR"'s (as opposed to the often Sunday-only chimes). Obliterated 1231 with 970 WFLA's IBOC sunrise turned on.

415 CAYMAN ISLANDS CBC (aero beacon), Cayman Brac. 0113 January 15, 2011. Clear, fair.

450 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC PPA (aero beacon), Puerto Plata. 0115 January 15, 2011. Clear, fair. Thanks D. Crawford suggestion to check this one since CBC was being heard.

6205 TAJIKISTAN (clandestine) Radio Free Sarawak. 1151-1300 January 15, 2011. No carrier 1147 check, but up by 1151 recheck with carrier, opening 1200 with "Love's Theme" by the Love Unlimited Orchestra -- Barry White's orchestral backup band side project -- their biggest crossover charter -- no interval signal, so is this what others report as the interval signal? Or was it just dropped or clipped off today? Malay man (nice, deep radio voice) with opening ID, mention of (English phonetics). Nice Malay instrumental stringed music from 1235, but otherwise all talk save for a few short bumper music segments. A couple of audio and/or transmission breaks (a few seconds only), otherwise good copy. Programming ending just before 1300, carrier off 1300:12. First noted something unidentified and weak here closer to 1300 a few days ago, but nothing I could find listed that made sense. Thanks Glenn Hauser for confirming what this one is, a relatively new channel move to here it appears. Let's all pray for a free Sarawak. Surely it would be a better world for all, if so.

5955 JAPAN Radio Japan, Yamata. *1314-1320 January 15, 2011. Interval signal in progress at tune-in, into Indonesian programming with female news. Clear and fair. Why the silly quarter past start time?

7370 IRAN VoIRI, Kamalabad. *1430-1445 January 15, 2011. Interval signal, unidentified language male, Iranian classical filler music, into brief Qur'an reading by man at 1432-3, then female with news. Clear and weak, but parallel better 9585 (presumed Sirjan). Listed as Hindi 1430-1500. Thanks Glenn Hauser log of this on 7370 in DXLD. Presume polar longpath? Didn't think I had a shot on this one here, but.

7225 / 7345 / 9725 / 12005 TUNISIA RTT. 1920 January 16, 2011. All in parallel and signals -- in order -- very poor, poor, good and very good, and all QRM free. Arabic vocals, news-ish items. Twitter brings down the government. Archaic and outdated shortwave is still turned on full blast here. Go figure.

6900L/U UNIDENTIFIEDS (Latin America) 2150+ January 16, 2010. OOB Spanish nets, one in LSB, another in USB (excellent frequency management and channel sharing, I might add). L-man leader frequently gave phonetics for unknown things like ACTATIC, ECHOMAX, and a full URL that I missed fully copying. One mention of Colombia and Arequipo. Both L-man and U-man had the same DTMF-ish key tones when closing the mike for a response. Another net in LSB on 6776.5 at the same time, but keytone-free. Meanwhile, a gigantic AM (DSB) open carrier on 6719.6 past 2230.

6050 ECUADOR, HCJB. 2154-2201 January 16, 2011. Clear and fair with Spanish gospel programming, HCJB La Voz de los Andes canned ID by man 2159, time sounders, back to Spanish programming.

6040 ITALY Radio Nederlands. Santa Maria di Galeria. 2101-2105 January 16, 2011. In Dutch with a news magazine. Very good, listed as via this site per their Fall-Winter schedule at (The 2010 WRTVH listed as via Tbilisskaya, Krasnodarskiy Kray; who knows what the 2011 edition lists, since the WRTVH demonstrates no interest in distributing their product in a timely manner to North America.)

6069.984 CANADA CFRX (CFRB), Toronto. 2220-2230 January 16, 2011. Canned "" promo, back to National Benefits Authority segment, commercials, mostly for other quack medical "free except for shipping" product and a realty agent, then segment on Canadian Red Cross delivery of fresh water trucks outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Very good. Very boring. On the bright side, their audio is really good now, really clean and warm processing. Better than most AM stations around here.

6165 CHAD ORTC, 2230-2231* January 16, 2011. Tune-in to orchestral national anthem, off. Clear, fair, though someone else with almost church-like choral vocals in unknown language was present after Chad went bye-bye.

4775 INDIA AIR, Imphal. *0028 February 2, 2011. Interval signal threshold, nothing else worthy of audio after 0030.

1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRITES Radio Farda. 0032 February 2, 2011. Mostly carrier but traces of Mid-east pop poking through.

11710.87 ARGENTINA RAE, General Pacheco. 0034 February 2, 2011. Portuguese with female, slightly drifting. Clear and fair.

1690.05 FLORIDA (MIS) Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo. Noted February 2, 2011 with open carrier and telco hum (on rare occasions, the recorded make ID would drop, but nothing else such as the usual traffic construction loops. And still just an open carrier mid-day February 5th check.

6160 NEWFOUNDLAND CKZN, St. John's. 2240-2302 February 5, 2011. Canned Canadian artist folk-rock music program. "This is CBC Radio 1" at 2259 into CBC News. Clear and fair, until co-channel from, of all things, Radio Canada International (see below log).

KOREA, SOUTH Radio Canada International (relay), Gimje. *2259-2302 February 5, 2011. RCI interval signal X 3 under CKZN, into French news by female. Poor.

CHINA CPBS1, Golmud. 0000-0005 February 6, 2011. Slow ChiCom time sounders into Chinese news. Clear, fair. Others in at the same time: 4220 threshold, 5060 fair.

6925U USA (PIRATE) Wolverine Radio. 0128-0229* February 6, 2011. Thanks Gerry Bishop tip while on a Trillian live chat. Excellent signal with a "Rivers" songs theme. Brenda Lee "Too Many Rivers"; Johnny Rivers "Muddy River"; Bob Dylan "Watching the River Flow"; Talking Heads "Take Me To the River"; Joni Mitchell "River"; Jimmy Cliff "Many Rivers To Cross" etc. ID's after every couple of songs.

1530 FLORIDA WYMM, Jacksonville. 1230 February 6, 2011. Excellent just after sunrise with Spanish gospel 'praise' vocals, "Radio F
é, 15-30 AM" in Spanish followed by heavily-accented "You (sic) listen to WYMM, Jacksonville" followed by male canned Spanish ID. Is this a recent format change? They used to be Contemporary Christian in English.

6095 CUBA RHC. 1242 February 6, 2011. Spanish. Ridiculous to be on so many channels: beside 6095, also on 6000, 6140, 6150 and 6190. But recheck just after 1300, only 6140 active.

1160 GEORGIA WCFO, East Point. 1240-1301 February 6, 2011. Excellent a little after sunrise with LarMar (sp?) Security owner interviewed on one of those wonderful Sunday public affairs programs. Canned ID 1259 as, "WCFO, East Point-Dundee (? -- can't find a town called Dundee, just a small lake south of Atlanta -- maybe it was Dunwoody)-Sandy Springs" into CBS News.

550 TEXAS KTSA, San Antonio. 1200-1205 February 13, 2011. Popping up just before local sunrise atop Radio Rebelde with network news, then canned "The Talk of San Antonio... 550 KTSA." Very good level, and nice to hear this over Cuba.

600 TEXAS KTBB, Tyler. 1207 February 13, 2011. Certainly the one, very briefly in with conclusion of a commercial break, into the syndicated Gun Talk Show with host Tom Gresham ("Welcome back to the Gun Talk Show... on FOX Radio... 866-TALK-GUN..."). Looked the show up at, and indeed this is the only station listed on 600, and the time matches, as does the propagation path to west central Florida. Fair, and quickly lost to Cuba and unidentified Mexican. Also, local WDAE on 620 kicked in their IBOC at 1212, forcing me to go to LSB mode.

1510 FLORIDA (MIS) City of Lakeland WPZW713 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. 1400 February 12, 2011. Yes, 1510 (not 1610). Surprised to hear this one with a brief but very good signal on I-4 on my drive to Orlando, peaking around the US-92 exit, which is nearly due north north of the airport. Running a loop with segments by male and female voices, including a promo for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and their website; the annual Sun 'N Fun Fly-In event; and a segment touting Lakeland and all the fun you can have in and around Lake Parker, Lake Hollingsworth, etc. Not only is the signal way stronger than it's been in ages, it's the first definite log in quite a long time for me, even when passing closer to the airport a year or so ago. Also, it remains one of the few in-band active TIS/MIS stations in Florida.

1620 FLORIDA (PIRATE) Radio Keenanm, Orlando. 1435 February 12, 2011. The usual Haitian Kreyol talk and konpa music format, already at fair level on I-4 heading to Orlando just past Walt Disney World, and throughout the day on sporadic checks around metro Orlando.

1620H FLORIDA WFLF, Pine Hills. 2240 February 12, 2011. This one -- 3 x 540 fundamental -- popped up while heading south on FL-429 west of Orlando and held up for 3-4 miles (the transmitter is roughly east of where this signal appeared). Completely overrode Kreyol pirate Radio Keenanm. News/Talk format, branding as "WFLA" when not giving legal ID's, as always. The Hyundai has a fairly poor radio, so this probably gets out way better, though doubt much beyond the western side of metro Orlando.

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) Florida's Turnpike/DoT, near Orlando at I-4 (MP 259). 1440 February 12, 2011. Very strong west of the I-4 Turnpike exit, as always, and with a brief loop by female regarding no current accidents or construction updates.

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) Florida's Turnpike/DoT (FL-417 near Red Bug Lake Road exit), Slavia. 1445 February 12, 2011. This one started to co-channel the Turnpike MP259 TIS on I-4 near the International Drive exits, peaking around I-4 at Anderson Street. Much longer loop than MP 259's, with male and female mentions of conditions updates and phone number. Never very strong though, this far west of the transmitter site.

6518 KOREA, SOUTH (CLANDESTINE) Voice of the People. 1137 February 13, 2011. Fair with Korean female talk. Parallel slightly better 6600 and very poor 4450.

6676U AUSTRALIA Sydney VOMMET. 1133-1134* February 13, 2011. Very good with female concluding weather, "Australia VOLMET out" and off.

6940 USA (PIRATE) Wolverine Radio. 0245-0259* February 13, 2011. Thanks D. Crawford online tip. Swing and Jump Jive-era vocals, ID, then the song "Too Drunk To Fuck" which was not the classic Dead Kennedys composition -- this being a completely different one, and not punk -- I think it's the title by Buckcherry via reviewing the lyrics on the wonderful Internet. Digital fax video data send (as Wolverine seems to close with), short '30's-style vocal and off. Very good signal.

96.7 MHz FLORIDA WZPH-LP, Dade City. 2257-2301 February 12, 2011. Popping up briefly with early The Who track into early Elvis Presley, then male canned ID at precisely 2300. This while on I-4 heading back to Clearwater, peaking west of Lakeland (Alexandria Road and Thonotosassa exits).

1610 ANGUILLA The Caribbean Beacon. 0018 February 24, 2011 male preacher worshiping the late Gene Scott, parallel excellent 6090. Fair under Tampa International's TIS loop.

1711.5 UNIDENTIFIED 0023 February 24, 2011. Fair-poor, threshold audio, music fills. Unable to confirm language. Slight, fast carrier wobble

9745 c+usb BAHRAIN Radio Bahrain. 0104 February 26, 2011. Arabic popular and techno-pop, 0120 youthful Arabic female hottie DJ. Clear and fair. First log here in ages.

3965 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zaheden. 0131-0228* February 26, 2011. Very good in presumed listed Urdu. Male announcer, brief Qur'an recital 0133-0134, female announcer, man with news items 0139. No parallels audible. Still audible, but poorer by 0215. Good enough to make it through closing.

1470 GEORGIA WRGA, Rome. 1152 February 26, 2011. "Northwest Georgia... green Georgia... Rome Garden Expo..." promo, into possible gardening show this Saturday morning. Over very weak local WMGG, Dunedin's Spanish format, which was mostly back to a big rumbling audio blob and throwing spurs once again on 1462 and 1468 kHz.

1090 MEXICO unidentified. 115-1207 February 26, 2011. Under KAAY's 1-888-Bible-44 canned program (that seems to be daily this time) with XE choral anthem repeatedly cycling (I gave up after four plays). Proof that weekend Mexican board ops are just as bad as their US counterparts.

1080 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, Güines, Matabeque. 1215 February 26, 2011. Caught off guard hearing Radio Havana Cuba's interval signal X 1 here. Turned out to be a promo for some upcoming Radiocuba coordinated networks link-up event, mentioning said along with Radio Mambí and (I swear) Radio Martí. If the latter was heard correctly, is there really a Radio Martí domestic/local station using this name in Cuba? If so, what took 'em so long reclaiming the name?

6165 / 9170 CHINA CPBS6 Voice of Shenzhou, Beijing. 1144 February 26, 2011. Nice traditional Chinese instrumentals, Chinese female announcer 1146, back to instrumentals. 6165 clear and weak, 9170 clear and good. No RHC blocking 6165 today, at least at this time.

15850 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 1652 February 26, 2011. Very good and in the clear with mostly Hebrewtalk, time sounders, news for a couple of minutes, Hebe pop vocals in the 1700 hour, but gone 1802 recheck.

17690 MADAGASCAR Radio Japan (relay), Talata Volonondry. *1228 February 27, 2011. Interval signal, into French from 1230. Poor, and shortly thereafter weak co-channel Iran underneath in Indonesian.

15515 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kamalabad. *1230 February 27, 2011. Just signed on, with anthem in progress, Indonesian ID and frequencies by female, news headlines, Qur'an 1235-1238. Good and in the clear, parallel very poor 17690 which was under Radio Japan via Madagascar.

9750 KUWAIT Radio Kuwait, Kabd. 1300 February 27, 2011. Arabic female news summary, piano fill 1301, into Arabic kiddie chorus, male, Arabic pop-ish vocals. Weak and slight co-channel presumed Radio Japan, Yamato, though slight improvement a few minutes later. Parallel better 21540. Thanks Glenn Hauser log in dxld 11-08.

4749.95 INDONESIA RRI, Makassar, Sulawesi. 1135-1207 March 1, 2011. About equal level with nearly co-channel Bangladesh 4750.00. Mostly Indo talk by female. News 1200, but no RRI theme or time sounders heard, maybe just too weak and missed. Weaker the next day, with Bangladesh much stronger. Surprised to hear this RRI here in Florida.

4750.00 BANGLADESH Bangladsh Betar. 1135-1207 March 1, 2011. Mixing with RRI Makassar with mostly Banglatalk by female, some subcontinental music fills. But way better the next day, March 2, 1154-1213 with subcontinental vocals, Banga female briefly, no time sounders at 1200, brief Qur'an recitation a little after 1200, back to local vocals and brief talk. Only slight RRI co-channel (and still down .05) this time.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1146 March 1, 2011. Fair-good over/under at least one other unidentified Cuban and presumed WQBA, Miami (also in Spanish).

1000NF CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Prov. Artemisa. 0050-0135 March 2, 2011. Sitting atop at least two Cubans when surprisingly this one, which was airing nice traditional Cuban vocals, broke for a youthful female live "Radio Artemisa" ID. More traditional Cuban vocals, another ID at 0112, "Esta es Radio Artemisa, le emisora (at first thought "estrella") de la Habana... desde Cuba." Yet another live ID at 0130, where "emisora" was clear and thus ruling out "estrella." So the question is, is this ex-1320 (also once on 1330 which may have moved to 1320 rather than a second transmitter), or is this the listed Radio Cadena Habana transmitter re-purposed (or both)? Co-logged with David Crawford while on Trillian chat.

1070 FLORIDA WFRF, Tallahassee. 1212 March 4, 2011. Spot for University Chevrolet, "Congratulations to Rick... in Tallahassee..." at 1217, "Faith Radio" slogan, promo for a Prayer Walk in Tallahassee next Saturday, parallel way-behind web feed. Mostly poor.

15460 / 17765 ROMANIA Radio Romania International. 1229 March 4, 2011. "Welcome to Skylark..." with that same classical score used by the defunct Romanian spy numbers station, into talk about winter vs. summer traditions with white and read threads. Excellent on both channels, for those who want to hear Romania right now on the Eastern Seaboard.

6977 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 0003 March 8, 2011. Clear and poor but improving with Hebetalk female, 30's/40's-style vocals and then more hipster Israeli vocals. Recently ex-6973, at least for the moment.

1070 ALABAMA WAPI, Birmingham. 2357 March 8, 2011. Mark Levin politi-talk feed, then a "" promo. Mixing with a Christian talk station that crossed the hour with no ID, maybe the already-logged WFRF, Tallahassee.

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Prov. Artemisa. 0007 March 9, 2011. Female hottie with seemingly canned long promo/ID over piano tinkling, Cuban semi-traditional vocals, ID 0017 by same chica (so is some of the programming blocks canned?), back to music. 0029 girl canned and apparently frequently used, "Esta es Radio Artemisa, la emisora de la Habana..." ID. Into traditional Cuban folk music at 0037.

5025 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba (instead of Radio Rebelde, oops).0105 March 9, 2011.

RHC Kreyol here, a frequency flip switch, instead of the normal Radio Rebelde audio. First time I've heard such an audio malfucktion on 5025, at least I think. Meanwhile, 5040 with RHC Spanish at the same time, and 6000 with RHC English. Kreyol ended at 0200. Into Spanish RHC, parallel 5040. Sweet! Back to Rebelde as damn well should be 0001 check March 10. We ask, WWAD? (What Would Arnie Do?).

9545 PHILIPPINES VoA, Tinang. 2205 March 11, 2011. Mandarin, good with slight flutter, and another Chinese mixing in under (ChiCom deliberate QRM, or someone else?).

4750 BANGLADESH Bangladesh Betar. 1150 March 12, 2011. Islamic vocals, Banglatalk 1158, male vocal 1159. Clear and fair, no sigh of the Indo today.

1650 VIRGINIA WHKT, Portsmouth. 2231 March 14, 2011. ID and back to the Mark Levin syndicated show. Very good.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. March 14, 2011. Mixing with another Cuban. Fair.

9745 c+usb BAHRAIN Radio Bahrain. 2354 March 15, 2011. Arabic man, Arabic vocals, chipper sounding man and woman just after 0000 (no time sounders), Qur'an 0003. On March 16, 2259: Arabic vocals past 2300, Qur'an 2315 re-check. Clear, fair.

3289.99 GUYANA GBC. 2343 March 16, 2011. Classical violin solo, man at 2358 into jazz instrumental, female 0001 and the same song repeated. 0035 female, "This is the Voice of Guyana..." Clear and fair.

1610 FLORIDA (MIS) WPLY701 City of Tarpon Springs. 1555 March 19, 2011. Long loop consisting of road construction advisory, stocking batteries for emergencies, and a fire safety/escape segment (they have ran this one for years) which has music and sound effects embedded. Also, if by chance anyone ever randomly hears a bad vocal version of the Star Spangled Banner (not that there are any particularly good versions), it's likely this one. Call sign is also given. Fairly long gap between end and start of the next cycle. Tampa International Airport's TIS weak and nulled. WPLY701 isn't audible at my QTH, though it used to be. Logged on the ICOM IC-R75 with 100-feet of random wire on the ground near beachside. [HISP]

1600 FLORIDA WKWF, Key West (Stock Island). 1609 March 19, 2011. Local level with ESPN sports talk. Logged on the ICOM IC-R75 with 100-feet of random wire on the ground near beachside. [HISP]

600 FLORIDA WBOB, Jacksonville. 1620 March 19, 2011.local ads including one for an event at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena, ID, promo, back to the Monica Crowley syndicated talk program.Very good. Never heard of her. Hmm, Googled, she's reasonably hot evan at age 43. [HISP]

790 CUBA Radio Reloj, Pinar del Río. 1643 March 19, 2011. Very good. [HISP]

850 FLORIDA WRUF, Gainesville. 1650 March 19, 2011. Live sports talk by two guys, apruptly cut for canned "WRUF, Gainesville, Sports Radio 850..." into Gator Lacrosse game. How can UF step so low as to have a lacrosse team? Local level. [HISP]

850 CUBA Radio Reloj, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 1650 March 19, 2011. Fair when WRUF nulled. [HISP]

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad de la Habana. 1653 March 19, 2011. Absolutely bone-crushing local level with events around the province, nice canned ID 1700. Rather overdriven audio. WRTVH 2011 lists site as la Lisa. [HISP]

1140 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, Pastora, Ciudad de la Habana. 1655 March 19, 2011. ID, Cuban vocals, into Noticiero Nacional de Radio 30-minute news relay from 1700. [HISP]

930 CUBA Radio Reloj, La Jaiba, Matanzas. 1703 March 19, 2011. Under WLSS, Sarasota. [HISP]

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa. 1703 March 19, 2011. Excellent and alone with hip Cuban vocals, "Esta es Radio Artemisa, la estación provincial ..." just after tune-in. [HISP]

1060 LOUISIANA WLNO, New Orleans. 1705 March 19, 2011. Black preacher ... "Somebody even today is hearin' me in Mississippi..." (yeah, Florida, too) and talk about anointing oneself in oil, presumably not BP oil. Local level.[HISP]

690 FLORIDA WOKV, Jacksonville. 1717 March 19, 2011. Elecrticity savings tips program, mentions of the area electric supplier website, seemingly a thinly-veiled show sponsored by said company. Very good. [HISP]

730 GEORGIA WSTT, Thomasville. 1730 March 19, 2011. Live ID by female, Southern Baptist preaching and praising, "We give you all the praise in this afternoon." Very good. [HISP]

10000 BRAZIL PPE Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro. 2350 March 19, 2011. Good just over WWV, with Observatorio Nacional ID and time each minute by man.

1700 TEXAS KVNS, Brownsville. 1108 March 20, 2011. Elton John, Roy Orbison into Scotts Lawn products and Home Depot spots, back, back to songs, canned, "Classic Hits KVNS" at 1127. Very good.

1600 GEORGIA WAOS, Austell. 1140 March 20, 2011. Spanish, with ads for cell phone access to Central America, Atlanta stores, live laughing DJ, into Mexican vocals. Good just after sunrise local.

1060 CUBA Radio Veintiseis, Matanzas. 1203 March 20, 2011. Cuban vocals, announcer mentioning events in Matanzas, ID. Over WLNO gospel programming.


NOTE: Logs appended with HISP were made mid-day at Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, FL. For this remote session, we additionally appended "R75" or "D5" to indicate the ICOM IC-R75 with 150 feet of random wire on ground pointing roughly NNW into the northern Gulf of Mexico, or the "D5" portable Sangean PR-D5 barefoot were used to make the log. For more on Honeymoon Island State Park, and other Florida remote DX sites, visit:

590 FLORIDA WDIZ, Panama City. 1305 March 25, 2011. ESPN sport talk when Radio Musical Nacional, Cuba nulled. [HISP-D5]

670 (new) CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1710 March 25, 2011. Surprise! A second Rebelde on 670 (just maybe a third), way underneath the big signal Arroyo Arenas area Rebelde. Audio is just under a second behind the big one. Tune-in to "Noticias Nacional de Radio" news feed hook-up (1700-1730). Checked back after 1730 to confirm it was not a Cuba station other than Rebelde, and indeed Rebelde audio remained out-of-synch with the strong one. Wherever it is, it's definitely central to western Cuba, to be heard here mid-day. Almost seemed to be yet a third Rebelde virtually in synch with the weak one as well, but not certain. Obviously, a concentrated effort to block WWFE, Miami's Spanish signal. [HISP-D5]

800 LOUISIANA WSHO, New Orleans. 1325 March 25, 2011. Money talk program, national spots for Home Depot and others, ID 1730 and into IRN Radio News with embedded spots, including "A Nation In Crisis" book. Very good, though very tight signal/null on the Target bamboo Lazy Susan atop the car roof. Listed as 1 kW, and my favorite catch of the day by far. [HISP-D5]

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad de la Habana. 1758 March 25, 2011. Spanish disco, female ID. Excellent, but just like six days ago at this same site, still overdriven audio. Local WTWD, Plant City is easily nulled at this site. Not so at the QTH. [HISP-D5]

940 FLORIDA WLQH, Chiefland. 1246 March 25, 2011. Tentatively the one based on lack of any other possibilities, format, and  DX proximity. Phil Collins "Take Me Home", hip male DJ (maybe sat-fed source), into ABC Radio News at the very odd time of 1253 for a couple of minutes, then Chubby Checker "(Do the) The Twist". [HISP-R75]

980 CUBA COCO El Periodic del Aire, Sapo, Ciudad de la Habana. 1800 March 25, 2011. Surprised to pull this one in, and so well at that what with local 970 WFLA's IBOC. Very tight nulling of WFLA with this very good, 1803 female "... Radio Centro de Cuba... la emisora COCO..." [HISP-D5]

1000 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, unknown site, western Cuba. 1705 March 25, 2011. Unlike six days ago at this same site, no Radio Artemisa audio. Instead, back to Radio Cadena Habana (parallel 1020), confirming it's the same transmitter. Very good, with female announcer, into Instituto de Meteorología de Cuba telco weather forecast for the day (with bad echo). A short report, the weather there no doubt as perfect as it was here today.[HISP-D5]

1030 TEXAS KCTA, Corpus Christi. 1238 March 25, 2011. Spanish fast-talking preacher. Very good, but splatter from local 1040 WHBO, Pinellas Park. LSB made it better. [HISP-R75]

1070 FLORIDA WNVY, Cantonment. 1220 March 25, 2011. "Foundation of Freedom" American Center for Law & Justice 877-989-2255 Jay Sekulow anti-Obama talk. Canned ID 1230, into inspirational message regarding "the dark side of life" and word of God. Fair, with WKII, Solano (Port Charlotte), FL Oldies weakly under. Maybe something else threshold in the mix (hoping for KNTH, Houston) but unable to pull anything else clearly. [HISP-R75]

1189.871 MISSISSIPPI WMEJ, Bay St. Louis. 1416 March 25, 2011. Spanish current contemporary pop vocals. I didn't realize that they flipped formats and calls (used to be WBSL with excellent Blues and Black R&B). They've been off-frequency for many years, and despite the format/calls (ownership?) flip, they remain way off frequency. Apparently the FCC never visits coastal Mississippi. [HISP-R75]

1700 TEXAS KVNS, Brownsville. 1217 March 25, 2011. Very good with canned "The stars you know, Classic Hits 1700, KVNS" at 1619, into oldie Rock. [HISP-R75]

989.86 MEXICO XEQ Bésame 9-40, Iztapalapa, México DF. 1140 March 26, 2011. Mexican vocals, bad channel het.

1360 ALABAMA WIXI, Jasper. 0717 March 26, 2011. Popped up briefly through WMOB, Mobile's gospel with live female ID into ad strong and then lost.

1500 MEXICO XEDF Radio Fórmula, México DF. 1106 March 26, 2011. Good in passing with long station promo, "Radio Fórmula... República Mexicana... Escucha Grupo Fórmula..."

5955 CUBA jammers vs. COSTA RICA ELCOR Radio República relay, Guápiles (or should it be the reverse?). *2156+ March 27, 2011. It's been ages since I bothered to sit on 5954v for ELCOR vs. Cuba jammers on the sign-on for this channel. So, today I gave it a listen, DST between the US and Cuba confusion notwithstanding. The first jammer was up at 2156, followed by a second and possibly a third seconds later at 2157. Threshold pieces of Spanish voice and music from 2100, but the jammers were too strong to confirm the audio source or even a frequency reading. Our Lil' Ellie is having a tough time of it these days, it would seem, despite her steadfast chugging along in a world of Arnie's Noise Team. By the way, whatever happened to our Costa Rica radio monitor?

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, unknown site. 0956-1000 April 3, 2011. Traditional Cuban vocals, a fraction of a second behind 640. A brief fade up amongst the graveyard noise. Thanks RealDX reporters Andrew Brade and Paul Crankshaw, UK via the NRC's IDXD, Vol. 78, No. 24.

1310 TENNESSEE WDOD, Chattanooga. 1010 April 3, 2011. Sports talk by two guys, canned "This is FOX Sports Radio" at 1014 into national spots, then promo for 1310 and 1370 (WDEF) parallels, into weather from "... WDEF Meteorologist --- ..." and "FOX Sports Radio 1310" canned. 1370 impossible due to WMMI, St. Petersburg's IBOC never being turned off overnight.

1320 CUBA. 1031-1115 April 3, 2011. Definitely Cuban activity remains here, so I will not write off that Radio Artemisa has moved from 1320 to 1000 (vs. relayed at times from Radio Cadena Habana, which I've heard in place of Artermisia's initial appearance on 1000). Not parallel Radio Musical Nacional (once here long ago, at least) or Radio Enciclopedia. Nothing else other than Artemisa listed, and 1000 was too overwhelmed at this time by XEOY Radio Mil to try for a parallel. Definitely not WLQY, Hollywood Spanish/ethnic. Tune-in to one of the million versions of "Chan Chan" as composed by Compay Segundo, a song that seems to be on every Cuban station at some point (and rightfully so). A fine version (actually the one often used on Cuban stations) is the opening track on the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack. No ID pulled, but news by very Cuban-accented female, lots of references to various Provincias. Faded out by 1115 while WDDV, Venice, FL and WJNJ, Jacksonville FL dominated. There was yet another Cuban music audio briefly in the mix shortly after tune-in, but inconclusive.

1332 ASIA. 1120 April 3, 2011. No audio, but a big carrier smack on 1320. Lots of Asians here, with China at 100 kW probably the biggest source if not an aggregate of several.

1320 (new) CUBA Radio Vientiseis, unknown location. 1029-1055 April 4, 2011. Mixing with Radio Artemisa (see separate log) with news items by man, some bumper sound effects. Female "Radio Vientiseis... 6 y 45 (time check)..." at 1045. This is a previously unheard Radio 26, and the highest channel for Radio 26 that I'm aware of.

1320 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa. 1029-1055 April 4, 2011. This one is indeed still on 1320, confirming that the 1000 (sometimes) Artemisa is seemingly sporadically share-timed with the Radio Cadena Habana transmitter, as per my observations mostly daytime. Tune in to female news items with mentions of
Revolución Cubana; Matanzas; informaciones nacionales, Paraguay, 4 de April, Venezuela. Finally, at 1048: "Transmite, transmite Radio Artemisa..." by female.

1320 ALABAMA WENN, Birmingham. 1053 April 4, 2011. Popping up over the the two Cubans and other graveyard domestics with black female, "... here in Birmingham... on WENN..."

1320 FLORIDA WJNJ, Jacksonville. 1100 April 4, 2011. Also popping up briefly, black male with, "You're listening to WJNJ... 1320 and 103.7..." into possible news, but lost in the mess. WDDV, Venice, FL with NOS format beginning to dominate now (and announcing 1450 and 1320 simulcast).

5954.24 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) ELCOR (Radio República relay), Guápiles.2358 April 22, 2011. Surprisingly, jammer-free. But WYFR on 5950 making reception messy. If it's not one thing it's another for Our 'Lil EL.

18057.8 PERU Radio Victoria, Lima. 1638 April 23, 2011. Spanish male preacher, the David Miranda programming no doubt, clear and mostly weak, 3 X 6019.3v. Thanks Glenn Hauser log.

6924.75usb PIRATE (USA) unidentified. 2340-2346* April 23, 2011. James Brown song, abruptly into a fragment of Jimi Hendrix' "The Wind Cries Mary" and off. Excellent.

6934.9v PIRATE (NETHERLANDS) Mike Radio. 2348-0044 April 23/24, 2011. Tune in to "Locomotion", Euro-accented male atop song at 2352, ID. 0000 ID and "... please send reports to..." Another ID at 0005, "...Mike Radio on shortwave..." into Patti Smith "Because the Night"; 0023 "More Than A Feeling" Boston; 0038 "Eye Of the Tiger" Survivor; 0042 "Roseanna" TOTO. Mostly clear and fair. AM mode.

9655 NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand International. *1058 April 24, 2011. Up with bird interval signal after announcing the closing of 6170 and to switch here at 1057. News and weather 1100-1105, into nice traditional jazz instrumental, then Van Morrison's title track from "What's Wrong With This Picture?" until 1117 when into live Easter service, with alternating male and female inspirational quotes, unison attendees response, Bible quotes, nice traditional live choral hymns with big church organ accompaniment. Excellent signal.

1020 CUBA Radio Guamá, Bahía Honda, Pinar del Río. 2304 April 27, 2011. Cuban ballads, female announcer. Very good and parallel slowly improving 1000 (no Radio Artemisa audio being fed on 1000 at this time).

1100 CUBA Radio Angulo, Banes (or Mayarí), Holguín. 0031 April 27, 2011. Presumed the one, parallel better 1110.

1100 GEORGIA WCGA, Woodbine. 1027 April 25, 2011. Someone here with sat-fed DayBreak USA USA Radio Network morning show, but mixing with WTAM, XERED and others. On April 26: during local break, "Thanks for tuning in to NewsTalk 1100, WCGA" at 1030, back to DayBreak USA from 1032.

1100 GEORGIA WWWE, Hapeville. 0002 April 28, 2011. Spanish sports coverage, seemingly soccer (Copa Argentia 2011, maybe). Hard to find any website, but finally this weak one: Per other web posts, this has been an ESPN Deportes affiliate since 8/30/2010, before that Spanish REL and before that Mexican formats.

1100 USA unidentified. 0038 April 28, 2011. Someone briefly popping up in all the co-channels with baseball. Fernando Cabrera pitching, which means the Oakland Athletics vs. LA Angels of Anaheim. And Per, indeed a game underway, 6th inning. So, who would be carrying California games here and from the eastern half of the US?

1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Holguín, Holguín. 0031 April 27, 2011. Spanish pop vocals, Cuban-accented female announcer, parallel 1100. Recheck 1110, playing a brief portion of -- of all things -- Silent Night.

1190 USA unidentified. 1101 April 26, 2011 and 1100 April 27. Someone here under all the other things on the channel with instrumental version of the Star Mangled Banner, presume one of the zillions of D1 possibilities signing on.

1300 WFFG, Marathon. 0125 April 27, 2011. Fair under WQBN, Tample Terrance (Spanish) with Florida Marlins vs. LA Dodgers game.

1520 FLORIDA WBZW, Apopka. 0659 (1059 Z) May 30, 2011. Male canned, "This is what Orlando has been needing, 15-20 The BIZ... AM 15-20."

1520 FLORIDA WEXY, Wilton Manors. 0700 (1100 Z) May 30, 2011. Abruptly up atop WBZW with male canned, "WEXY, Ft. Lauderdale, 15-20 AM" into local spots. No trace of local WXYB, Indian Rocks Beach on the channel yet.

1590 FLORIDA WPSL, Port St. Lucie. 0654 (1054 Z) May 30, 2011. Rechecking the channel, now this dominating with live male, "Your News 15-90, the Talk of the Treasure Coast" into local weather and traffic. No sign of local WRXB, St. Pete Beach on the channel yet.

1590 GEORGIA WALG, Albany. 0644 (1040 Z) May 30, 2011. Sports roundup by two guys, "News Talk 15-90, WALG" into Motel 6 etc. spots, back to sports.

1690 FLORIDA (MIS) Pinellas County Traffic Management Center, Largo. This one is barely running a carrier (vs. the big FMing open carrier blob). In fact, it could be the Clearwater transmitter I'm hearing, with Largo completely off. Male Id still drops a couple of times per hour, IDing as this (with two sets of calls not copied). Presume the third site in central St. Petersburg next to a fire station remains inactive. Decent enough opening on 1690 that I was able to hear WMLB, Avondale Estates, GA post-sunrise this morning, May 30, 2011.

332 FLORIDA FIS "Fish Hook" (NDB aero beacon), Key West. 1211 June 20, 2011.
Very good.

332 FLORIDA HEG "Herlong" (NDB aero beacon), Jacksonville. 1211 June 20, 2011.
Very weak and under FIS.

349 FLORIDA AAF (NDB aero beacon), Apalachicola. 1216 June 20, 2011. Good.

1000 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, Mayabeque. 0036 June 23, 2011. Cuban pop vocals, seriously reverbed young female between tracks, really sounding too scripted to not be canned. "...en Mayabeque..." after one song. Fair.

1180 CUBA Radio Rebelde (multiple sites, feeds). 1700-1745 June 26, 2011.
Most-interesting. Rebelde just joined Noticiero Nacional de Radio (normal, the NNdR feed is always 1300-1330 local daily, well, extremely on rare occasions as in a copule of time a year, may extend to 1400). But, while non-parallel audio under. Only my list archives a Progreso and Reloj, but it's neither. May be wrong, but sounds like baseball coverage live, though getting orchestral filler music, and back to same male with fast, seemingly play-by-play. And not parallel Radio Martí shortwave (as in the 1180 Marathon, Florida site). NNdR ended a tad late, into the usual canned "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución"(over music bed) at 1732:16, with all echoes continuing the seemingly sportscast underneath. So, I conclude the "minors" (as I henceforth dub all the lower power Rebelde transmitters on 1180) are probably piping Rebelde FM today. An anomaly, as sports audio on multiples continues non-parallel The Big One on 1180, and 550, 5025, etc. Now the question is, how do they manage to coordinate Rebelde FM audio to all those other 1180 transmitters, but not all the primary 1180. Maybe I’ll ask Arnie.

5040 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. *2049-2110 June 25, 2011. Set the NRD-525 to 5039 in USB for a 1000 cycle tone (not) at 2030. At 2058, RHC came up with carrier, producing the tones At 2048, audio up with Spanish vocal mid-song, RHC theme at 2100, Spanish lady ID, news. Clear and fair.

5955 CUBA jammer. 2101 June 25, 2011. A silent channel at 2058 check. Re-check at 2101, at least one big jammer. If Radio Republica was up at 2100, it was impossible to tell. Good job, Arnie!

6050 ECUADOR HCJB La Voz de los Andes, Pichincha. 2358-0040 June 21/22, 2011.
Fair with time sounders, ID, in local language. Recheck, grew to excellent level with nice Andean folk vocals, still in an indigenous language, time sounders 0030, ID, then remote telco accented Spanish man discussing some festival event.

6977 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 0049 June 23, 2011. Putting out a decent signal once again (they have mostly been a whisper here often, suspect running very low power mostly) with JewPop vocals.

550 FLORIDA WAYR, Orange Park. 1105-1116 July 6, 2011. Probably the one, nothing else along the Gulf Coast on 550 with this format that I can locate. English male monologue inspirational thoughts and brief bible verse quotes. Being overtaken fast by Radio Rebelde.

590 MÉXICO XEPH Sabrosita 590, México DF. 1028 July 5, 2011. With the Cuban Radio Musical Nacional nulled, this was huge on the PR-D5. All nice tropical vocals, sounding very Cuban or South American, not the usual Mexican fare. But finally, a female "Sabrosita 590, la más caliente." Into choral Mexican national anthem at 1059. Quickly faded down.

600 NICARAGUA la Nueva Radio Ya, Managua. 1045 July 5, 2011. Man and woman banter, mentions of Nicaragua and Managua, slogan ID, into Managua store ads. Clear and fair on the PR-D5.

650 CUBA Radio Progreso, Ciego de Ávila, Ciego de Ávila. 0646 July 4, 2011. Clear and fair, parallel 630 and 640.

700 NICARAGUA unidentified, Managua. 1026 July 6, 2011. Spanish man and woman chatter (mostly him), with some inspirational quotes, frequent mentions of Nicaragua and Managua, male probably ID 1100 but fading down by now. Mostly poor signal. Checking the 2011 WRTVH, I see they still fail to list anything on 700. When I first discovered Radio la Poderosa here in September of 2010, sign-on was at 1100. Power announced as 30 kW then. But I see a listing for a Radio Managua YNMM and no Poderosa at but 10 kW, and no la Poderosa anywhere, so all this may be old. La Poderosa still operates an active page at:

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 1952 July 1, 2011. Excellent signal on the PR-D5 with extremely tight nulling of gospel WTWD, Plant City. ID 1954, into "Momento Cultural --- [something]" and male, "Buenas tardes capital Habana" then female canned, "Radio Metropolitana, la radio de casa CMBL presente "A Propósito"... buenas tardes capital... 910 AM y 98.3 MHz FM" and into "A Porpósito", an hourlong program hosted by an older-sounding man, featuring Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" followed by a reggae-influenced Cuban Spanish vocal and traditional jazz instrumentals. Male "Esta es CMBL, buenas tardes capital" at 2031, into a far more obscure Marley song.  On July 4: checking to see if relaying Noticiero Nacional de Radio at 1716 (they were July 2 when monitoring from Manasota Key), but just a big, fat open carrier, though on loud with local programming a couple of hours earlier. Did someone forgot how to patch in the NNdR feed on the board? Yep! Metro audio back up at 1731 re-check. Clearly, a CRFU.

930 CUBA Radio Reloj, Ciego de Ávila, Ciego de Ávila. 1745 July 2, 2011. Fair. [MNSK]

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1702 July 2, 2011. Presumed the audio feed here with baseball coverage, while 1020 which now is usually also Radio Artemisa (see separate follow-up log) was relaying Noticiero Nacional de Radio. Worth noting that today, a Saturday, NNdR ran a full hour, till 1800. Rarely does NNdR run past 1730, including spot checks on at least recent previous Saturdays. Most of the last half-hour was dedicated to poor Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. [MNSK]

1000 / 1020 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Pinar del Río, Bahía Honda. 1701 July 4, 2011. Relaying Noticiero Nacional de Radio till conclusion a few seconds after 1730, ID, youthful female DJ coming out of a nice female vocal, and mention by her of Israel Márquez. Not sure if her name or the vocal artist, or neither since I'd usually expect Israel to be a male's name. Chatter with a phoned-in guy. Mention of "Israel" again after the call, so likely it was he.

1180 FLORIDA Radio Martí, Marathon. 1700 July 2, 2011. Martí theme bubbling up amongst the multiple Radio Rebelde transmitters for a moment. Not a particularly easy log on west central coastal Florida. Obviously it becomes a little easier beginning this far south, same left coast. Hey, Arnie: FAIL! [MNSK]

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1049-1052 July 6, 2011. Fast-paced newscast by man and woman, mention of something to be carried by Cubavisión y Radio Habana Cuba (common), 6:50 time check and ID. Fair.

1340 / 1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Palmira and Aguada (respectively), Cienfuegos. 1740 July 2, 2011. 1350 channel tight with nulling WCRM, Ft. Myers, FL's black gospel format. Parallel relatively clear but weaker 1340. [MNSK]

1400 CUBA Radio Sagua, Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara. 1650 July 2, 2011. Spanish vocals. Relaying Noticiero Nacional de Radio from 1700. Clear but fair at best. [MNSK]

6190 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk Radio, Berlin-Britz. 2355-0045 July 5/6, 2011. Tune-in to EZL German vocal, seemingly three short, one long time sounders 0000, male live "Hier ist Deutschlandfunk" into news headlines by seemingly the same man, into old German Torch Music vocal from 0004, female jock, more old vocals, female opera from 0014, 30's/40's jazz vocal, Bob Dylan "Just Like A Woman" and another circa-1966 Dylan track abruptly cut as the DJ girl stepped in. Clear and fair, slowly improving as darkness falls upon this fragment of the earth.

7285 SOUTH AFRICA Radio Sonder Grense, Meyertown. 0528-0540 July 4, 2011. Clear and good with Afrikaans man and woman, ID and news headlines 0530, quickly back to discussion program.

99.9 MHz FLORIDA (Part 15 Carrier Current) "WECX" Eckerd College, St. Petersburg. 1328 July 2, 2011. While driving south on I-275, this one was active, with Alphaville's "Big In Japan" followed by several other 80's New Wave/Pop tracks. Signal was very good on the Tom Stewart Causeway and lost just before the beginning of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge proper.

940 FLORIDA WLQH, Chiefland. 1656 July 21, 2011. Surprised to hear this one, barely squeaking through mostly nulled WINZ, Miami with the Beatles "Things We Said Today" and slogan "The New WZCC" (the 1240 station simulcast here). Listed as 779 watts on day power.

990 CUBA Radio Guamá, San Luís, Pinar del Río. 1047 July 23, 2011. Very good with woman reading local events calendar, several IDs, José Martí quote-of-the-day at 1103. It's worth noting that Radio Guamá is in fact still active. I recently saw a report -- forget where -- that all Radio Guamá channels migrated to Radio Artemisa with the provicial split. This is simply incorrect.

990 MEXICO XET "La T Grande" Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1058 July 23, 2011. Faded up shortly after my local sunrise for a moment with local signal over Radio Guamá, with slogan ID into choral anthem at 1059. Faded down as fast as it appeared.

1000 / 1020 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa. 1255 July 21, 2011. Cuban vocals, ID, abruptly patched into Noticiero Nacional de Radio just after 1300 mid-speak. A minor level CRFU.

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, la Salud, Mayabeque. 1200 July 23, 2011. Male ID over at least a couple of other Cubans on the channel, then into open carrier only for several minutes at least. Recheck 1133, back up with vocals. A medium level CRFU.

6025.64 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Radio Amanecer, Santo Domingo. 2130 July 23, 2011. Noting Ralph Perry's unidentified (he indicated Amanecer is on 6026.13 and thus what he was hearing may be something else), but unlikely, as Amanecer is measured here, clear and fair with Spanish gospel vocals, rare Spanish male announcer at times. Wounded (even when switching to LSB) from 2158 by splash from multiple Cuban jammers that came up within seconds of each other on 6030, intended for Radio Martí.

9235 / 15850 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 2317 July 21, 2011. As is often the case, all over the place with Beyoncé, James Brown's "I Feel Good" into a Jerry Lee Lewis song, then "The Shadow Of Your Smile" by Tony Bennett, Hebrew vocal, unidentified Prog Rock and then an Echo and the Bunneymen track. 15850 very good, 9235 fair.

17715 UNIDENTIFIED. 1250-1437 July 23, 2011. Big open carrier the entire time. No 1000 cycle tones, just a carrier. Recheck around 1900, presumed REE in Spanish here, and with about the same signal. REE, or was this mystery carrier/tones station? Not on the following day in the same time range.
780 MEXICO XEMTS Radio Fórmula, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1059-1105 August 6, 2011. Mexi-tunes, male ID, choral anthem 1104, another ID 1105.
790 MEXICO unidentified. 1106 August 6, 2011. Nonstop news items read y by female, mostly Mexico topics, sports roundup led of by Monterrey fútbol. Suspect XERC Formato 21, México, DF ("F21 790 de Sur" logo on Fred Cantú's site) which appears to be mostly news format (power at 50/1), or XEVA Radio Tabasco, Villahermosa, Tabasco (25/1). Tried the next day before 1100 and Mexi-tunes vocals, but everything in the mud by 1100. Follow-up August 8th: partial ID 1102, "XE [duh]... Distrito Federal", so presume XERC. But shortly before Mexi-tunes, mixing high, so obviously at least one other XE here. Right now, 730, 770, and 790 are channels to watch just prior to and 30+ minutes after sunrise in Florida.
1080 TEXAS KRLD, Dallas. 0958-1002 August 6, 2011. Good when the Cuban nulled, "News Radio 10-80 KRLD."
1130 LOUISIANA KWKH, Shreveport. 1002 August 6, 2011. Nice oldie-era C&W vocals, "The all new home of the Country, KWKH" at 1006 and back to vocals.
1170 SOUTH CAROLINA WQVA, Lexington. 1013 August 6, 2011. "You found it, AM 1170 The Deck" canned insert, otherwise early-era Rock & Roll, Blues. Believe this is a canned satellite program source; have heard it elsewhere. At 1022, "Lexington's only station for news, AM 1170 The Deck."
1550 FLORIDA WNZF, Bunnell. 1035 August 6, 2011. Spots including one for "Larry's Italian Bakery... on SR-100" and mention of US-20, into sports talk. Over Rebelde and WRHC.

710 MEXICO unidentified(s). 1100 August 13, 2011. Two here, one with vocal anthem starting at 1103, the other starting near the end of the first, beginning at 1105. Way too weak to catch any ID(s). The next day, only one anthem audible, from 1103 again. Rebelde nulled. The Miami Hispanic also somewhat growingly present as daytime continues.

720 TEXAS KSAH, Universal City. 1055-1103 August 13, 2011. Mexi-tunes, but not really Mexican. Male canned English ID, "KSAH, Universal City" just after 1100, back to Mexi-tunes. Strong. A 'burb of San Antonio.

1330 FLORIDA WWAB, Lakeland. 1120-1140 August 13, 2011. Screaming black preacher till 1130, male canned "Praise... This is Thunderbird 13" into Southern gospel vocals. Slogan not listed in the last NRC AM Radio Log. Someone in Spanish briefly faded up weakly at 1150, then gone. Wasn't Thunderbird a really cheap, sugary/fortified wine that homeless people would buy at the convenience stores? Perfect slogan choice.

1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site (western Cuba). 1632+ August 14, 2011. Baseball coverage, frequent "Rebelde" slogans and the nine-note Rebelde sounders, but not parallel all other audible Rebelde MW channels and 5025, with the exception of the multiple weaker ones on 1180 (under the Rebelde AM, a/k/a R1 audio), so presume baseball is Rebelde FM (a/k/a R2). Very good, mid-day. As expected, Noticiero Nacional de Radio cycled in at 1700 on R1, while R2 continued with the game. In fact, I need to make note and check -- when I stumble upon R2 somewhere on a non-game day -- to see if they even default patch NNdR like their big brother R1 does. Hmmm, announcer clearly stated "baseball" just now, so "béisbol" must be more interchangeable with "baseball" down there compared to most other places in Latin America. Oh, and he just mentioned Radio Artemisa is also carrying the game. Well, I think not. Soft Cuban vocals on 1000, parallel 1020, that's assuming they are patching Artemisa on both channels today, vs. Radio Mayabeque or something else. I love NNdR; it's such a good source for A/B-ing things. And wow, what a big, big overblown musical production with a voice-over, opening the NNdR newscast: a NNdR greeting to Fidel on his 85th birthday (it was yesterday). I wonder if they aired this greeting yesterday, or if this is a "forgot your birthday card" greeting. That lasted till 1704:42. I hope Fido sends a thank-you note to the NNdR staff via bicycle courier for this. Now, let's get to the news. There are more important things happening, like sugar cane and rice harvest stats, and what corner the cutest and youngest AIDS-free jinetera is presently at. But wait! I re-tune to 1620 kHz at 1729, and the usual male canned "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución"return intro to R1 programming is heard. So, did the baseball game end while NNdR was still streaming, and that's why R2 patched back to R1 audio feed? Qualifies only as a minor CRFU.

6000 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. 1607-1613:53* August 13, 2011. No doubt the one, a big open carrier till plug pulled. Presume RHC leaving a transmitter on late, as they occasionally do. Qualifies only as a minor CRFU.

 6104 UNIDENTIFIED. 1108 August 14, 2011. Who is here with some type of fast RTTY-type continuous data stream, fairly weak? Audible on the JRC NRD-535 and ICOM IC-R75, so surely not an image. Presume well west of me, maybe even Asia-Pacific. Similar but stronger one on 4905 same time.

 6780 UNIDENTIFIED. 1543-1818 August 14, 2011. Just a huge AM mode open carrier. WYFR, Okeechobee in equipment test mode followed by fall asleep mode? A Cuban UTE that left the transmitter on and fall asleep mode? After all, it is damn hot out there, whether you're just north of Lake Okeechobee or in Habana. Siesta time.

7185.74 MYANMAR Radio Myanma, Yangon. 1113-1120 August 14, 2011. Clear but low audio with female talking in presumed Burmese (or does the government prefer to call it Myanmarese?).

7260 THAILAND Radio Thailand, Udorn. 1128 August 14, 2011. Tune-in to the tale end of (listed) Khmer, chimes interval signal, accented English male, "HSK9... This program... to 1130 GMT" and plug pulled. Very good signal. Soviet-era test tones up for a few seconds at 1138, same signal level. Them, punching up in error for a moment?

9570 CUBA Easy FM/China Radio International. 1304 August 13, 2011. Airing "China Drive on Easy FM's weekend edition" (listed as 95.8 MHz in Beijing, and other channels across one time zone ChiComLand when Googled) with English man and woman reading light news items and patter, a couple of sentences in Chinese a couple of times. Not sure if this is a regular segment via CRI, but a bit different. Perfectly parallel 9650 (presumed Sackville) almost as good, so I guess RCI and RHC are capturing the satellite feed. Recheck at 1355, just CRI's closing announcements. Per Wiki: "Easy FM is a radio station in Beijing, China on 91.5 FM and Shanghai, China on 87.9 FM. It is a member of the China Radio International group of radio stations. The programs are mostly in English (some of them being bilingual), while the commercials are in Mandarin Chinese. Internet streaming is available." So, maybe the very short Chinese speak I heard were government-sanctioned quasi-commercials?

600 NICARAGUA La Nueva Radio Ya, Managua. 1051 August 20, 2011. Trying for Mexicans on the channel, but this long-time dominator is just too hard to get past. Not that a Nicaraguan isn't bad to hear. Silly computerized chipmunk-like, "ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya" drops.

660 MÉXICO XEAR La Méxicana, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1055 August 20, 2011. Yi-yip Mexi-tunes, canned ID by man with FM and AM frequencies and calls, into vocal XE anthem from 1101. This one always dominates 660 here.

810 MÉXICO XEFW Radio Estrella, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1047 August 20, 2011. Male slogan ID, news items with mentions of Morales, Chihuahua, la República. A few minutes later, obliterated by local 820's power-up and/or pattern switch. Don't think I've heard this one before.

890 MÉXICO unidentified. 1105 August 20, 2011. XE vocal anthem at 1105, followed by an unidentified state anthem (also vocal) at 1107. Very poor, and in Cuban Radio Progreso QRM. Is there a single .wav or MP3 source for all XE state anthems? Sure would help.

920 MÉXICO XELA La Preferida, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1110 August 20, 2011. Probably more than one poking through here, actually. News items, "...FM...

Radio Informa, Radio Informa..." (probably a news program title) with two males trading off. Probably Mexican, but Nicaragua would be in the peak path at this time, too. Not parallel Cuban Radio Progeso. Also, a second briefly bubbled up weakly under with Mexi-tuba tunes. Recheck August 21: classical piano fill 1058, cut abruptly into XE vocal anthem 1100 at local level, then faded just after, naturally. Into mostly tolerable tropical-ish Mexi-tunes, then "XELA" ID 1113, and a clear "la Preferida... XELA..." (with laser SFX) at 1116.

930 CUBA Radio Surco, Ciego de Ávila. 1010 August 21, 2011. Excellent with Cuban pop vocals, ID. Rapidly warbling carrier, sounding 'under water' when in either sideband. A moderate CRFU.

6009.92 MÉXICO XEOI Radio Mil, México DF. 1310 August 21, 2011. Fair with Spanish pop vocals, brief ad string, ID. Haven't noticed Radio Amanecer, DR 6025.13 for a few days, now that I think of it.

6050 ECUADOR HCJB. 2328 August 20, 2011. What is the actual schedule? Last definite confirmation here a long time ago, it was off at 1600, back up 1900. But a check today, no carrier at 1900, or 2000. But It was up at 2328 re-check. But, this time of year, conditions may not be good enough to pull a daytime signal to confirm a yes/no 1900 sign-on. And I'm not getting a detectible carrier at 1334 check August 21.

6060 CHINA China Radio International. 1128-1135 August 20, 2011. Good, sounded Malay or Indo, but lists as Filipino (close enough) 1130-1157, though this was definitely not in English (listed till 1130) at tune-in. And definitely CRI, with acronym IDs, CRI sounders, etc. Conflicting sites online, but all are within China.

6090 ANGUILLA University Network/The Caribbean Beacon. 2024 August 20, 2011. Surprised to find this one on so early with tune-in at 4:24 p.m. (1624) local time. Clear and decent level with the now decomposed Dr. Gene Scott rants, canned ID and send money to information at 2053, then the non-decomposing Melissa Scott quasi-preaching. Tuned out at 2114, but recheck at 2123, it was off. And still off 2155 check, but back on 2206 re-check. So, what's the normal sign-on time, still 2200? And if so, up early for the new antenna tweaking?

6994.5 UNIDENTIFIED. 1136-1340 August 20, 2011. Open carrier through tune-out when I had to depart the house. Upon return, not on at 1601. Same source as last Sunday's 6780 open carrier all morning? After passing along the tip today, D. Crawford reports military alpha reads from 1310, but G. Bishop in the Florida Panhandle still had a carrier at 1357.

7970 / 10300 / 14700 / 15900 / 16100 / 16980 CHINA Firedrake. 1134 August 21, 2011. A partial check for these soothing sounds. Poor, very good, good, poor, good, poor. 15900 huge at 1322 recheck. Why can't the ChiComs export this jamming method to Cuba?

9570 CUBA China Radio International. 2110 August 20, 2011. Mostly a big, distorted, crackling blob. English at this time? Not that anyone could tell. A definite major CRFU. Can't Arnie pay for 4-6 ChiCom engineers who want to live in sunny Habana, travel around the island and maintain the internal/external SW and MW networks, maybe FM too, assuming it has as many flaws? ChiComs do a fantastic job with their domestic and international networks internally, both at the transmitter and audio quality levels. They should be a cheap, indentured slave labor source for the otherwise superior Cubans. Chinese were cheap indentured servants in the late-1800's/early 1900's at cool places like the Guiana's and a few Caribbean islands. So, why not bring back the good old days?

518 FLORIDA NMA (USCG NAVTEX navigational aid), Miami. 1038 August 27, 2011. And continuing all day on spot checks with huge open carrier. No data format transmissions detected until 0000 August 28, which would appear to match with Miami's schedule. Strong. Tentatively the location, without closer DFing. New Orleans NMG is also on 518. See for a downloadable and presumably very accurate list of NAVTEX stations.

700 MÉXICO unidentified. 1103 August 27, 2011. Very poor and quickly fading with male talk, lots of mentions of México.

750 CUBA Radio Progreso, Palmira, Cienfuegos. 1050 August 27, 2011. Presume the site with "wobbler" variation audio. Not many of these wobblers remain, compaired to a couple of years ago: presumably newer, defective Chinese-made transmitters that have mostly been fixed. Typical cheap ChiCom products. This particular entry is rated a moderate CRFU.

880 MÉXICO unidentified. 1100 August 27, 2011. XE vocal anthem at tune-in. Extremely poor, impossible to catch an ID after.

940 GEORGIA WMAC, Macon. 2359 August 25, 2011. Post-grayline with "News Talk 940, WMAC... the heart of Georgia..." into net news.

1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1 Radio Bahamas, Nassau, New Providence. 0040 August 25, 2011. Alternating Hurricane Irene advisories with Bahamian vocals. Not nearly the extended 50 kW/day pattern signal of more recent past hurricanes after the repairs; suspect they never bumped it up for whatever reason. Equipment crumbling already, or unwilling to pay for the power bill?

6048.5 UNIDENTIFIED. 1658 August 28, 2011. Getting a very weak AM open carrier about here. Still no trace of HCJB, Ecuador late-morning or on the old 1900 sign-on time (though active later). And they are always on frequency, so doubt this is them. Audible on multiple receivers. Likewise, I'm still not detecting Radio Amanecer on 6025 variable.

6125 / 7230 / 7305 / 7345 / 9500 / 9710 / 9810 / 9845 / 11710 / 13610 CHINA CNR-1. 1120 August 27, 2011. Bored with Firedrake, I decided to see how many channels of this network would be audible at this time. Signals were, respectively: weak; fair; fair; good; very good; good; fair; fair; very poor; good. 9845 seemingly with two transmitters, as there was a slight double audio. 11710 mostly covered by a rather weak Spanish station, RHC? QRM noisy here, so probably a few otherwise weak channels overlooked.

6780 UNIDENTIFIED. 0020-0350 and 1915 August 27-28, 2011. The mystery big AM open carrier station that randomly pops up continues. Noted through 0350 tune-out, but gone just after 0500 re-check. It wasn't on during 1030-1200 checks, but already on next check at 1915, and still there at 2350, often almost pegging the S-meter day and night. Gerry Bishop, briefly visiting southern California, had it at fair level on a Kaito portable around 0315, and Glenn Hauser was able to hear it on a portable at 0205 in Oklahoma. Much closer, David Crawford in Titusville, FL hears it well and Paul Zecchino, a few miles south of me on Manasota Key, hears it very strong. Rolling into GMT August 28: still on 0055 and 0220 checks, off 0302 recheck. But not active during sporadic 1100-1700 checks.

7245 MAURITANIA Radio Mauritanie. 0005 August 28, 2011. Unusual sing-song Qur'an poetry in what seemed to be not-quite Arabic, then Arabic male ID, mentioning "... al-Islamiyah al-Mauritaniyah" at 0008. Excellent signal.

560 MÉXICO XEXZ Ke Buena, Zacatecas, Zacatecas. 1118 September 19, 2011. End of Mexi-tune,"¡Ke Buena!" by male, mention of México, back to Mexi-tunes. Slowly overtaken by Miami sports talk WQAM, and gone by 1132.

700 MÉXICO XERV (XHRVI "Yo Radio" simulcast), Villahermosa, Tabasco. 1058 September 11, 2011. Tune-in to Spanish CHR format vocals, 1103 male canned ID, "XHRVI, 106.3 FM... México... Yo FM" and back to vocal. XERV calls were probably in there too, but not caught. Female, "Yo FM, Yo FM" at 1106. Very good and alone on the channel, until XEVC came up at 1111, then poor underneath. Listed as 2500/500 watts. Fred Cantú's online list confirms "Yo" is simulcast here. No anthem at 1100, so I wondered if it's not a requirement on FM. I posed the question to Fred. His response: "It varies by station. Some 24-hour stations broadcast the national anthem at 5:00 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. local time [whichever] they consider the start of their broadcast day." And later: "Oh, some will broadcast the anthem at midnight if they consider that the start of their broadcast day." So, apparently 6 a.m. local is not set in stone, though obviously the most common time.

700 MÉXICO XEVC, Córdoba, Veracruz. 1111 September 11, 2011. Possibly signing on or coinciding with power bump-up, as no trace of until the vocal anthem began at 1111, followed by male XEVC ID (no listed "Ke Buena" slogan noted) and immediately into the Veracruz state anthem, followed by another XEVC ID and into Mexi-tunes. Fairly good, over XERV until both faded out by 1125. The only Veracruz station on 700 per Fred Cantú's online list. Listed as 2500/1000 watts.

730 CUBA Radio Progreso, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 1010 September 19, 2011. Audio about two seconds behind flagship 640 kHz.

780 MÉXICO unidentified. 1103 September 18, 2011. Choral anthem poking though but nothing else.

800 LOUISIANA WSHO, New Orleans. 1750 September 16, 2011. Clear and fair with political talk show, ID. [MANA]

810 MÉXICO XEMQ, Mérida, Yucatán. 1729 September 16, 2011. Spanish ballads, definite Spanish announcer, co-channel ZNS3, Freeport, Grand Bahama. Both very poor. No ID, and currently listed as W Radio or FM 90.9 on Fred Cantú's website, which would at least match no longer being in indigenous Mayan dialects/Spanish Radio Yóol Iik, when last logged as such mid-day up the coast at Ft. DeSoto a couple of years ago. México and the Bahamas on the same channel mid-day: it doesn't get much better than this. [MANA] 820 CUBA Radio Ciudad de la Habana, Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad de la Habana. 1740 September 16, 2011. good with Spanish vocals, ID. [MANA]

1060 Radio Veintiseis, Matanzas, Matanzas. 1556 September 16, 2011. Clear, fair in passing. No trace of WLNO, New Orleans. [MANA]

1080 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 1256-1315 September 17, 2011. ID, program promos, into bantering between two announcers, vocals from 1311.

1550 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1802 September 16, 2011. Fair when WAMA Tampa and WRHC Coral Gables (both Spanish) nulled. Listed Nuevitas, Camagüey site is incorrect. This one is approximately 188-degrees on the Benmar RDF unit when compared to other known station sites to the east east and west, likely from Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. Also interestingly, audio was about a second behind the strongest of the 1180 transmitters. [MANA]

1640 FLORIDA (HAR) Florida DoT, Charlotte County. 1850 September 16, 2011. Generic loop by female, "You are listening to... 1640 AM... provided by the Florida Dept. of Transportation... please tune to this station..." This was noted in November, 2010, then using calls WQMQ746, and may still actually be a series of sych'ed transmitters in the I-75 construction zone,  Charlotte County. Poor overall in WTNI co-channel. [MANA]

1640 MISSISSIPPI WTNI, Biloxi. 1850 September 16, 2011. Poor, but with ESPN programming poking through with the FL DoT HAR station from Charlotte County slightly stronger co-channel. [MANA]

5915 ZAMBIA ZNBC-1, Lusaka. 0245-0300 September 10, 2011. Fish eagle interval signal poking through decently, but way too much QRM -- mostly from 5910, and some on the other side -- to hear any programming from 0300.

9740 UNIDENTIFIED. 1318 September 17, 2011. Seemingly non-Arabic Islamic vocals, announcer at 1328, talk until 1337 vocals. Clear, fair. Maybe iran, though I can't seem to find where they are currently on this channel at this time.

15385.32 NEW MEXICO KJES, Vado. 1858 September 11, 2011. Typical weird, warbling kiddies with sing-song bible chants, musically-unaccompanied, into (live?) pre-pubescent genderless child semi-ID at 1900, then into slightly older kiddies instrumentally-unaccompanied warbling. This (was) a Sunday, for what it's worth, as previously reported by others. Creepy. In the clear, but weak, and in local QRM. One must wonder what all happens on that ranch. FCC doesn't care. They won't even ask 'em to stay on an even channel.

800 MÉXICO XEQT, Veracruz, Veracruz. 1100 September 30, 2011. Tune-in to last 30-seconds or so of the Veracruz state anthem (the standard choral version all seem to use -- the XE anthem presumably preceded it before my tune-in). Then, male XEQT ID (no "la Poderosa" slogan heard, or XHQT 106.9 la Poderosa for that matter, the FM listed as simulcast here). Quickly faded down. Surprised to catch this on a difficult channel locally, where the big XEROK is the dominant Mexican, along with lots of other co-channel mess.

1030 TEXAS KCTA, Corpus Christi. 1101 October 2, 2011. Spanish female mentioning PO Box 200207, San Antonio, TX (no copy ZIP), into crying preacher in Spanish. Not an XE as hoped, just this one, and by 1119 recheck, local level with Spanish male and female scripture reads.

1090 MÉXICO unidentified. 1103 October 2, 2011. Mexican anthem with no state anthem following, male inspirational script, faded out with multiple other Spanish stations on channel.

1090 MÉXICO XEMCA, Pánuco, Veracruz. 1111 October 2, 2011. Mexican anthem popped up through the co-channel, followed by the Verzcruz state choral anthem, male call letters ID, ballads and Mexi-tunes.

1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1 Radio Bahamas, Nassau, New Providence. 2317 October 1, 2011. Clear and fair in passing with female weather (high tomorrow 87, low 77), then, "Good evening Bahamas, this is your community announcements on the Bahamas Radio Corporation..."

4054.978 GUATEMALA Radio Verdad, Chiquimula. 0031 September 30, 2011. Spanish male (the pastor owner/op distinct voice), marimba filler music. Excellent.

4789.92 PERÚ Radio Visión, Chiclayo, Lambayeque. 1046 October 2, 2011. Spanish preacher with female replies and audience responses. Very good.

4815 ECUADOR Radio Buen Pastor, Saraguro, Loja. 1048 October 2, 2011. Male preacher in presumed Quichia. Very good.

4940 CHINA Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou. 1053 October 2, 2011. Presumed the one, though listed as 1200-1600 with VOS News Service channel in the WRTVH 2011. Chinese male and female, the usual 5+1 ChiCom time sounders at 1100. Clear and fair. Nothing listed on in Chinese from CNR on 4940 in the 1000-1100 range in Chinese in the China by-frequency query, but that conflicts with the p. 152 VOS entry. It would have been faster to just checked with Ron Howard, Monterey, CA, as he indicates per Aoki's database, this is listed as 0943-1600 daily in Chinese, and of course, is heard quite well from his location.

570 / 910 FLORIDA WTBN, Pinellas Park and WTWD, Plant City respectively. 1849 October 9, 2011. Two Christian talk program audios feeding through the board on both stations, almost equal audio level. Brilliant.

950 MÉXICO unidentified. 1126 October 9, 2011. Mexi-tunes fading fast and under Radio Reloj.

1440 ALABAMA WLWI, Montgomery. 1105 October 8, 2011. Tune-in to a male canned listing of concerts and open-to-public events at Auburn University, then local spots, including Dixie Electric. Then, Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" bumper music into,  "Live from Houston, it's the Dave Ramsey Show." Presumably a previous day show replay, being that they apparently have no live-and-local gardening, swap shop or bass fishing show to slot in at this time. Trivia: Wiki lists Ramsey's opening themes (bumper music) First log of this one here.

6010 / 15189.95 BRAZIL Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. 2240 October 8, 2011. Male with play-by-play presumed soccer. 6010 clear and fair, 15189.95 very good, but with weak, unidentified nearly co-channel on 15190. Any rumors of 15190v being dead are not true (yet).

6185 MÉXICO XEPPM (XEEP) Radio Educación, México DF. 1353-1450 October 9, 2011. Tune-in to classical-ish music, suddenly and amusingly breaking into "Dixie (I Wish I Was In Dixie/Dixie's Land)" by the same orchestra, Spanish female just after 1400, male ID, back to eclectic music, another ID at 1410. Fair to weak, and on way later than usual. But seemingly off at 1505 and 1605 rechecks.

6290 EUROPIRATE Radio Borderhunter. 2305 October 8/9, 2011. Starting weak, SSTV mode sent at 2319, accented English male DJ ID at 2326, 2334 "The Final Countdown" by Europe; SSTV send again at 2344, "Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash at 2346; 0001 Supertramp "Dreamer"; 0016 "Call Me" by Blondie. Fairly decent signal at peaks.

6303 EUROPIRATE Radio Powerline. 2310-2316* October 8, 2011. Euro-pop music, accented English male DJ, off at 2316. Clear but poor.

6305 EUROPIRATE unidentified. 2337-2343* October 8, 2011. This one seemingly popped up not long before discovery with "Same Old Song" by The Four Tops, into "Mony, Mony" by Tommy James & the Shondells, then male with a quick "This is (not copied -- seemingly two syllables -- "C" or "Sea" something?)" and abruply off. Good.

6420 EUROPIRATE Radio Papagayo. 2300-2302* October 8, 2011. Tune-in to music fill, male ID at 2302, "You're listening to... Radio Papagayo..." and transmitter off. Fair.

9560.10 ETHIOPIA Radio Ethiopia, Geja Jewe. 1415 October 9, 2011. Clear, fair on peaks with language female briefly (listed as Arabic in the 1400-1500 block), lots of Horn of Africa vocals with flutes, pretty much fading to useless by 1440.

9665 MOLDOVA Voice of Russia, Kishinev-Grigoriopol. 2256-2305 October 8, 2011. Big, nearly local signal ( lists as 500 kW at 309 degrees) with Old School Commie 1000 cycle tune-up tones on and off, into opening bells, male ID, world news.

9665.36 KOREA, NORTH KCBS, P'yongyang. 1250 October 9, 2011. Fair with Korean female, joined by man at 1253.

9920 PHILIPPINES vs. VIETNAM FEBC Bocaue, Bulacan / Viet jammer. 1135 October 8, 2011. Christian scripture readings, gospel vocals in non-Chinese Asian language, all under big Vietnamese siren jammer (first log of it here in ages). All still present though much weaker past 1300, with no sign of KNLS, Anchor Point, Alaska making it in here at 1300 sign-on.

9954.965 FLORIDA WRMI Radio Miami International, Miami-Hialeah Gardens. 1450 October 9, 2011. "AWR Wavescan" DX program hosted by Jeff White, with audio from speakers at the HFCC Conference in Dallas last month. Jeff White WRMI ID in English and Spanish at 1459, into Spanish (Jeff White, again) with similar DX programming, also the HFCC Dallas discussion by he and a chica. Very good, but Cuban pulse jammer present underneath.

11749.86 BRAZIL Rádio Voz Missionária, Camboriú, São Paulo. 2353 October 8, 2011. Braso-Portuguese male preacher. No ID, just a transmitter source log. Clear, low modulation.

11854.94 BRAZIL Rádio Aparecida, Aparecida, São Paulo. 2346 October 8, 2011. Braso-Portuguese male preacher. No ID, just a transmitter source log. Clear, fair.

15050 INDIA AIR, Khampur. 1213-1216:27* October 9, 2011. Very good with nice subcontinental vocals, language male and female, listed as Tamil 1115-1215. Transmitter off after male closing announcements.

15090 KUWAIT Radyo Azadi. 1114-1213 October 9, 2011. Clear, fair with presumed Pashto male and female chatter, sparse sound effects, including a few telephone rings, past top-of-hour but ID just after, maybe quick news headlines, back to bantering. Listed as 250 kW at 70-degrees on

15140.52 OMAN Sultanat al-Uman Radio, Thumrait. 1425-2201* October 8, 2011. Noted something here at 1425, seemingly not in English during the often English block, and chimes just after 1430. Recheck at 1807, still there in what appeared to be Arabic. Recheck 2057, clearly Arabic, chimes just past 2100, male and female happy Arabic chat and funny/joy laughs between somewhat traditional Arabic vocals, mentions of Oman, with very good signal at this point. Faux Big Ben chimes 2201:23 (can't Big Ben sue for copyright infringement?), Arabic male ID, then transmitter abruptly off at 2201:23 (listed as 2200 closing in the WRTVH). Hmmm. a 23-second delay pattern established here. Nothing heard in the 1400 hour the next day, October 9, much less anything off-frequency. Corrected already? And see 15355.52, same technical issue there.

15265 PAKISTAN Radio Pakistan, Islamabad, Rawat. 1701-1749 October 9, 2011. Tune-in to accented English female world news, though mostly Paki-centric, with lots of mentions of Pakistan. "This is Radio Pakistan" at 1705 by same female and back to news items, URL (not copied) then male "Radio Pakistan" at 1710:30, apparently resuming Urdu programming, into Paki-Islamic vocals with flute accompaniments, seemingly Urdu man briefly at times. No audible parallels. Fair, and this would have been in the clear if not for what sounded like moderate level TV interference (shifting buzzing), probably from someone in the neighborhood watching NFL. First Radio Pakistan log here in forever. Thanks Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria log in the October Australian DX News via World Of Radio 1585, DXLD.

15345.16 MOROCCO Radio Morocco, Nador. 1810 October 9, 2011. Fair with almost jazz instrumental music, then Arabic male reading not Qu'ran stuff. Checking for Argentina, but no trace of.

15355.52 OMAN Sultanat al-Uman Radio, Thumrait. 0240 October 9, 2011. Big, nearly local signal with nice Arabic vocals, male and female Arabic chipper announcers. Why are seemingly all Radio Oman channels suddenly 0.52 kHz off-frequency on the high-end now? Faux Big Ben chimes, ID at 0259:52, then female, "It's [?]'O'clock" into accented English female world news. "This is the news from the Radio Sultanate of Oman" at 0305 by same female news reader, into next news item. News ended at 0309, then Arabic pop vocals, male UK-accented DJ, mentioned an FM frequency (not copied, ninety-something I think).

15809.42v TENNESSEE WWCR, Nashville. 1638-1700 October 9, 2011. English male preacher spending a lot of time telling us that only God knows where Moses is buried, but we know where Mohammed is buried, for whatever importance that is. Closing at 1656 states this is a program via the Calvary Baptist Church, NYC, into nice oldie gospel male vocal "Peace in the Valley" then male canned ID. Drifted down to 15809.40. At 1800 check, noted in parallel with 15825.025 (stable), and 15840.58 which was also slightly drifty. Into "The Golden Age of Radio" at 1805, apparently no preacher brokers to  fill the gap. Can't they operate just one transmitter at 100%? Lots of radio Wwbig junk up in TN.

17560 / 21670 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kamalabad and Sirjan respectively. 1227 October 8, 2011. Checking this after reading Glenn Hauser's log of 17560 post-Radio Free Sarawak time. Listed as Indonesian 1230-1327 in the WRTVH 2011 (and no Malay service listed), but Malay on Already on at tune-in with nice Persian classical instrumental, into VoIRI chimes and theme 1230, orchestral and possible anthem, then male "Suara --- Islamiq Republik Iran" and mention of "kiloHertz" twice, brief Qur'an poetry from 1233. 17560 very good, the "other" kHz quickly looked up, it being 21670, and in the clear but barely audible.

17560 TAJIKISTAN Radio Free Sarawak, Dushanbe. 1152-1200* October 8, 2011. Malay or a similar-sounding language man, clear mention of Sarawak, into two soft vocals in presumed Malay, the last abruptly cut with transmitter shutoff at exactly 1200. Surely them. Very good and in the clear, however only a weak carrier at 1040 and 1100 check, assuming it was this one them. Not as strong, fair, at 1128 check the next day, October 9, mostly male and female talk, three mentions of Sarawak at 1157, light jazz instrumental fill from 1158 to abrupt 1200* again.

25000 FINLAND Center For Metrology & Accreditation MIKE [Standard Time & Frequency Station], Espoo. 1258-1315 October 8, 2011. Co-logged here in Clearwater and with David Crawford in Titusville, FL while on live chat, we both being very surprised to hear this one, and I must wonder if these are the first-ever North American logs. Russian taxis on several 26 MHz channels in FM were in, prompting a check of 25 MHz. Listed as a mere 100 watts, AM, but seems to be USB plus carrier or some variant. No voice announcements noted, seeminlgly doesn't have any, just 1000-cycle pulses and carrier shifts, and very weak mostly. Completely lost here by 1315. WRTVH 2011 states this is "intended for local service only. Projected to move to 2500 kHz, subject to international frequency coordination." So, my apologies to MIKE for hearing it beyond their locale. I wonder why they wouldn't just move it to FM BCB at say 100-250 watts, if they really want it to be local, instead of 2500 kHz whic -- gasp! -- might be heard too far away. No trace of it the next day, same circa. Very happy to catch this one.

25950 COLORADO KOA, Denver. 1329 October 9, 2011. End of one canned gospel program, local spot, into "Good morning and welcome to Peace To You" Christian program. NBFM, local level. Still fantastic local level at 1601, with female mentioning that the local Wolf Creek ski resort is the first to open for the season, low 37 tomorrow, 41 degrees currently. into the second hour of "Broncos Warmup" pre-game coverage at 1604. And still local level, 1840 check. And still local level 2145 recheck!

28285.8 FLORIDA WA4ROX, Largo. 1308 October 9, 2011. This amateur radio HF beacon remains active, and still slightly warbly, with CW calls cycling just under 60 seconds. Registered to: EDWARD G. VOGENEY, WA4ROX, 10570 114TH TER N, LARGO, FL 33773, 0.75 watts, A1 mode. I'll have to drop in on him some day, as he's just a little SW of me. Google Streetview doesn't show any obvious sticks.

890 TEXAS KVOZ, Del Mar Hills. 1113 October 15, 2011. Mexi-tunes, not initlally obvious to me but apparently Christian-themed, then a Spanish male DJ mentioning "Sabado" events, a USA-sequenced phone number and mention (in English) of "worship center" and "South Texas" then back to Mexi-Christian vocals. Peaking up strong 1118-1130. Serves the Laredo market and no-man's-land cross-border Nuevo Laredo Cartel-hole. Oh well, fair warning: not to be confused with a Mexican-proper. The now oficially-deemed shitty Rand McNally Road Atlas 2011 doesn't want to list the presumably lovely Del Mar Hills. Shame.

981.00 TRANS-PACIFIC unidentified(s). 1102 October 15, 2011. Pretty decent carrier here, probably the 200 kW ChiCommie station and/or an aggegate of it and all the other Pacific/Asians on 981. Not to be confused with the forever off-frequency Mexican on the lower side of 981. I immediately checked 774 for Japan, the primary sign of any trans-Pacific life making it to Florida, and a barely audible carrier present, but re-check at 1127, 774 was at least equal to 981 and just maybe a trace of audio (or my simply my imagination). My local station WFLA on 970 kills 981 after 1132 right now, when the sunrise power/IBOC kicks on. These and all the other logs on MW and SW since last week surely indicate this is going to be one of the best winter DX seasons in ages, and so early at that, from a Florida perspective.

4749.96 INDONESIA Radio Republik Indonesia, Makassar, Sulawesi. 1124 October 16, 2011. Soft pop vocals, Indo man and woman after 1130. Low sub-audible het high side, presumably Bangladesh Betar, but no audio from thatr making it through today. This RRI is a fairly common one in Florida, during the fall/winter season.

4800 CHINA CNR-1 News Radio, Golmud. 1112 October 16, 2011. Clear and fair, with Chinese male talk.

7189.75 SRI LANKA SLBC. 0047 October 13, 2011. Subcontinental vocals, presumably Hindi male announcer. Fair-weak. Then on  October 14, 2011: *0015:28 carrier up, into 1000 cycle tone, ending 0019:28, opening announcements in presumed Hindi, subcontinental vocals from 0023. Not as good at the previous night. But see 11905 logs.

7280 CHINA Voice of Strait, Life Service, Fuzhou. 1136 October 16, 2011. Chinese man and woman, Asian filler music. Clear and fair.

7340 INDIA All India Radio, Mumbai. 1132-1140:40* October 16, 2011. One of those odd domestic service micro news blocks, Hindi and English feed from Delhi. Somewhat telco-ish audio, as usual for these feeds. Fair, slightly fluttery.

7620 CHINA CNR-5 Voice of Zhonghua News Radio, Beijing. 1150 October 16, 2011. Chinese male. Clear, good.

11905 SRI LANKA SLBC 0028 October 15, 2011. Nice signal and alone, with subcontinental vocals, presumed (listed) Hindi service with man at 0029, female at 0030 with clear "...Sri Landka...", talk, vocals from 0045, broken English ID at 005 by female, back to vocals. Getting weaker by 0120, and still there but tuned out at 0156. 7189.75 also in parallel, though mostly poor.

11905 SRI LANKA SLBC. 1057 October 15, 2011. The NRD-535 was powered down on this channel. Only to be powered up at 1057 when I awoke and SLBC was there again. Clear but weak, with subcontinental vocals, female at 1059, another announcer at 1100, presumably listed Malayalam (whatever variant that is) then Tamil from 1100. Parallel 7189.75 was carrier-only audio.

15190 PHILIPPINES Radio Pilipinas. 1832-1930:03* October 15, 2011. Mostly Filipino (Tagalog, whatever they want to politically label it these days) pop vocals, male and female bantering briefly but often. ID and news at 1900, bumper music 1906, something in English by a man following (like a program promo or advert), back to vocals and the same male/female hosts. Closing ID in mostly English from 1928 by man, abruptly cut with transmitter shutting. Clear, improving to fair from 1900 to close. No trace of supposed parallels 11720 or 9395, all just too low channels for any hope here at this time. This is listed as daily 1730-1930. I had a weak carrier here just after 1730 a few days ago, and thus began checking the channel. Tuned in the next day, October 16 at 1731, presumably just after sign-on, and a little better and signal improving. Lots of vocals, male and female bantering between songs, nice little ID at 1858 by man and station self-promotion, singing jingle ID, another station promo, theme 1900, ID and more station/program promos.

555 ST. KITTS & NEVIS ZIZ, Basseterre. 2327 October 17, 2011. Very poor/threshold with Caribe-accented man.

580 UNIDENTIFIED. 2338 October 17, 2011. Domestic? Caribbean? Running along the sunset line roughly through Texas, peaking and then slowly being dominated by English news/talk WDBO, Orlando, FL. Nonstop Spanish tropical dance vocals, not Mexican,  but more Dominican bachata or Puerto Rican-influenced, and not parallel "standard" (non-Rebelde FM, at least) Radio Rebelde. Checking 2313 October 18, a very weak Radio Rebelde, parallel 1180 with pre-game baseball coverage.

800 CARIBBEAN NETHERLANDS Trans World Radio, Bonaire. 0030 October 19, 2011. Tune-in to beginning of low-key Spanish male gospel talker, different canned Spanish program after 0100. Jumble on the channel, but this one was holding forth until 0048 when bubbling under. Anyone in Florida and the Caribbean reading this recall the days when Radio Netherlands relays could actually be heard early evenings, back when they were much higher-powered? And, a super-low high-side het present, which I doubt I'll ever know the likely Central American/Caribe source of.

960 ALABAMA WERC, Birmingham. 2322 October 18, 2011. Spot for long-outdated marketing concept Cox Target Media company (ValPak "direct mail" spot, with national toll-free 800 number and URL instead of a local contact), then male canned, "...News Radio 105.5, WERC... This is News Radio..." into talk.

960 ALABAMA WLPR, Prichard. 2322 October 18, 2011. Really nice oldie/backwoods gospel vocals back-to-back, rapidly overtaking WERC on post-sunset, then seemingly live male, "The Solid Gospel 9-60 AM" and back to oldie gospel vocals. This one is right on the Alabama/Mississippi coastal border, Mobile market.

1060 CUBA Radio Vientiseis, Jovellanos, Matanzas. 2356 October 20, 2011. Odd "Run Like Hell" Pink Floyd cover (female vocal in English, with Irish band back-up -- original song from "The Wall" album). Male canned, "Radio Vientiseis, desde..." into English and Spanish rap vocals. very good.

1089 EUROPE unidentified. 2352 October 20, 2011. Big het here, but of course no audio. UK TalkSport 2 X 400 kW transmitters listed in the WRTH-2011, as well as many other lower powered Euro's.

1110 TEXAS KVTT, Mineral Wells. 2352-0003 October 17/18, 2011. Tentatively the one. Tune-in to Hindi Bollywood vocals past 0000, off or lost at 0003. WBT, Charlotte co-channel and improving, and Radio Angulo also in the mix after 0003, along with unidentified Christian modern vocals, possibly WTIS, Tampa, from 0002. KTEK, Alvin, TX is listed as Biz News network, but there's a bit dated non-station web site or two showing Bollywood programming here, with the NRC AM Log showing as 2500 watts DA only. Grayline enhancement matches eastern TX at this time. But my post on the Houston-Galveston board of brought this response from Chuck Tiller, Operations Manager, Newstalk 1070 KNTH, Business 1110 KTEK & 100.7 The Word KKHT, Houston: "Most likely you heard KVTT in Mineral Wells, Texas. Salem owns and operates KTEK as "Business 11-10." It DOES have some ethnic brokered programming on the weekend only. That time was close to sunset and KVTT's 50 KW signal does pose interference problems for KTEK during that period." And from the same board, Meadiafrog+: "KVTT's signal has a strong lobe to the ESE, so it would be aimed right at Clearwater, Florida." But yet, nobody has stated what the format of KVTT is at this hour block. Recheck 2347 October 18, rather unusual (Hindi?) vocals with no instruments supporting -- as if religious script poetry not unlike Islam/Qur'an -- blasting in way atop WBT briefly, but already dropping down by 2354.

1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Holgun, Holgun. 0003 October 18, 2011. Dominating at times over WBT and others with "Rain Over Me" by Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony, superhyped male Spanish DJ mentioning Rihanna, ID, then into (of all things, talk about a train wreck) "Rock & Roll" by Led Zeppelin (a never-before-heard remix/edit), DJ mentioning Robert Plant, into another though non-remixed Led Zep song unabridged, and back to techno-dance songs. Parallel weaker 1100 from Mayar, Holgun.

1130 LOUISIANA WWKH, Shreveport. 0055 October 19, 2011. Old School C&W, male canned, "AM 11-30, KWKH" at 0057.

1160 GEORGIA WCFO, East Point. 2258 October 18, 2011. Big on the channel with mention of "America's Radio News" twice, then into spots, ID, into CBS Radio News. Soon to drop out from their high power in the 1160 pile. Bye-bye.

1160 TEXAS KVCE, Highland Park. 2329 October 17, 2011. Male canned, "11-60 KVCE, Dallas-Ft. Worth" into spots for business-related products such as Salesgenie, back into "The Market Wrap with Moe Ansari" and quick "KVCE" dropped in at 2333.

1170 SOUTH CAROLINA WDEK, Lexington. 0002 October 19, 2011. Male canned, "This is The Deck, WDEK, Lexington" into very pleasingly obscure 50's/60's Blues-ish and pre-R&R vocals. Excellent.

1240 UNIDENTIFIED. 2321-2325 October 19, 2011. Weak under mostly poor WFSX, Ft. Myers, Florida (News/Talk) with Beatles "Hello, Goodbye" segued into Sweet "Fox On the Run" and then another unidentifed on fade, then gone, with WFSX dominating.

1670 NEW MEXICO "KTEK" New Mexico Tech Student Radio, Socorro. A non-log. In the process of searching for any current programming format for 1110 kHz KYEK in Alvin (Houston market), TX, I stumbled upon this Pt. 15 station, listed with faux KTEK calls and operating from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology campus in Socorro. Many of their sub-pages are "under construction": Still active?

1140 CUBA Radio Musical Nacional, unknown western Cuba site. 1125 October 21, 2011. Classical piano solo, female ID 1130. Fair, parallel much better 590. This occasionally pops up here inen mid-day, so probably just patched audio from one of the existing western-ish 1140 stations.

1210.5 UNIDENTIFIED. 2302 October 21, 2011. Carrier, presume Latin American.

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, unidentified site. 2304 October 21, 2011. Tropical vocals, female, "la onda alegría" slogan was the tip-off on paralleling to 640. One requested undisclosed source lists as Guaimaro while another has it as Santiago, ex-R. Mambí.

1309.62 UNIDENTIFIED. 2318 October 21, 2011. Fairly decent carrier only. Presume Latin American.

1310 FLORIDA WAUC, Wauchula. 2320 October 21, 2011. This one uses a "Radio Mexicana" slogan, the slogan not listed in the 2011 NRC AM Log. And confirmed after the log on the station website. Mostly poor.

11600 LIBYA Radio Libya (or whatever they are calling themselves now). 1556-1801:41* October 23, 2011. As per many reports on the other side of the pond of this from 1600-1800, indeed it's here, though copy is too poor for any ID. Tune-in at 1556, carrier present. Unable to determine if really just a pre-broadcast carrier, or something already in progress. Snippets of audio in definite French -- mostly talk with filler music -- and finally male closing announcements, fill music at 1758, transmitter off. Modulation seems very low, or maybe it's just too weak of a signal, or both. But for certain, this closes at 1800, when Hausa at least used to begin after French. Suspect there are other channels out there, yet to be discovered, with a couple of other languages.

15645 TAJIKISTAN (CLANDESTINE) Radio Free North Korea, Yangiyul. 1239-1320 October 23, 2011. Per Glenn Hauser log while he was monitoring an unidentified spy number station on the channel. Clear, fair with mostly talk, all in Korean, and a little filler music. Seemingly one "www" web address mentioned. The signal rapidly dropped down shortly after 1300.

980 CUBA Radio Reloj, unidentified location. 2312 October 26, 2011. Weak with time sounders, and as seemingly forever, 3-4 seconds slow. Listed as Bayamo in the WRTH-2011; Moa, Holguín in Mauricio Molano's list; and not on my admittedly stale Paul V. Zecchino list.

981 ALGERIA RTVA-1,Ouled Fayet. 2312 October 26, 2011. Carrier, fairly decent, but no audio making it to the west coast. Presume this is the most likely of all those on 981, at 600 kW of brute force.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. Not listed in the WRTH-2011 or Paul V. Zecchino's list; listed as Morón, Ciego de Ávila (25 kW); and Aguada, Cienfuegos (1 kW). But from extensive monitoring, it is also likely any of the western Cuba (other) stations on 1140. Those of which spastically alternatate networks, to complicate matters. Fair-to-poor in the pileup of other Cubans on the channel.

1190 TEXAS KFXR, Dallas. 2331 October 27, 2011. Pre-game coverage with lots of promos for the Texas Tech's (Lubbock) Red Raiders basketball, Big 12, Texas Tech etc., spots, including one for the Texas Farm Bureau, ID. Nearly local level till 0000 (50 kW DA, night at 5 kW), when abruptly "Talk Radio WOWO" appeared, they into FOX News Radio.

1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Radyo Farda, al-Dhabbiya. 0054 October 26, 2011. Fairly decent carrier with traces of presumed Farsi cloned Bollywood-style vocals, also at 800 kW of brute force.

1580 FLORIDA WCCF. Punta Gorda. 1133 October 27, 2011. Two guys bantering about someone who sells "mini-pigs" in North Port (nearby town) and schedule change for local high school football games, then mention of "WKII-AM" which upon looking up is also a Clear Channel Solana (Ft. Myers) cluster station, Adult Standards format for WKII. Fair, briefly, trading with WSRF, Ft. Lauderdale in Krèyol. WCCF is 1250 watts DA/110 watts nights. For fun, I Googled "Mini-pigs North Port" and shit if there aren't hits.

1630 IOWA KCJJ, Iowa City. 1128 October 27, 2011. Messing with the Sangean PR-D5: O'Reilly Auto Parts spot, a convenient male canned "KCJJ, Iowa City" at 1130, into morning show bantering by two guys. WRDW, Augusta, GA (the way dominant here) faded up big by 1131. Definitely a third one on the channel and in English, so presume KKGM, Ft. Worth, rather than sought-after Mexi-Spanish format KRND, Fox Farm, Wyoming, which just could make it post-sunrise here in a perfect world.

4800 INDIA AIR, Hyderabad. 0012 October 28, 2011. Carrier already up at 0012 check, into AIR interval signal a few seconds after 0016. Extremely weak, no real copy after the interval signal ended at 0020 except for a trace of Hindi vocal that began at 0023.

5010 INDIA AIR, Trivandrum. 0049 October 26, 2011. Female Hindi vocals, poor. Carrier on 4880 at the same time, just maybe Lucknow. On October 28: carrier already up at 0012 check, and that beautiful AIR interval signal at 0018 recheck, albeit very, very weak.

6089.83 NIGERIA FRCN, Kaduna. 2150-2204 October 27, 2011. Tune-in clear but weak, but building fast. Male FRCN ID, seemingly no time sounders, into talk -- also in Hausa -- but if news, no obvious headlines or events noted. Pretty decent by 2204, when clobbered by abrupt University Network transmitter up at 2304:45 with carrier for a few seconds, then into in-progress old Dr. Gene Scott ramblings. Low het still present via LSB, but no longer able to copy audio from Kaduna. Reactivated, or has it always been here? Who knows, but it's nice to hear a regional Niggie, regardless.

8989U NICARAGUA "Pescador Preacher", 2153 October 27, 2011. Excellent as usual, with scripture quoting man broadcast to the fishing boats, pauses with occasional boater responses. Lots of "hallelujah, hallelujah" breaks to key responders. Mention of "Puerto Cabezas" and "Zelaya" by one fisherman. This one was first discovered by D. Crawford probably about a year ago. Active almost daily, weekdays around this time and an hour or two later, more sporadic on Saturday/Sunday.

10000 BRAZIL Observatório Nacional, Rio de Janiero. 2352 October 26, 2011. Fair-poor with Braso-Portuguese male minute announcements after seconds pulses, in big WWV signal of course.

650 TENNESSEE WSM, Nashville. 1618 and 1725 November 1, 2011. "That's Alright Mama" then group singing jingle "WSM" at 1619, into traditional C&W oldie, followed by male canned, "Hi, I'm Billy [last name not copied], and you're listening to WSM." A little weaker 1725 recheck with oldie C&W tune, canned non-singing ID. Really pleased to pull this one mid-day, and on just a barefoot portable at that. [HISP-D5]

660 CUBA Radio Progreso, Jovellanos, Matanzas. 1612 November 1, 2011. Traditional Cuban vocals, fair, parallel excellent 640. [HISP-D5]

800 LOUISIANA WSHO, New Orleans. 1608 November 1, 2011. Gospel talk, Catholic-centric. Fair. [HISP-D5]

860 CUBA Radio Reloj, unknown site. 1714 November 1, 2011. With big WGUL, Dunedin nulled best as possible, this one present. Four locations listed in Mauricio Molano's list, all but Guantánamo theoretically possible daytime here, but Jovellanos, Matanzas most likely without careful LOB, which I didn't have the ability with me to do remotely. [HISP-R75]

880 CUBA Radio Progreso, Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río. 1602 November 1, 2011. Fair, better than parallel 890. [HISP-D5]

900 FLORIDA WSWN, Belle Glade. 1559 November 1, 2011. Ending of gospel program, "Sugar 900, WSWN" and PSA for the local sugar industry, into local agri business headlines, another "Sugar 900, WSWN ID. Fair, and an unexpected find. [HISP-D5]

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 1707 November 1, 2011. Good once the local WTWD, Plant City nulled, with Noticiero Nacional de Radio relay. [HISP-R75]

940 FLORIDA WLQH, Chiefland. 1558 November 1, 2011. "Stand By Me" oldie, simulcast 1240 (see log). [HISP-D5]

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, la Salud, Mayabeque. 1655 November 1, 2011. Tune-in to radio novela, ending 1658 and male canned, "Esta es Radio Maybeque... la voz Mayabeque... 104.7 FM...(no reference to any onda media channel, so proud they must be of the FM I guess)" into way totally cool solo bell interval signal, roughly 20-ish chimes, played thrice (not the rarely heard ICRT interval signal), into patched Noticero Nacional de Radio news. Came out of NNdR at 1729 with the interval signal once, then the same canned ID as at 1658, patter and into Cuban vocals. Very good. [HISP-R75]

1190 MISSISSIPPI WMEJ, Bay St. Louis. 1546 November 1, 2011. Mexi-pop vocal, male canned "La Mejor 11-90" into another Mexi-pop, then commercials, including one for Gulf Electric Power. Excellent, with weaker WAMT, Pine Castle, FL (also Spanish) nulled. Is this really on-channel now? I forgot to check later on the R75, but no het noted. This was forever on the low side of 1190, easily audible daytime as a result from the QTH, back when they were a cool Blue format station. [HISP-D5]

1240 FLORIDA WZCC, Cross City. 1241 November 1, 2011. "Tri-County weather... high 75, tomorrow's low, 45..." then "... 940 and 1240, The New WZCC" into oldie rock. Fair in IBOC hash from local WHNZ, Tampa. [HISP-D5]

1270 FLORIDA WNLS, Tallahassee. 1538 November 1, 2011. "12-70 The Team" slogan, auto racing recap. Very good. [HISP-D5]

1400 FLORIDA WFDM, Fort Walton Beach. 1508 November 1, 2011. Laura Ingraham Show with Obama slamming, planted calls, network break for quack products (gold investors, preserved food supplies), "From the FOX Radio Network..." at 1530 with business news headlines, concluding with "...the FOX Business Report." A couple of spots, then "News Talk 94.5" slogan, so obviously simulcast with the FM, and as per the NRC AM Log 32nd Edition. Good once the WZHR, Zephyrhills pest was nulled. [HISP-D5]

1430 FLORIDA WTMN, Gainesville. 1505 November 1, 2011. Female Afro American preacher, touting no need to take insulin, high blood pressure, etc. meds if one just prays. And an in-studio man gave his testimony, confirming it's true. Very good signal once WLKF, Lakeland nulled. [HISP-D5]

1609.981 FLORIDA (MIS) WPLY701 City of Tarpon Springs. 1625 November 1, 2011. The usual fire prevention loop with vocal,  instrumental music bed and sound effects, also now a male segment with a URL to visit for current city job openings, ID with WPLY701 calls included. Fair with Tampa International Airport TIS nulled. [HISP-R75]

1640 MISSISSIPPI WTNI, Biloxi. 1737 November 1, 2011. Local spots, inlcuding one for the River Kings team ticket purchase options. Very good. Blocked daytime at the QTH by the local WWBA, Largo 820 harmonic. [HISP-R75]

1670 GEORGIA WPLA, Dry Branch. 1635 November 1, 2011. FOX Sports Radio audio, extremely weak and alone. [HISP-R75]

530 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1940 November 13, 2011. Under Enciclopedia but by post-sunset, destroying decent Enci reception. This is obviously a new
west coast transmitter (vs. the eastern half of the island Rebelde(s) that have been active on 530 for awhile).

9235 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 0110 November 13, 2011. Old Jew Marblemouth is back after 2-3 years! The coolest Album Rock jock since AOR radio died. Playing side
two of the Steely Dan "Aja" album, with one short break by Marblemouth between tracks. Then, when the album ended at 0130, into the original (movie) vocal
version of "Suicide Is Painless (M*A*S*H Theme)"

27825 BRAZIL (pirate), unidentified. 2310 November 13, 2011. AM mode. Male Braso-Port babble-ramble, breaking for seemingly live accordion playing,
microphone dropped at one point (thunk), short pauses for shout-backs by listeners. Then seemingly light Christian patter in his talk, piano music that
seemed to be taped, and a mention that he's in São Paulo. Seemingly pulled the plug around 0000.

1030 TEXAS KCTA, Corpus Christi. 1156 November 26, 2011. No ID but surely the one with conclusion of Spanish gospel program with an "Apartado Postal" box in Anderson, IN. Killed by local WHBO 1040 day power at 1159. Wonder how the USPS reacts to something addressed as Apartado Postal or A.P.

1320 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1131 November 25, 2011. News and Cuban this day in history items by man and woman, fill music, ID. Parallel much better 1020. Faded out shortly after sunrise, while 1020 is present all day.

1320 GEORGIA WHIE, Griffin. 1131 November 25, 2011. Mixing with Cuban Radio Artemisa. Spot for the Griffin Pawn Shop at 2901 N. Expressway, male ID "13-20 WHIE" into Bluegrass vocal followed by oldie C&W. Quickly faded with upcoming sunrise.

1320 UNIDENTIFIED 1121 November 26, 2011. Someone here with nonstop Christian praise vocals, mostly under the Cuban, past bottom-of-hour tune-out. Gone by 1155 recheck, with Cuba and WDDV, Venice (Oldies format) dominating.

12759U DIEGO GARCIA Armed Forces Network. 1216 November 26, 2011. Good, but extremely distorted and FMing audio making content copy impossible. Doesn't anybody patch audio once in awhile here? Can't be anything else to do on the godforsaken dump of an island.

13110U ALABAMA WLO, Mobile. 1225-1227* November 26, 2011. Compu-woman nautical weather for the region, two ID's, off. Very good.

4010 KYRGYZSTAN KGR1, Bishkek. 0012 December 2, 2011. Weak with male in seemingly non-Russian.

4920 INDIA AIR Chennai. 0013 November 29, 2011. Interval signal in progress, brief pause at 0015 into Vande Mataram, presumed Hindi female from 0016. Clear and fair, though no sign of it the next couple of days check at the same time.

5010 INDIA AIR Thiruvananthapuram. 0007 November 29, 2011. Carrier already up at tune-in, 1000 cycle continuous tone from 0011, into interval signal at 0018:18, Vande Mataram at 0020, Hindi male announcer 0021. Clear and fair. On December 1: carrier up at 0007:19, 1000 cycle tone from 0013:59, interval signal from 0018:26. On December 2: carrier up 0010:18, interval signal 0017:09.

9870 INDIA AIR Vividh Bharati, Benguluru. 0028 November 29, 2011. Bollywood vocals, Hindi commercials 0029, three time sounders (three seconds slow -- same slowness the next day, same time). Clear and fair.

11500 CHINA Firedrake. 0036 December 2, 2011. Clear and good, but fading down already by 0050.

11905 SRI LANKA SLBC, Ekala. 0032 November 29, 2011. Hindi instrumentals, clear and fair. Only a weak trace of parallel around 7189.75.

660 MÉXICO XEDTL Radio Ciudadana, México, DF. 1201 December 10, 2011. Very long version of choral anthem at tune-in, female from 1206, "... radio público... XEDTL... 660 A-M... Desde Ciudad de México... Radio Ciudadana..." into program promos, Good. Normally for me, the much lower power XEAR, Tampico is the sole Mexican on the channel at pre/post sunrise; first-ever log of this one here despite brute listed power.

990 MÉXICO XEID, Radio Alamo, Alamo, Veracruz. 1207 December 11, 2011. Tune-in to kiddie choral Veracruz state anthem (presumably having followed the Mexican anthem), male at 1209, clearly mentioning "MegaHertz" (an FM simulcast or affiliate I presume, though none listed on Fred Cantú's site) and mention of Veracruz. Presume the one, as this is the only Veracruz State station listed on 990. Mixing with Cuban Radio Guamá, and quickly lost post local sunrise. First log of this here, though I've had Mexican anthem activity taunting me previously.

1090 MÉXICO XEMCA Radio 10-90, Pánuco, Verecruz. 1202 December 13, 2011. Kiddie version of the Veracruz state anthem in progress (seems to be the most popular rendition), male ID.

1170 MÉXICO XERT Ke Buena, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 1201 December 11, 2011. Tune-in to anthem, male XERT ID, slogan and city at 1202, into Mexi-tunes. Oddly, listed as 5 kW daytime, but if true it came up a little early. First log of this one here.

4920 INDIA AIR, Chennai. 0006 December 7, 2011. 1000 cycle tone at tune-in, Interval signal from 0013:13, Vende Mataram 0015:04-0016:06, Hindi female opening announcements. Clear, fair.

5010 INDIA AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, 0007 December 7, 2011. 0007:59 carrier up, 1000 cycle tone in progress 0017 recheck, interval signal 0018:43. Still decent signal 0045 with Indi-futes and vocals.

5060 CHINA Xinjiang PBS, Ürümqi. 0026 December 7, 2011. Asian language, seemingly Chinese, with male and female talk. Clear but poor, presumed.

7210L PENNSYLVANIA, COMMONWEALTH OF (QUASI-CLANDESTINE) N1NR [Nelson Roig], Bushkill. 1237 December 11, 2011. Excellent with his anti-Raul Castro rants in Spanish, rally for the children of the Revolution on the island to revolt, occasional few seconds of exchanges with co-piggies, especially some female ARO he seemed particularly hot-to-trot for. Surprised Arnie hasn't placed a jammer on 7210 by now, local mornings. Maybe if we collectively make fake logs of Radio República here with a killer signal, it will happen. Let's all do it for fun!

9555 SA'UDI ARABIA BSKSA General Service, Riyadh. *1749 December 13, 2011. Listed as *1800 on this channel but carrier actually up at 1749 for a few seconds, then audio brought up mid-sentence in Arabic. Alone and very good with 6 + 1 time sounders 1800, ID into world news items by man, short sound effects punctuating occasionally.

9560.5 ETHIOPIA (CLANDESTINE) Voice of Democratic Alliance (via Radio Ethiopia), Geja 1504 December 13, 2011. Presumed the program if the WRTVH 2010 listing remains accurate (p. 502-503). Threshold audio and as always, terribly low modulation on this transmitter.

9705.09 ETHIOPIA Radio Ethiopia, Geja. 1254-1303 December 11, 2011. Clear and fair with nice Horn of Africa vocals, 5 + 1 time sounders 1300, and immediately blasted by carrier up and male canned "Welcome to the Voice of America in Cantonese" (presumed via Saipan). Ethiopia still audible, but just barely under VOA. WRTVH-2011 lists domestic Radio Ethiopia in English 1200-1300, but if so, it was ending the block with local music on the back end.

9710 AUSTRALIA Radio Australia, Shepparton. 1936-1959* December 13, 2011. English magazine, female interviewer. Clear and fair, improving rather rapidly, interval signal from 1958 to 1959:12*. This from 1436 local time here. Pacific beamed.

11650 / 11660 AUSTRALIA Radio Australia, Shepparton. 2000 December 13, 2011. Both channels presumably just up at 2000. Tune-in to English ABC news, Oz-centric. Both in the clear with 11650 good, 11660 very good.

11714.78V NEW MEXICO KJES, Our Lord's Ranch, Vado. 1551 December 13, 2011. Crazy cult scripted reading by man and his repeatedly revered Yahweh. Strong, slightly variable.

15140 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait. 1416 December 13, 2011. Clear and fair in local hash with English pop vocals, though nothing I recognized, English male DJ briefly between, slow, faux chimes 1430, ID (something FM frequency) into news headlines -- Paki-centric of course -- then seemingly weather highlights after 1435, into instrumental jazzy song followed by pop vocals, female 1453 but unable to copy her. Chimes again at 1400, Arabic male ID, Arabic news.

540 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1821 December 12, 2011. Weak when nulling WFLF, Pine Hills, FL. [FTDE]

600 LOUISIANA WVOG, New Orleans. 1655, December 12, 2011. Gospel talk, local program promos, ID 1700. Clear, fair. [FTDE]

800 LOUISIANA WSHO, New Orleans. 1740 December 12, 2011. Southern gospel preaching, clear and fair. [FTDE]

840 ALABAMA WBHY, Mobile. 1745 December 12, 2011. Christian talk regarding an soldier returning from Iraq with God helping him cope. into SRN News "WBHY, Mobile... (sounded like) "102.5 FM" (but must have been 88.5)..." after exiting SRN. This is surely the one I sporadically hear threshold until mid-moring at home with the same format. [FTDE]

850 CUBA Radio Reloj, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud (and second site). 1825 December 12, 2011. Fair in local 860 splatter, but most interesting is that there was a second Reloj present with a slight delay, and much weaker. It would have to be from the western half of the island in order to be audible mid-day here. [FTDE]

900 ALABAMA WGOK, Mobile. 2035 December 12, 2011. Southern gospel, poor. Tentatively the one with no other obvious possibilities running this format and audible local mid-day, with WMOP, Ocala tightly nulled. [FTDE]

1640 MISSISSIPPI WTNI, Biloxi. 1630 December 12, 2011. ESPN feed with Tebow talk. Very good signal. [FTDE]

1690 FLORIDA (MIS) Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo and Clearwater. 1405 December 18,2011. The nearby Largo audio is again malfunctioning, with just a big open carrier, while the second transmitter (which relays the same audio in synch) remains audible underneath with the usual stale compu-female "click it or ticket", watch for motorcycles and US-19 road construction loop, along with a weak WMLB, Avondale Estates, GA with folk and traditional oldie C&W.

4775 BRAZIL Rádio Congonhas, Congonhas, Minas Gerais. 0058 December 15, 2011. Male ID, frequencies, into soft vocals. Couldn't tell if religious in content after the canned ID, though. Clear and fair.

5010 INDIA AIR, Thiruvananthapuram. 1131 December 18, 2011. English news read by man in progress, a few seconds of fill music 1135, into Hindi news. Clear and fair.

6130 LAOS Lao National Radio, Vientiane. 1157 December 18, 2011. First solid log of this one here in quite awhile, with Asian female vocal, five time sounders at 1200 (or five + one, but if so the latter was not audible), into the usual gongs, male announcer, Asian instrumental music fill, then male talk through tune-out from just before 1202 forward. Clear and fair.

11710.722 ARGENTINA RAE, General Pacheco. 0150 December 15, 2011. Excellent with Japanese programming winding down, eight-note interval signal from 0157, time sounders 0200, multi-language ID loop, into English from 0202, opening with female, "... Tuesday, no, Wednesday December 14..." then apologizing for forgetting what day it (was). Tango and light news segments almost all read live by the same announcer. Time sounders (three) 0230 across programming. Brief "DXer's Calling" with logs read by the announcer, but compiled from contributors by (I think she said) Arnaldo Slaen, for which we thank him for his efforts if so.

550 TEXAS KSTA, San Antonio. 1213 December 24, 2011. Fair briefly under Rebelde near sunrise with "South Texas Gardening with Bob Webster" who was discussing Texas soil and taking calls. 5 kWer.

600 TENNESSEE WREC, Memphis. 1158 December 25, 2011. Short sports wrap-up segment, promo for Rush Limbaugh "tomorrow at 11 a.m. only on News Radio 600, WREC, Memphis" into FOX Radio News. 5 kWer.

920 ARKANSAS KARN, Little Rock. 1205 December 25, 2011. Surprised to hear this one bubble up in the pile of sunrise stations with an ad for the University of Arkansas' Trojans ticket sales, UALR-something web address, Little Rock store ads, back into sports programming. 5 kWer.

920 GEORGIA WGKA, Atlanta. 1257 December 25, 2011. End of brokered Dr. Joe Esposito show, and 770-427-7387 for appointments, canned "The Talk 920" at 1259.

920 TEXAS KGKL, San Angelo. 1205 December 26, 2011. Coming out of ABC News with male announcer, "The Voice of the Concho Valley, KGKL" and local store ads, another KGKL ID. Darn, just a little more west and I could be in New Mexico. 5 kW.

920 UNIDENTIFIED 1208 December 25, 2011. Someone playing Kansas "Dust In the Wind" but quickly faded down and lost in the mix. WPCM, Burlington-Graham, NC? Not much to pick from at this hour with this format in the NRC Logbook.

920 MÉXICO XERCA Planeta, Torreón, Coahuila. 1158 December 26, 2011. Man and woman chatter, into anthem from 1159,  a couple of "Planeta" slogans, rooster sound effects, into Mexi-vocals. Listed as XHRCA Planeta 102.7 simulcast. Presume this or XELE was the one with nice non-traditional (Mexican, I suppose) Christmas vocals, female announcer the day before, same-ish time.

920 MÉXICO XELE la Preferida, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1216 December 26, 2011. Bubbled up briefly with "la Preferida" slogan, laser gun sound effects. Quite the busy channel with two Mexicans and four domestics heard here in the 1200-1300 hour in two days.

930 TEXAS KLUP, Terrell Hills. 1117 December 27, 2011. "We'll be right back... on KLUP." Into commercials, "News Talk 930 KLUP" at 1122, poor under WLSS, Sarasota, FL.

990 MÉXICO XET La T Grande Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1203 December 24, 2011. Long canned ID by man, mentioning FM, calls and slogan, into Spanish version of "Sleigh Ride."

1420 FLORIDA WDJA, Delray Beach. 1148 December 27, 2011. "Your listening to Imus In the Morning on WDJA" into commercials, anotehr ID. Under WBRD, Palmetto with their Mexican format.

1530 UNIDENTIFIED. 1225 December 27, 2011. Spanish Christian format, with Christmas vocals and "Silent Night" male solo reading in Spanish, Spanish tropical Christian vocals, very brief break at 1231 with a definite 7:30 time check (so something Eastern Time, not Central Time or a Mexican), otherwise no commercials or breaks. Faded by 1300, with WENG, Englewood, FL poor underneath. 10 kW D3 WLLQ, Chapel Hill, NC listed as Spanish but not Christian, and WYMM, Jacksonville is English Gospel. Puzzling.

1560 TEXAS KGOW, Bellaire. 1128 December 27, 2011. "See your Houston area Lexus dealers" into network sports headlines, 1131 ID and station URL. Big signal.

1710 USA (PIRATE) Undercover Radio. 0422 December 25, 2011. Very poor with Dr. Benway's usual eclectic programming. Thanks D. Crawford cell text tip.

6050 ECUADOR HCJB. 2223 December 26, 2011. Clear, fair with Spanish Christian vocals, 5X time sounders 2230, non-Spanish (some Andes lingo) male with brief talk, back to vocals in Spanish.

6925 USA (PIRATE) unidentified. 1507 December 25, 2011. Threshold, warbly vocals, maybe Holiday songs.

9555 PHILIPPINES VOA, Tinang. 1255-1459* December 25, 2011. Korean programming, sometimes punctuated with male canned "VOA news" or "From Washington your'e listening to the latest news on the Voice of America" in English (but why?). Recheck around 1447, going into playing Helen Reddy's "Angie Baby" (again, why?). Presumed site.

9558.87 ETHIOPIA Radio Ethiopia, Geja Jewe. 1417 December 25, 2011. On the low side for a change, with Horn Of Africa vocals poking through with their usual low audio. Should be Arabic in this hour block.

9635 MALI RTM, Bamako. *0800 December 26, 2011. Transmitter brought up abruptly seconds after 0800 with fantastic local highlife vocals in progress, most sounding like very vintage recordings, French male quick ID between tracks at 0809 and 0815. Very good, but signal dropping off rather fast by 0825 tune-out.

9954.966 FLORIDA WRMI Radio Miami International. 1400 December 24, 2011. Jeff White canned English/Spanish ID, into Radio Prague programming in English. A special tribute honoring the late Václav Havel with his first play from 1968, "Guardian Angel" as translated by Paul Wilson and originally broadcast "several years ago by Radio Prague" presented. No Arnie Coro jamming until around 1415, and then fairly weak, so a missed opportunity to jam a traitor/former-Commie. Jeff: is your engineer aware the transmitter is a bit off-frequency? Like everyone else anymore, so it seems.

11714.804 NEW MEXICO KJES, Our Lord's Ranch, Vado. 1450 December 24, 2011. Kiddie scripture reading, gospel vocals. Nice that they adjusted the off-frequency to the other side of 11715 now!

630 MÉXICO unidentified. 1209 December 31, 2011. Tune-in to different version of the anthem from what almost all the others play (a small band, not the common choral version), then male, "Buenos días, buenos días..." and lost to local 620 WDAE IBOC up at 1213.

1320 CUBA Radio Viente Seis, la Jaiba, Matanzas. 1148 December 30, 2011. Male and female fast-paced news, punctuated with "Star Wars" SFX and ID, bubbling over the pile of others.

1440 UNIDENTIFIED. 0044 January 1, 2012. Derek & the Dominoes "Layla" and male, "... right here... Saturday... New Year's eve..." into another song, followed by Blondie "Call Me" and later, "Some Kind Of Wonderful" by Grand Funk Railroad. I was hoping for Ft. Lauderdale vicinity pirate KQV Radio reactivated (it's been heard here on 1440 and previous above 1600 channels from here), and while the format fits, inconclusive who this was. Several Oldies stations (GA, NC for beginners) listed on 1440 and probably something licensed. Best USB to avoid someone unidentifed off-frequency, around 1439.8).

1530 FLORIDA WYMM "Radio Unica", Jacksonville. 1215 December 30, 2011. Male canned "Radio Unica" ID at 1217, into Spanish version of "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" followed by Merry Christmas greetings (a few days late),  7:29 time check, "WYMM A-M, la poderosa de Jacksonville" into more Christmas vocals. This is my unidentified from a few days ago, a presumably relatively recent format change from the listed English Gospel.

1560 SOUTH CAROLINA WAGL, Lancaster. 1240 December 30, 2011. "Concepts Of Faith" by Charles Caps (preacher) with closing on how to order his book, ending 1245, then gospel vocals till near 1300 male canned, "This is 50,000 watts... WAGL, Lancaster..." and "Waggle Country" jingle. So, not just Oldies format, but also Gospel. And recheck December 31 (also a week day) at 1228, with Frank Sinatra and other oldies. So apparently they fill the unbrokered time with oldies. To their credit, the audio on this one is one of the nicest, warmest I've ever heard. I wonder what vintage their transmitter is.

3965 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zahedan. 0223-0228* January 1, 2012. Talk in SE Asian language (Urdu listed 0130-0230), EZL instrumental music, transmitter abruptly cut off 0228:38. Caught a few seconds parallel audio on 6100 (Kamalabad) but that transmitter's audio fell silent before 3965 did. Something with Qur'an poetry on 6185 under XEPPM at 0222 which prompted my frequency checks, but unable to tell if 6185 was actually parallel by the time I got back to it. Someone (Iran, still?) left a slightly warbly carrier on from 0228+ checks through 0245 tune-out.

5000 ITALY IBF (Standard Time & Frequency Station), Turin. 0129 December 29, 2011. Weak but clear with Morse ID. Again 0235 January 1, 2012 with Morse ID poking though but no voice announements heard, or maybe they are at another minute. Look at, say, the 1978 WRTVH and you'll see IBF ran these lengthy multi-language voice ID's in the old days, and there was also the IAM, Rome (STFS) station on 5000 kHz. Never heard that one, though I believe I logged IBF at least once in the wee hours back in the late 1970's/early 1980's from the QTH near Orlando, or else on a CANAVDXpedition same circa. Maybe there's even a QSL mothballed somewhere here? Was it B&W with a round grid of the time announcements per-minute? Or was that someone else?

5909.958 COLOMBIA Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras. 0407 January 1, 2012. Good and in the clear with nice Colombian vocals, male canned "Alcaraván Radio, 1530 KHz... y 5910 kHz onda corta." A short inspirational talk segment, but worth sitting through for the music before/thereafter. Note that it's Alcaraván Radio, nor Radio Alcaraván as frequently and wrongly reported for some reason.

6175 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Voice of Vietnam (relay). *2031:26 December 31, 2011. Transmitter abruptly up with German programming in progress. Mostly news-type topics by female with really odd accented German, maybe she's a native Viet? Audio abruptly cut at 2059, then back up with opening of German programming (again) with ID. Very good. Thanks Glenn Hauser tip in dxldyg.

6300 GERMANY (PIRATE) Crazy Wave Radio. 2248 December 31. Pop/dance tracks such as Rod Stewart "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"; Ann Peebles "I Can't Stand the Rain"; Simple Minds "Alive and Kicking"; The Clash "This Is Radio Clash" with male DJ between and atop songs with frequent ID's, also occasionally shifting into German. Canned "CWR" acronymn ID's with laser SFX. Very good.

6940 UNIDENTIFIED (PIRATE). 0350 January 1, 2012. Techo/dance, English monotone announcer, "Radio Station..." into a B52's song. Poor in local hash noise. No idea which side of the pond this was from. AM mode.

6940 USA (PIRATE) XFM. 0550-0617* January 1, 2012. CSN "Wooden Ships" followed by male ID into Atlanta Rhythm Section "Imaginary Lovers", "XFM, the power of X" and "X shortwave" canned IDs, mentioning winding down the show at 0604, acknowledged listeners by name and city who emailed xfmshortwave @ Very good signal. Not sure if the same as the pirate heard earleir on 6940, this being much stronger. AM mode.

7200 IRAN Voice of Justice, Sirjan. *0328 January 1, 2012. Carrier up with EZL piano music in progress, into male ID mentioning 7200, 7365 (Kamalabad) and an FM channel (something one point five) in Tehran as well as a URL and Hotbird channel for streaming. Into someone (name stated, so apparently we should think he's important) with his Qur'an poetry reading, then upcoming program teaser, news. 7365 barely audible under blasting Rihanna dance music via Radio Martí, and a weak Cuba jammer (bad job, Arnie). And stupid frequency choice, Iran.

7200 SUDAN SRTC R Omdurman. 0255 January 1, 2012. Soft-speaking Arabic man, ID 0259 and talk across the hour with no time sounders heard, into Qur'an just after 0300, dfferent announcer from 0302, back to Qur'an recitals. Clear and good, until Voice of Justice from Iran smashed the shit out of it from 0328.

15065 EGYPT Radio Cairo, Abu Zaabal. 1406 January 1, 2012. Presumed the one with Qur'an, female in presumed Pashto (listed 1400-1600), into central Asian vocals. Good, and one of the few Cairo transmitters reasonably problem-free.

25990 TEXAS KSCS, Arlington. 1645 January 1, 2012. Country vocals, female jock, commercials at 1652, "New Country 96.3" slogan. Fair-poor, with weaker pieces of WBAP, Dallas 25910 and very good KOA, Denver 25950 also in. All NBFM mode RPU Marti's.

26985 MICHIGAN "Bar Of Soap Man". 1619 January 1, 2012. The usual compu-generated MP3 looping "Watch your ass, motherf*cker... Jackson County... dropped the bar of soap..."

27315.4 UNIDENTIFIED (PIRATE) 1630 January 1, 2012. English female vocal, into male vocal, Southern Gospel-ish.

630 CUBA Radio Progreso, Camagüey, Camagüey. 1219 January 2, 2012. Poking through the two Mexicans at times, with female news, ID.

630 MÉXICO unidentified. 1200 January 2, 2012. The same one as heard with this different and unusual version of the anthem on December 31, then at 1209 (a small band, not the common choral version). Today, sitting on the channel just before 1200, nothing until right at 1200 when the band anthem poked through but immdiately lost in the mud.
630 MÉXICO unidentified. 1206 January 2, 2012. The common choral anthem up at 1206, "Buenos días... 2 de enero...", calls ending in either U or Q. Three possibilities: XEFB, Monterrey 10 kW DA power; XEFU (XHFU relay) Cosamaloapan, Veracruz 10 kW DA power; and a coveted XECCQ (XHCCR simulcast) Cancún, Quintana Roo at only 500 watts. Into oldie Mexican vocals from 1210, clarinet/instrumental version of "The 5th Of September" at 1221. Obliterated by local WDAE 620 IBOC up at 1228. Best USB, as on LSB, a low and slightly warbly carrier on 629.94 was present.
1440 GEORGIA WGIG, Brunswick. 1400 January 2, 2012. CBS News audio sounder and into news, mixing with at least two others way under. Once out of news, a spot with 912 area code, then "News Talk Real Radio 14-40 WGIG" at 1406, into financial advice call-in program. Heard this one for the fist time a few weeks ago on my mid-day band scan at Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine, Florida.

1440 UNIDENTIFIED. 1356 January 2, 2012. ESPN Radio promo very weak, lost to WGIG, Brunswick. Bad hum on the the channel, later traced to WPRD, Winter Park, Florida when it finally was audible with Spanish programming, canned ID 1500.
1440 UNIDENTIFIED. 1400 January 2, 2012. While the CBS News feed was audible from WGIG, Brunswick, a very slightly delayed CBS News audio was present underneath, extremely weak.
1580 KENTUCKY WGVN, Georgetown. 1313 January 2, 2012. Tune-in to weather ("light snow at higher elevations"), local ads for a bedding store; a pastor's church; (state-sponsored college prep service); iHeartRadio (Clear Channel) then "Groovin' 15-80" slogan and back into the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Fair on peak, until lost by 1330.
6925 UNIDENTIFIED (PIRATE). 1755 January 2, 2012. Threshold on this "Faux New Year's Day" with no copy other than weak music and talk.
27314.95 MICHIGAN (PIRATE) WKCQ 98.1 "98-KCQ", Saginaw (relay). 1615 January 2, 2012. Good signal. 1649 live jock mentioning Books & Dunn, Trace Adkins songs coming up, into Kroger grocery store spot, another for a brew your own beer store, 1653 weather ("Windy and cold, scattered snow, low of 11") and back to music. Legal ID 1700. Audible same time as upper Michigan "Bar Of Soap Man" was on 26985 primary channel, suspect via the same source.

6149.98 UNIDENTIFIED. Highlights of English songs appearing between otherwise very pop unidentified language songs. Usually, a male and female jock, the female is almost if not always the same one each night.

January 5, 2012 - 2228-2345*. 2324 what (don't quote me) sounded like "Bayak FM" by female at 2324. Lionel Ritchie "Say You, Say Me" 2328. Fragment of same song mis-queued 2345 with same female atop, abruptly off.

January 6, 2012 - 2259-2335* same female jock. John Lennon's "Woman" at 2314.

January 7, 2012 - 2336-2339* "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers just after tune-in.

January 8, 2012 - 2246

January 9, 2012 - 2307-2323* New Kids On the Block "I'll Be Loving You" then male and female patter, into unidentified English female Beyonce-ish (i.e., boring/generic) vocal in English.

920 MÉXICO XELE La Prefereida, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1229 January 8, 2012. Calls and slogan at 1230, Mexi-tunes, several more ID's. Very good on my local sunrise-ish.

1330 LOUISIANA WWWL, New Orleans. 1210 January 8, 2012. ESPN Radio, network spots, local one for a New Orleans sports team at 1213.

1440 TENNESSEE WZYX, Cowan. 0018 January 4, 2012. Could I have hit the source of the Oldies tonight heard New Year's eve? Tune-in to two guys and one gal live talk, mostly about local school proposed taxation and things that almost makes me think it may have been local election coverage, out of the norm format. Then male maybe canned but all so clear, "...on 14-40 AM and 94.5 FM, WZYX." Per Wiki, 94.5 is a translator along with 94.5 which wasn’t mentioned, so it’s WZYX, Cowan, TN, listed in the NRC Logbook as 5000/66, Oldies format, and neither translator is referenced here. It’s just a big jumble on 1440 now, Mexi-tunes (maybe Winter Park’s WPRD) and that unidentified ESPN station semi-dominating (which I swear came out of the sports news at 0104 as "Power Radio ESPN Sports Radio" but I could be wrong. No ESPN 1440 listings with that slogan in the NRC Logbook.

6149.98 BRAZIL Rádio Record, São Paulo. Highlights of details, especially English songs appearing between otherwise very pop Portuguese songs as logged here chronologically in date/time order, to confirm there is in fact is no Radio Bayrak audible here. Usually, a female primary jock (sometimes a live man and maybe canned male ID's), the female is almost if not always the same one each night. Weak ChiCom time sounders near at 2300 on 6150.00, but no other stations audible:

January 5, 2012 - 2228-2345*. 2324 female, into Lionel Ritchie "Say You, Say Me" 2328. Fragment of same song mis-queued 2345 with same female atop, abruptly off.

January 6, 2012 - 2259-2335* same female jock. John Lennon's "Woman" at 2314.

January 7, 2012 - 2336-2339* "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers just after tune-in.

January 8, 2012 - 2246 (I was only briefly able to check this day).

January 9, 2012 - 2307-2323* New Kids On the Block "I'll Be Loving You" then male and female patter, into unidentified English female vocal in English.

January 10, 2012 - 2233-2352* very strong tonight, and finally with confirmed and multiple ID's. The first at 2301 by man, then a singing jingle ID at 2302. Same female jock, Portuguese pop vocals, male ID 2311 into the female jock, then James Ingram "In Your Eyes" at 2312, another male ID 2319 (these seem to be canned), female jock, 2328 male ID again, a couple more light pop vintage vocals in English later.

6155 INDIA All India Radio, Bengaluru. *0016:36 January 11, 2012. Carrier up with 1000 kc/s tone until 0013:14 AIR Interval signal, opening ID in presumed (listed) Urdu, then nice subcontinental vocals through 0055 tue-out. Very good. No trace of 9595 WRTVH-2012 listed parallel. Thanks D. Crawford tip.

6925(U) PIRATE (North America) Radio Junk. 0101-0149* January 11, 2012. Lots of odd .wav file repeats, much of the announcements in Québec-French by a female (short blurbs) and Frenadian-centric music and production, frequent "Radio Junk on shortwave"; "You have been listening to Radio Junk"; and "Hi, this is Nixx (?) on Radio Junk, your favorite pirate" canned ID's by same female. Frequent quasi-Morse ID's atop programming. Obama 2011 holiday greetings spliced with other talk on a cycling .wav file. Abruptly off at 0149. A very big signal. Thanks D. Crawford tip while on online chat.

6925(AM) PIRATE (North America) *0200 January 11, 2012. Up with Dylan track. Real strong, then rapidly dropped to threshold, as if dinking with power and/or antenna? Didn't stick around to see if I could ID.

6000 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria, Plodviv. 2250 January 25, 2012. May as well take one last log before this one joins all the others and goes silent forever. Bulgarian discussion, female ID 2258. Clear, good.

6190 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Berlin-Britz. 2251 January 25, 2012. German man and woman discussion, female "Hier ist Deutschlandfunk" at 2259, time sounders (three?) into news headlines. Fair, with someone else weak underneath.

9525 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Radio Australia (relay), al-Dhabbaya. 2225-2330:03 January 24, 2012. Clear and fair, improving by 2300 with Indonesian programming, mostly discussion. Bumper music and ID in Indonesian at 2300.

13363.5L ARGENTINA Radio Continental (relay), General Pacheco. 0012 January 22, 2012. Excellent with Rod Stewart's "If You Want My Body" then female Spanish DJ, into "I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder. ID by man at 0022. ALso noted 0028 January 24 with ID at 0052, also excellent level.

1060 CUBA Radio Veintiséis, Jovellanos, Matanzas. 1235 January 29, 2012. Culturally rolling on a post-sunrise Sunday with decadent and loud Rock 'n' Roll, including Metallica and Def Leppard. Into Matanzas province history and culture talk a little after 1300. Quite a programming whiplash.

1060 GEORGIA WKNG, Tallapoosa. 1301 January 29, 2012. Popped up over Radio Veintiséis with female, "....gospel time right here on WKNG" into gospel program, 770 area code, local spots 1312. Probably just caught the opening, as listed as D1 at 50 kW.

1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus. 0040 January 28, 2012. Dominating the channel for awhile, with male and female discussion, ID. For what little it's worth, listed as 1 kW.

1640 UNIDENTIFIED. 1225-1230 January 29, 2012. Someone here carrying Radio Católica Mundial (EWTN's Spanish network) with bible talk, female net ID. Obliterated by the 2 X 820 kHz local station WWBA daytime power up at 1230. The most likely stations at this post-sunrise would seem to be WTMI, Biloxi, MS and KFXY, Enid, OK, but the formats don't fit this, unless one of them is brokering on a Sunday morning in non-English. And, I've never heard EWTN brokered, but rather on dedicated affiliates. Only WTNI with English ESPN Sports January 30, 1225-1230, so maybe it was them.

4800 CHINA CNR-1, Golmud. 0006 January 27, 2012. Very weak but in the clear with Chinese female and male talk. Still no All india Radio making it here.

6155 INDIA All India Radio, Bengaluru. 0101-0245 January 29, 2012. Excellent listening with mostly subcontinental vocals and instrumentals, listed as Urdu 0015-0430.

6185 MÉXICO XEPPM Radio Educación. México DF. 0000 January 29, 2012. Noted with the required anthem (a slightly different choral version from the stock one most stations use) followed by male, "... Radio Educación, onda corta 6185 kiloHertz, 10,000 vatios de potencia..."

7000 UNIDENTIFIED. 1200-2100 January 28, 2012. A huge, mutant, noisy carrier around 7000. Noted 1200 discovery today, and still there 2past 2100. But no trace of it 1200+ the next day. Can't be too terribly far from the Republic of Florida, if not within.

800 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES Trans World Radio, Bonaire. 0027 February 15, 2012. Canned Spanish program ending, female, "Esta es Radio Transmundial... desde las Antilles Hollandaises..." at 0030, into another Spanish gospel program. Very good on local post-sunset.

1280 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Varadero, Matanzas. 0102 February 15, 2012. Someone bubbling up with instrumental/clarinet version of "The Look Of Love" at 0102. Seemingly the same source as Spanish Cuban-accented female overmodulated quick talk 0106, back to instrumentals. Sporadically bubbling up and still overmodulated with cheesy instrumentals, mostly piano Latin jazz tinged. Same female 0124, mentioning Cuba, seriously overdriven audio. At 0207, clarinet "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", with the unidentified Southern Gospel station still trading off. Looking for the newly-reported Radio Trinidad on this channel. No ID tonight. But the following evening, February 15 2359, Radio Enciclopedia canned ID into violin cover of Led Zeppelin "Kashmir" parallel 530. This one has been here for quite awhile -- listed on my Cuba doc and last in the WRTVH 1997 -- not on Sr. Molano's excellent list though. 

1280 LOUISIANA WODT, New Orleans. 0102 February 15, 2012. A huge jumble at times dominated by Southern Gospel praise vocals from an unidentified source, and a weak WTMY, Sarasota with sports net feed that by 0115 was mostly gone, and mixing at times with what was eventually ID'ed as Radio Enciclopedia, Cuba. A New Orleans Crime Stoppers PSA at 0327, and finally a male canned, "Gospel 12-80, WODT" at 0336.

1619.9 FLORIDA (PIRATE) Radio Keenam, Orlando. 1340 February 11, 2012. Fair-good on the car radio while eastbound on I-4 near Sand Lake Road with Haitian instrumental electronic kompa music. Making a slight low side het from on-frequency Radio Rebelde, Cuba. Estimating the off-frequency reading.

1650 FLORIDA (MIS) WQDC703 City of Orlando. 1350 February 11, 2012. Noted throughout south and SW Orlando on the car radio with a good signal, nonstop NOAA Weather Radio Melbourne relay except for frequent automated ID with calls by male voice (long, hesitant pause after the "W"). Why relay Melbourne when there's an Orlando NOAA Weather station available? their way of boasting that the Melbourne MIS (also on 1650) is inactive?

1689.93 FLORIDA (MIS) Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo. This transmitter continues to be in malfunction mode after months. The Clearwater in-synch transmitter remains active, on-channel, and weakly audible here, but a carrier on the low side, roughly here, remains. I drove to the transmitter site today, February 11, 2012, and for some reason the digital frequency counter wouldn't read the channel measurement despite being able to get up to te fence only 10-15 feet away, but it's definitely still provisionally on, with an overmodulated traffic update loop, signal quickly drops down just a few hundred feet away on the car radio.

1700 ALABAMA WEUP, Huntsville. 1323 February 11, 2012. Good signal and mostly alone on the channel with nice Southern blues gospel, male live ID at 1323 and 1334. Heard on the car radio eastbound I-4, near the Disney exits.

17715 AUSTRALIA Radio Australia, Shepparton. 0010 February 9, 2012. Austalian pop vocal, female ID, magazine-type format show with various light topics. Clear and fair.

99.7 MHz FLORIDA WBVL-LP, Buenaventura Lakes. 1910 February 11, 2012. Noted spotty though sometimes fair-good on SR-50 west of Orlando, near Pine Hills, with Spanish DJ, decent tropical Spanish vocals. No ID noted, but surely the one. Oddly, Buenaventura Lakes is not listed in the latest Florid addition of the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer, despite a population nearing 30,000 per Wiki. Alternately spelled Buena Ventura Lakes by some sources, though the consensus is Buenaventura Lakes. Located in extreme northern Osceola County. Logged on the car radio.

1190 MÉXICO XECT Contacto 11-90, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1159 February 18, 2012. National anthem at 1200, female ID with calls and slogan, into soft pop/jazz vocal covers of hits. "Escuché Contacto" by same female at 1214 into Spanish cover of "I Know I'll Never Love That Way Again" and "Contacto 11-90" slogans. Excellent on local post-sunrise here. First time logged, as normally XETOT ABC Radio, Tampico is the dominant one. Nice to hear a Mexican without ranchera music.

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1236 February 18, 2012. Excellent with female mentioning local events for today, then joined by a man with a list of baseball games scheduled.

1120 MEXICO XETQE La Morena, Tenosique, Tabasco. 1159-1215 February 26, 2012. Anthem from 1200, male briefly, then female DJ, very soft Spanish vocals, "La Morena" slogan by same female at 1214. Fair, with a second Mexican very poor underneath with anthem from 1201. Hoping for XERUY Radio Universidad, Mérida, Yucatán on that one, but too weak for any more copy. And a bit squeezed by power up from local 1110 at 1215.

1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde FM, Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana. 1759 February 26, 2012. "Rebelde F-M" ID and into Noticiero Nacional de Radio patch from 1800. I've probably noted it before such as logs of Rebelde FM on 96.7 MHz from the Florida Keys, but if so I forget, anyway Rebelde FM also patches NNdR, not that anyone much beyond Florida is likely to hear this over-the-air at local 1 pm ET. A very weak second Rebelde also audible under, only with "standard" AM Rebelde. Out of the news 1730 with "Radio Rebelde, la frecuencia modulada" by man.

13348U LDOC Air Transat and MedLink. 1746 February 26, 2012. Phone patch with MedLink and the Air Transat 520 pilot regarding a patient that became ill. MedLink advised to have the patient recline, give fruit juice and medics will meet upon arrival. Then operator, "New York terminating patch 1746." Excellent.

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 0019 February 29, 2012. Network and local spots, fair-poor on occasional fade-ups through WQBN, Temple Terrace in Spanish.

1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 0046 February 29, 2012. Good on occasional fade-up peaks over WYND and othes with piano and orchestral music, female announcer, parallel 530.

1310 FLORIDA WYND, Deland. 0010 February 29, 2012. Preacher, concluding 0015 as "The People's Gospel Hour" from Halifax, Nova Scotia with a MA mailing address. Then at 0016, live male, "This is WYND, Deland, 1310 on your A-M dial, WYND..." into gospel vocals. Another night power violator. Should be 113 watts by now, but probably still at full 10,400 watts.

1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, La Fé, Isla de la Juventud. 0140 March 1, 2012. Huge signal with nice Cuban pop-ish vocals, female ID moments after 0200 as "En la territorio de América, Radio Caribe..." Same female after every couple of songs. This one has always been a big overdriven signal regardless what channel they've been on in the past 30-plus years of monitoring.

1260 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, unknown site. 0115 March 1, 2012. Very, very poor with EZL piano, female, parallel 530. Not listed on the Molano page. My records show this first documented in year 2000. WSUA, Miami (Spanish, "Radio Caracol") mostly dominating the channel.

1280 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Varadero, Matanzas. 0106 March 1, 2012. Fair-very good on peaks over many others with the usual EZL and piano instrumentals, female host, parallel 530. Mostly dominating the channel. Not listed on the Molano list, but my last entry on my own Cuba list is from the 1997 WRTVH 1997 at this site, for what little that's worth.

1540 BAHAMAS Radio Bahamas ZNS1, Nassau, New Providence. 0007 March 2, 2012. Tune-in to "Death Notices" which is a quaint thing local US stations mostly no longer provide. Specific time-of-death mentions where apparently available were mentioned, including one recent death with a living in "Kiss-im-IN-ee, Florida" (it's Kissimmee, but we won't fault her: most non-native Floridians do far worse when coming to Florida and then think they can try to pronounce it on their little vacations).Then at 0013, male live, "This is Radio Bahamas, 15-40 AM and 104 point 5 FM." Then a promo for live coverage of "Prince Harry of Wales" at 10:30 a.m. Monday (March 5). I wonder what little hottie he'll have with him, or how many he'll pick up in nightclubs. His schedule: . Other promos for tuning in to 1540/104.5 FM to specifically listening to a program, so I guess they are really in parallel, despite the WRTVH 2012 listing. Lots of nice local soca/Junkanoo vocals after. Including a cool "Good Night, Irene" cover.

1570 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, unknown site. 0047 March 1, 2012. Threshold but definite parallel to 530 with EZL instrumentals, female announcer under several others. This one has been here for for quite awhile per my records, but not on the Molano list.

1700 FLORIDA WAMi, Holmes Beach. There was a feature in a couple of Bradenton area newspapers back in December, 2011 regarding a Part 15 station serving the Anna Maria Island community from studios in Holmes Beach on 1700 AM and via streaming at According to the Anna Maria Island Sun, Vol. 12, No. 11 (December 28, 2011), "WAMi Radio, [is] a project of Casey and Robert Herman, [and went on the air] at 1700 on the AM band at 10 p.m. Dec. 31 (2011)."  The format is commercial-free music from local musicians and information. It is in fact active. I drove down to Anna Maria Island mid-morning Saturday, March 10, 2012 to do my part in wasting fuel, and as an excuse to eat at the Rod N Reel Pier Restaurant. The signal range is puny and low on modulation. Surely he's Part 15 or at least close enough. The weakest trace of the signal is audible on Manatee Avenue (SR 64) at Village Green Parkway, as a near zero-beat carrier against the otherwise inaudible and presumed Miami station on 1700, guessing WAMi is the one very slightly off but impossible to confirm on a crappy Hyundai car radio. The signal is long-gone by the time
one drives to the northern half of the island. In fact, signal seems to peak just south of the Manatee apex on Gulf Dr. N. (heading toward Bradenton Beach). I didn't bother DFing (too much traffic with events in progress) nor did I bother to call the listed number on the website. Format was auto-pilot nonstop local musicians' soft vocals and blues, no announcements during my 2.5 hours on the island. Pleased to catch this one, as there's no way it would make it to my occasional Ft. DeSoto listening site,
much less Clearwater.

 671 CUBA Radio Rebelde. 0803 March 10, 2012. Checking the channel with the Chicago stations off for maintenance, this one was the only audible station, clear but low modulation as always, and of course creating a huge het.

1220 BRAZIL Rádio Globo, Rio de Janiero. 2349 March 12, 2012. Braso-Portuguese man, brief fill music, back with two Braso-Portugues men, trading with Cuban Radio Caribe (dominant) and a weak US sports talker. Up again for a few seconds at 0011 (now March 13), then gone with Cuba dominating. Paralleled with Gerry Bishop, Niceville, FL on this one. No ID, but surely the one with the auroral conditions. Gerry having logged it a few nights before and tipping me off. First log of this (my only Brazilian, same station) since circa 1979-1982, then from Casselberry, inland central Florida. Brazil just doesn't cut it in west central FL.

1310 CUBA Radio Eniclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud.  0057 March 13, 2012. Fair on occasional peaks, the usual female scripted DJ, canned ID 0100, parallel flagship 530.

1630 IOWA KCJJ, Iowa City. 1111-1127 March 18, 2012. Following up on a weak unidentified Oldies here yesterday under WRDW, Augusta (Yahoo! Sports Radio). Tune-in to the Eagles "Hotel California" from 1111, then The Eagles "One Of These Nights" followed by live-sounding or VT'ed man with clear KCJJ ID, into The Animals "We Got To Get Out Of This Place."

1700 TEXAS KVNS, Brownsville.1127 March 18, 2012. End of War "Low Rider" into Simon & Garfunkel "Mrs. Robinson." Injured by day power-up from WJCC, Miami Springs with ethnic Haitian programming.

6518 KOREA, SOUTH (CLANDESTINE) Voice of the People, Goyang. 1138 March 17, 2012. Good with Korean female announcer, fill music. Parallel mostly carrier 3480 and 3912, poor 4450, fair 6600.

15190 EQUATORIA GUINEA Radio Africa, Bata. 2001-2026* March 17, 2012. Thanks Gerry Bishop tip, clear but low modulation with US English preacher, seemingly off abruptly 2026.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Morón, Ciego de Ávila (or Aguada, Cienfuegos). 1057 March 25, 2012. Rebelde sounder, ID by man. Mixing with WQBA, Miami in Spanish.

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, La Salud, Mayabeque. 1102 March 26, 2012. Mayabeque in the mix along with Rebelde and WQBA today with ID and mention of "... 104.7 frecuencia modulada.

700 NICARAGUA YNMM La Poderosa, Managua. 1103-1115 fade April 9, 2012. Tentatively the one. Tune-in 1055, just WLW here, then the Mexican anthem popped up at 1057, someone seemingly signing on, not just playing it at the quasi-required time. When I returned at 1103, someone else here now and dominating with rooster crows, female, “Gracias a dios... cristo... palabra... su padre...” then into folk vocal from 1111, faded with my local sunrise. Format fits past logs of this one.

840 SOUTH CAROLINA WCEO, Columbia. 2354 April 3, 2012. Spanish tropical/soca-type vocals, quick male canned, “WCEO, Columbia, South Carolina” at 2359, then “La Raza” slogan at 0003 into Mexican vocals. Good.

939.88 MEXICO XEQ Bésame, México DF. 1108 April 7, 2012. Soft Spanish ballads, hetting WINZ, Miami sports talk. Good.

1690 FLORIDA (MIS) Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo. 2301 April 5, 2012. This one is back on with normal audio after months of running just a carrier. Same stale loop consisting of male then female regarding speed reduction in construction zones, fines, US-19 construction and to watch for motorcycles. Signal also audible fair level on April 8 while at Ft. DeSoto. Mullet Key mid-day.

3995 GERMANY Radio 700, Kall. 0058 April 9, 2012. Presume the 1 kW source with definite German male talk, way too weak for any ID, somewhat low modulation. Slight ARO interference.

6290 EUROPIRATE Spaceman Radio. 0142 April 9, 2012. Beatles block with “Yellow Submarine,” “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds,” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” then accented male with Spaceman Radio ID 0205, Dire Straits “Sultans Of Swing” with DJ IDing and talking atop the song. Fair-good.

6300 EUROPIRATE Crazy Wave Radio. 0125-0321 April 9, 2012. Excellent copy with great, obscure 60's pop and rock, frequent Ids by male DJ, email (received a reply from Andy (& Chris Ise) at 1111 GMT, thanking me for my reception report while they were on air). Big Ben chimes, a track by Scaffold (“... half brother of Paul McCartney, Mike McGear... from 1974...”). Yeah, I have this album, EMI, UK pressing, cutout.

6360.5 EUROPIRATE unidentified. 0145 April 9, 2012. Threshold, no chance for an ID here.

6930U PIRATE (USA) Wolverine Radio. 0053-0109* April 9, 2012. Excellent signal with great program of nonstop 1950's Jump Jive blues vocals, canned “Wolverine Radio” (sometimes reverb) occasionally. FFSK video sent from 0107, off.

6954.96 PIRATE (USA) unidentified. 0110-0114* April 9, 2012. Old radio-type audio parody, “The Industrial Revolution began in the 19th Century with the invention of the... It is not the only thing growing...” Abruptly off 0114. AM mode. Very good.

6960 EUROPIRATE unidentified. 0115 April 9, 2012. Also threshold, no chance for IDing.

8294U VIETNAM Hai Phong Coastal Radio VISHIPEL. 1210 April 9, 2012. Vietnamese female reader. Presumed site per Ron Howard's observations and times. Pretty weak at this hour here.

11500 TAJIKISTAN Voice of Russia, Dushanbe. 1151-1203 April 9, 2012. Big but fluttery signal with embarassingly terrible 50-Hz hum/buzz. End of music program, “Tune in same time next week for Russian music, and take care.” Into promo for VOR on-line, satellite access path, an FM frequency in London etc., ID and news summary. Presumed site.

11535 TAIWAN Family Radio, Paochung. 1203 April 9, 2012. “Amazing
Grace” in Chinese by gospel choir! Fluttery but otherwise excellent.
Listed as Mandarin at this time.

15190 EQUATORIAL GUINEA Radio Africa. 1737 April 9, 2012. Presumed the one, low modulation with English man and woman gospel talk. Difficult copy with low modulation and local hash noise.


The below logs were made with the Sangean PR-D5 from Ft. DeSoto Park, Mullet Key, FL local mid-day.

530 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site, western Cuba. 1840 April 8, 2012. Able to isolate alone this by nulling the big Enciclopedia signal. Weak.

590 FLORIDA WAFC, Clewiston. 1842 April 8, 2012. George Harrison's “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)”, ID into Rolling Stones “Miss You.” Fair with Radio Musical Nacional nulled, but WDIZ, Panama City then also present with sports talk.

600 LOUISIANA WVOG, New Orleans. 1846 April 8, 2012. Ranting preacher, clear and fair.

620 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Colón, Matanzas. 1846 April 8, 2012. Surprised this one is audible with a very tight null on local WDAE, St. Petersburg, their twin towers about 14.5 miles NNE of this reception location.

730 CUBA Radio Progreso, la Fe, Isla de la Juventud. 1801 Aqpril 8, 2012. Big, sloppy overdriven and somewhat Fming audio phasing cycles on the audio. Excellent, sadly.

850 CUBA Radio Reloj, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 1757 April 8, 2012. Fair and running the pleasant Sunday chimes instead of the RR's. Fair.

880 CUBA Radio Progreso, Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río. 1755 April 8, 2012. Radio novela in progress, better than 890 parallel.

1060 CUBA Radio 26, Jovellanos, Matanzas. 1751 April 8, 2012. Very good with man and woman chatter,

1300 GEORGIA WMTM, Moultrie. 1618 April 8, 2012. Presumed the one with nationally syndicated home improvement show hosted by man and woman (never could catch the show name) with call-ins, mostly national advertiser spots but one with mention of Valdosta, into stuttering newscaster at 1630. Local surely, but not. SRN News tag at the end. Fair with WQBN tight null. No trace of WFFG, Marathon until later in the afternoon recheck at a different more eastward location on the island. Neither WMTM or WFFG have functioning websites, sad.

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 1800 April 8, 2012. FOX News Radio, then canned, “WFFG covering the Keys, 1300 AM, your News Talk...” Fair in very tight nulling of WQBN, Tampa.

1330 FLORIDA WEBY, Milton. 1613 April 8, 2012. “Stay tuned to the Christian Connection” into spot for the “local water man...” then a WEBY ID/promo, more Pensacola store ads. Good with WWAB, Lakeland nulled.

1480 FLORIDA WUNA, Ocoee. 1607 April 8, 2012. Fair with Mexican music format, tight reception with semi-locals on both sides.

1600 FLORIDA WKWF, Key West. 1546 April 8, 2012. “FOX Sports Radio for the Keys, WKWF” into ad block, excellent.

1700 FLORIDA “WAMi”, Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island. 1838 April 8, 2012. Suspect the one, though no audio making it, but a weak sub-audible het against WJCC, Miami Springs. “WAMi” is the Part 15 station I confirmed as active on March 10 (see previously reported log of). Anna Maria Island is just across the shipping channel from this reception location.


700 MEXICO XERV Yo FM (XHRVI simulcast), Villahermosa, Tabasco. 1046 April 10, 2012. Spanish talk, fading up over WLW quickly. Mexican anthem at 1057, male canned, “… 106.3 MHz FM, XHRVI… Tabasco, México… Yo FM.” Rooster crows, man, into Mexican vocals from 1106. Faded fast, with another station (same female as yesterday) present, believed to be La Poderosa, Nicaragua.

702 TRANS-PACIFIC 1049 April 10, 2012. Pretty decent carrier smack on 702, but no audio. Probably an aggregate of several of the highest powered ones here,

720 MEXICO XEAVR, Radio Fórmula, Veracruz, Veracruz. 1058 April 10, 2012. Male canned, “… colonia… Radio Fórmula… Grupo Fórmula…”

630 HONDURAS Radio América (WRTVH 2012 still lists long-time Chuloteca or La Ceiba). 0103 April 11, 2012. Long ad block followed by Radio América program promos at 0105, then nice canned ID by man. Radio Progreso, Cuba mostly dominant by 0130. There used to be 4-6 América stations in parallel audible here at any given time in the local evenings in the 70's through maybe at best early 90's. Not so since.

700 NICARAGUA La Poderosa, Managua. 2351-0004 April 10-11, 2012.
Again,  tentatively the one but at a different time (sunset line instead of local sunrise). Weak Spanish, fading up, and then at 2359, male canned ID, of which only “... desde Managua, Nicaragua...” was captured. Surely this is the one. First local evening log, if so.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 0004 April 11, 2012. Believe the one, good post-sunset signal at the QTH with Spanish female scripture quotes and big group response, nonstop. Back to female call/response with countless Santa María pleads. Mostly gone by 0038, though Inspirational Christian Spanish vocals popping up through WGN at times through 0050 tune-out, seemingly someone else based on follow-up log of 0018 April 12: same female with the call/response for the holy Santa María, three bell tower gongs 0032 and call/response resumed. Finally at 0036, Spanish female Christian vocal, female DJ, more vocals, female reverb ID 0056 and 0057, seemingly the same long (canned, maybe) ID, man with talk from 0101. WGN QRM somewhat after 0030.

780 MEXICO XEMTS Radio Fórmula, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1108 April 11, 2012. Tejano vocal, male at 1109 with Radio Fórmula slogan, back to vocals. Someone else fading up with, “... la unica.. internacional...”
by female at 1113 and lots of phone keypad tones SFX, then all quickly faded down with post-sunrise here.

840 CUBA CMHW, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. 1046 April 11, 2012. Presumed the one with rundown on Villa Clara events and news items for the day by female.

950 MEXICO unidentified. 1052 April 11, 2012. Male DJ, Spanish ballads, laser SFX at 1100 into Mexican national anthem, announcer at 1103, but impossible to copy the ID and shortly lost. Radio Reloj a minor QRM (and it's wobbling on audio again). 1055-1106 April 12, 2012: male with a couple of "la Mágica" slogans and maybe an FM frequency reference, into truncated version of the common choral Mexican anthem at 1059, "la Mágica" slogan after and into soft Spanish ballad. No la Mágica slogan listed on 950 in Fred Cantu's list, nor do any of the listed FM simulcasts match with this slogan.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 2342 April 12, 2012. Following up on the previous local sunset logs: first traces audible from 2342, building signal and a Católica ID 0000 and 0004, into an intro for a Monsignor [someone] at 0004 then the Monsignor hosting the rosary with many Santa María and Santa María, Madre de dios congregation responses in full-swing by 0019. Hard break 0022, Católica ID again, back to the Monsignor and his audience, 0027 break, and 0049 canned ID by man with frequency. Signal very spotty on fade-ups/downs after 0055. April 13 2358: female, “Radio Católica, Managua” and again at 0001 with mention of an FM frequency, into rosary from 0002.

720 GEORGIA WVCC Hogansville. 2358 April 12, 2012. ID and "The Voice" slogan into FOX Radio News 0000, very briefly audible while sitting on the fading-up Radio Católica, Managua audio. Gone by 0004 (maybe closed down, as listed D1).

950 MEXICO XETO Radio Romántica, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1045-1103 April 14, 2012. The one I've been following for a week, thinking it was IDing as “la Mágica” is actually this one. Unable to find a Mágica slogan or catch the calls/FM frequency announced until today. Clear ID at 1058 by reverb male, “Romántica, 98.5 FM y 950 AM” into choral anthem, then male ID with FM and AM calls, mention of Tampico. Bad QRM from 970 WFLA IBOC up at 1100.

950 MEXICO unidentified. 1059 April 14, 2012. While IDing XETO, another weaker Mexican with ID not copied was audible. Male announcer, into choral anthem. Lost under XETO's bigger signal.

1120 CUBA 1120 -2335+ April 12, 2012. A definite Cuban, threshold (should be Radio Angulo or Radio Cadena Habana, both heard here per very old logs). No 1120 entries on the Molano EcuRed list. April 13 2340: baseball, mentions of Arequipo and Altamira, poor.

1120 FLORIDA WNWF, Destin. 0027 April 14, 2012. First log of this 1 kWer here per a tip that this one is not only staying on 24/7 (it's a D1) but also not IDing and, picking up ESPN Sports Radio from Sirius-XM (presumably not authorized to do so). Fair-poor post-sunset with basketball and baseball roundups, “ESPN Sports Radio... on Sirius-XM” 0027 into commercial break (all from the S-XM feed), back to sports roundup 0030. Recheck at 0112 had KMOX dominating.

530 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1819 April 15, 2012. Weak under Enciclopedia (the daytime house audio), the Cuban national anthem.  A quick flip to 1180 confirmed the anthem in progress for the opening of a baseball game.

730 MEXICO XEHB Radio Viva Villa, Hidalgo de Parral, Chihuahua. 1058 April 15, 2012. Tune-in to male canned ID, “Radio Viva Villa, Viva Villa” into Tejano vocal.

890 MEXICO XEBY Radio Fórmula, Tuxpán, Veracruz. 1056 April 22, 2012. Tune-in to Mexican anthem in progress, followed by the Veracruz state anthem (choral). No ID pulled, but this one by default since it's the only Veracruz station on 890. Been tracking this since April 16 as an unidentified.

900 MEXICO unidentified. 1100 April 22, 2012. Someone weak here and way under the big “W” Mexicans with anthem, usually a minute or so after “W” airs the anthem.

1140 MEXICO XEMR M-R Deportes, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1102 April 23, 2012. End of Mexican anthem, ID, seeming sports talk as slogan would imply, quickly lost in the jumble of Cubans.

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 1028 April 15, 2012. Unidentified rebroadcast sat-fed talk show hosted by a man in NYC, then hard break 1030, including a used car lot on “North Roosevelt Blvd.” which would be Key West. Unidentified Southern Gospel vocals station mixing equally.

1570 MEXICO XERF, Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila. 1105 April 22, 2012. Worthy of noting only because they play the Coahuila state anthem after the Mexican anthem at this time.

1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Guanacaboa, Ciudad de la Habana. 1238 April 22, 2012. Their Sunday morning music program of classic Cuban oldies is a frequent listen here. Today's nicest track, as identified by holding the iPhone's SoundHound app to the speaker was “La Mentira” by Felipe Pirela, and it's available on a compilation CD. Well, Felipe was a Venezuelan it appears. Per Wiki: “Felipe Pirela (1941 - 1972) was a Venezuelan singer.” Other deeper and more indigenous Cuban tracks are a FAIL on SoundHound, though. Shame.

6049.94 ECUADOR HCJB. 1158-1205 April 22, 2012. Relatively poor, not sure if Spanish programming or something indigenous, though lots of Spanish words and phrases by man and kiddie, enough to make it the language of Almost Spanish at least. The distinctive HCJB time sounders (three seconds slow on final tone) top-of-hour (don't forget: they also roll time sounders bottom hour, even over programming in progress if need be). This is likely the unidentified log of Tomas Nilsson, Sweden, SW Bulletin April 15 via DXLD, reported on 6050.932 at 2315) for which Glenn Hauser asked, “Did you mean 6049.932? Unlikely HCJB would be almost 1 kHz off.”

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1058-1110 April 30, 2012. Rebelde sounders, back to male newscast, sounders 1102 and ID. Fair-poor amongst WNMA, Miami Springs with Spanish sports roundup, and 'new' Radio Caribe (see log). Last heard here in November, 2010, LOBS Chirivico, Santiago de Cuba per P. Zecchino follow-up on my log back then.

1210 CUBA Radio Caribe, La Fe, Isla de la Juventud. 1101 ID over steel pans, four chimes and time check by man, kiddie talking/singing, another ID. Parallel 1220, so clearly a second Caribe transmitter.

11735 ZANZIBAR Radio Tanzania Zanzibar. 2017-2158* April 28, 2012. Clear and fairly decent signal with highlife vocals, Swahili female announcer between most songs, RTZ ID 2058 and abruptly off. Was hoping it would have stayed on through top of hour, news and anthem as in the past activation days. Maybe someone was just a little too quick to pull the plug today.

15075 USA (PIRATE) Undercover Radio. 1438-1442* April 28 and 1427-1432* April 28. Dr. Benway describing a chupacabra encounter/attack/hospitalization (they are indeed nasty), mentioned this was a Memorial Day broadcast (presumably from a previous year),
ID, gmail address, website for archived shows. Excellent signal and nice audio.

15760 ISRAEL 1504-1530* April 28, 2012. Farsi programming, ID. Listed 1400-1531* on Very good, no jamming audible, here at least. Again on April 29, 1450-1531*

87.75 MHz MEXICO unidentified analog TV 6 audio. 2103 April 24, 2012. Strong with novela programming.

90.1 MHz MEXICO XHSAT Mix, Villahermosa, Tabasco. 2102 April 24, 2012. Spanish ballads, ID. Thanks D. Crawford skip alert.

90.9 MHz MEXICO (presumed) 2108 April 24, 2012. Two battling it out, one with nonstop Spanish preacher, the other with Spanish pop vocals.

107.7 MHz MEXICO unidentified. 2312 April 24, 2012. Someone here relaying the government national news hour.

161.95 MHz FLORIDA Sea Tow, Pinellas Point, (St Petersburg). 1526 April 28, 2012. Thanks D. Crawford tip, who was hearing from the opposite side of the state. This is VHF channel 27, a Sea Tow “radio check” play channel. If you key in and speak, such as “Radio check, radio check [vessel name]” it auto-responds with your message recorded and played back, followed by an automated female ID that includes a reference to the Pinellas Point transmitting site (somewhere just before the Sunshine Skyway Bridge approach) and brief Sea Tow promo. It took a few tries and from outside on my VHF handheld to get it to catch due to my distance.

660 MEXICO XEDTL Radio Ciudadana, México DF. 1050-1115 May 11, 2012. Ads 1056 with peso quotes, female mentioning “Antena Radio” whatever that was about and today's date, into news headlines by man, mention of “Instituto Mexicano” into horribly long choral version of anthem 1100-1105, female, “... radio pública... XEDTL... Radio Ciudadana...” into ads, then oldie female vocal. Peaking 1100, almost gone by tune-out.

900 MEXICO XEWB Los 40 Principales, Veracruz, Veracruz. 1052-1110 May 8, 2012. Finally ID'ed this mystery XE under the bigger Mexican "W" Radio on 900 this morning. XEWB, Veracruz (which used to be another "W" relayer) with Spanish techno-pop vocals, female DJ mentioning, "... Martes, 8 de mayo..." and time check, anthem from 1101, clear "Los Cuarenta Principales" heard a couple of times, which made no sense till checking Fred Cantú's list, which shows: 900 XEWB Los 40 Principales + FM 98.9 Veracruz, Ver. 50,000 / 10,000. So, for certain no longer simulcasting “W” Radio (which explains not hearing the out-of-synch “W”  Radio audio here for awhile). “W” seems to air the anthem just before 1100 consistently, with this one 1-3 minutes later. And here is a nice quality full ID (I didn't hear anywhere near all of this) which I happened to find on YouTube: So I ask, what's the significance of "40 Principales" in context to a radio slogan? Not very snappy for a station with such hip music as Shakira and current Mexican dance-oriented bands per their website.

980 MEXICO unidentified. 1039 May 5, 2012. Spanish female nonstop talk about children's social services issues, destroyed at 1045 by 970 WFLA's IBOC up. Seemed to point around 280-290 degrees. Not a Spanish religious format, so I think KRTX, Rosenberg-Richmond, TX 1000/4000 can be ruled out, putting this in Mexico regardless of my LOB on an active portable loop and compass.

990 MEXICO unidentified. 1105 May 5, 2012. Weak with Mexican national anthem from 1106, into Tejano vocals, probably after an ID that was not heard, immediately lost. Suppose 980 and 990 will be my next pursuits for ID's though the coveted 1100 anthem time with almost guaranteed ID's before/after are quickly slipping away to an earlier peak local mornings here.

1140 CUBA Radio Musical Nacional, unknown site. 1054 May 10, 2012. Fair in the mess of other sunrise stations, parallel 590. Possibly the same transmitter that is or at least was carrying Radio Cadena Habana (neither listed in the Molano list). Appears to LOB slightly east of Havana-proper, regardless.

1170 MEXICO XERT Ke Buena, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 1057 May 10, 2012. National anthem up at 1057. Very, very poor and no ID caught after, then immediately lost. IDed the next day: 1029-1038 May 11, male, “... Ke Buena... AM...” 1030 just before PSR power up from WAVS, Davie, FL with their English Caribbean programming, though pieces of XERT were audible with Mexi-tunes under.

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1100 May 12, 2012. Again heard. Rebelde sounder and ID, poor under many others.

1430 FLORIDA WLTG, Panama City. 0026 May 3, 2012. Briefly and very poor with Tampa Bay Rays coverage fading in/out, female “WLTG 14-30” ID 0038. Lots of co-channel post-sunset, including WTMN, Gainesville, FL with Southern Gospel (mostly dominating) and briefly, WOIR, Homestead in Spanish.

1430 FLORIDA WTMN, Gainesville. 0044 May 3, 2012. Spots, one with a 352 area code followed by “... disable the cable...”  spot and “...Gospel 14-30...” slogan after Southern Gospel song ended. Then at 0111, female canned, “Gospel 14-30, Gainesville, Your Inspiration Station” slogan (slight variation on the 2012 NRC AM Log). Remains dominant throughout darkness, so are they really running 45 watts nights (U1 1000/45)?

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 1033 June 3, 2012. Spanish female choir within  morning services. Quickly fading.

1100 COLOMBIA HJAT Caracol Radio, Barranquilla, Atlántico. 1001 June 3, 2012. Excellent on peak as is sunrise approaching with ID's and “primera cadena radio colombiana” slogan. Ad block from 1009 comprised of mostly Bogotá stores and companies.

 1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, La Salud, Mayabeque. 1708 June 3, 2012. Tune-in to Noticiero Nacional de Radio news feed pickup, exiting it at 1729 and change with Radio Mayabeque interval signal thrice, ID by female, into Cuban pop vocals. Seems common for those who pick up this feed to exit NNdR a bit early during the NNdR synthesizer theme at the conclusion (also used at the opening) for some unknown great fear. Maybe because it appears to originate via the Rebelde network, and they'd hate to capture a Rebelde ID? If so, I guess I give them credit. If not, well...

1170 COLOMBIA HJNW, Caracol Radio, Cartagena, Bolívar. 1013 June 3, 2012. Perfectly parallel and almost as good as 1100 kHz.

1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus. 0954 June 3, 2012. Nice traditional Cuban vocals with flutes, canned ID by man with chimes, “CMHT Radio Sancti Spiritus” at 1059. Good.

1290 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana. 1102 June 3, 2012. Extremely poor and fading out fast, parallel 530. Another one that's mostly unlisted on Cuba list references.

1290 MEXICO unidentified. 1100 June 3, 2012. Threshold with choral Mexican anthem, no hope for ID. Someone else in the mix with frequent and annoying gong-like chimes (not to be confused with the different-sounding and usually Sunday-only Radio Reloj, Cuba chimes).

1560 TEXAS KGOW, Belleair. 0908 June 3, 2012. Yahoo! Sports Radio satellite feed, commercial break including RE/MAX West Side Realty and Homeland Mortgage, “... serving west Houston.” Excellent.

1610.12 UNIDENTIFIED. 0903 June 3, 2012. Low growl het against Tampa International Airport TIS and weak University Network, Anguilla.

6030 CUBA jammers. 1504 June 3, 2012. Multiple big pulsers pumping up the volume, oblivious to the fact they are jamming dead airspace at this time. Still there 1702 re-check. And 1820. How many refrigerators and window air conditioners could the be powering for elderly widows in Old Havana crumbling apartments? Meanwhile, Rebelde on 5025 is off. No, wait! 5025 is abruptly back up at 1506.

9585 CHINA China Radio International, Xi'an. 1535-1557* June 3, 2012. Japanese. Clear, fair. Transmitter off 1557:10.

9780 TAIWAN (CLANDESTINE) Furusato no Kaze,Tainan. *1559-1630 June 3, 2012. Tentatively the one. Carrier noted at tune-in seconds before 1600. Time sounders (possibly four, short – and one long) at 1600, but not 100% certain they were from this source -- though no other co-channel signal heard – into mostly talk programming is what seemed to be Japanese, man and woman often trading off. Recheck 1622 with light instrumental music in progress, then man and woman again. Website (unable to copy) at 1629, filler music till 1630:15, then into open carrier which remained on until 1700:01*, assuming the carrier was the same source, leaving absolutely nothing else audible on the channel here. Clear and fair-to-weak during the 1600-1630 programming.

15120 SRI LANKA Radio Free Asia, Iranawila. 1135 June 3, 2012. Presumed site per with also presumed (listed) Laotian comprising of mostly talk, clear and fair, parallel better 9325 (listed as Aginan Point, Saipan). WRTVH 2012 lists 15120 as Sri Lanka 1100-1130, then Saipan 1130-1200, with 9325 as via Saipan. Seems silly to flip 15120 to another site after 30 minutes for only another 30, if accurate. But sometimes silly is.

15190 EQUATORIA GUINEA Radio Africa, Bata. 1456 June 3, 2012. Presumed the one, clear but somewhat low modulation, English gospel talk and filler music. Into another English gospel program from 1500.

105.9 MHz FLORIDA W290BJ, North [sic] Tampa (970 kHz WFLA, Tampa simulcast),  1819 May 28, 2012 and days since. Confirmed active per inquiry about the status from Wayne Heinen from the National Radio Club. Local level on the Sony ICF-7600GR, audio about seven seconds ahead (no  censor delay) of 970. Only mediocre on the car radio locally. So, Clear Channel News/Talk 970 WFLA has added the first of its two planned FM translators. The 250-watt translator is owned by Radio Training Network, whose “Joy FM” will use an HD sub-channel of Clear Channel’s 95.7 MHz WBTP to feed some of its translators in the Tampa Bay area. Reportedly, WFLA will soon add a second translator (within 90 days, they say) to serve St. Petersburg and central Pinellas County. Reach Communication’s 94.5 W233AV in Gulfport has a construction permit to upgrade to 250 watts with WFLA as its station of origination. But reportedly it will be relocated to the Starkey Road tower near Bryan Dairy Road, which north of Gulfport in the city of Seminole. If I recall correctly, this was the old tower for 97.9 MHz “98 Rock”  WXTB many years ago. The property is pretty dilapidated, with seemingly a few cellular-type things hanging on the primary stick last time I noticed. Anyway, sporadic near top-of-hour ID's with translator calls and COL aired occasionally for 105.9 (also heard randomly near bottom of the hour), otherwise lots of more generic 105.9 promos. Transmitter is near the Leroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway at US-41. COL used to be the equally fictitious West [sic] Tampa. Not unlike “Tampa Bay” legal ID's and surely loads of other false cities concoted by the FCC for certain market coverage locations.


Suspect I discovered the transmitting source from the oddly-configured antennae at the US Coast Guard Auxiliary facility near in Venice, Florida (just NW of the airport, nearly on the Gulf of Mexico shoreline). I found this via random Google pokes using USCG/Venice/HF key word search combinations (and similar sub-pages served up):

So, presumably remotely controlled WERA and/or CODAR emissions. A portable HF receiver and my  frequency counter should easily confirm, since the property is completely open and one can walk almost up to the antennae, albeit unauthorized entry (like that has ever stopped me). A decent shot of some of the antennae has been on my Photo & Images sub-page at:

I'll confirm next time I am down that way, if not confirmed well before by Paul Zecchino who lives near the site.

The large HF horizontal fan dipole seen behind the CODAR ground plane-looking antenna is separate and likely a broadband transmit/receive remote-fed to CAMSLANT etc., Per Paul.

720 GEORGIA WVCC, Hogansville. 2317 June 11, 2012. FOX News Radio feature on, of all cool things, new and classic artist music releases over the past two weeks. Namely, Joe Walsh “Analog Man”, Patti Smith “Banga” and the new Beach Boys album. Quick canned male ID, more FOX feed, fast fade. D1 7,870 kW.

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 1631 June 10, 2012. Very good with female announcer, into “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears, “Club Rocker [Play & Win Radio Version]” by Inna, “Late Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” by Katy Perry and other pop-tart songs in top dance hits of the week countdown, reverbing female DJ hosting between every couple of tracks. Finally something in at least Spanglish -- albeit another lousy one – “Tengo Tu Love” by Sie7e.

Reverbing male mentioned “Studio 91” (or maybe “Estudio 91” – those “e's” are often almost silent) at 1652, maybe the show name, into a real all-Spanish lyrics song, “Bienvenido” by – hark! My new love Laura Pausini (see 1120 MEXICO log about her). Into Noticiero Nacional de Radio news pick-up at 1700 (1 pm). So much for their incredibly slow-loading website schedule, obviously wrong for at least Sunday:  NNdR ended late at 1730:30, quick Metropolitana ID, into way better Spanish salsa/pop now.

 1120 MEXICO unidentified. 1025 June 9, 2012. Tentatively Mexico, anyway. Soft Spanish Smooth Jazz-type vocal, male announcer 1029, then signal faded. But at 1037, “Venus” by Frankie Avalon faded up, segued into “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb at 1039, then at 1041, "Non C'è" sung in Italian by previously unknown to me Italian-born Laura Pausini, which my iPhone's SoundHound app (a great music ID tool when DXing) identified, and being on her debut album released in Italy. She's now 38, big in Italy since beginning her career in the early-90's, and even bigger in Latin America after issuing several albums in Spanish. Seemed an odd song choice to follow the previous two. Pretty much lost the signal after this, with KMOX sports talk dominating till they too faded out a little after 1100. No US stations that should be audible at this time are listed with an Oldies format, but that's what I presumed this set of songs must be sourcing from. Until re-checking the next morning, June 10. Tune-in to soft vocal in English by female, Spanish male announcer 1014, signal fade. But back up at 1023 with John Lennon's “Beautiful Boy” (which wasn't even a single) from the 1980 “Double Fantasy” album, then male announcer mentioning, “... música... ---dente...” into Spanish female vocal (“no SoundHound matches” message this time, Italian is prettier I would agree). At 1030, male again mentioned, twice, a slogan seemingly ending in “---dente” and signal lost by 1033, local sunrise enhancement not allowing the signal to hold through any potential Mexican anthem around 1100. Again on June 11: “Diary” by Bread at 1020, segued into unidentified English female singer, segued into Spanish female vocal, signal lost 1030. The signal LOB is roughly W/WNW. Very unusual format, if a Mexican, and no slogan or format seems to fit in Fred Cantú's online list.

1121 CUBA unidentified. 1620 June 4, 2012. I've been hearing this one for a few weeks, never any audio, seemingly carrier only or nearly no modulation in use. Prompted to get a better DF on it after Gerry Bishop, David Crawford and Paul Zecchino from the other corners of the state also confirmed hearing it. For me, it seems to be around 210-degrees at local high noon, putting it maybe in Pinar del Río province. Paul – probably more accurate – gets a LOB much farther east of this, slightly west of Santa Clara and east of Cienfuegos. Smack on 1121.00 and no sign of anything Cuba otherwise on 1120 proper, daytime or nights here.

1210 CUBA Radio Caribe, Isla de la Juventud. 0027 June 12, 2012. Fading up atop all the others with the usual canned male/female ID over steel pan music bed, parallel weaker and listed 1220. Again, this one -- indeed for a long time on 1210 -- isn't entered on other lists, including the WRTH 2012, etc. despite my repeated reports. To sum, Caribe remains on not only 1220 but also 1210. Refer to my online archive for said.

1210 USA unidentified 0004 June 12, 2012. Briefly under/over Rebelde with Journey's “Who's Crying Now” and fade-down, then The Police “Roxanne” at 0008, fade. And at 0015, “Popcorn” by Hot Butter.

1210.1 UNIDENTIFIED. 1038 June 11, 2012. Threshold, Spanish vocals. Carrier is always slightly warbly, USB to avoid as much of WNMA, Miami Springs (Spanish format) as possible. It's been here forever, as there are entries are in my logbook from September and October, 2010 and October, 2011. Rebelde also present and weak, but spot on 1210, so not them. Suspect something Central American or maybe Mexican.

11730 BELARUS Radio Belarus. 2200 June 9, 2012. Tune in with bassy male, “This is Radio Belarus” and news-ish items, all very hard to understand with crappy modulation and bassy audio. Music fill from 2207. Recheck 2258, closing announcements, 2300:12*.

5952.42 BOLIVIA Radio Pío XI, Siglo Veinte. 2358 June 18, 2012. Female ID 2359, long discussion, ID 0017, nondescript Spanish vocals, another ID 0041, flutes and rustic music till 0054 and yet another ID. Clear and good.

5954.276 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) Radio República, Guápiles or Cariari. It’s been a long time since I checked for this at sign-on, and I don’t read where anyone else has bothered to check on consecutive or close-to days, so here we go. One may assume it is presently 0100, but one would also be wrong, viz. June 17, 2012: no trace of anything on 5955 (including Cuba jammers) at 2100 or 2200. Recheck 0029 (now GMT June 18), República already on and unjammed. Recheck 0055, jammers are now on, but República audio still coming through OK. Next log, June 18, nothing on 5955 – including any jammers – 2200, 2300 and 0000 checks. But jammer #1 up at 0055:00 (now June 19), followed within a total of two minutes by at least two more pulsers. Next log, June 19, 5955 silent 2100 and 2200 checks. Jammers up 0054:08 (now June 20), with three more following at  the:24, :47 and :52 marks. At 0056:18, República carrier up on measured 5954.226 and immediately into the Cuban national anthem, Radio República ID by man followed by the República theme, all audible under the jammers. What quantifies this as transmitting 10 kW from Cariari (and is that the REE site that houses 3 X 100 kW units) vs. the originally reported Guápiles site via the 10 kW ELCOR transmitter, when this was testing with the canned music loop? I still think it could be more than coincidence this is on almost exactly the same off-frequency channel that the long-defunct Radio Casino, Puerto Limón used. Could this be the old Casino transmitter, be it still at Puerto Limón, or relocated elsewhere? And what ever happened to our Costa Rican DXer? So many questions, so few answers.

6154.92 BOLIVIA Radio Fides, La Paz. 0019 June 19, 2012. Spanish male announcer, nondescript Spanish vocal from 0022. Again on June 21 from 0038 with announcer, fill music, ID. Clear and fair-good. I’m amused at those who have been following this for weeks -- not knowing who it is or getting an ID -- a station that’s been here forever.

14950.64 UNIDENTIFIED (Central-Mexi-merican). 2242 June 21, 2012. Per D. Crawford alert, this recently-appearing one audible with deep fades, trading-off Spanish male and female, norteño-ish vocals. Some of the female announcements are reverbed. Almost seems a feed from a legit source. Full AM mode. Again, June 22 2154 on 14950.66 with Spanish Christian vocals, poor, then again June 23 from 1215 (8:15 a.m. My local time) on 14950.70, clear and fair with soft Spanish Christian praise vocals, 1231 male announcer with probable ID or slogan but not copied. Signal just as good USB vs. LSB, in fact thhis morning log better in LSB.

7210L PENNSYLVANIA N1NR (Nelson Roig), Bushkill. 1307 June 23, 2012. Tune-in, a rare English moment from Nelson as he exchanged signal
readings with a fellow piggy in Clermont, Florida. But the best part was the frequent jammer, a sound file snip of acoustic guitar-accompanied group male rendition of “La Cucaracha” repeatedly cycling with short breaks on the channel (probably CO2KK or an assigned puppet), all while Nelson ranted about Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, Fidel Castro (please, Fidel is so passé) and the present government of Nicaragua in exchange with another piggy or two, all in
Spanish, including another one in Florida.

9510.8 UNIDENTIFIED. 1225 June 24, 2012. Just a weak carrier audible here, who is responsible for  this nonsense?

9695.36 BRAZIL Rádio Rio Mar, Manaus, Amazonas. 1218 June 24, 2012. Very weak, presumed the one with Braso-Portuguese male, seemingly preacher.

11702.00 UNIDENTIFIED. 1253-1300* June 23, 2012. Low modulation with bits of instrumental music audible, time sounders 1300 and plug pulled. Who is this? Presume Iran can be ruled out, with time sounders at the top of the real hour. Anything North Korean-ish here? Again June 24, 1117 muffled talk in who knows what language, time sounders 1200, transmitter off 1256.39, but back up 1257:28, then transmitter off 1259:53 just before any time sounders, and off for good today. Ron Howard?

11925.22 BRAZIL Rádio Bandeirantes, São Paulo. 1237 June 24, 2012. Probably the one based on off-frequency and the few others propagating at the same time between 31 and 19 meters. Barely any audio though.

14950.68 COLOMBIA Salem Stereo, Ibagué or Río Blanco, Tolima. 2145 June 23, 2012. Spanish Christian and non-secular Spanish pop vocals (a couple of the latter I vaguely recognize from elsewhere plays, including local Hispanic FM). Female reverb 5:54 time check 2159 (-5 GMT), then male reverb “Transmite...  Salem Stereo.” At 2259, same reverb female voice “...  Salem Stereo, 6 de la tarde, 2 minutos...” Never any call letters it seems on the top-of-hour ID, or any blatant paid advertisements heard for that matter. Live male 2334 with mention of upcoming Sunday programs. Looks like the legitimate station  is on 106.5 MHz, at least per this possibly useful and rather extensive Spanish format FM list: which lists as Rio Blanco, while says Ibagué. So, presume either a low power transmitter serving as a remote audio queue or STL, or someone roguely relaying for reasons

15191.56 BRAZIL Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. 1239 June 24, 2012. Clear but weak with Portuguese ballad, male announcer at 1248. Low modulation.

***NOTE: Logs appended [MANA] were jointly made with Paul V. Zecchino at his Manasota Key, Florida QTH***

600 NICARAGUA Radio Ya, Managua.1028 July 9, 2012. Excellent and alone with inspirational-tinged kiddie radio play with animated characters, roosters and sound effects, punctuated often with. “Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya...” Already beginning to fade by 1043.

640 FLORIDA WMEN, Royal Palm Beach. 1945 July 6, 2012. Fair with sports talk, (Cuban) Radio Progreso was off the air (it was on a half-hour earlier while driving around Venice). Progreso was back up a little less than an hour later, with no trace of this possible. [MANA]

671.00 CUBA Radio Rebelde. 1530 July 6, 2012. Fair, delayed audio from the other and much stronger Rebelde on 670, totally different LOB's. But on my 2013 July 7 check, audio on a weaker one was present, but right on 670, so 671 was apparently off at this check and one of the other Rebelde site on 670 the likely source. [MANA]

720 MEXICO unidentified. 1055 July 9, 2012. End of soft vocal, into choral XE anthem 1056, but on the fade-out, no ID. XEAVR Radio Fórmula, Veracruz the best candidate and noted previously.

810 BAHAMAS Radio Bahamas, Freeport, New Providence. 1514 July 6, 2012. Bahamian-accented female announcer mentioning local events, then (reason unknown) into cool small band version of God Save the Queen from 1518. Poor, with tight nulling all the adjacent channel mess. [MANA]

820 CUBA Radio Ciudad de la Habana, Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad de la Habana. 1525 July 6, 2012. Fair with tightly-nulled WWBA, Largo, FL. [MANA]

900 FLORIDA WSWN, Belle Glade. 2120 July 6, 2012. Extremely weak on the Benmar RDF from Paul's topside porch. Southern Gospel. [MANA]

990 CUBA Radio Guamá, La Palma, Pinar del Río. 2130 July 6, 2012. Excellent. [MANA]

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 2105 July 6, 2012. Excellent with sports round-up program, ID. Also heard back at the home on July 7, 1715 with Noticiero Nacional de Radio relay, nice ID by female over music bed at 1732, into Cuban techno-pop program. AND... the presumed source of a “wobbler” – 1748 and 1810 – this July 7, wobbling audio for a few seconds each time. Very few of these wobblers are detected any more, the presumed defective junk Chinese transmitters having found a repair patch I guess. [MANA]

1000 CUBA Radio Guamá, Los Palacios, Pinar del Río. 2120 July 6, 2012. Extremely weak under Radio Artemisa on the Benmar RDF while sitting on the balcony. I'd been listening to Artemisa for about a half-hour, when traces of something else bled through. Paralleled the audio to strong 990. So, Guamá for sure remains here. [MANA]

1020 CUBA R Artemisa, unknown site. 1955 July 6, 2012. Big, badly overdriven signal. Same at the home QTH 1025-1245 July 8, 2012, nice traditional Cuban vocals, despite over-modulation. Artemisa still here, parallel 1000, maybe the same transmitter that was Radio Mayabeque. Believed to be the former Radio Guamá transmitter, which would be Bahía Honda, Pinar del Río if sites are to be believed. [MANA]

1020 CUBA Radio Reloj, Jorobo, Las Tunas. 1116 July 8, 2012. Weak and about the last traces post-sunrise with Radio Artemisa dominating daytime.

1121.00 CUBA unidentified. 2000 July 6, 2012. The usual 24/7 western Cuba open carrier transmitter or exciter, strong. [MANA]

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, La Salud, Mayabeque. 1559 July 8, 2012. Male canned ID initially not copied, but not parallel Rebelde AM, Rebelde FM, Radio Musical Nacional or Radio Cadena Habana, so this narrows things down. Into some Cuban pop-ish vocals, male but mostly female squeaky talker. Same canned ID 1659 as, “Esta es Radio Mayabeque. Desde la ciudad de ---” over steel pan theme, into Noticiero Nacional de Radio news feed. Another ID – maybe live – by man coming out of NndR at 1730, into Cuban pop-ish vocals.

1140 CUBA unidentified. 1000 July 8, 2012. Cuban national anthem bubbling up (6 a.m. Havana time). Not parallel Rebelde or Musical Nacional, leaving at least a couple of other possibilities here.

1160.50 UNIDENTIFIED (LATIN AMERICA). 1058 July 6, 2012. Certainly something Central American, but just a weak carrier.

1170 OKLAHOMA KFAQ, Tulsa. 1003 July 8, 2012. Very good with Primo Kia and Sigma truck driver school spots, “...1170 KFAQ or text to...” and into the WSJ Weekend Report.

1170 MEXICO XEZS Radio Hit, Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. 1054 July 2, 2012. Unidentified at this point with male announcer, into Mexican ballads, signal lost with sunrise fade. Recheck 1036 July 4: two stations here, one with Spanish male preacher (lots of “palabra, palabra”) but mixing with another, playing Mexican music, also WAVS, Davie, with the usual weekday morning drive Caribbean-English programming, and “The Deck” WDEK, Lexington, SC (Oldies). At 1058, the choral Veracruz anthem briefly bubbled up, which by default means it's this one, listed in the WRTVH-2012 and Fred Cantú's online, the latter showing this as a simulcast of XHZS, 92.3 MHz. But Googling, I also find references to a XHZS “Planeta” on 100.3 MHz in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Fred's list shows this 100.3 XHZS as a  “Los 40 Principales” affiliate/slogan, not Planeta. So, I gather the same calls can be used if the station isn't in the same state? Not quite so. An inquiry to Fred resulted in this July 4 reply: “There is a actually a lot of that going on right now because of Mexico's transition from AM to FM. AM stations are being assigned an FM channel and by default the new FM is assigned the XH-- equivalent of their XE-- AM calls. So XEZS's FM will be assigned XHZS. As near as I can tell they'll only change it if the holder of the XH call complains or is widely known. In most cases the change involves inserting a letter E. So XEZS's new FM may be reassigned the calls XHEZS.” Thanks, Fred.

1170 UNIDENTIFIED (LATIN AMERICA). 1039 July 5, 2012. First heard the day before, faded up here again in the mix with WDEK “The Deck” Lexington, SC (Oldies) and another weak Spanish (possibly XEZS), lots of “hallelujah,” ”espírito santo” and “palabra” references by preacher. Already faded out by 1048 with WAVS now dominating. July 6, 1012 fade-up: male preacher again with a couple of “Señor Jesús” mentions, Mexican-sounding gospel vocal 1025, back to preacher but lost the signal shortly thereafter. Suspect something Central American.

1190 MEXICO XECT Contacto 11-90, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1046 July 6, 2012. Mexi-pop, female ID 1049. Fair.

1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Holguín, Holguín. 0157 July 13, 2012. Cuban pop song, female DJ briefly into another vocal. ID 0202, back to Cuban ballads. Good on very brief peaks with WBT semi-nulled.

3309.99 BOLIVIA  R. Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba. 0122 July 13, 2012. Nice signal with mostly female in always non-Spanish (presumed Quechua). Brief fill music, ID.

3320 SOUTH AFRICA Radio Sonder Grense, 0129 July 13, 2012. Fair and in the clear except for a little beep-beep (distant CODAR?). Unfamiliar pop vocal, Afrikaans male ID 0130, talk until 0132 filler, more talk.

6160.88 CANADA CBC Radio One, St. John's, Newfoundland. 0054 July 13, 2012. Clear and fair, light news-ish items, future programming promo, Radio One ID into news. Way off-frequency as per Glenn Hauser's observation. So, bets on how long until CBC executes these last couple of 6160 regional transmitters?

9625 CANADA CBC North Québec Service, Sackville, New Brunswick. 2300 July 12, 2012. Still here. Tune-in just as going into, “It's 7 O'clock, CBC News, I'm... [somebody unknown]” by female. Signal indeed appears to be on or very close to 9625, vs. the longtime off-frequency and sloppy, very low modulation days. Modulation, however, remains low. Almost as low as previous.

11764.94 BRAZIL Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba, Paraná. 2314 July 12, 2012. Braso-Portuguese preacher, presumed the one, obviously the Brazilian here regardless. Clear, fair. And rocking in with trading-off male/female preachers re-check 0051 (now July 13 GMT).

11815 BRAZIL Rádio Brasil Central, Goiânia, Goiás. 2306 July 12, 2012. Braso-Portuguese male ID, Braso rap-rock song, a couple of ads, time check 2309 and ID with mention of Goiânia, more rap-rock-ish vocals. Clear, fair. Seems to be on or about on-frequency. Shocker for a Braso shortwaver.

11780 BRAZIL  Rádio Nacional da Amazônia, Brasilia, DF. 2316 July 12, 2012. Excellent with spoon-fed government news feed, parallel very good 6180.

11829.98 BRAZIL Rádio Daqui,  Goiânia, Goiás. 2324-0000* July 12, 2012. Braso-Portuguese male slow-talking male preacher. What sounded like an ID at 2330, male “Rádio Daqui...” (but sounded phonetically more like “Dak-AH”) into more (another?) gospel preacher program, gospel vocal 2342, female a bit later, more vocals. Audio then transmitter abruptly cut 0000. Definitely the Brazilian, whatever ID/programming source it may be. Good signal by the last few minutes. Who the hell listens to all these Brazilians with this type of programming (besides a half-dozen DXers who don't give a flip about the programming)?

11854.94 BRAZIL Rádio Aparecida, Aparecida, São Paulo. 0012 july 13, 2012. Presumed the one, certainly a Brazilian at least, with Braso-Portuguese canned gospel programming. Clear/fair.

14950.78 COLOMBIA (PIRATE) Salem Stereo, Ibagué or Río Blanco, Tolima. 2241 July 10, 2012. Fair with creaky Spanish vocals.


650 CUBA unidentified “wobbler” 0935 July 15, 2012. No audio heard, but the distinctive sporadically wobbling Cuba noise under WSM. Probably the Progreso transmitter.


1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Holguín, Holguín. 0034 July 14, 2012.  Big signal on post-sunrise, once the local Tampa station is down, and WBT not fading in yet. Cuban techno-pop, 0038 ID by hyper man. Audio way over-mod. Again July 15, 0826, female “Onda ---” (not copied, program name) into Shakira “Suerte” vocal.


1121 CUBA. The carrier-only transmitter actually not on at 0920+ July 15, 2012 check, allowing KMOX to be heard in AM and USB mode clearly for a change. But on early afternoon.


1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde (multiple). 0956 July 15, 2012. At least three clearly audible, all out-of-synch, ICRT interval signal X 1 at 1000 into news. Almost as entertaining as 1180.


1550 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 0954 July 15, 2012. Good over WRHC with Spanish pop vocals, parallel 1140, 1180, 1620 etc. Multiple sites listed of course.


1590 FLORIDA WPSL, Port St. Lucie. 0745 July 15, 2012. St. Lucie Jewelry & Coins and other local ads, ESPN Radio promo, “ESPN 1590, WPSL, The Talk of the Treasure Coast” and back into net feed feature on a Moroccan training for the Olympics. Fair-good with my local, WRXB, St. Pete Beach partially nulled. Surely not really on their listed night 63 watts.


1670.20 UNIDENTIFIED. 0752 July 15, 2012. Weak carrier, no audio making it, with presumed WPLA, Dry Branch, GA with FOX Sports Radio on 1670.00.


1680.15 UNIDENTIFIED. 0754 July 15, 2012. Weak carrier also here, with presumed KRJO, Monroe, LA with Urban Gospel preacher, and WOKB, Winter Garden, FL with Urban gospel vocals both on 1680.00.


3260 PAPUA NEW GUINEA NBC Radio Madang, Madang. 1004 July 15, 2012. Very poor but clearly parallel audio to 6039.98 during the NBC net news.


6039.98 PAPUA NEW GUINEA NBC, Port Moresby. 1004 July 15, 2012. English female in studio with lots of remote phoned reports of some type, presumed the NBC net news capture. Very hard to copy useful audio. At 1018, instrumental version of Elton John's “Sacrifice” then Tok-Pisin programming, with more remote audio reporting and a speaker with crowd cheering. Parallel very weak 3260 Madang. 3905 New Ireland presumed in as well, but no useful audio pulled and thus not possible to tell if parallel. No trace of 4890, if on, with CODAR clanging away here. Still there at 1103 re-check, but weak and fading fast.


6160 CANADA CKZU CBC Radio One, Vancouver, BC. 0830 July 15, 2012. Very weak with male hosting magazine features program (NPR-ish format) on learning French and Hemingway's “A Farewell To Arms” reissued with

47 endings (as if one wasn't enough). CKZN, St. John's, Newfoundland still riding him high on 6160.88.


11829.98 FRENCH GUIANA WYFR, Montsinéry  2354-0000* July 13, 2012. Very good signal level with Braso-Portuguese male preacher, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” instrumental filler at closing of the canned program, and -- just like yesterday -- transmitter abruptly cut at 0000. WAFWHIJ didn't seem to be the same version WYFR uses, but: Gerry Bishop in Ft. Walton Beach followed up on my log, and reports (July

14): “I’m hearing a program now, ending, at 2359, with WYFR’s IS music. Aoki does have them in PT, and pulling the plug at 0000, on 11830, French Guiana.” So, my hoping this was Rádio Daqui, Goiânia, Goiás is probably a not.


CUBA. I stumbled upon the below, posted on the essentially non-station information Radio Angulo page, this being the English page translation. Radio SG's slogan, per a photo where the staff is holding a sign, is not surprisingly “La Voz del Azúcar.” Is “SG” an acronym for English “sugar” or maybe the nearby town of San German? So, what's the frequency? Hint: see the last link after this article. A very remote at best tropo or e-skip target, I suppose.


Original article posted at:


Radio SG at the Height of July 26


By Arnaldo Vargas Castro/ / Saturday, 14 July 2012 10:04


The 30 staffers from Radio SG, the Voice of Sugar, in the Cuban municipality of Urbano Noris, have reasons enough to amuse the audience with music, sound and information inspired on the ongoing program for the summer season, as this jurisdiction won the right to hold the main event for July 26 celebration in the province of Holguin.


“It’s that we’re alongside the people in the embellishment of our city, getting things ready to hold the main event for July 26 in the province of Holguin. We’re also inspired on the 90 years of the foundation of Cuban Radio and the 49 years of the Cuba Journalists Association (UPEC). And in the midst of these historic events we’re also marking the ninth years of the opening of our dear radio station,” said Milagros Rodriguez Peña, the directress of Radio SG, the Voice of Sugar.


Rodriguez Peña feels happy with the station’s staffers because “they liven up the station’s programs, that’s why, the audience feels respect and admiration for us. They are indeed part of our shows.”


Tell me about the organization of the station’s programs?


“We’ve got 20 shows which target different themes, mainly information, and as we share with goers our programs are broadly followed, and not alone musical shows.”


"Radio SG has a net of volunteer correspondents living in the main rural settlements from this municipality who report local events and happenings by phone. That is why we’re proud of being a community radio station.”


What about the station’s program and the summer season?


“We keep a close relation with all the entities and organizations linked to the summer program in order to orient the people on the recreation program, and the cultural and sport events called.”


“But we’re also reporting on the ongoing refurbishment works in San German (the municipal head town), where homes and state facilities have been renovated, but also the streets have been repaired, and embellishment keeps going in all the neighbourhoods, not alone in the head town.”


Radio SG is broadly followed by radio goers from the municipality of Urbano Noris. Its staffers keep trying and give the audience the best they deserve, said Milagros Rodriguez Peña, its directress, who is also a district delegate and a deputy to the Cuban Parliament.




And (where I finally find the frequency – 104.3 FM):

5952.43 BOLIVIA Radio Pío XII, Siglo Veinte. 0000 July 20, 2012. Nice signal with not only Radio República via Costa Rica off, but no Cuba multi-shadow jamming for some reason. Kiddie and male ID, flutes.

6185 MEXICO Radio Educación, México DF. 0011 July 19, 2012.  Old Torch music (French?), 0016 female ID. Fair. Would be better if Brazil wasn't spewing Braso-Portuguese garbage programming on 6180. July 19, 2118: seemingly feeder news, maybe the national thing, poor on slow fade-up.

7505 TAJIKISTAN (CLANDESTINE) Radio Free Asia, Dushanbe-Orzu. 2243 July 18, 2012. Very good in Tibetan (per the difficult-to-find actual schedule/frequencies page on their [IBB's] shoddy website). Parallel 9815 (caveat: listed as Kuwait, per, as well as all other sites quoted here), with 9880 unheard (if via Saipan, no wonder not heard at this time, from this location), very ChiCom-ish 5 + 1 time sounders 2300. At 2300, 9805 up, listed as via via Abu Dhabi and fair; 9875 (listed as via Dushanbe-Orzu) very good. And, after 2315,

9900 (listed as via Kuwait), fair at best. Not real DX, but an easy way to hear a lot of Third/Fourth World dumps in parallel and within minutes.

7506.4 LOUISIANA WRNO, New Orleans. 2340 July 18, 2012. Presumed, but virtually no audio, maybe 10-percent modulation at best (the low modulation reported by so many others before me). Something preacher I think, but who knows, who cares. July 19, 2133: audible carrier-only, presuming it's them. Why are so many of the remaining shortwave stations running such shoddy modulations and/or off-channel operations? Better they all die, and open the frequencies for what's left of any exotic DX potential.

7550 INDIA All India Radio, Begaluru. 2118 July 19, 2012. Clear but weak with Hindi-tunes, English female announcer. Parallel fair 9445 and slightly better 11670. No other potential parallel channels located/heard.

14950+ COLOMBIA (PIRATE) Salem Stereo. 2355 July 18, 2012 check, nada.Same non-logs the past few days for that matter. Guess all transmitter things fell apart once again, or the patrolling military in the area got wind and decided to pay a visit to the pirata, lest they support the FARC. So much for that brilliant way-too-high frequency choice and activation. Ditto non-log July 19 check at 2130.

1070 CUBA Radio Guamá, Santa Lucía, Pinar del Río. 1114 July 22, 2012. Good with unidentified US gospel nulled (Tallahassee or Cantonment presumed). Male ID 1115, into traditional Cuban vocal oldies. Parallel 990.

1070 USA unidentified. 1100 July 22, 2012. ID mentioning 101.3 and 104 point something, lost in co-channel with other domestics and the Cuban. I don't find anyone on the NRC AM Log that matches the FM simulcast(s), or Google searching for that matter. Sad I am.

1170 FLORIDA WKFL, Bushnell. 1100 July 21, 2012. Male canned ID right at tune in, “WKFL, Bushnell, FL” into network news. Poor. “Kickin' Country” slogan per their website, and still listed as daytime-only DA1 at 1 kW per FCC. 2011 NRC AM Log had this as silent 7/2011 though believe it's been back on for awhile now, and had an application for D4 10000/CH 5300 which I suppose they blew.

1610 ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon/University Network, The Valley. 0724 July 22, 2012. Fair-poor on peaks with the lovely Pastor Melissa Scott, oldie Rock 'N Roll fill, male canned “To make your reservations for this Sunday's service, call 1-800...” parallel 6090.

4835 AUSTRALIA VL8A, Alice Springs. 1026 July 22, 2012. Following up on a D. Crawford log, Oz-accented man, but too weak to make out the content.

4885.02 BRAZIL Rádio Difusora Acreana, Rio Branco. 0924 July 22, 2012. Presumed. Vocal ending, into Braso-chica announcer, preaching actually it seems. Very good with the slight CODAR swishing present.

4914.97 BRAZIL Rádio Difusora de Macapá, Macapá, Amapá. 0934 July 22, 2012. Presumed, with male and female preaching. Clear, modulation a little low, very slight CODAR swishing under. Borders French Guiana.

4940 CHINA Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou. 1019 July 22, 2012. Fair-poor, traditional Chinese flute solos, male announcer. Parallel much better 6115.

5765U GUAM American Forces Network, Barrigada. 1032 July 22, 2012. Fair, some network feed coverage on Colorado shootings, not parallel Saddlebunch Keys which was airing something classical music.

5883 CUBA (SPY) V02a. 0738 July 22, 2012. Five-digit female, “Final, final, final” 0742. very good.

5940 BRAZIL Voz Missionária, Camboriú, Santa Catarina. 0942 July 22, 2012. Creaky vocals with accordion, 0944 Braso-Portuguese male ID and frequencies, back to vocals with accordion. Brief inspirational talk by man in Spanish! (not Portuguese) till 0959. Back to Portuguese, but English male gospel song 1001 (“... I give praise to Him my offering... in His Holy presence...” lyrics). Clear, good and parallel even better 9665.03.

6003 KOREA, SOUTH (CLANDESTINE) Voice of Hope. 1042 July 22, 2012. Fair with Korean female opera vocals.

6059.88 BRAZIL Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba, Paraná. 0729 July 22, 2012. Ranchera-ish kiddie gospel choir, back to the Braso-Portuguese preacher dude. Very good. No other parallel transmitters making it in.

6134.83 BOLIVIA Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz. 0951 July 22, 2012. Clear and good in passing with Andean vocals.

6160 CANADA CKZU CBC Radio One, Vancouver. 0718 July 22, 2012. Threshold, English female talking about something. Still squeaking through thanks to CKZN St. John's, Newfoundland remaining on 6160.88.

6754U CANADA Trenton Military (VOLMET), Trenton, Ontario. 1048 July 22, 2012. Male aviation weather, “Break. This is Trenton Military. The time is 1055 Zulu” (but wrong; it was 1050).

7245 MAURITANIA Radio Mauritanie, Nouakchott. 0634 July 22, 2012. Nonstop talk by man in Arabic, very good. Seemed all political, definitely not the expected Ramadan fanfare.

7275 NIGERIA FRCN, Abuja. 0626 July 22, 2012. Presumed the one, west African highlife vocal, Hausa or similar sounding man 0633, female 0626. Modulation rather low. Maybe on for Ramadan, if not always here.

9595 JAPAN Radio Nikkei-1, Tokyo. 0809 July 22, 2012. Cool Jap retro-rock -- 60's Lounge Lizard,  Torch and Phil Spector-ish influenced – uninterrupted. SoundHound app on the iPhone IDed one particularly nice track as “on Matsuwa (original cover...)” [youthful female album cover image], or is that the song title? Much of it came back in kanji and I'm Google-denied on finding anything listed as “Matsuwa”; oh well. Better listening in LSB due to the persistent low het high side that's been here forever. Female announcer with just a few words finally at 0854, back to vocals. Quick Kenyan coffee refill in store before top-of-hour. Male announcer 0859, single, long time sounder 0900, ID, back to vocals. Parallel much weaker 6055 but 3925 not making it, yet at least. Recheck 1007, “Love Me Tonight” by Tom Jones with 6055 better signal now, but still no 3925 audible.

9689.90 NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu. *0759 July 22, 2012. Big, over-modulated carrier up and into talking drums interval signal till 0801, a couple of false starts with man and woman in Hausa talk, percussion fill music.

9705 NIGER La Voix du Sahel, Niamey. 0708 July 22, 2012. Presumed, very weak with mumbled  Arabic man, flute-like fill 0714, back to talk 0715.

11735 ZANZIBAR Radio Tanzania-Zanzibar. 2031-2055* July 21, 2012. Clear, fair and improving with Swahili female announcer, local vocals. Abruptly off. Emailed Gerry Bishop, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, who was also able to hear it, albeit not quite as well. Probably because I'm a few inches closer to the African continent than he.

1040 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, Güines, Mayaqbeque. 0352 July 29, 2012. Checking to see if Radio Victoria may still be here (confirmed still on 1050 per my log the night before). A big signal with male and female newscast and sound effects between items, male canned ID 0400:42, Mayabeque theme 0401:20, another ID, into current Cuban ballads. About equal level to WHBO, Pinellas Park (just south of my QTH) with ESPN Radio. No trace of Spanish WQBA, Miami, or Radio Victoria, for that matter. Site per EcuRed, or could be my often-listed La Salud.

1050 CUBA Radio Victoria, Victoria de las Tunas, Las Tunas. 0206 July 28, 2012. Big signal with a couple of mentions of Bayamo, initially making us think it was Radio Bayamo on a new channel. But after a couple of traditional Cuban vocals, several Radio Victoria IDs, and an Apartado address and a URL. First Victoria log for me in a very long time. [TK-DC]

1159.00 CUBA unidentified. 0045 July 29, 2012. A new one, the newest of the carrier-only (see also 1121.00 kHz) or barely-audio stations (see 671.00, which I ID'ed as Rebelde). This one discovered by David Crawford and Paul Zecchino mid-day while David and I were at Paul's Manasota Key QTH. DF bearings has it coming from Artemisa or near. Logged here in Clearwater upon returning home, just a carrier but a big signal. [TK-DC]

1160 ILLINOIS WYLL, Chicago. 0100 July 29, 2012. Tentatively the one, me having to use USB to avoid the new 1159.00 kHz Cuban het. Tune-in to SRN Radio News till 0102, brief Urban gospel vocal segment or filler and into Christian talk.

1260 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, unknown site. 0111 July 28, 2012. The longtime otherwise undocumented one (I show my first log way back in

2000) bubbling up a couple of times with EZL instrumentals, female announcer, parallel 530.  WSUA, Miami (Spanish, "Radio Caracol"), Progreso, one US talk format (The Rusty Humphries Show) suspect WFTW, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, and also WYDE, Birmingham heard here the next night. Also, an unidentified Oldies station occasionally in the mix. Busy channel. [TK-DC]

1260 CUBA Radio Progreso, Media Luna, Granma. 0233 July 28, 2012. Occasionally fading up over all the others on the channel with traditional Cuban vocals. We kept checking for parallels until finally confirming Progreso, parallel 640. First time for me here – I think – but we note Paul V Zecchino had this in 2009, and site per the EcuRed list. [TK-DC]

1260  ALABAMA WYDE, Birmingham. 0459 July 29, 2012. Male (seemingly canned) ID for “WYDE and WYDE-FM 101.1... Birmingham...”, into AP Radio News. Listed as U1 5000/41. Really running 41 watts during my reception? If so, nice. Faded up over WSUA and the others again at 0516. And also seconds before 0600, with The Who's “Won't Get Fooled Again” as background bumper music over male ID, including the FM, and again into AP Radio News.

1260 FLORIDA (CLANDESTINE) Radio Martí (via WSUA), Miami. 0200 July 28, 2012. We forgot what time the Radio Martí rebroadcasts begins (not parallel live 6030 shortwave): not at 0100 check, but up after the WSUA ID at 0200 with Radio Martí sounders, ID, news items. Fair-good on peaks over a multitude of other stations on 1260, though WSUA dominates. Classified as an open brokered clandestine in my books. [TK-DC]

1460 FLORIDA WQXM, Bartow. 1916 July 29, 2012. Barely even threshold with Spanish pop-ish vocal, talk by female. Not sure I've ever heard this from here. U1 1000/155. Slogan is “La X” per their rudimentary website

1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde. 2334 July 24, 2012. A very sweet program titled “Hecho en Cuba” hosted (at least today) by a female and sporadically a male, Tomás something. But doesn't appear to show this program airing at this time, this Tuesday, even as a repeat. Maybe no surprise; look near the bottom of the above URL at all the now-imaginary shortwave frequencies they think they are on, save for correct 5025. The “Hecho” program is modern Cuban vocals, but not hip-hop junk, just good pop and mostly ballads. Great show. Program ended seconds before 0000, into sports round-up with two announcers and steel pan sound effects near the opening. They like to sometimes say “baseball” instead of “béisbol” when talking about the game. You can “Like” Rebelde on Facebook now per the above URL, bottom of page. Yuck.

3449.85 OKLAHOMA (PIRATE) beacon “OK” 1013 July 25, 2012. Poor, but clearly present. This per Glenn Hauser and others logs.

5446.5U FLORIDA American Forces Network (via USN NAR facilities), Saddlebunch Keys. 1906 July 29, 2012. Excellent with string of PSA's, into “The Car Show” at 1908, parallel same site 7811.00U. The 12133U third Saddlebunch channel has been silent for ages.

7264.97 GERMANY Hamburger Lokalradio, Göhren. 0500 July 28, 2012. Tentatively the 1 kW one based on following up on the information supplied by Thomas Völkner, Germany, July 20, World Of Radio 1627 DX Listening Digest), as well as David Crawford's log (also on 7264.97) before this information was received, with David's log  from the previous GMT Saturday and confirmed by Hamburger in an email to him. Nothing here up through 0448 check, but recheck seconds after 0500, definitely Spanish (Latin American) all-female vocals, nonstop – maybe even the same artist – until German male announcer 0514-0518, then back to seemingly the same female Spanish vocals. Then at 0532, female then male announcers trading off and back to salsa/merengue-ish vocals with lots of trumpets and brass from 0535, and a familiar, very popular oldie Spanish song at 0541 (Cuban I think) the title which escapes me, as sung by a female vocalist. Female announcer from 0554, eventually joined by man, into fill music 0558, continued past 0600. I briefly left the radio room at 0608 when the signal was now very weak, and at 0615 return, no trace, having probably faded or maybe gone off. Signal overall was not bad until slow fade after 0545.  No LSB component present (just  a carrier), at least for me, but USB audio was fine. I sent an email to inquiring if this  matched what they were currently airing for what it's worth and hoping for a reply. Interestingly, my details matched almost exactly – even to the start/end timing of the music and talk – with David's log from the previous week. So, was this a replay?

10125 TENNESSEE (BEACON) WA4SZE, Manchester. 2230 July 28, 2012. Strong with CW calls sporadically generated between tones. This ARO call-sign is registered to the infamous Frantz Jr, David L 691, Brandon Rd, Manchester, TN 37355 per the FCC dB. He, the operator of the (former?) 529 kHz “areo beacon” amongst other things. Google his call sign, and decide for yourself from all the links and posts if this should be classified as a pirate of HiFer beacon. [TK-DC]

15190 EQUATORIAL GUINEA Radio Africa. 1900 July 29, 2012. Clear but extremely low audio with English preacher.

99.9 MHz FLORIDA (CARRIER CURRENT/PT. 15) "WECX" Eckerd College, St. Petersburg. 1320 July 27, 2012. Noted while on I-275 between the Pinellas Bayway exit and the approach to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge southbound, but just an open carrier and with very bad, distorted hum this time. Not on the air upon returning home early the same evening. [TK-DC]

99.9 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE?) unidentified. 1340 July 27, 2012. Though this could have been tropo (some Jacksonville, Inverness and even WKLG, 102.1 Rock Harbor [Key Largo] were heard), neither formats for WGNE-FM, Middleburg ("Gator Country" Country) or WKIS, Boca Raton ("Kiss Country" also Country) match and both were heard. This one was techno/urban dance nonstop, heard while audible on I-75 along the central/southern Sarasota route, and unheard anywhere after. Signal was briefly good. There have been reports of pirate activity on 99.9 around the Sarasota=Bradenton Interntional Airport, at one time at least with Haitian Kreyol format. [TK-DC]


David Crawford and I spent a couple of hours in the sweltering heat visiting some diverse sites during the afternoon of July 27th seeking unauthorized RF burns and further brain damage.

First up was the 28286 kHz WA4ROX, Largo, a legal and low power HF (HiFer) Amateur beacon, ERPw 0.750 per G3USF's list. WA4ROX also has a weather station at: and the weather reader instruments are visible amongst the antennae on a dedicated pole. Located at a small, early-50's block house just north of Lake Seminole, and registered on the FCC dB as: VOGENEY, EDWARD G, 10570 114TH TER N, LARGO, FL 33773. Which is exactly the location.

Next up, the 360 kHz “PI” aero approach beacon for St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport, the beacon actually located in Safety Harbor (shows as “CAPOK” or “KAPOK” on some sources, and as “St. Petersburg” for the location, which is way geographically wrong). I first located/visited this one in 2007. It is at  N 27 59' 42.40" W 082 42' 13.90" which, if you Google, will aerial view you to the circular antenna. Impossible to get close enough due to fences on adjoining properties to locate the presumed 75 MHz ILS marker beacon that should be on site.

Finally for Pinellas: after spotting two red/white and obviously MW towers just NE of 360 kHz “PI” beacon site, we drove to locate these and found it to be WGUL, 860 kHz, per signs on the tower block house. Tower 1 (per FCC sign designation) is to the south, with Tower 2 just north in the back of a Boar's Head distribution warehouse, the property owners of must lease out the north tower and surely the guy wire/supports on their property. Transmitter and antennae-only are here (not the studios) in a rather gritty industrialized/warehouse area.

In Sarasota County the next day,  July 28th, David and I met up with Paul V Zecchino and once again we poked around the USCG Auxiliary site and adjacent Service Club Park (county park with beach access) both just northwest of the Venice Municipal Airport and on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We discovered two series of receiving antenna poles just behind the first set of dunes, and other antennae (all unobstructed/not fenced off), including one that was clearly marked CODAR on the mounted gear. Confirmed this CODAR site is the one on 4900 kHz by David overloading his portable SW. No other CODAR band channels appear to be emitting from this site, per scanning. And 4900 is heard loudly here at the home QTH in Clearwater upon returning in the evening. Paul supplies this page with additional details on the particular site. We also confirmed that the unrelated USCG Auxiliary site antennae (CAMSLANT?) photos I posted in 2010 at are transmitting vs. receive, per the RF warning signs.

660 MEXICO XEFZ, ABC Radio/las Noticias Como Son, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1107 August 19, 2012. This was a pleasant surprise. Male canned ABC Radio ID into “Goin' Out Of My Head” by Sérgio Mendes & Brasil 66, another ID, into “You Make Me Feel Brand New” by Jerald Daemyon then the BrasoPortuguese-sung “Desafinado” by Stan Getz/Gilberto Gil. “ABC Radio, 6-60 AM, las noticias como son” slogans often. Unusual to hear an all-Smooth Jazz/jazz oldies format station from Mexico. Nicely parallel streamed at Signal lost by 1128.

660 MEXICO XEEY, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. 1121 August 19, 2012. This one faded up a couple of times over XEFZ with reggaeton and Spanish dance vocals, several mentions of “102 punto 9 FM” and something pesos, so presume XEEY, listed as simulcast of XHEY “La Kaliente” though no slogan heard. Gone by 1130 with mostly just Radio Progreso, Cuba remaining.

680 NORTH CAROLINA WPTF, Raleigh. 0706 August 19, 2012. Male canned ID coming out of net news, into a Red Eye Radio network replay of a Friday show. Fair with my local WGES, St. Petersburg, FL mostly nulled.

700 MEXICO XERV Yo FM, Villahermosa, Tabasco. 1059 August 18, 2012. Male ID, ballad, coral short version anthem from 1102, several slogan IDs. Fair. We're back to the prime 1100 window for XE ID/anthems again, after falling off for a few weeks of then more daylight.

720 MEXICO XEAVR Radio Fórmula, Veracruz, Veracruz. 1059 August 19, 2012. Bubbled up with slogan ID a couple of times over the Nicaraguan.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 1056 August 19, 2012. Child reciting Rosary with choral music under, ID 1102. Good on my sunrise peak.

810 MISSISSIPPI WCKA, Jackson. 0014 August 17, 2012. Seconds after my local 820 kHz WWBA sunset power dropped, a male canned “WCKA, Jackson... 94.3...” and something talk radio programming after. Signal lost a moment later, presumably when their 50 kw dropped. This is no doubt the C&W format station I've been hearing at this time the past week at this time.

850 FLORIDA WFTL, West Palm Beach. 0903 August 19, 2012. Coming out of news with “South Florida Weekly” magazine, confirmed on their website schedule and per streaming. This one sadly makes KOA, Denver more difficult now that they are on 20 kW night power.

970 FLORIDA WFLA, Tampa. 1945 August 11, 2012. Not DX, but amusing that the brokered real estate advice program that revealed itself as apparently originating out of Miami clued me with this malfunction: at 1952, a male canned “News Radio 6-10, WIOD, and FM 100.3, your official hurricane station.” Canned WIOD ID again at 1959 but quickly clipped just as the FM quote portion began, and into a proper WFLA ID, into live local and FOX net news. So, don't believe every ID.

980 FLORIDA WDVH, Gainesville. 0759 August 19, 2012. Blank air 0800 when an ID should have dropped, into FOX Business Radio promo, FOX News, another blank at 0805 where a local promo should have dropped. Recheck 0830, finally a clue with “News Talk 980, 720...” into SRN News, but another blank at 0834 coming out of the news. It's WDVH, with the 720 simulcast (not audible at this hour) being WRZN, Hernando. Confirmed the one via streaming from WDVH's website.

1070 ALABAMA WAPI, Birmingham. 0754 August 19, 2012. PSA for some Alabama school sports organization, “WAPI... Birmingham's Talk Radio.”

1090 MEXICO XEMCA, Pánuco, Veracruz. 1117 August 18, 2012. Male calls ID into Mexi-tune. Fair in passing.

1190 MEXICO XECT Contacto 11-90, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1102 August 18, 2012. Spanish ballads, short choral anthem from 1107, female ID with calls and slogan. Good.

1440 FLORIDA WPRD, Winter Park. 0810 August 19, 2012. Kreyòl preacher on what is mostly a Spanish station, so use caution when hearing Kreyòl here. Confirmed via streaming their website.

6145 FLORIDA WYFR, Okeechobee. 2316 August 16, 2012. English male quoting 1 Corinthians Ch. 12 endlessly. Finally at 2328, “This has been Family Reading Bible Fellowship...” then canned ID by male, “This is WYFR, Okeechobee, Florida” into some other gospel thing. Not parallel clear but weaker (skipper signals from my short proximity no doubt) 11580 and 15255, both of which concluded at 2329 with, “You have been listening to Searching For the Truth...” into another canned program with gospel vocals, and mention of Family Radio by the preacher dude at 2335, so I guess an in-house production. Could this please be the next shortwave transmitter site to close? I doubt all that much has changed here since my visit in the early 80's.

7320 RUSSIA Radio Rossii D1, Arman, Magadanskaya. 0850 August 19, 2012. Terribly slow male vocals, parallel about equal level 5930 Petro-Kam. Female 0858 with program promo, piano/clarinet fill, male ID, time sounders, news. Fair.

7324.98 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Wantok Radio Light, Port Moresby. 0845 August 19, 2012. Presumed the one with English ranting male preacher. Clear, fair.

9505 ZAMBIA CVC Christian Vision 1Africa, Lusaka. 2122-2158* August 16, 2012. Local level in UK and South African English, interviewing some dude who nearly drowned about the experience, ID, international dial numbers, etc., more chatter and pop-ish vocals with the usual excellent, punchy production and great audio. Audio and transmitter abruptly off, as always on this closing time. August 18: transmitter up at 2000:31, seconds after 13590 closed. “Shortwave listeners, thank you for listening... tune in at 8 a.m. tomorrow..” 2159:39 audio off, into 1000 cycle tone, off 2200:31-ish.

9665 PRIDNESTROVYA Radio PMR. 2230 August 9, 2012. “This is the capital of the Pridnestrovya Moldavian Republic” by male, into highly boring quasi-news items. Bad, hollow audio but huge and local level signal. Goes into Voice of Russia World Service in English from 2300. Also noted August 8 at 2138 in German, also a great signal.

13590 ZAMBIA CVC Christian Voice 1Africa, Lusaka. 1731 August 18, 2012. Still here, at least the presumed site, though registered since August 1 as Wertachtal 1530-1730 per Glenn Hauser. English UK-accented DJ's, Christian pop and rap vocals. Fair but slowly improving to good in hash noise and sparks from loads of storms training nonstop off the Gulf of Mexico and across the house. Transmitter abruptly off 2000:11, with 9505 up at 2000:31, so surely still Zambia to have pulled that switch off so fast.

15500 UNITED KINGDOM (CLANDESTINE) Sudan Radio Service, Rampisham. 1657-1658* August 16, 2012. Caught the last minute or so of this with Arabic vocals, plug pulled. Very good and presumed the one.


1160 TEXAS KVCE, Highland Park. 0100 August 29, 2012. SRN net news (I think), 0102 ID. “AM 1160 KVCE…” promo for something,  ads. Excellent on sunset-ish at transmitter site.


1170 ALABAMA WGMP, Montgomery. 2359 August 25, 2012. Presumed the one after WAVS, Davie, Florida power/pattern dropped.  A weak ID (no calls heard) mentioning 1170 and 104-9. All signs would point to WGMP, 10 kW DA, 1000 kW nights (4 watts per Wiki – which does indicate WGMP calls just flipped August 13 from former WACV). Both calls listed as Alt/Modern Rock, and indeed seems to be with female vocal, male canned, “Don‘t worry, we’ll be right back” at 0018, into another vocal and similar imaging. Reception lost to WWVA by 0032.

1170 COLOMBIA Caracol, Cartegena, Bolívar. 0015 August 25, 2012. In-studio female bantering with remote reporters, frequent mentions of Colombia, brief ad block, then Caracol Colombia ID. Good.

1170 MEXICO XEZS, Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. 1059 August 25, 2012. Presumed by default choral Veracruz anthem t tune-in, the only listed Veracruz station on 1170. WAVS, Davie. Florida up on power/pattern at 1101, messing with.

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, unknown site. 0014 August 28, 2012. Man and woman skit, male host, some type of serial entertainment show. Briefly excellent on post-sunset enhancement, parallel weaker 640.

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 0036 August 28, 2012. Good with Right Winger syndicated talk overtaking local market WQBN, Temple Terrace Spanish. Post-sunset enhancement.

1320 FLORIDA WJNJ, Jacksonville. 2335 August 28, 2012. Fading up between WDDV, Venice, FL with Nostalgia format (and fading), and Haitian Kreyol talk (probably WLQY, Hollywood, FL) with Christian caller/talk segment and Urban gospel vocals, male canned “Pure Radio, Jacksonville’s… radio station… 103.7…” at 2339, and several other “Pure Radio” slogan mentions and confirmed on their website.  The 32nd edition of the NRC AM Log doesn’t list “Pure Radio” as the slogan, or 103.7 FM (but a translator on 107.3). Pending what shows in the 33rd edition, due in the mailbox in a few days. Otherwise, here’s an update. This was was barely if at all present post-0000 last night, making me wonder if someone “forgot” to power down from 50 kW to 5 kW tonight.


627.5 CUBA Radio Progreso . 1024 September, 4, 2012. Not sure if this is back or I simply haven’t noticed it for awhile, but it’s a strong het when not using USB mode to avoid, or on a non-SSB radio, such as the Sangean PR-D5. Didn’t check for top-end 652.5 potential top-end spur of 640. No audio, just a big carrier/het.

640 MEXICO XEWM Suprema 64, San Cristóbal de las Casa, Chiapas. 1102 September 5, 2012. Just happened to bring a tight null on Cuban 640 Progreso to hear the Mexican anthem in progress, male at 1103, “… AM… Suprema 64…” into Mexi-tune.  The first or at least only the second Chiapas station I’ve heard I think.

630 HONDURAS Radio América, Chuloteca (and) la Ceiba. 1036 September 4, 2012. This one bumped up to local level almost instantly at 1036 with lots of Tgucigalpa and la Ceiba ads, including spots for auto insurance, mortgage financing, Coke-a-Cola, and a couple repeats of “anti-asthma” (that’s what it sounded like anyway, maybe a medication?). ID’s and time checks, otherwise news format. By 1058, a low growl and micro-second delay from the weaker one. First time I can recall hearing both long-listed sites on the channel and having never known which one to claim as the site previously. Both were fading down pretty fast after 1105.

630 UNIDENTIFIED. 1020 September 4, 2012. Seemingly locally-originated morning drive talk with male host, very difficult to make out much. One “AM 6-30” heard, then lost when the Radio Progreso, Cuba transmitter abruptly came up at 1030. Seems the only possibilities with this format and at this time for my location would be, maybe in order: WMAL, Washington DC; WPRO, Providence RI;  or WLAP, Lexington KY. Rhode Island would be sweet, but doubt Progreso will be down on future checks just before my local sunrise again.

660 MEXICO XEYG Radio 660 Fiesta Mexicana, Matías Romero, Oaxaca. 1045 September 5, 2012. Female canned “6-60 AM” at 1048, Mexi-tunes, 1059 male “6-60 Radio Fiesta Mexicana” into choral XE anthem. Mixing with another with Mexi-tunes. Cantu’s list has the slogan as “Radio 660” though the 2012 WRTVH shows “Fiesta Mexicana”.

790 MEXICO XERC Formato 21, México DF. 1110 September 3, 2012. Very good with political news reports and remotes, male canned “Formato Veinteuno” at 1117.

890 MEXICO unidentified. 1118 September 3, 2012. XE anthem beginning at tune-in, lost immediately in co-channel from Spanish Christian talk KVOZ, Del Mar Hils, TX and Radio Progreso, Cuba.

1060 MEXICO XEEP Radio Educación, México DF. 1124 September 3, 2012. Tune-in to oldie French torch vocals --  three in a row by the same female -- the second IDed by the iPhone’s SoundHound app as “J’Aime Tes Grand Yeux” by Lys Gauty, who croaked ages ago per Wiki. Cuban Radio 26 dominating by 1133.

1170 MEXICO unidentified. 1058 September  3, 2012. XE anthem, lost in co-channels. XEZS, Veracruz the last one heard here (July 10).

1170 OKLAHOMA KFAQ, Tulsa. 1059 September 3, 2012. “KFAQ, Tulsa and KFAQ…” into ABC News headlines, then “The Huckabee Report” at 1101. WAVS, Davie up on day power/pattern at 1101. You’d think a 50 kW station would own, vs. their, at least as re-direct. But not.  It’s open for purchase on last check. Dumb. Maybe I’ll buy it and hold hostage, but not for the $3,500 asking price.

1210 PENNSYLVANIA WPHT, Philadelphia. 1021 September 4, 2012. Male canned, “This is Talk Radio 12-10, WPHT” just after tune-in within local news morning drive. Tight in nulling all the others.

1620 FLORIDA (PIRATE) Radio Keenam, Orlando.  1305 September 1, 2012. Big signal on I-4 inbound south Orlando, with very West African-sounding vocals as opposed to the usual konpa or Kreyol talk. Eventually overtaken downtown by the 2 X 810 WRSO, Orlovista persistent harmonic. [ORLA]

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) Florida Dept. of Transportation/Florida Turnpike Authority, Slavia. 1325 September 1, 2012. Presumed site, male and female generic loop. Pretty good signal on I-4 between Sanford and DeBary, but poorer at Gemini Springs Park in Volusia County. [ORLA]

1640 FLORIDA (MIS) City of Casselberry WQDC927 [not]. September 1, 2012. Inactive, at least today most definitely, as I spent some time in Casselberry-proper and this was never to be heard.[ORLA]

1650 FLORIDA (MIS) City of Orlando WQDC703. 1625 September 1, 2012. Mediocre signal even near downtown Orlando, with the usual nonstop NOAA Weather Radio Melbourne relay (I still don’t get why they relay Melbourne vs. the closer Orlando-area NOAA). Male ID with calls dropped every minute or so. [ORLA]

1660 NORTH CAROLINA WBCN, Charlotte. 0821 September 4, 2012. End of break and back to The Phil Hendrie Show. The only 1660 PHS affiliate listed on his website is WBCN, so presumed the one. Mixing with another weak talker and WCNZ, Marco Island, FL with AC format.

1700 FLORIDA (TIS) Orlando International Airport. 1255 September  1, 2012. Male and female looped parking information. Good on I-4 at the Sand Lake Road exit. [ORLA]

590 MEXICO XEPH Sabrosita 590, México DF. 1104 September 17, 2012. Male DJ singing along with the vocals, canned station URL, slogan, also “la mas caliente 5-90” alternate slogan often. Excellent with Cuban Musical Nacional nulled. Long ad string, including something political, into “la Vida es un Carnival” by Celia Cruz.  Music format is salsa/tropical, refreshing for a Mexican. Also, several “5-90 Sabrosita” mentions.

690 MEXICO XEN La 690, México DF.  1056 September 24, 2012. Anthem at tune-in, male canned, “XEN… 6-90 AM… 50 mil vatios de potencia… Desde Ciudad de  México… colonia… de Grupo Radio Centro…”, rooster crows 1101.

890 TEXAS KVOZ, Del Mar Hills. 1058 September 21, 2012. Long list (in English, male voice) of K-calls and FM frequencies, four if not more (translators?) then canned Spanish “la Cadena Cristiana” slogan. No FM simulcasts listed in the 2012 NRC AM Log and seemingly no real web presence.

920 MEXICO unidentified. 1105 September 24, 2012. Seemingly open carrier, up with anthem 1106, faded before ID. Mexi-tunes heard poorly 1114-1120 but it could have been any of the others on this channel.

920 MEXICO XEHQ Los Número 1, Hermosillo, Sonora. 1105 September 25, 2012. In the jumble of Mexicans and domestics, a clear “XEHQ” by male announcer bubbled up. Listed as 5000/1000 watts. Slogan is listed on Cantú’s site as well as 97.1 FM affiliate.  WRTVH-2012 lists slogan as Radio Capital.

920 MEXICO XELE La Preferida,  Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1107 September 25, 2012. Mostly the dominant one today with male and female news readers, rooster and sirens 1111, “la Prefereida, la Preferida… , ___ punto 9” at 1119, into Mexi-tune.  Cantú lists simulcast with 105.9 FM.

920 GEORGIA WHJD, Hazelhurst. 2345 September 25, 2012. Tentatively the one. Live Braves vs. Red Sox, break at 2348 mentioning the (Atlanta) Falcons, the Georgia Lottery, then back to coverage with, “You’re locked in to Braves baseball…” at 2350. Atlanta Braves Baseball Network has no 920 affiliate in any state, but WHJD 105.9 FM is listed, and they appear to simulcast with their 920. So, unless another affiliate listed on FM has a 920 that’s simulcasting, it would seem this was WHJD from south-central-ish GA, since WGKA, Atlanta on 920 is not a Braves affiliate and confirmed not parallel with their audio stream. If WHJD, not a bad catch at 500/35 watts. I didn’t dissect this one until later in the evening, too late to check WHJD’s web site for any potential parallel streaming.

920 UNIDENTIFIED 1049 September 25, 2012. Motown and Oldies, wiped out 1057 by Mexican channel immigrants. Suspect WPCM, Burlington-Graham, NC with “The Beach” Oldies format, but never enough pieces to get an ID.

960 CUBA Radio Reloj, Guantánamo, Guantánamo. 0043 September 26, 2012. Very poor under domestics; presumed site.

960 GEORGIA WRFC, Athens. 2359 September 25, 2012. Tune in to food bank PSA, Atlanta Braves Radio Network promo, back to live Braves vs. Red Sox coverage. Presume the one, as the only Braves Network affiliate listed on 960.

1100 GEORGIA WCGA, Woodbine. 1129 September 21, 2012. End of talk segment, into IRN Radio News, then “Daybreak USA” sat-fed programming. WCGA seemingly has no website, at least on obvious web key word searches (I don’t get how any station can’t have a web presence), but IRN/Daybreak shows this as an affiliate. Sunrise time on log fits, and I’ve heard them here before as a definite.

960 ALABAMA WERC, Birmingham. 1112 September 27, 2012. Good in passing with news, “News Radio 105-5” slogans (they don’t care about 960).

960 FLORIDA WSVU, North Palm Beach. 1109 September 27, 2012. “Cecilia” by Simon & Garfunkel, Marc Cohn “Walking In Memphis.” No ID, presumed the one. Very poor on sunrise.

980 FLORIDA WRNE, Gulf Breeze. 1103 September 27, 2012. Long ad break, one for an event at a Pensacola venue. Old School soul including “All Night Thing” by the Invisible Man’s Band. Fair.

1100 GEORGIA WCGA, Woodbine. 1059 September 27, 2012. “WCGA, Woodbine” followed by mention of St. Simon’s and Hilton Head, really scratchy time sounders into IRN USA News. Excellent.

1150 GEORGIA WJEM, Valdosta. 1111 September 28, 2012. ESPN’s “Mike & Mike In the Morning” with football talk, net spots including (ridiculous), finally a “… sports information 1150 The Jock… AM…” Local WTMP, Egypt Lake semi-nulled.

1130 NEW YORK WBBR, New York. 0001 September 27, 2012. AP Radio News, Blumberg Report. Good.

1040 FLORIDA WLVJ Boynton Beach. 1101 September 28, 2012. Fair-poor with newscast in Spanish, sounding very much like a Cuban station but then a sponsorship mention for a store in West Palm Beach, so certainly this one. Tight local WHBO, Pinellas Park semi-null, and a little WHO co-channel.

1500 WASHINGTON DC WFED. 2347 September 27, 2012. Good with live Nationals vs. Phillies coverage, ID.

1700 TEXAS KVNS, Brownsville. 1025 September 28, 2012. Very good over WJCC, Miami Springs. Fox Sports Radio and mention of (confirmed their website). No longer Oldies as in the NRC AM Log 33rd Edition.

1710.67 (PIRATE). David Crawford’s possibly Houston-area Spanish Christian gospel, heard after 1100 thus not Celestial, NYC (which is 1710.26) or the reported Puerto Rico pirate is ruled out. But thus far, despite my gulf path proximity, nothing heard on post Clearwater and Houston sunset times, or my local sunrise enhancement peak currently around 1110-1120. Any active Houston DXer able to confirm? I’ll continue to check from here for what it’s worth.

7185.74 MYANMAR Myanma Radio, Yangon. 1124 September 30, 2012. Clear and fair-good with continuous talk by female in presumed Burmese past bottom of hour.

8743U THAILAND Bangkok Meteorological. *1159:33 September 30, 2012. Here comes the ice cream truck chimes interval signal and compu-female opening just as:, chimes again at 1207, back to forecasting. Chimes again at 1222 re-tune. Clear, weak at this late hour here with no trace of 6765.1U as a result. So where’s my orange Creamsicle®?

12320 CHINA Firedrake. 1153 September 30, 2012. Excellent with usual, beautiful, touching bang-a-gong.

12365U AUSTRALIA VMC, Charleville, Queensland.  1131-1151* September 30, 2012. Live male maritime forecasts read. Excellent, as were parallels 8176U and 6507U. Two-tone chime 1142, into another forecast  segment. Closed with “End of transmission from VMC for this type of program.” A good by-time list of these is at:

15505 BANGLADESH Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka. 1422 September 30, 2012. Presumed the one with subcontinental vocals in presumed Bengali. Urdu service at this time, I think. Clear, fair but low modulation.

550 TEXAS KTSA, San Antonio. 1058 October 4, 2012. Local announcer, time check, network news till 1102, then female announcer, “KTSA news time, 6:03” and into local news items. Excellent on approaching local sunrise.

600 TENNESSEE WREC, Memphis. 1105 October 4, 2012. Local news, “WREC news time, 6:04.” Fair.

600 TEXAS KTBB, Tyler. 1105 October 4, 2012. “KTBB news time…” and spots for stores in Tyler and Dallas. Very good on my local sunrise with WREC and Cuba nulled.

1040 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, Güines, Mayabeque. 1058 October 1, 2012. News items to 1100, then male canned “Esta es Radio Mayabeque, desde la ciudad Güines…”

1140 CUBA Radio Maybeque, la Salud, Mayabeque. 1030 October 3, 2012. Mention of “radiocuba” umbrella at tune-in, into traditional Cuban oldie vocals, parallel poor 1040. Co-channel Rebelde and WQBA, Miami in Spanish.

1140 FLORIDA WRMQ, Orlando. 1108 October 3, 2012. Gospel vocals, ad block including a church in Apopka, into talk segment from the pastor at the AME Church on Colonial Drive, Orlando.

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Chivirico, Santiago de Cuba. 1041 October 3, 2012. Excellent with nine-note Rebelde sounder, ID, news.

1220 MEXICO XEB La B Grande, México D.F. 1120 October 1, 2012. Rapidly overtaking a presumed domestic Spanish Christian (likely WOTS, Kissimmee, FL) with slogan ID into Mexi-tune.

1240 FLORIDA WMMB, Melbourne. 1044 October 3, 2012. Local programming with announcer reading news of the weird from Lake County, Rockledge and Brevard County. spot, mention of

890 GEORGIA WJTP, Lithia Springs. 1106 October 5, 2012. Huge, local signal with China Radio International audio feed, "Today" magazine format in English, surely this one despite no local breaks through 1135 tune-out per Signal suddenly dropped down at 1111, but still present through Cuban Progreso co-channel, with WGN nulled.

890 UNIDENTIFIED. 1110 October 5, 2012. Briefly audible but very poor with Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" segued into something else classic rock, but lost in the WJTP, WLS and Cuba co-channel. I don't see anything in the NRC AM Log that fits the format. Or was it Mexico?

670 CUBA Radio Rebelde. 1100 October 5, 2012. All three listed confirmed active, as the top-of-hour ID proved all out of synch with "... Habana" end tag of canned ID X 3 clearly.

890 TEXAS KXTV, Mabank. 1058 October 10, 2012. Turns out the China Radio International audio is not WJTP, Lithia Springs as I reported (though they may still be relaying CRI) but instead this one. End of program segment with mentions, then a list of cities CRI is in followed at 1059 by male canned, “This is KXTV, 890 AM, Dallas” and back to CRI programming. Also faded in around 2340 October 10 with CRI programming, atop Cuban Radio Progreso and WGN. And my October 6 inquiry to the  Dallas-Fort Worth board, asking what the format of 890 is, scored 158 reads as of this typing, and yet not a single reply. How pathetic that board is.

1190 NORTH CAROLINA WIXE, Monroe. 1101 October  11, 2012. Tune-in to country-themed version of Star Spangled Banner sung by man, then super redneck announcer with traffic (water mains break on Highway 74 west of Monroe), weather (lows in the low 40’s through next Wednesday) and live “WIXE, the Mighty 11-90” ID.

1630 TEXAS KKGM, Ft. Worth. 2326 October 9, 2012. Modern Christian pop/blues-themed songs, rapidly overtaken around 2340 by WRDW, Augusta, GA talker.  But a brief and convenient return at 0000 with male canned, “This is KKGM, Ft. Worth-Dallas.” First log of this one here.

1630 WYOMING KRND, Fox Farm. 1045 October 10, 2012. Again looking for the new WQPJ336 Nocatee, FL MIS station David Crawford discovered, only to find someone here strong atop WRDW with a Mexi-tune, then male canned “la Jota Mexicana” slogan, into another Mexi-tune again followed by the same slogan at 1050, back to vocals. Surely running their day power of 10,000 watts and not the 1,000 night. Regardless, very happy to hear Wyoming from Florida! And their sparse website is:


1050 CUBA Radio Victoria, Victoria de Las Tunas, Las Tunas. 0028 October 12, 2012. Soft Cuban vocal, female ID 0030, couple more songs, then female, "Esta es (possible calls), Radio Victoria, la 8 y 40 minutos..." at 0040. Good,

1060 CUBA Radio Veintiséis, Jovellanos, Matanzas. 0040 October 12, 2012. Cuban techno pop, female "Radio Veintiséis, la antena..." Good.

1220 FLORIDA WJAX, Jacksonville. 1058 October 12, 2012. "We're In This Love Together" by Al Jerreau, male "You're listening to WJAX... 12-20..." at 1100. Fair-poor in channel pile-up on sunrise.

1270 FLORIDA WRLZ, Eatonville. 1106 October 12, 2012. Someone here in Spanish, mostly talk, very poor in multiple co-channels, but mention of "Casselberry" (nearby city) gave it away.

1610 ONTARIO CHHA, Toronto. 1044 October 16, 2012. Tune-in to Spanish chatter, then male, “16-10 AM, Voces Latinas” and female talk. Fair on peaks with the local Tampa International Airport TIS nulled, and a weak Anguilla having faded out a few minutes earlier. I rarely hear this one from this side of Florida.

1680 LOUISIANA KRJO, Monroe. 1059 October 16, 2012. Ad string ending with Visiting Angels schooling, ID, next news. Excellent.

6885 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 0039 October 17, 2012. Big signal on the new channel with Hebe-pop, Hebe man 0041.

8989U MISKITO COAST “El Buen Pescador”  2343 October 17, 2012. Good with extremely impassioned preaching by the man. I remind all that David Crawford discovered this one years’ ago, despite another one claiming he did, and oddly enough choosing to give it the same title as proof.

529 TENNESSEE LYQ (WQHL966, NDB aero beacon), Morrison.  0054 November  1, 2012. Indeed back on per the operators’ recent post. Poor down here, hetting Cuban’s Enciclopedia and weaker Rebelde on 530. Note that the official FCC dB list the calls as WQHL966, and city of license as Morrison, TN (yes, near Manchester) at FCC coordinates: 35° 37' 30.0" N, 86° 0' 54.0" W. Google 6755 Shady Grove Road, Morrison, TN, and you’ll see the small airstrip once you move around a bit.


960 CUBA Radio Reloj, Guantánamo, Guantánamo. 2345 October 29, 2012. Mostly poor under WREC post-sunset conditions. This one is heard here, but went unheard daytime at the two Florida Keys monitoring sites last week, as Guantánamo is just too far ESE. Las Tunas province is pushing it for that matter, for ground/water on the portables at least.


1080 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 1845 October 27, 2012. Strong. One "Cadena Habana 99.9 FM" ID at 1850 and a minute later, same announcer IDed as "Radio Cadena Habana." Nice Cuban vocals otherwise. While others appear to question Glenn Hauser’s recent ID as Radio Ciudad de la Habana (820 kc/s) here on 1080, I don’t. In fact, my guess is, since both stations are geographically located in Ciudad de la Habana province, he heard a link-up by some or all of the provincial stations. This happens often especially with Ciudad de la Habana province stations. For instance, look at my 820/910/980 logs from Long Key State Park in the middle Florida Keys last week during the Sunday municipal elections taking place throughout Cuba.


1160 TEXAS KVCE, Highland Park. 2325 October 27, 2012. “AM 11-60, KVCE… the Metroplex…” into the wonders of garlic supplement pills. Good, though smelly.


1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad, Radio Sancti Spíritus. 0036 October 30, 2012. Female,”… buenas noches… en centro de Cuba…” Snippet of Cuban vocal fill, then ID. Parallel 1210, but it also poor in loads of co-channel.  Again 0058 October 31, 2012, fading up over WOWO and KQQZ with ID, reverb program promo.


1190 MISSOURI KQQZ, Desoto. 0021 October 31, 2012. End of Country song, male “KQQZ, 11-90 AM” and mention of “a moment of silence” for something they thought important followed by several more rapid KQQZ mentions, then, “… back to our regularly scheduled program on KQQZ…” Otherwise, nice traditional old Country vocals, lots of 50’s/60’s stuff. Fair on peaks over all the other co-channel stations.


1190 TEXAS KFXR, Dallas. 2320 October 31, 2012. “11-90 AM… Highland Park… KFXR…” and local ads, into a brokered program on Christian gold and pig farm investment opportunities, seriously. Excellent on post-sunset. Signal vanished at 0001, presumably coinciding with day power drop.


1550 GEORGIA WAZX, Smyrna. 1012 October 29, 2012. Spanish male Christian inspirational talk. Briefly and mostly good over WRHC, Coral Gables (Spanish), WAMA, Tampa (Spanish) and Radio Rebelde, Cuba (obviously Spanish). On day power still or already?

790 CUBA Radio Reloj, Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río (and) Holguín, Holguín. 0152 November 9, 2012. The weaker one about a second behind, but the stronger with a big wobble audio – the wobble not heard on too many these days – but this one is still wobbling hugely. Guessing it’s the Pinar site.

800 BONAIRE Trans World Radio, Belnem. 0144 November 9, 2012. Spanish gospel vocal ending, then male, “Esta es radio Transmundial. Desde Bonaire.” Into another Spanish gospel program. Fair-good on peaks.

910 CUBA Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Camagüey.  0217 November 9, 2012. Co-channel and sometimes equal to Radio Metropolitana. ID’s, techno/pop.

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 0217 November 9, 2012. Cuban pop, ID just after 0230. Tough teling this one from co-channel Cadena Agramonte. Metro is the sole station here local daytime.

920 MEXICO XELE La Preferida, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 0110 November 9, 2012. Male in studio, female telco babble news items, peso quotes, so all signs are it’s a Mexican. Then an ad break and a couple of “La Preferida” slogans. Back to news feed. “La Preferida, la informa…” at 0128. Fair, with some co-channel.

990 CUBA Radio Guamá, San Luis, Pinar del Río. 0000 November 8, 2012. Four soft chimes, the last note being longer, then female, “Esta es Radio Guamá… la señal de… la familia…” into banter between female and a guy.  Parallel slightly better 1070. Same chimes and ID at 0021, into Cuban semi-pop vocals.

1070 CUBA Radio Guamá, Guane, Pinar del Río. 1156 November 5, 2012. Male with Cuba news items, fill music 1200, “Aquí en Guamá” at 1202, then reverb kiddie chatter, ID. Good on my local sunrise enhancement, certainly way better than my log on October 21 mid-day from the middle-Keys (Long Key State Park).

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, la Salud, Mayabeque. 0100 November 9, 2012. Bubbling up over probably 10 others – mostly Cuban stations and Miami – with male canned, “Esta es Radio Mayabeque…”

1170 COLOMBIA Caracol, Cartegena, Bolívar. 0052 November 8, 2012. Male and female trading off on Colombia and other South American news items, several Caracol ID’s between items. Fair-good.

1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus. 0152 November 6, 2012. Female babble, ID, parallel better 1210.

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 0153 November 6, 2012. Parallel 1190 and no Rebelde co-channel, though the next night, 0026 November 7, Rebelde was about equal. Interesting to observe from up here in Clearwater, 1190 was unheard from the Middle Keys (daytime) and 1210 was very poor.  Meanwhile, 1200 was heard there, but not here tonight or last night.

1320 MEXICO XECPN, Piedras Negras, Coahuila. 1148 ending of song, announcer, back to Mexi-tunes, then seconds before 1157 into truncated version of the Himno Nacional followed by an unidentified state anthem sung by an opera-like voice female. Comparing Chihuahua with Coahuila, it’s clearly the latter including matching lyrics. Chihuahua: and Coahuila: , so XECPN it is. Faded by 1205. WRTVH-2012 lists the slogan as la Poderosa, but Cantú’s online says Radio Noticias. A surprise catch here.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 1129 November 13, 2012. Tentative, a definite Cuba station, and pretty certain the one. Telco audio Cuban-accented male, mention of “Asociación Cubana” and a reference to Cienfuegos, then into familiar Cuban sports team names scores round-up report from the previous night games, beginning at 1132. The PRD-5 portable pointed roughly to Cienfuegos, with co-channel from unidentified but presumed WWWL, New Orleans, with nonstop ESPN Sports Radio. Some splatter from WTAN, Clearwater (local) on 1340, and of course no opportunity to parallel the Radio Ciudad del Mar 1340 kHz second transmitter (Palmira) as a result. Both 1340 and 1350 heard by me from Long Key, Florida Keys mid-day October 21, so we know they are still there.

1410 MEXICO XEBS ¡La Más Perrona!, México D.F. 1140 November 12, 2012. Male DJ between each Mexi-tune, “XEBS… 25 mil vatios de potencia…” at 1200. Presume anthem followed, but the signal crashed right after the ID. No slogan heard, but confirmed per their website and per Cant Cantú’s website. WRTVH-2012 is again wrong, listing as “Radio Sinfonola” (sic – should have been “Radio Sinfonia”). Go dowgs!

1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Radio Farda, Al-Dhabbiya. 0059 November 8, 2012. Farsi with female host, presumed Farsi techno-pop and Bollywood vocals. A really nice signal. Female Radio  Farda ID at 0130 into news items till 0133 then back to vocals. A second station, also in seemingly Farsi, under this one at times with vocals and briefly male talk. That one was confirmed while chatting online with David Crawford, Titusville, Florida, who suggests possibly Iran source as an intended blocking signal.

550 MISSOURI KTRS, St. Louis. 0148 November 4, 2012. Tune-in to mention of “… Missouri firearms…” which caught my attention amidst two guys hosting some light topics of a legal affairs-type program (the last one till at least next year, so they say), mention of the Bubba the Love Sponge vs. Hulk Hogan law suit (in my own back yard), into an ad break, including one for Stefatina’s Pizza (thought it was “STUFFatina’s” which seemed an appropriate name, but Googling captured it as Stefatina’s, and indeed in St. Louis). At this point I paralleled the audio stream at Into ABC News at 0200. Fair-poor, but I've never heard this one before, what with Cuba and other domestics normally dominating 550 kc/s.

740 OKLAHOMA KRMG, Tulsa. 1135 November 5, 2012. Good on my sunrise enhancement with male/female local drive-time hosts with state and national news, “KRMG news time, 5:37…” Joe Kelly I think was the guy. Into Channel 6 meteorologist with today’s weather. WYGM, Orlando mostly nulled.

800 FLORIDA WPLK, Palatka. 0137 November 9, 2012. Last few seconds of Herb Alpert’s brilliant  “Spanish Flea” oldie, then seemingly canned male, into commercial break. Parallel stream. Fair.

980 FLORIDA WDVH, Gainesville. 1143 November 5, 2012. Syndicated feed John Gibson (FOX) pre-election spewing. Obliterated by 970 WFLA’s iBLOC up at 1146.

1080 FLORIDA (CARRIER CURENT) “WUTT” University of Tampa. 1515 November 9, 2012. Good signal on Kennedy Blvd. east of Dale Mabry and through downtown Tampa. Techno-pop vocals, live kid announcer.

1320 FLORIDA WJNJ, Jacksonville. 1200 November 11, 2012. Weak with the Mexican dominating, male canned ID, “Pure Radio, WJNJ… and 103.7.” NRC AM Log has the frequency and translator details transposed: it’s W279AG (not W297AG), and the frequency is 103.7 (not 107.3 – where a full power WWJK Clear Channel Radio owned FMer already serves the market). All confirmed in the FCC dB.

1410 ALABAMA WNGL, Mobile. 1135 November 12, 2012. “Sunrise Morning Show” from EWTN network. Faded down with the Mexican dominating but clear ID by man at 1200.

1620 FLORIDA (CARRIER CURRENT) “WBUL” University of South Florida, Tampa.  1545 November 9, 2012. Good signal at least a couple of miles south of the campus. Techno-pop music.

 1100 COLOMBIA Caracol, Baranquilla, Atlántico. 0045 November 16, 2012. Sports play-by-play, brief commercial break 0048 with ID and network buy ads, back to game. Fair, parallel weaker 1170.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 0006 November 15, 2012. Male and female trading off Cuba news items. Co-channel something else in Spanish, but at 0014, the unique Radio Ciudad del Mar chimey-things came up to nail it, then into traditional Cuban vocals after 0035, but not good copy. And 0000 November 16, female, male canned ID 0002 into Cuban techno-pop vocal. Poor. No idea who posted this or where he is, but it’s a beautiful sample of the chimes and ID.

1570 MEXICO XERF, Ciudad  Acuña, Coahuila. 1202 November 16, 2012. Male canned ID mentioning, “XERF… AM… FM… Radio Publica Digital… Desde Ciudad  Acuña…” into choral Himno Nacional 1203, followed by Coahuila State anthem sung by man. Fair.

1210 PENNSYLVANIA WPHT, Philadelphia. 0000 November 15, 2012. ID into (I think) CBS news feed. Co-channel big Radio Rebelde and weaker WNMA, Miami Springs, FL (Spanish). Laugh at me, but this one is typically only heard on post-sunset around this time of year here on coastal west central Florida.

1350 FLORIDA WCRM, Ft. Myers. 0004 November 16, 2012. “… FOX Sports Radio” mention over the other unidentified ESPN Sports Radio (presumed WWWL, New Orleans – loops that way) and the Cuban Radio Ciudad del Mar.  One of the two sports formats on the channel. “… AM 13-50…” at 0026, then “AM- 13-50, We are FOX Sports…” Into a spot for a store in Naples, followed by one in Ft. Myers, which nailed it.  FCC lists as licensee Manna Christian Missions, Inc., Bonita Springs, FL. So, an LMA?

1460 FLORIDA WQOP, Jacksonville. 1200 November 16,2012. Kiddie voice non-legal ID, “… I am from St. Joseph Parrish, WQOP AM 14-60, Jacksonville.” Into EWTN programming. Good.

6049.932 ECUADOR HCJB. 0229 November 18, 2012. Time sounders just before the beginning of very nice Andean vocals with flutes and harps, non-Spanish indigenous language male host briefly a couple of times between songs. Clear and good.

6885 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 0110 November 18, 2012. Nice signal. Mostly alternating between presumably current Hebe-pop vocals and English songs, such as Moody Blues “Nights In White Satin”, Lana Del Rey “Born To Die”, Hoobastank “The Reason” and others. Something to listen to while your guns are pointed stinkin’ Gaza-way, I suppose. Wow, it’s fun to finally have the opportunity to type ‘Hoobastank’ in a log.

6925U USA (PIRATE) Radio Mushroom. 0001 November 18, 2012. Telco-ish audio male, “This is Radio Mushroom… powered by pure nuclear energy…” and old rock songs such as Bad Company “Bad Company” and War “Cisco Kid”. Good.

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargaysa. 0325 November 18, 2012. tune-in to big open carrier, then around 0331:20, audio up with small band rendition of the Somaliliand anthem, brief male talk in presumed Somali (definitely not Arabic – sounded Amharic-ish, so presumed Somali-ish, but some definite Arabic words – must be akin to Spanglish in Florida), into Qur'an solo poetry. From 0338, male announcer. From 0349, HoA fill music, talk. At 0350, male in definite Arabic. So, I guess they try to please all ethno’s in the first 30 minutes. Clear and fair-to-good.

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargaysa. 1320-1401:51* November 18, 2012. Surely the one, but virtually no audio making it here, and a little piggy QRM. Carrier off at 1401:51.  Reminds me of my log, long ago, of the now-defunct Afghan  Voice of Sharia'h on 7082 around this time from Florida, albeit much better DX than this thing. Wish they’d reactivate from the mountains; we need a good Taliban station for entertainment.

10000 BRAZIL PPE Observatório Nacional, Rio de Janiero. 2230 November 17, 2012. Way over WWV with the constant Braso-Portuguese female ID/time checks.

15850 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 1434 November 18, 2012. Fair, low modulation, Hebrew talk by two guys.


690 LOUISIANA WIST, New Orleans. 1644 November 19, 2012. Local Allstate agent ad with 504 area code, WIST ID, “Sports Hangover” program promo, Baton Rouge store ad, Young’s Dry Cleaning ad. WBOB, Jacksonville, FL nulled. [HISP]

730 GEORGIA WSTT, Thomasville. 1648 November 19, 2012. “… here on 730 A-M, WSTT…” into Southern Gospel vocal. [HISP]

790 FLORIDA WAXY, South Miami. 1659 November 19, 2012. “Extended Car Care, Miami” ad, mention of SE Florida by announcer. Tight nulling WLBE, Leesburg, FL.  [HISP]

800 LOUISIANA WSHO, New Orleans. 1704 November 19, 2012. Fair with gospel preacher talk. [HISP]

840 ALABAMA WBHY, Mobile. 1725 November 19, 2012. Canned Christian programming with pleads to order “Becoming A Christian” booklet, then male canned, ”You’re listening to WBHY, a Christian station…” [HISP]

840 LOUISIANA KWDF, Ball. 1725 November 19, 2012. Tight nulling WBHY, Mobile. Southern gospel vocals. Ad for a store on “West Jackson Street” (which would be Ball), then another spot for a local BBQ joint, then a butcher with fresh Georgia pig cuts, and finally a KWDF ID by a live and local male. Favorite log of the day along with the 1640 HAR.  [HISP]

940 FLORIDA WLQH, Chiefland. 1748 November 19, 2012. Bob Seeger “Turn the Page” parallel 1240 WZCC, Cross City (it being weaker and slightly delayed audio). “True Oldies” slogan, presumed sat-fed junk. [HISP]

1080 MEXICO XEXK, Radio Fórmula, Poza Rica, Veracruz. 1200 November 21, 2012. Barely audible due to co-channel Radio Cadena Habana and KRLD, Dallas. Mexican national anthem at tune-in, followed by the Veracruz state anthem, so XEEST by state anthem default. No hope for any calls or slogan ID.

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1141 November 21, 2012. Male and female news items, all for Sancti Spíritus province and towns, dominating over the Rebelde transmitter.

1240 FLORIDA WZCC, Cross City. 1748 November 19, 2012. Not so good, tight nulling local 1250 iBLOC.  See 940 WLQH almost simulcast audio. [HISP]

1610 FLORIDA (MIS) City of Tarpon Springs.1540 November 19, 2012. Still running the long looping fire safety and smoke detectors copy with music and singing, along with male voiced City of Tarpon Springs address, phone number and URL. [HISP]

1640 FLORIDA Florida Turnpike Suncoast Parkway SR-589, Pasco County.  1545 November 19, 2012. Presumed the one, first time logged from here, with female looped mention of, “… Florida Turnpike… You are tuned to… broadcasting at 1640 on your AM dial… motorists… dial 911… disabled vehicles… remember to click it or ticket.. 800-749-74(58?).. 800-749-74(58?)…” If the correct phone number, it’s always, “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy now. Please try your call later.” Co-channel WTNI, Biloxi, MS. Station signage was at least once present around Exit 30, which would be northern Pasco County if so. [HISP]

5925 CHINA Voice of Zonghua CNR5, Beijing. 1147 November 21, 2012. Chinese news-talk, parallel 9410, both clear and good.

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargyasa. 1312 November 20, 2012. Bits of Horn of Africa music popping through around 1316 and 1339. Carrier off 1402:22. And on November 21, carrier off at 1401:13. And 1401:55 on November 22.

1170 MEXICO unidentified. 1158 November 22, 2012. Weak under WAVS, KFAQ etc. with traces of anthem. Lost.

630 TEXAS KSLR, San Antonio. 0758 November 25, 2012. Spot for a heating and air company, gospel program promo, a couple of “AM 6-30” and “AM 6-30 KSLR” mentions, into Castle Hills Christian Church program.

640 MEXICO unidentified. 1156 November 25, 2012. Mexi-tunes, but weak and lost with Radio Progreso not fully nulled.

660 MEXICO XEDTL Radio Ciudadana, México DF. 1202 November 25,2012. Mexican anthem, female canned ID with calls, slogan, AM and FM frequencies and city. Good.

1060 MEXICO XEEP Radio Educación, México DF.  0905 November 25, 2012. Female ID, soft vocals under Radio 26. No 6185 on, or at least audible at this time.

4699.95 BOLIVIA Radio San Miguel, Riberalta. 1011 November 25, 2012. Presumed the one in passing with flute fill, Spanish male announcer. Fair.

4747.08 PERU Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta. 1014 November 25, 2012. Flutes, Spanish man. Fair and presumed.

4789.93 PERU Radio Visión, Lambayeque. 1016 November 25, 2012. Reverb Spanish preacher. Good.

4925.24 BRAZIL Rádio Educação Rural, Tefé, Amazonas. 1018 November 25, 2012. Nice Brazilian jazz, chipper Braso-Portuguese female DJ. No ID, presumed. Good.

6115 JAPAN Nikkei Radio 2, Tokyo-Nagara. 0724 Japanese male and female bantering, “Nikkei Radio” ID 0725, clear and good, parallel equal level 9760 and threshold 3945. Meanwhile, Nikkei Radio 1 parallels 3925, 6055 and 9595 all fair.

6120 BRAZIL Super Rádio Deus é Amor, São Paulo. 0738 November 25, 2012. Emphatic, wobbling Braso-Portuguese preacher. Clear and good, parallel good 6059.84, very poor 9565.08 and good 11764.92.

6125 / 6175 / 7305 CHINA CPBS-1. 1223 November 25, 2012. Good with Western-sounding classical music. First two channels good, 7305 fair.

6185 NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea. *1000 November 25, 2012. Interval signal in progress at tune-in and until 1001, presumed anthem, then orchestral fill, English female briefly mentioning that the news is next, more orchestral fanfare. Finally at 1008, male with news. Clear and fair, parallel better 9335.

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargaysa. 1250-1401:39* November 24, 2012. Today’s threshold signal in Florida and closing time measurement. Some threshold Horn of Africa music eeking through shortly after 1300, presumably someone else with inaccurate time tones (three short, one long, ending about 1328), then a signal bump with HOA music from around 1330, male 1332, a little more music audible shortly thereafter then any audio lost. Carrier measured going off by tuning to USB, then de-tuning to 7119.70. If Somaliland doesn’t come on until 1300, then someone else is here prior to (maybe the source of the time sounders).

7688U TAIWAN (CLANDESTINE) Xing Xing Guangbo Dientai, (a/k/a New Star Broadcasting Station a/k/a V13 designation), Kuanyin. 1227-1242* November 24, 2012. Fair and clear but for the local hash QRM. Presumed numbers in presumed Mandarin Chinese (blocks of eight-syllables), then non-numbers message reading. Seemed maybe at least carrier plus upper and not straight USB.

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 1158 December 8, 2012. Ad for Liberty something, canned ID into FOX News. Very poor, and with local Spanish WQBN only mostly nulled.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 2258 December 11, 2012. Local level signal (what have they done?) with male announcer, Cuban ballads and pops. Then at 2256, short history segment by man, closing with canned, “Sendero H, Sendero H, 11 de diciembre.” What is this? Well, after diligent Google searching, it’s the voice of  Andrés García Suárez (here is the page I found with an interesting Andrés interview ). He produces a three-minute segment on Cuban history that airs in the local 6am and 6pm hours on Radio Ciudad del Mar. “Sendero H” is short for Sendero Histórico. Other observations: December 11, 0008 with techno vocals, station chimes theme and canned ID 0015, same at 0059, into a Cuban rap/rock music program that sporadically used The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” as a theme, including the full song from 0115, and the DJ came out of it with mention of “Amarillo Submarine.”  December 10, 1142, a segment of milestone in Cuban history, Latin American news items (mostly Colombia and Venezuela). ID at 1200, into short kiddie segment, space ship sound effects. Signal held up to around 1230, when my very local WTAN on 1340 mostly splattered the fading signal badly. And with WTAN on 1340, no chance of hearing the parallel Radio Ciudad del Mar channel here, though certainly still active as per my loggings in the Florida Keys a few weeks ago. Canned ID’s by female are always, “Esta es CM[CM?], Radio Ciudad del Mar…” the calls do not fit the listed ones I find, or any Internet search I’ve found thus far. Anyone else?

1410 ALABAMA WNGL, Mobile. 1216 December 7, 2012. EWTN’s “Sunrise Morning Show” chatter, local break with something “…alabama-dot-com” into the WNGL Community Calendar and mention of “… Archangel Radio.” Good on my local sunrise.

1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Radio Farda, al-Dhabbiya. 0016 December 4, 2012. Rather low audio tonight but there, with presumed Farsi vocals and more hipster Bollywood-style vocals.

1660 NORTH CAROLINA WBCN, Charlotte. 0011 November 27, 2012. Difficult to null/kill WCNZ's alternating sky/ground signal, but confirmed Laura Ingraham Show parallel audio stream but way delayed. Signal nicely up right at 0100 for ID, “America’s Talk” slogan, and into “FOX News Radio” feed. Thanks to Gerry Bishop’s initially unidentified log of this from Jupiter (Florida, not the planet) for prompting me to check.

5025 CUBA Radio Rebelde. 1800 December 8, 2012. Non-DX but the programming is worth noting. Another example of cross-programming from Cuba. I tuned in just before 1800, hoping to sit back and listen to the Noticiero Nacional de Radio 30-minute news feed. But instead, into joint Radio Rebelde FM and Radio Bayamo ID’s followed by a short pre-game béisbol segment, then the game began. Lots of Radio Bayamo ID’s and their nice, distinctive chimes-ish sounder theme. But also several mentions near and after 1900 of CMKC; Radio Cadena Agramonte; and CMKS, stations presumably also relaying but not part of the Rebelde/Bayamo primary studio source, just a pick-up. Parallel all audible Rebelde MW channels, save for 1620 kHz which was patched to “standard AM” Rebelde with music, and presumably they carried Noticiero Nacional de Radio at 1300 Cuban local (if I’d have thought to check). Damn, this is all going to be so different a few years from now when Clear Channel owns all of these. Follow-up next day, December 9: this regional (I think it is) baseball series is clearly important. Rebelde once again split at 1800 GMT on all MW channels and 5025 to join Rebelde FM, save for lonely ole' 1620, to carry the game. 1620 continued with Noticiero Nacional de Radio. NNdR's lead was, of course, about poor Hugo. Even down to a choral song composed for him, sung "live" and replayed in entirety. It was touching, leaving tears streaming. The female co-reader today sounded like a little hottie. Ripe for picking weekend radio interns even in Cuba?

6050 TURKEY Voice of Turkey. 1928 December 8, 2012. Interval signal in progress, clear and fair. This at my local 1428. ID and into English with news. Other presumably Euro signals in (but didn't try to ID, and most very weak) on 6000, 6010, 6040, 6060, 6100, 6185 and 6195, the letter being the best, possibly BBC, Skelton, UK in Dari.

3984.98 CROATIA Hrvatske Radio. 0220 December 14, 2012. Clear but fair-to-weak with lots of Croa-pop, Croatian female jock, some talking by man at times. Then, the usual slow-tone time sounders at 0300, news, back to music. Almost real-time parallel 7375 Wertachtal, Germany relay, which was at a very good signal level.

4050.00 KYRGYZSTAN Kyrgyz Radio, Bishkek. 0208 December 14, 2012. Tentative. Big enough carrier but almost no audio, AM. If so, presumed the Radio Rossii feed of old.

4220.00 CHINA Qinghai PBS, Xining. 2348 December 19, 2012. Pretty good – best of the lot – with nice Islamic-influenced vocals, man and woman from 2352 in non-Chinese talk.

4500.00 CHINA Xinjiang PBS, Ürümqi. 0148 December 20, 2012. Clear except for constant CODAR sweeps. Non-Chinese Central Asian talk, Central Asian fill music. Fair-poor level.

4781.69 ECUADOR Radio Oriental, Tena. 1142 December 13, 2012. Spanish male announcer reading lots of live script ads, ID. Clear, fairly good except for some CODAR.

4800.00 CHINA CBPS-1, Golmud. Qinghai. 2353 December 19, 2012. Chinese male and female trading off news-ish items. Fair.

4800.00 INDIA All India Radio, Hyderabad. 0013 December 20, 2012. Rechecking the ChiCom, a 1000 cycle constant tone about equal level was now here. AIR interval signal in progress 0018:30 re-recheck.

4920.00 CHINA Xizang PBS, Llasa. 2357 December 19, 2012. Non-Chinese female talk (Tibetan?), fill music 2358. Clear and weak.

5010.00 INDIA All India Radio, Thiru’puram. 0017 December 20, 2012. 1000 cycle constant tone in progress at tune-in, into AIR interval signal at 0018:15, Vividh Bharati opening after 0020. Clear, fair-poor.

5060.00 CHINA Xinjiang PBS, Ürümqi. 2310 December 19, 2012. Presumed. Clear but threshold, with traces of Central Asian vocals popping through, what audio there was. But at 0136 re-check (now December 20 GMT), semi-decent with Central Asian language man talk.

5860.00 SRI LANKA Radio Farda (relay), Iranawila. 0026 December 20, 2012. Clear, very good with mix of Bollywood, Farsi pop and Western (Stevie Wonder “I Just Called To Say I Love You”). Three slow, one long time sounder 0030, ID. Carrier on 1575 MW, but no audio making it here tonight.

5875 CYPRUS BBC World Service (relay), Limassol. 0200 December 20, 2012. Time signals at tune-in coincidentally just after transmitter presumed up, into world news in English. Clear and fair. Site per It’s so hard to actually hear the BBCWS in English on shortwave from here anymore, so much that I cherish any log of said.

6170 U/V GULF OF MEXICO (pirate out-of-band commercial or charter fishermen). 1800 December 19, 2012. Two guys talking, one slightly off-frequency, simplex mode. Mentioning catching 240 pounds of (sea) trout [sic]. Also mentioning redfish, wahoo, blacks (grouper) and bonita. A couple of these are not really edible; redfish not a commercially-permitted catch;  and 240 pounds of sea trout just might not be legal. But then if you’re on 6170 kHz talking about it, obviously following the law isn’t too important. One guy said today’s catches have been, “pretty shitty” and, “… heading back north… 12-13 miles NE of me is too shallow… on the state line…” So, presume in the Gulf of Mexico and not terribly far out, based on the referenced geography and some of the fish catches mentioned. Odd OOB channel, heard at 1300 (1 p.m.) local time. Good.

7189.83 SRI LANKA Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Ekala. 0121 December 20, 2012. Clear and fair with Hindi vocals, brief announcer. Parallel weaker 11905.00.

840 CUBA CMHW Dobleve, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. 2218 December 27, 2012. Male with maybe baseball highlights, then female, into McCartney’s “No More Lonely Nights” then a couple of Cuban vocals. At 2239, J. Giles Band “Centerfold” and more DJ chatter. Two short, one long warbled time sounders around 2259, male canned ID, “Esta es CMHW… cadena provincial de radial… frecuencia popular…” into male and female alternating newscast, almost all being Villa Clara items, some phoned-in reporters appending their names with “… Dobleve” at the end of the feeds, sports segment at 2315. Hosts names and “buenas noches” at 2328, fill music, CMHW theme, canned ID, reverb canned announcers opening a Cuban dance/techno music program. Fair and slowly building to very good, with a little WHAS co-channel.

842.00 UNIDENTIFIED. 1147 December 27, 2012. A carrier here, suspect another one of the growing Cuban mystery carriers (1121 and 1159 currently). Not present at 1730 (my local 12:30 p.m.) check, so if Cuba, not the western half. And not CMHW, heard later in the afternoon where it should be, on 840.

990 CUBA Radio Guamá,  Pinar del Río,  Pinar del Río. 0302 December 22, 2012. Local level with Cuban salsa-ish, female DJ, into Evanescence “Bring Me to Life”.  Parallel sometimes very good 1070 and poor 1020.

1000 CUBA Radio Guamá, Los Palacios, Pinar del Río. 0048 December 23, 2012. Bubbled up poorly under Radio Artemisa (so, there is still a dedicated Radio Guamá transmitter here, or somewhere in Pinar del Río at least, on this channel). Very old, traditional Cuban vocals, male ID just after tune-in. Artemisa with more current Cuban ballads and dominating.

1000 CUBA unidentified with Radio Rebelde audio, unknown site. 0128 December 23, 2012. Rebelde sounders, ID, back to live baseball coverage, parallel 5025 shortwave, and eventually parallel 1020 kHz, which would likely indicate someone else (Guamá?) picking up the Rebelde network for game coverage. Yet another example that a Cuba station on a “new” channel isn’t necessarily so as so often mis-reported. Impossible to pull a Rebelde audio – if there was any – on 1020 to maybe confirm Guamá. Someone co-channel on 1000 from Cuba, maybe Radio Artemisa, with vocals. There’s always the possibility is could really be a new Rebelde here too, for that matter. And see 1080 unidentified.

1020 CUBA Radio Guamá,  Bahía Honda, Pinar del Río. 0305 December 22, 2012. Poor, parallel 990, 1070. Mostly under Radio Reloj.

1070 CUBA Radio Guamá, Guane, Pinar del Río. 0304 December 22, 2012. Very good, parallel 990, 1020.

1080 CUBA Radio Ciudad de la Habana, unknown location (Güines? Villa María?). 0121 December 22, 2012. Checking for David Crawford’s dual Cuban anthems stations that he heard at 0500 – Radio Cadena Habana and Radio Ciudad de la Habana ID’s he noted.  Here at 0121, Radio Cadena Habana signal was huge, as always, with Cuban modern vocals, male canned ID 0159: "Desde la capital. Esta es Radio Cadena Habana, la Emisora de la Música Cubana." Nothing else except for a brief KRLD Dallas fade-up under for a few seconds. Then finally Radio Ciudad de la Habana faded up though mostly staying under RadCadHab fromaround 0238, male ID 0241. Glenn Hauser was hearing this a couple of months ago. My theory was a network link-up via the RadCadHab transmitter. But not so, it's definitely two stations. And at 0254, another Ciudad de la Habana ID. 0300 reverb female “Ciudad de la Habana” over vocal. But wait! There’s also a Radio Surco currently on the channel. See log.

1080 CUBA Radio Surco, unknown site. 2250-2252 December 22, 2012. Tune-in 2250, audio dropped 2251-2252 on Radio Cadena Habana for almost a minute. Cuban vocals audible under. Possibly Radio Ciudad de la Habana (see separate log), but at 2300, a nice fade-up with male canned ID, “Esta es CMIF,   Radio Surco” into vocals. Same ID 1080 at 2343. Seemed to be the one with a “Noticiero provincial de… (something) news feed a few minutes earlier, but not 100% sure on that. EcuRed entry has a link to the station, but (at least tonight) it simply loads up a fine blank white page; typical Cuban retro-technology. And, no trace of Radio Surco on 930 kHz. For that matter, it was unheard in the Keys back in October. My last Surco logs were 1140 kHz from the Florida Keys in October, 2012, heritage 930 kHz in August, 2011 (this one has gone untraced since), and on 890 kHz where it briefly replaced Radio Progreso audio in December, 2010, also flipping to Radio Chambas audio at times.

1080 CUBA unidentified with Radio Rebelde audio, unknown site. 0211 December 23, 2012. Bubbling up with Radio Rebelde coverage of live baseball parallel 5025 shortwave. Certainly someone merely relaying the game via Rebelde. Not Radio Cadena Habana, which was mostly dominating, so Radio Surco or Radio Ciudad de la Habana maybe? See 1000 kHz similar observation.

1080 MEXICO unidentified. 1201 December 22, 2011. National anthem in progress at tune-in, lost in the fade and pile-up of Cubans. XEXK, Radio Fórmula, Poza Rica, Veracruz likely, as last heard this time November 21.

1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Mayarí, Holguín. 0208 December 26, 2012. Current Cuban rap/techno dance vocals, male DJ. Reverb ID. Eating WBT, Charlotte rather well.

1140 CUBA Radio Musical Nacional, unknown site (western Cuba). 0306 December 23, 2012. Horrible female opera, parallel good signal flagship 590 kHz. Mostly underneath unidentified (Miami?) Spanish news/talk that is ever so slightly off-frequency on the high side. This Musical Nacional channel has been active here for years, a dedicated transmitter and audible day and night frequently.

1440 ALABAMA WLWI, Montgomery. 0240 December 26, 2012. Canned mention of “... AM 1440 and 9- point –“ before fading. At 0302, a TN or AL-accented female with weather (100% rain, severe storms, high tomorrow 44). Finally, a live WLWI, Montgomery ID.

1440 GEORGIA WGIG, Brunswick. 0306 December 26, 2012. Over and under all the others with male canned "Real Radio 1440 WGIG, Brunswick” and into syndicated talk radio with national spots on breaks.

1440 UNIDENTIFIED. 0255 December 26, 2012. Rarely bubbling up over WLWI, WGIG and Spanish Christian WWCL (Lehigh Acres, FL). Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and later, The Clash “Train In Vain” and at 0358, Phil Collins/Philip Bailey’s horrid “Easy Lover” heard, but that’s all. I’ve been sporadically tracking this in my local eves for some time, no luck with an ID.

4369U LOUISIANA WLO, New Orleans. 1214 December 23, 2012. Compu-female nautical weather, mention of WLO and KLB, “Stand by for calls, end of broadcast” at 1218. Excellent.

7270 INDIA All India Radio, Chennai. 1155-1208 December 25, 2012. Clear but weak, parallel much stronger 15050, with Hindi vocals, female “All India Radio” ID in otherwise presumed Tamil.

9625 ARMENIA Overcomer Ministry (relay), Gavar. *1700 December 26, 2012. Carrier noted here moments before 1700 tune-in. I left the radio room but kept the NRD-535 on the channel, eventually noticing audio of Brother Ralph Gordon Stair around 1740 when passing by, clear and fair, only a couple of brief gospel vocal interludes and the Bro ranting across the 1800 hour. Presumed country site per EiBi and Shortwave Central, beamed to the throngs of eagerly-listening Muslim populace in the Mid-east.

9655 UNIDENTIFIED. 1638-1659* December 26, 2012. Very good signal with Russian male announcer, into Proco Harem’s “Whiter Shade Of Pale” then quick word from announcer and into a Russian vocal. Then, Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” and another Russian vocal, talk. Abruptly off before top-of-hour chance for any ID. KNLS, Anchor Point, Alaska seems unlikely at least at this signal level, but what else is here this time? And why would KNLS Christians play decadent (at least former) drug user vocals?

15150 UNIDENTIFIED. 1306-1329* December 23, 2012. Continuous New Age piano solo until abrupt 1329:16 off. Very good. Suspect Iran, but no parallels found, and no trace of this one on the next re-check, December 25. EiBi shows IRIB in Mandarin but only until 1300 here. Testing? Default music bed on their audio board when no programming is scheduled and left on for 30-minutes in error?

96.5 MHz FLORIDA WVVD-LP, East Tampa. 1750 December 25, 2012. Fairly good on the Crosstown Expressway in Brandon, with Spanish covers of Christmas songs, Spanish announcer (seemingly all canned), accented but English male canned ID 1802.

1090 MEXICO XEMCA la Grande de las Huastecas, Pánuco, Veracruz. 1201 December 31, 2012. Transmitter up with choral anthem followed by Veracruz State choral anthem from 1205, then canned ID, “… XEMCA… 10 mil vatios de potencia … Huastecas… la Grande de las Huastecas… Grupo de Radio… telefono…” into live female with local events for the day. Very good at my post-local sunrise. 

1170 MEXICO unidentified. 1230 December 31, 2012. Mexi-tune vocal very poor in the jumble. January 1, 2013: national anthem in progress 1201 tune-in, but again too weak for an ID. XERT and XEZS logged here previously. WDEK, Lexington, SC with Oldies the biggest co-channel.

1190 MEXICO XECT Contacto 11-90, Monterrey, Nuevo  León. 1220 December 31, 2012. Spanish love ballads, female canned “Contacto 11-90” at 1222. Excellent on post-local sunrise.

1190 MISSOURI KQQZ, Desoto. 1206 January 1, 2013. Love this station on the brief post-sunrise and post-sunset receptions. Great Old School C&W with “Swingin’ Doors” by Tony Toliver; “What’s Going On In Your World” by George Strait; female canned “Killer [K]ountry KQQZ” into “Snowbird” by Anne Murray; “On the Road Again” Willie Nelson; “I’ve Got A Tiger By the Tail” Buck Owens. Faded out by 1232.

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1226 December 31, 2012. Rebelde sounders and ID, poor and co-channel a lot of things plus the ever-present 1220.20-ish Latin American het.

1000 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 0001 January 9, 2013. Absolutely this is a new and dedicated Rebelde on 1000 kHz (see my first log of on December 23). Always poor with Radio Artemisa and sometimes Radio Guamá dominating. This one appears to have popped up since late October, as not observed in the Florida Keys or back home until late December. Tune-in tonight with news (the old “Mesa Redonda” time I believe), whatever it’s titled now. Seems to just want to identify the program as “Aquí  Rebelde” which is a slick, tightly-formatted male/female scripted news magazine (still listed as Mesa Redonda from 6:30-8:00 p.m. on the Rebelde website), parallel  1180, 1620 and 5025. News ended 0059 with filler crap and two “Rebelde FM” ID’s and then 1180, 5025 etc. all broke off into “standard” AM Rebelde audio, while 1620 continued with Rebelde FM (Cuban dance music, Rebelde FM ID’s). But to muddy matters for DXers, the (at least) second 1620 Rebelde transmitter was audible and weaker with the “standard” AM Rebelde under the Rebelde FM. The previous evening January 8, 0129: this was parallel 1620 with Rebelde FM audio (not parallel 1180, etc.), as also being heard by Gerry Bishop in Niceville, FL along with me.

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1028 January 8, 2013. The biggest Cuba signal here right now with fast-talking little hottie female between Cuban pop vocals,  ID 0131, parallel equal level 1020.

1000 CUBA Radio Guamá, Los Palacios, Pinar del Río. 0020 January 9, 2013. Dominating tonight over the new Rebelde and Radio Artemisa, with two ID’s 0020, into traditional Cuban vocals.

1190 MISSOURI KQQZ, Desoto. 1206 January 1, 2013. Love this station on the brief post-sunrise and post-sunset receptions. Great Old School C&W with “Swingin’ Doors” by Tony Toliver; “What’s Going On In Your World” by George Strait; female canned “Killer [K]ountry KQQZ” into “Snowbird” by Anne Murray; “On the Road Again” Willie Nelson; “I’ve Got A Tiger By the Tail” Buck Owens. Faded out by 1232.

1290 GEORGIA WCHK, Canton. 1007 January 6, 2013. Reggaeton vocal followed by uninterrupted public affairs-type program hosted by Spanish male and female with lot’s of English “OK” phrase used. Finally at 1037, mention of “My Family Health Spot…” which is a Georgia-specific organization for fat kids, so by default it’s WCHK, the only Georgia station in Spanish on 1290. Listed as 5000/500 with Mexi format.

1439.4 UNIDENTIFIED. 2240 January 8, 2013. Frequency roughly. Who is this big het, noted 2240 through mid-eve local (surely eastern US or Latin America).

1440 FLORIDA WWCL “Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional”, Lehigh Acres. 0000 January 8, 2013. Male canned ID beginning with “WWRV, New York…” and including WWCL and at least two other “W” stations, into Christian talk. Pretty much bubbled under the 1440 jumble after a few minutes.  And on January 8 at 2240, briefly very good on the sunset greyline with Latin American-centric newscast, with frequent “Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional” slogan IDs.

1440 GEORGIA WGIG, Brunswick. 0936 January 6, 2013. “Real Radio 14-40 WGIG” ID bubbled up amongst the others. Also IDing 0021 on January 8 while on the channel. January 8, 2353: ad for a local dentist then something else on “… Island Drive, St. Simons.” Back to delayed Rush Limbaugh, ID, news. Check 2325 with Mark Levin feed.

1440 unidentified. 0018 January 8, 2013. ESPN Sports Radio feed. I had a very South/North Carolina-accented female at 0030 with local adverts, but unable to copy much, except I thought I heard a reference to “Spartanburg” in one. ESPN Sports Radio’s affiliate page maps all stations by state, which doesn’t work for a DXer. So, I Googled “ESPN Sports Radio 1440” and promptly found more confusing information: And Wiki says since late 2012, WGVL has been Fox Sports Radio, which is what the relatively new NRC AM Logbook says. But the website is a placeholder: Listening online the next day at 1:40 p.m. ET, I hear Jay Mohr Sports is on now via online streaming. That's FOX Sports Radio. So what is WGVL? Did I hear wrong last night, the mention of "Spartanburg" in a commercial? In which case my 1440 remains unidentified? I hate how many stations have no functional web presence in the year 2013.

1440 TENNESSEE WZYX, Cowan. 0911 January 6, 2013. The Gap Band “You Dropped the Bomb On Me” into GEICO and Icy Hot ads, Citizens Community Bank, local weather 0919 and ID into McCartney & Wings “Live & Let Die”; “Madness” by Muse; “Stray Cat Blues” by The Stay Cats; “Sledgehammer” Peter Gabriel. Fair-good at times, with co-channel sometimes by the unidentified ESPN Radio affiliate, WLWI Birmingham, AL and WGIG Brunswick, GA. Heard a couple of days ago early local evening. Listed 5000/66 but surely must be running day power.

600 FLORIDA WBOB, Jacksonville. 0106 January 15, 2012. Coming out of network news with, “… News Radio 600, WBOB.” Radio Rebelde face-slapping them hard.

940 GEORGIA WMAC, Macon. 2359 January 15, 2013. Tail-end of Hidden Valley Ranch [salad dressing] spot, male canned “WMAC, Macon” into ABC News. 

1100 TEXAS KDRY, Alamo Heights.  0000 January 15, 2013. “… here on KDRY… KDRY, Alamo Heights… “ and immediately lost to WTAM, Cleveland. Presumed power/antenna switches by one or both responsible for this. Someone in Spanish with Latin American news also in the mix, seemingly not Cuba, maybe Caracol, Baranquilla, Colombia, sometimes heard here.

1510 FLORIDA (MIS) WQAM844 Licensee: City of Lakeland Radio (Lakeland Linder Regional Airport). 1455 January 12, 2013. Fair briefly with the usual long loop regarding Airport activities and events such as the annual Sun ‘N Fun airshow.  FCC dB lists no less than three entries with different calls, two at Medulla Road (which would be this one), one as WPEP788 which I am fairly sure are the previous calls, for certain the one once used here as per QSL and large lapel pin collateral I received from them years ago. One of not may in-band TIS/MIS’s within Florida.

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) WQOX737 Florida’s Turnpike-Polk Expressway at MM 18.6 eastbound lanes, Auburndale. FCC coordinates 28° 4' 17.5" N, 81° 49' 58.6" W. 1830 (1330 ET) January 12, 2013. FCC dB as typical shares multi-transmitter call signs in the same geography. Generic compu-female loop made for Turnpike use along Miami-Dade County, the very same loop heard on at least a couple of Turnpike TIS’s in October, 2012, referencing exits between Miami and Florida City; lots of good that does up here. Signal is not as good as the Lakeland transmitter, in fact the Lakeland transmitter co-channels pretty well in downtown Lakeland on Florida Avenue to I-4.

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) WQOX737 Florida’s Turnpike-Polk Expressway at MM 8 westbound lanes, Lakeland. FCC coordinates 27° 59' 47.3" N, 81° 56' 3.9" W. 1500 January 12, 2013. Growingly strong signal from the I-4 western terminus junction of the Polk Expressway to my exit at Florida Avenue where it was huge. Compu-female loop regarding lane closure and resurfacing on FL-570 (a/k/a the Polk Expressway). Problem is, the resurfacing is not on this portion of the Expressway, but rather on the eastern half, where the second transmitter is not carrying this message.

1030 FLORIDA WONQ, Oviedo. 0012 January 24, 2013 (2012L January 23). Mostly big nearly local signal with Haitian kreyòl female finance/tax filing nonstop talk brokered program. Fast male accented and canned,  “WONQ, Oviedo” 0100. Program ended just before 0100, but continued with Hai-kre programming of mostly kompa music.

1030 MASSACHUSSETS WBZ, Boston. 0048 January 24, 2013 (2048L January 23). Weakly fading up with local newscast with male announcer, “WBZ weather… 20’s…” Laugh, but this is the first log of WBZ for me from Clearwater, where almost everything upper coastal Eastern Seaboard is nearly impossible to hear from west coast Florida. WONQ co-channel also a problem.

1090 CUBA Radio Victoria, Amancio, Las Tunas. Showing up for moments very sporadically in the local evening hours (say 0000 GMT+) in the 1090 mess, a couple of clear ID’s. David Crawford on the opposing Florida coast was able to replicate. Supposedly 1 kW if anything listed is to be believed. Be aware if no ID, that Radio Cadena Habana and Radio Guamá have appeared on 1090.

1090 MEXICO XEFC Super Stereo, Mérida, Yucatán. 0200 January 26, 2013. “XHFC 105 punto 9” male canned slogan often. Usually Spanish ballads, as in few silly Mexi-tunes. Fair-poor-good in a huge jumble of domestic s and at least one other Spanish station, maybe even two. Not sure, but this may have been the same definite Mexican here just before 0000-0100 with Mexican hour-long newscast, Central Time checks, mentions of Mexico, Tampico, pesos. Thanks to all the other Florida monitors for logging this a day or two before me as we coordinate monitored 1090. XEMCA, Verecruz state still and always dominates just my pre/post sunrise here though, with Mexi-anthem 1200-ish GMT.

1100 COLOMBIA Caracol Radio, Barranquilla. 2358 January 22, 2013 (1958L). Promo for upcoming sports event, “… en Caracol” and net ID. Very briefly fair, then gone on my local post-sunset peak.

1350 CUBA  Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 0021 January 23, 2013 (2021L January 22). Slick Cuba-centric newscast hosted by male, some telco remote (mostly) female reporters, mentions of Ciego de Ávila, Camagüey and Cienfuegos. Brief sports round-up from 0031, then time check, “… en Radio Ciudad del Mar” and back to news items. Very good on sunset greyline.

1370 FLORIDA WCOA, Pensacola. 0042 January 23, 2013 (2042L January 22). Someone with Mark Levin audio bubbling up over WTAB briefly which turned out to be WCOA per their website. Male canned, “WCOA, Pensacola, a Cumulus  radio station” at top-of-hour. Very good bottom-of-hour with local news once the PR-D5 portable was pointed that way.

1370 NORTH CAROLINA WTAB, Tabor City. 0036 January 23, 2013 (1936L January 22). Old School C&W/Bluegrass gospel vocals, all quite refreshing from the usual fare on the dial. Live, older-sounding male DJ, “We’ve got oldies… WTAB…” Another live ID, “… WTAB, great gospel music…” Not-so-Christian Brooks & Dunne “Missing You” (as in co-written by John Waite), Carolina Cash Five lottery spot. Listed as 5000/109, but surely not powered down to 109 watts, or are my radios just that good? Nah. Audio stream at a few seconds behind, but at least they stream. And what a quaint little studio building photo on the URL. Located on the South Carolina border. My local 1380 WWMI "Radio Disney" St. Petersburg iBLOC that is 24/7 seemed off at first, but yet seemingly traces of it on the top end of 1380, so iBLOC Lite?

1370 UNIDENTIFIED. 0042 January 23, 2013 (2043L January 22). Someone with FOX Sports Radio low in the mix of others. Never could get a hook on which one this could be.

1390 FLORIDA WAJD, Gainesville.  0136 January 23, 2013 (2036L January 22). “Stand By Me” male vocal cover, but not the classic Ben E. King one, into black gospel-sounding vocal. Male canned, “WAJD, Gainesville” at 0142 and,  “Gainesville’s Motown and R&B Connection… “ at 0148. Listed as 5000/51. If I’m hearing them at 51-watts at night, then that’s nice.  Wiki needs to update, not only to “active” status, but also the format:

1400 UNIDENTIFIED.  I foolishly wasted time listening to the worst graveyard channel of any from 2234 January 23, 2012 (1834L), just a weak jumble of many stations nearing sunset. The one interesting station: at 2259, 5 + 1 time sounders (sounding remarkably like HCJB tonally), but nothing else pulled except for someone else with the single CBS Radio News bong tone, into said news.

1610 FLORIDA (MIS) unidentified. Bill Harrison reports to FLPRS that he is hearing a NOAA Weather Radio on this channel from his Broward County location. There are several possibilities on my website, assuming it’s not something new. Bill tells me he will try to follow up by DFing this.

1670 FLORIDA (MIS) WQFL543 City of Coral Springs. Bill Harrison in Broward County reports to FLPRS that this one is one was running their city info audio loop but it was completely inaudible from a harsh audio tone that was also on the feed.  [He] sent the City an email, pointing this out and, in several days' time, the city info loop with the tone was replaced by the South Florida NOAA Weather Radio feed.  The audio is [now] good once again, so the technical problem was clearly caused by the equipment that runs the City info audio loop.

94.5 MHz FLORIDA W233AV “Thunder” slogan. Top-of-hour canned ID includes  “94.5 in St. Pete” but also heard are the translator calls and “Gulfport” the city of license, even though this has actually been relocated to the original 97.9 98 rock antenna on Starkey Road, Largo. Very nice signal in central Pinellas on portables in the house.  Parallel 105.9 (which was briefly simulcasting 970 kHz WFLA for a couple of months after Clear Channel LMI’ed these from Reach Ministries). I am told the primary voice imaging is Catfish from Clear Channels’ “Thunder 103-5”(not to be confused with this “Thunder” format).

105.9 MHz FLORIDA W290BJ “Thunder”, West Tampa. This recently flipped translator simulcasting 970 WFLA is (from around January 28) now feeding the same non-commercial Classic Rock as the Pinellas County 94.5 MHz translator (see entry).  Parallel 94.5 MHz, but if I flip the portable Sony ICF-7600GR extended antenna south-ish, it is gone and “The Buzz” Active Rock WTZB, Englewood.

580 MEXICO XEAV Canal 58, Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0000 February 26, 2013. Following up on the local evening hour vs. the local morning unidentified XE. A brief but clear seemingly live and convenient  XEAV  ID by male, then talk for a moment, but lost under WDBO and someone else weak. No Canal 58 slogan heard though.

580 MEXICO unidentified. 1142 February 23, 2013. Mexi-tunes, but no Anthem at 1200, lost to WDBO, Orlando on the back-ish side of the point to Mexico. 1158 February 24: Mexi-tune, 1200 male, “… la… México … XE…” but no anthem again, lost to WDBO. February 25: audio up at 1149, Mexi-tunes, male DJ front intro’ing a Los Tigres del Norte song next up, into at 1152. Mention of, “… cinco ochenta…” at 1200 by female. Lost once again to WDBO. Suspect XEAV (see evening log), but inconclusive without an ID or slogan.

800 BONAIRE Trans World Radio, Belnem. 0024 February 22, 2013. Good, riding post-sunset local with canned Spanish gospel program, female canned “Radio Transmundial, Bonaire…” at 0030, into another Spanish canned gospel program. WRTVH-2013 lists English until 0030. But not, at least on this local Thursday.

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 0046 February 22, 2013. Fair-poor, parallel big 1020.

1020 CUBA Radio Artemisa, unknown site, Artemisa. 0045 February 22, 2013. Big signal, horribly over-modulated with traditional Cuban vocals, female announcer, ID 0058 followed by four slow time sounders way off on timing. Another ID at 0100 and into pop-ish Cuban vocals. Parallel weaker 1000.

1050 CUBA Radio Victoria, Victoria de las Tunas, Las Tunas. 0110 February 17, 2013. Nice traditional Cuban vocals, female ID. At 0200, male canned, “Estancia en sintonía Radio Victoria…” Some XE co-channel.

1070 CUBA Radio Guamá, Guane, Pinar del Río. 0108-0150 February 20, 2013. Female-dominated newscast as should well be, mostly ruling the channel, but one other unidentified Spanish Latin American and a US English briefly in the mix. Radio Guamá is not DX from here, but the interesting thing was the 0130 male canned ID with at least 3-4 FM channels mentioned  -- none copied – but all prefixed with the towns (La Palma was one, for instance). And what/who is/was Guamá? Me, being interested in all things Cuba, I note that the current Cubans think they found his bones after 481 or so years. And he was a fine example of an axe murder victim at the hands of a relative, caught in a sex scandal. All the makings for a TV reality show today. Proof is at:

1140 MEXICO XEMR, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 0120 February 21, 2013. Mexi-tunes slowly overtaking Cuban stations Radio Rebelde and Radio Musical. Male canned ID with calls at 0130, but no Radio Esperanza slogan heard, if that’s still the slogan.

1370 NORTH CAROLINA WTAB, Tabor City. 0110 February 26 (2110L February 25). Non-pop Country vocals, ID by man at 0128. Presumably still running day power, mixing with WCOA, Pensacola, FL (News/Talk), but often dominating.

1410 ALABAMA WNGL, Mobile. 0028 February 28, 2013 (2028L February 27, 2013). Good with spot for the “20th Annual Festival of Flowers” in Mobile, promo for Christ the King Parish in Daphne, AL.

1560 MEXICO (presumed) unidentified. 0125 February 28, 2013. Almost all instrumental Mexican-themed EZL/elevator songs, lots of accordions and strings, a couple of soft female vocals, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass-like (but not) tracks. All nonstop, no breaks, until 0203, male canned, “… 50 mil vatios de potencia…” and back to EZL Mexican-ish instrumentals, including “It’s Impossible” (the Perry Como hit turned instrumental here) at 0208. IF there was an ID at 0300, not captured, but one of those gobierno estado quasi-PSA things. XEINFO, México, DF format doesn't seem to match, so/but who else could this be?

1560 UNIDENTIFIED. 0038 February 28, 2013 (2038L February 27). Someone under KGOW, Bellaire, TX (Yahoo! Sports Radio – and are they not slightly off-frequency on the high side?) with mostly instrumental covers of songs by Simon & Garfunkel, ABBA, etc. Eventually mostly lost. Also, the unidentified Mexican-themed (mostly) instrumentals station fading in. And, no trace of the NBC Sports Radio station being reported to me on this channel from a reliable source in Florida. Interesting channel, but messy.

1650 FLORIDA WQQJ297, Florida Dept. of Transportation, Tampa. Checking the FCC’s Wireless Telecom Bureau page today, February 27, I stumbled upon no less than four new Tampa Market TIS’s, two listed as active (though not heard yet) and two listed as pending approval status. This one is listed as status: active. Grant Date: 01/04/2013. Expiration: 01/04/2023. Site: 1 Address: HAR-01 I-275 at Exit 39. City: Tampa, FL. County: HILLSBOROUGH. Coordinates: 27° 56' 54.0" N, 82° 31' 52.6" W. And…

1650 FLORIDA WQQJ297, Florida Dept. of Transportation, Tampa.  Status: active. Site: 2 Address: HAR-02 I-275 at Exit 44 City: Tampa, FL. County: HILLSBOROUGH. Coordinates: 27° 57' 25.3" N, 82° 27' 45.2" W. Site 1 is at the exit located just east of the I-275/Howard Frankland Bridge, which is the Memorial  Highway exit. Site 2 is the downtown exit, and near where the FL-618/Selmon Expressway toll road extension link to I-275 is under construction.

1650 FLORIDA [pending calls], Florida Dept. of Transportation, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, St. Petersburg.  Site: 1 Address: Skyway Bridge North. City: Saint Petersburg, FL. County: PINELLAS Coordinates: 27° 40' 0.0" N, 82° 41' 0.0" W. And…

1650 FLORIDA [pending calls], Florida Dept. of Transportation, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Terra Ceia. Site: 2 Address: Skyway Bridge South. City: Terra Ceia, FL. County: MANATEE Coordinates: 27° 35' 0.0" N, 82° 36' 0.0" W. The FCC entry for the two Skyway Bridge entries include a third .pdf with primary radius pattern maps. Site one looks like it’s in the water, but I’m guessing it’s at the north end of the rest stop exit. Site two appears to be near the toll entrance. Both transmitters are being installed by  Vaisala Inc. , (listed as Raleigh-Durham Office 2880 Slater Road, Suite 200, Morrisville, NC 27560). Their website has a sub-page with several versions of TIS models, as well as a Statement of Eligibility document, also in .pdf format. “Proposal for Submittal” status on their doc, so how long until this appears is not certain. But I’ve always been surprised no TIS’s were activated after the USCGC Blackthorn vs. tanker Capricorn, and the freighter MV Summit Venture vs. Sunshine Skyway Bridge disasters (both in 1980), not to mention the occasional severe fog and high wind issues on this otherwise stunningly beautiful big bridge.

1690 FLORIDA (TIS) WQKP882 Pinellas County Emergency Management, Largo. As always, having big problems with this presumably GPS sync audio linked network, which per the FCC Wireless Telecom Bureau website now lists no less than eight transmitter sites (but at best, no more than two – maybe three – are ever working). The local eve of February 26, I checked 1690 after not doing so for quite a while, only to find the channel void of any local TIS signals. Same nothing the next morning, but late afternoon, one of the transmitters (presumably the Ulmerton Road, Largo, or the supposed Roosevelt at 49th Street, Clearwater site) was up but only with a mediocre signal and the more often than not line patch audio hum with no actual voice audio.

1680 LOUISIANA. KRJO, Monroe. 0028 March 14, 2013. Live coverage of LSU vs. Nicholls (Thibodaux, LA) college baseball at LSU. About 3-4 seconds ahead of their live stream. Fair.

2000U NEW YORK New York Radio. 0207-0220* March 14, 2013. Male voiced (compu-voiced?) aviation weather conditions, “This is New York Radio” ID 0210. This as previously reported by several others as having appeared on this mutant frequency. FCC dB has two Lockheed Martin, Onondaga, NY (upstate, between Rochester and Utica) experimental licenses registered here (WE2XAP and WF2XPV) but presumably just coincidental. “This is New York Radio, out” and off.

6185 MEXICO. XEPPM Radio Educación, México D.F. 2324 March 13, 2013. Good with Cuban-ish vocals but yet with marimbas accompaniment. ID 0113 (now march 13), abruptly into open carrier at 0015. But back up with audio a few minutes later on re-check. Last of the Mexican shortwave Mohicans, I suppose, and for how much longer?

12230 / 12370 / 13130 CHINA Firedrake jammer. 2321 March 12, 2013. All in the clear, with the first two good/fluttery, the latter weak/non-flutter, with the usual instrumental jammer loop.

15016U MARYLAND. USAF HF-GCS, Andrews Air Force Base. 1622* March 8, 2013. Caught the tail-end of male-voiced, “Andrews, out” so maybe a phone patch. Ditto 0141* March 9, female, “This is Andrews, out.” Both excellent.

17705 CUBA. Radio Habana Cuba. 2340 March 13, 2013. Spanish service programming with Cuban music segment hosted by male, including a prerequisite Silvio Rodriguez track and some better group from the Sierra Maestra region. Interval signal and Spanish ID 2359, a slew of frequencies (mostly not copied) but for certain 5040 mentioned which was a lie, as it is in Haitian Kreyòl at 0000. By 0025 (now March 14) and still in Spanish, not only a very good signal, but also double path echo audio.

17750 / 17795 / 19000 AUSTRALIA. Radio Australia, Shepparton. 2337 March 13, 2013. All about equal level at fair and clear with new Pope chatter, English programming. Nice to hear 19000 coming through.

1620 FLORIDA (PIRATE) Radyo Keenanm, Orlando. Excellent, slightly over-driven audio as always, while between the South Orange Blossom Trail, West Kaley Ave., and FL-408. Telco audio telco Haitian Kreyòl political babble. Heard on the car radio, so unable to measure to confirm if the primary or the occasional secondary transmitter.

1650 FLORIDA WQQJ297, Florida Dept. of Transportation, Tampa Exit 39 (site 1). Definitely not active yet, as per listening to 1650 while passing to/from Orlando on I-275 March 17, 2013.

1650 FLORIDA WQQJ297, Florida Dept. of Transportation, Tampa, Exit 44 (site 2).  Ditto (as in not active yet).

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQEL638 City of Orlando. The usual loops (with NOAA Weather Radio, Melbourne between) on the car radio while in the Orlando area. See 33.420 MHz log. Why must the FCC change the freakin’ call signs of all these MIS/TIS things with each license renewal? This is now the current one.

1690 FLORIDA (MIS) WQKP882 / WQKP883 (multiple sites), Pinellas County. After ages of mostly carrier blobs and sometimes over-modulated stale US-19 construction/motorcycle safety loops, or otherwise no audio except for distorted canned ID’s looping every few minutes (as seems to be the current mode as of early evening local observation on March 15 -- from either the Largo or Clearwater/49th Street site), I finally decided to ask what the County has to say about this malfunctioning network. I contacted the Pinellas County Emergency Management division via email. A few days later, I received this insightful reply (very slightly abridged) from Tom Iovino, Public Information Specialist, Pinellas County Communications:

“Thank you for your e-mail regarding the status of the 1690 AM signal.

“The short answer to your inquiry is that the system experienced a malfunction and the vendor is expected to evaluate the system and make any repairs – if possible – in mid-April.

“The longer answer covers many of the emergency notification questions raised in your email. This transmitter used to be part of the 940 AM WEOC broadcasting system the county promoted back in the early 2000s as the official source for information on disaster preparedness and response.  Using it for that application posed a number of challenges. Chiefly, the system is a low-powered line-of-sight  transmitter, which makes it great for deploying on roadsides for localized traffic updates, but as soon as motorists move away from the signal, they will receive nothing but static.

“Since the purchase of additional units to sufficiently cover the county was cost-prohibitive and the same information could easily be relayed via commercial radio stations with significantly larger transmitters, the plans for a county operated system were ended and the transmitters were transferred to the Department of Environment and Infrastructure’s transportation division for their most effective use – traffic information.

“While there would be some limited utility in having this system available, the best bet during a time of emergency is to tune in to any commercial radio station still transmitting. Many of them either employ their own news staff or simulcast the local TV stations providing up to the minute information collected from the public information function within the county’s emergency operations center.”

So, hopefully if the repairs are deemed not financially feasible in a month or so, the two or three semi-functioning transmitters (eight are registered on the FCC’s Wireless Telecomm site) running mostly blobs  will be shut down permanently so I can DX 1690 kHz once again. My email reply suggestions to Mr. Iovino are to: A) parts salvage the transmitters into a couple of functional ones and return them to portable status for future road/bridge construction and weather disaster use. B) reactivate the network with three transmitters (Palm Harbor, Largo, St. Petersburg). C) donate all the transmitting equipment to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department for potential portable use (I have a communications equipment repair contact there who would likely be glad to accept the gear). It’s amazing how much money municipalities spend on these TIS/MIS things, only to have them function properly for a short period of time, and also never promote their existence with road signage and postings on the municipal websites.

Follow-up: on March 18, Mr. Iovino e-mail replied that he would pass along my suggestions to the repair contractors

1700 FLORIDA (TIS) WQFQ448 Orlando International Airport Travel Information Station. 1745 March 17, 2013. Male airport parking etc. loop. This thing is really weak. Audible barely on Bumby Ave. at the FL-408 Toll junction in Orlando, as heard on the car radio.

2000 NEW YORK New York Radio VOLMET. 0907 March 17, 2013. Male aviation weather. Fair.

3945 JAPAN Radio Nikkei-2, Tokyo. 0844 March 17, 2013. Good with nice Japanese mellow vocals. Nikkei-1 on 3925 same level.

4755.55 MICRONESIA PMA The Cross, Kolonia, Pohnpei. 0734 March 17, 2013. Clear, even weak to fair audio at times with soft Christian vocals, female briefly at 0734 in definite English (US-accented seemingly) but nothing really understood.

5019.88 SOLOMON ISLANDS SIBC, Honiara. 0735 March 17, 2013. Soft vocals, weak but in there via LSB to partially avoid 5025 Rebelde.

5765U GUAM AFN, Barrigada. 0857 March 17, 2013. Clear, fair.

6000 TURKEY Voice of Turkey, Emirler. 0150 March 16, 2013. English Service of Radio Havana Cuba suddenly took a big power shit at 0150, allowing Turkey to come in nicely with traditional Turkish vocals under Cuba. VoT listed as 0100-0300 to Central Asia in the WRTVH-2013.

6010 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. 0724 March 17, 2013. Accidentally caught the tail end of their Esperanto program (Sundays only) with male and female hosts, ID and mentions of Esperanto, RHC URL. Abruptly into interval signal 0727, then opening of English with Ed Newman, mentioning “… Saturday, March 16 [sic – it’s Sunday now but they run yesterday’s crap well past local midnight)], sunny but kinda cool here in Havana…” Well it was 47-degrees here in Clearwater when Ed said that on the replay. Reactivated Radio Mil, Mexico doesn’t have a chance with RHC hogging the channel so often and showing no respect for their Latin American near-neighbors.

6105 GERMANY TWR Europe, Wertachtal. 0812-0850:07* UK-accented gospel program, UK address. Into “The Hour Of Decision” with Billy Graham, pimping, into preaching. Clear, very good at start, weaker by closing. Listed as 0800-0850, 100 kW at 300 degrees. So, boom that’s the reason! But why is it “The Hour of Decision” if this is only 0816-0849? Quick ID by man, off.

33,420 (MIS) FLORIDA WQIN663 City of Orlando.  110 N Andes Ave. The audio feed for the four MIS stations on 1650 (four licensed sites, though I question if any more than two if not just one is actually functioning). Heard extremely weak in Casselberry mid-local morning on the handheld PRO-60 scanner, but no trace of this at Bumby Ave. at FL-408 which is not far west of the transmitter site. Not sure why. Between brief looped announcements, this relays NOAA Weather Radio, Melbourne, which is sometime erroneously reported as an unidentified feeder from Melbourne by those who fail to online research. Seems some confusion with recent non-Florida logs of this, thinking it may be in the Melbourne area. A simple Google research would have cleared that up for those who jump to conclusions.

1230 FLORIDA WSBB, New Smyrna Beach. 0500 (0100 EDT) March 24, 2013. Presumed the one with FOX News Radio, then PSA at 0506, so surely a Florida station, and that would mean WSBB if so. Not to be heard again.

1230 TEXAS KSEY, Seymour. 0550 (0150 EDT) March 24, 2013. Listening for the arranged test during almost the entire two hours. Presumed but the only thing heard were multiple SFX sweepers for about 30 seconds each at 0550 and 0553. Not sure if they were continuous and the signal faded, or separate sweeps.

1410 FLORIDA WMYR, Ft. Myers. 0033 March 27, 2013 (2033 EDT March 26).  Annie Lennox “Why” segued to Sting track, “The Avenue” canned slogan, obscure Al Stewart “Flying Sorcery” track from 1992, Pink Floyd “Us & Them” etc. Canned ID for WMYR, WVOI 1480 Marco Island, and WCNZ 1660 Marco Island, all in parallel. 1660 the best, with the other two growing very poor into the night. All three are currently parallel with “The Avenue” eclectic album singles and album track format. This would be a fun one for anyone deep DXing to try to parallel all three channels to inside or outside of Florida.

1500 UNIDENTIFIED. 0617 (0217 EDT) March 24, 2013. Briefly bubbling up poorly with the opening of McCartney & Wings “Band On the Run” but that was all. WFED, Washington DC mostly dominating.

1580 FLORIDA WCCF, Punta Gorda. 2300 (1900 EDT) March 25, 2013. Opening coverage of the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Pirates at Charlotte Sports Park, Port Charlotte on the last week of Grapefruit League Spring Training. Rapidly faded down with WSRF, Ft. Lauderdale (English Caribbean vocals) overtaking.

1690 FLORIDA (MIS) WQKP882  Pinellas County Emergency Management. Located near the intersection of Roosevelt Blvd. and 49th St. N., Clearwater (Bayside Bridge approach). A drive-by confirmed last week that this is the source of the very short range distorted open carrier blob, and not the formerly strong but usually problematic 9685 Ulmerton Rd., Largo transmitter (which was always about .05 kHz high). A drive-by the latter site a couple of days later had that one silent. This network of eight synch audio-linked transmitters should hopefully be closed down sometime in April if the contract vendor flying in deems these not worthy of repair from the County’s’ perspective, which my email contact seems to lean toward in my read. I remain confident not all eight ever were operational at any given time – four at best ever active. Note that some of the other transmitters are registered with one digit higher, WQKP883. All listed on my web page, of course.

550 GEORGIA WDUN, Gainesville. 0834 (0434 EDT) April 1, 2013. “North Georgia’s News-Talk… 102.9, WDUN.”

580 LOUISIANA KJMJ, Alexandria. 0804 (0404 EDT) April 1, 2013. Female repeating, “Have mercy on us and on the Holy Word for…,” choir, then male with mention of Radio Maria.

580 USA (unidentified). (0402 EDT) April 1, 2013. Briefly with Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” then lost to KJMJ.

660 MÉXICO XEAR la Mexicana, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1032 April 1, 2013. Mexi-tune, male canned, “la Mexicana… lugar… XEAR, la Mexicana” and into ballad, followed by another canned ID mentioning FM and AM.

680 NORTH CAROLINA WPTF, Raleigh. 0845 (0445 EDT) April 1, 2013. Red Eye Radio feed, lawnmower-tractor sales spot, mention of Wake Forrest and the Tri-Cities, “News Radio 680,”

990 MÉXICO XET la T Grande de Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1056 March 31, 2013. Mexi-tune, “XET, la T Grande de Monterrey… 50 mil vatios…”

1000 MÉXICO XEOY Radio Mil, México DF. 1114 March 31, 2013. Spanish ballads, ID, parallel SW 6010.

1230 FLORIDA WSBB, New Smyrna Beach. 1001 (0601 EDT) March 31, 2013. Confirmed the one originally heard March 24. FOX New Radio, FOX News promo, AT&T and Geico spots, into public affairs program hosted by two guys with mentions of Liberty Research, the University of Central Florida and Gov. Rick Snott. Parallel to their audio stream.

1280 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Varadero, Matanzas. 1054 April 2, 2013. Poor under unidentified domestic Spanish and WTMY, Sarasota, but parallel 530 and 1310.

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 0950 (0550 EDT) April 1, 2013. Sat-fed political talk, “Key West Pawn Shop, located near Searstown” spot followed by, “You’re listening to 1300 AM WFFG, Marathon.” Into FOX News Radio.

1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 1052 April 2, 2013. Instrumental version of John Lennon’s “Love” and parallel 530. Fair.

1320 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1044 April 2, 2013. Male news, fanfare SFX, ID. Parallel better 1020.

1320 CUBA Radio Veintiséis, La Jaiba, Matanzas. 1044 April 2, 2013. Mixing about equally with Radio Artemisa. Female with news items. Parallel better 1060.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Ciefuegos. 0943 April 1, 2013. Male and female announcers, mentioning Provincia de Camagüey, into traditional folk vocal.

1560 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Ciego de Ávila, Ciego de Ávila. 1104 April 2, 2013. Original version of “Wunderland bei Nacht” by Stefan Mross barely coming through while paralleling to 530 on the IC-R75. First time I have heard 1560 (1570 has been logged a few times, though not this morning). Lots of co-channel from the unidentified Mexican which was also playing instrumentals to confuse matters, plus an unidentified USA sports feed station, and WAGL.

1560 MÉXICO XEINFO, México DF.  1104 April 2, 2013. Tentatively the one. And my third log of this XE format station here. Nonstop Mexican instrumentals, even what we call “The Mexican Hat Dance” at 1119. Co-channel and WAGL, Lancaster, SC from sign-on at 1115 with a big signal, ID and Southern Gospel vocals, a USA sports station feed, and a very weak Radio Enciclopedia, Cuba (also with instrumentals).  This same format was heard 0038+ February 28 with a mention of “50 mil vatios” which would surely indicate it’s XEINFO. But I find no other logs that confirm this format, which seemingly is commercial-free on all of my listens.

1660 UNIDENTIFIED. 0554 April 8, 2013. Telco-ish Spanish man nonstop mostly under WBCN, Charlotte (CBS Sports Radio) through tune-out 0612. WGIT, Canovanas, PR? Last heard October 2012 in Homestead with "La Noticias 16-60" slogan, though some claiming it's "NotiLuz" now. Only other listed Spanish is KXOL, Bringham City, UT but that one is Mexican music format listed.

1220 FLORIDA WJAX, Jacksonville. 1048 April 28, 2013. Bubbling up over several, including someone Spanish, with presumably male canned, “WJAX, 12-20 AM…” into “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Frankie Valli and signal lost. Listed 1000/36 watts, or more likely 111.8 watts PSA on this log if anyone here is following the rules.

4055 GUATEMALA Radio Verdad, Chiquimula. 1036 April 29, 2013. Excellent with US-accented male canned preacher. Still there almost as strong 1112 with US English gospel vocals and preacher.

7270 CHINA China Radio International,  Ürümqi. 2315 April 25, 2013. Spanish, with idle bantering, into Chinese lessons with male and female taking on both mutually-unintelligible languages in the translations. Clear and very good. USB to avoid pig QRM. Presumed site.

7270 UNIDENTIFIED. 2355 April 25, 2013. While sitting on the channel, this suddenly popped up at 2355. No discernible time sounders at 0000 (China) or 0030 (India), and by 0030, the signal had faded badly. Lots of unidentified language non-Chinese/non-Hindi talk, also lots of vocals and local filler music. Nothing Hindi music-sounding, more central Asian. Unable to pull listed parallels for either in the local QRM, which would have sealed it. Checking April 26 and 27, something there but the signal was much weaker. Aoki shows Nei Menggu and Voice of China (check) before 0000, no others on 7270.  VoC goes off at that hour, theoretically leaving Nei Menggu and AIR.  April 29: still hearing something that sounds domestic on 7270 2355-ish past 0030, vaguely subcontinental. No time sounders top-of-hour noted. No sounders 0030 but female(?) talk after the vocal right at 0030 followed by man, back to Asian music. Thinking AIR still, but inconclusive.

7280 UNIDENTIFIED. 1106-1135 April 28, 2013. Presume either Sound of Hope, Tanshui, Taiwan or a mainland Chinese blocker with Chinese male and female constant talk. Then one short, one long time sounders at 1130, orchestral fanfare, back to talk. Clear and fair.

15180 KOREA, NORTH Voice of Korea, Kujang. 1124 April 28, 2013. Korean coral patriotic mayhem, male French ID, talk. Clear but fluttery.

15300 RUSSIA Voice of Russia, Novosibirsk-Oyash. 1056 April 29, 2013. Chinese female, frequencies and website, into VoR interval signal for about 90 seconds, then back to Chinese from 1100. Clear and very good. Presumed site.

15410 INDIA All India Radio, Bengaluru. 1040 April 29, 2013. English with man and woman, clear and good, parallel slightly weaker 15030 Aligargh very poor 13605 Bengaluru. All presumed sites.

17730 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. 1122 April 28, 2013. Clear, fair and no skip flutter, in Spanish. Surprised more of this wasn’t skipping over west-central Florida.

NOTE: Logs appended [DADE] were made mobile, on the car radio, between Clearwater, FL, then looping up the Suncoast Parkway, exiting at SR-52 through San Antonio, St. Leo, Dade City, Zephyrhills and Tampa via US-301, and finally I-275 back home. I’ve been tipped off for ages from a good Dade City source regarding lots of presumably Part 15 FCC-compliant activity in this otherwise very rural area, and while some were not active due to seasonality or pending equipment repairs, I still managed to hear quite a few – along with one previously undiscovered one -- on 87.9 MHz.

 700 MEXICO unidentified. 1057 May 6, 2013. Someone here alone but poor, techno-ish vocals, seemingly a live “XE---“ ID at 1200, talk and filler music, rapidly lost.

930 CUBA Radio Reloj, la Jaiba, Matanzas. 1107 May 6, 2013. Mediocre, under WLSS, Sarasota. Looping that way, vs. the other two allegedly 1 kW Reloj feeds on the channel.

1020 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Aretemisa, Aretemia. 2308 May 6, 2013. Very good with fantastic classic Cuban vocals. Female and male canned ID’s and canned patter briefly between. Parallel 1000 very poor. The first Rado Reloj time sounders appearing at 2328 under this. Nice ID series 2330, into more awesome traditional call/response Cuban folk vocals. Wonderful listening.  

1210 TEXAS KUBR, San Juan. 1032 April 30, 2013 (0635 ET). Spanish. Thought I had a Radio Visión Cristiana ID at 1035, which made no sense since there's no affiliate here (and per their website, not, but their stream was not to be trusted/launched -- I don't download oddball extensions for such). Into nondescript Spanish vocals, I suppose Christian themed but hard to tell. A couple XE tinged. Finally TOH ID by English female canned, but the 1210 kHz channel ID not pulled, however a long list of "K" calls, so a network of sorts. It's KUBR, San Juan, TX. "La Nueva Radio Cristiana" is the slogan I actually heard. Of course, they don't stream (or rather, it's broken). One site found on, which lists the network affiliates as KUBR, KMFM-FM, KJAV and KCZO-FM. Bingo! "KCZO" was one TOH call heard, so that makes this KUBR for certain. Almost think there were one or two more "K" calls in the TOH ID string. Rebelde co-channel mediocre and oddly, no trace of WNMA, Miami (also Spanish). Almost think there was a real XE there post 1110 (0710 ET), if so likely the Veracruz station, which I think I've logged once.

1620 FLORIDA (UNLICENSED) “WBUL” University of South Florida, Tampa. 1830 (1430 ET) May 4, 2013. Strong while passing the campus on Fowler Avenue with the usual techno/electronica music. Carrier current though gets out fair past campus. [DADE]

1620 FLORIDA (UNLICENSED) St. Leo University, St. Leo. No trace of this while driving through the campus mid-morning May 4, 2013. And my source confirms it’s usually not active during the summer. [DADE]

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) WQOX737 FDoT, Suncoast Parkway FL-589, Mile Marker 33, Spring Hill, Pasco County (sic). 1310 (0910 ET) May 4, 2013. First audible about two miles south of the SR-52  exit and rapidly increasing in signal to very good level when exiting. Site is a little north of the SR-52 exit, site per FCC dB which errs in that it’s not really Spring Hill, and even if it was, Spring Hill is not in Pasco County (it’s in Hernando County). Running the usual compu-female generic Turnpike loop. [DADE]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQJ297 FDoT, I-275 at Exit 39 and Exit 44, Tampa. May 4, 2013. Confirmed these two new FCC Wireless Telecom Bureau entries are still not activated. [DADE]

1690 / 1690.029 FLORIDA (MIS) WQKP882, Clearwater and Largo. May 3, 2013. At least these two transmitters (listed with the same calls in the FCC Wireless Telecom Bureau) are revived and putting out huges signals, especially the Roosevelt Blvd., Clearwater (Bayside Bridge approach, south end). My contact a few weeks ago said the contractor was going to look at this broken network to see if be fixed in April. Currently running a telco audio compu-man loop, “From the Pinellas County Traffic Management Center, you are listing to WQKP882 and WQKP883, operating on 16-90 AM.” Audio from the Roosevelt site slightly over-driven. The Largo (Ulmerton Road) site remains off-frequency, always has been around 1690.03-05. A hunch this one is getting out very well, so I emailed the Florida DX News group, and indeed David Crawford -- opposite side of the state from me in Titusville – was hearing at least two (one on channel, and at least one slightly off-channel), that’s about 130 miles. And while mobile on May 4, the signal was weakly audible on a poor quality car radio at the St. Leo University, St. Leo, about 40 miles. Also audible fair in north Tampa on Fletcher Avenue, near the University of South Florida campus.

87.9 MHz FLORIDA (UNLICENSED) unidentified, Land O Lakes/San Antonio area. 1320 (0920 ET) May 4, 2013. Checking for the Dade City low power I was tipped off to that was reported as “OTR” (Old Time Radio”) format. Something coming in on SR-52 eastbound, peaking around the Ehren Cutoff Road (about mid-way between US-41 and I-75), but never a great signal, and suspect this is either north or south of approximately this location which is mostly cattle ranch land. This one is “new” having never been reported by anyone I’m aware of. Format – today at least – was satellite-fed Republic Broadcasting Network, with paranoid/conspiracy “patriot” talk show, a break at the bottom of the hour with network spots for and a copmpay selling “survival seeds” to grow post-Holocaust. [DADE]

87.9 MHz FLORIDA (UNLICENSED) “Antioch Radio Network”/”Old Time Radio”, Dade City. 1357 (0957 ET) May 4, 2013. This one quickly overtook the Republic Broadcasting Network renegade heading east on SR-52. I parked acorss from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Dept. HQ and listened for a few minutes. Classical piano solo, male canned “You’re listening to AM 17-10 and 87.9 FM, the Antioch Radio Network…” Then into a radio network crime serial drama from 1949 as introduced. Signal remained pretty good throughout Dade City-proper, though definitely best on the western side. A presumed parallel on 104.5 MHz closer to downtown was unheard, however my source told me it’s not always active, and an update tells me it came back on late afternoon (after I had departed). Also, this is on 1610 kHz (not 1710 ) per the same source. The reason 1610 is off is due to antenna repairs. And my source clears up the “1710” reference on the ID: “That’s because the stream from AM-1710 in Illinois is being fed to the transmitter.” And yes, see: [DADE]

89.1 MHz FLORIDA (UNLICENCED) Dade City Raceway at the Pasco County Fairgrounds, Dade City. 1340 (0940 ET) May 4, 2013. My contact tipped me off that this is often active, weather permitting. Indeed, while no racing or Fairgrounds activity was in progress at this mid-morning hour, a signal covering about a half-mile along SR-52 was present, peaking in front of the grounds. Running nonstop Classic Rock (Blue Öyster Cult “Don’t Fear the Reaper”; Atlanta Rhythm Section “So Into You”; Mott the Hoople “All the Young Dudes” etc.) with brief gaps between, low modulation, poor audio and a very squeely/unstable transmitter output. [DADE]

93.1 MHz FLORIDA (UNLICENSED) Joyland Drive-In Theater/Flea Market, Dade City. 1415 (1015 ET) May 4, 2013. My source told me this is often just an open carrier when the flea market is open. Indeed. Small signal but just a carrier. Located just north of the Pioneer Florida Museum & Village on US-301. But at least I can say I logged it. [DADE]

96.5 FLORIDA (LPFM) WVVD-LP, East Tampa. 1810 (1410 ET) May 4, 2013. Noted this one near the US-301 and Flowler Avenue intersection, battling it out with WDBO-FM, Orlando talker. Surprised this oneis still on, Licensed to Iglesia Cristiana la Nueva Jerusalem, Inc. and Spanish Christian vocals. Andof course, there’s no such city as East Tampa, just like some stations legally ID as “Tampa Bay” etc. [DADE]

96.7 MHz FLORIDA (LPFM) WZPH-LP, Dade City. 1546 (1146 ET) May 4, 2013. A quick check in the parking lot of the Florida Pioneer Museum & Village parking lot. Fair with “WZPH” ID into The Beatles “Anna” and other oldies, canned weather for the day by female. Recheck driving south later, signal improved to local at Zephyrhills where this one actually nearer (vs. FCC city-of-license). Almost always automated Oldies, but a good listen when in the area. [DADE]

690 MEXICO unidentified. 1050 May 13, 2013. Mexi-tunes, national anthem at 1056, ID, mention of, “… Colonia… Grupo Radio Centro…” followed by Mexi-rooster. WOKV, Jacksonville semi-problematic. Again 1028 May 19, 2013 with Mexi-tunes, talk, weak trace of anthem at 1059 but otherwise hopeless. Or is it XEN, from the DF, as Glenn Hauser in DXLD 13-21 reported on May 22 at 0505, finishing the choral anthem, full ID as XEN, 100,000 watts, Grupo Radio Centro, ``la 69 es noticias” slogan. But my log isn’t news/talk format. So guessing XEMA, Fresnillo, Zacatecas is the most likely one. Assuming they are a Grupo Radio Centro affiliate though.

1140 CUBA Radio Surco, unknown, Ciego de Ávila. 0025 May 26, 2013. Traditional Cuban vocals, male canned, “CMIP, Radio Surco… capital de la ciudad de…” into 8:30 p.m. time check, back to vocals. Excellent on the car radio while departing Tropicana Field (Rays vs. NYY). Rebelde with presumed baseball and a growingly stronger Radio Musical Nacional (parallel 590) with classical music overtaking and loudly dominating by 0035. My list shows Surco was first spotted here by David Crawford in October, 2011. There’s also an unidentified Mexican briefly popping through some evenings closer to 0000 GMT, maybe XEMR Radio Esperanza, but if so it’s not parallel their audio stream and does not appear to be Christian-themed as I presume the slogan implies.

1410 MEXICO unidentified. 1103 May 19, 2013. Bubbled up with probably post-ID talk, mentioning Mexico. XEBS ¡La Más Perrona!, México D.F. was the last Mexican definite ID log here back in November, 2012.

5040 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. 2051 May 18, 2013. Carrier already up, audio finally potted up 2100:34 mid-talk in Spanish. Clear, fair.

14996 RUSSIA RWM, Taldom. 1035 May 13, 2013. Weak.

15000 CHINA BPM, Lintong. 1029 May 13, 2013. Presumed the one with CW in the 1029-1030 range, unable to copy with my poor CW skills though. Didn’t notice any female voice after. But the WRTVH lists this channel as 0100-0900. So if BMP, are the 24h or at least extended now?

15090 KUWAIT (CLANDESTINE) Radyo Azadi (Radio Free Afghanistan). Presumed Pashto with male and female chatter. Clear, fair.

15550U FLORIDA WJHR, Milton. 2108 May 15, 2013. Male screamer sermon. Clear, fair. Also at 1320 May 18.

15562 TAJIKISTAN (CLANDESTINE) Voice of Tibet, Dushanbe. 1323 May 18, 2013. Chinese female, fill music. Clear, low modulation, presumed.

95.3 MHz FLORIDA W237CW, Pinellas Park [sic?]. This one has been simulcasting WDAE, 620 kHz (Sports format, Clear Channel Communications) for the past few weeks. A 250-watt translator.  FCC still shows it licensed to Pinellas Park, but presumably relocated to not far west from the 620 towers per the WDAE page at: Fair level on cheap radio in the bathroom.

104.5 MHz FLORIDA WOKV-FM Atlantic Beach. This channel will simulcast 690 WOKV News/Talk after 5/30. Flipping the simulcast from 106.5 WFYV-FM, Ponte Vedra Beach. This per many canned announcements noted this week on 690. All are COX Radio-owned.

 590 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Guantánamo, Guantánamo. 0916 June 16, 2013. Fair, female opera, parallel 600, 1180 etc. No Radio Musical Nacional on at this listen, which would normally block this one here.

720 MEXICO XEAVR Radio Fórmula, Veracruz, Veracruz. 1025 June 16, 2013. Lottery numbers at 1026, slogan ID followed by calls. Fair, with Radio Católica, Nicaragua briefly mixing at 1030.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 1026 June 19, 2013. Spanish Christian vocals with local themed style, male time check and ID at 1030. Very good, and no trace of XEAVR in this brief listen.

750 CUBA Radio Progreso, Palmira, Cienfuegos. 1016 June 15, 2013. A full second behind 640 (as seem to be most other Progreso outlets). National news items, male host, lots of remotes. Very good.

960 MEXICO unidentified. 1013 June 17, 2013, and several days check after. Format is Spanish ballads, not quite the typical annoying Mexi-tunes sound, followed by various male short, canned drops. But I can’t get the slogan. Then 970 WFLA (Tampa) iBLOC kicks in at 1030, killing this one. Some WRFC, Athens, GA and WERC, Birmingham, AL (both News/Talk) and weak Radio Reloj, Guantánamo co-channel at times.

1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, La Fe, Isla de la Juventud.  0915 June 16, 2013. Excellent, with end of a nice traditional Cuban music canned program, female with upcoming 26 de Julio hype, including praise for Máximo Gómez’ contributions, live ID by man at 1001. Max had a freakin’ killer mustache, BTW. He easily one-upped José Martí on the nose hair. Caribe not present and seemingly off around the same time the next morning, but back on June 18 with the same huge signal. Also present with a rapidly growing signal from 0028 June 20, when the day power of WSRQ, Sarasota dropped. Nice female canned ID 0100. No trace of the  1210 parallel on all of the above listens that’s otherwise gone unreported elsewhere, but heard here a couple of times.

1610 FLORIDA (TIS) Tampa International Airport. This one has suddenly dropped to a weak signal, barely audible in central Pinellas County. With very few exceptions, this one has put in a big signal since the 1980’s. Initially I thought it was off, but a weak signal was detected while driving locally today, June 23, 2013, same old male canned parking information loop. Something even weaker under, maybe the Tarpon Springs MIS, or maybe just mixing products on the crappy car radio.

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQJ297 Florida Dept. of Transportation, Tampa. 1515 June 23, 2013. Surely the one, now activated though either already malfunctioning or still a work in progress. These are on I-275 (I noticed that the two transmitters were recently entered into the FCC Wireless Telecomm website), one at Exit 44, the other at Exit 39. Loops the same direction as Tampa International Airport’s TIS. Pretty strong with open carrier in hours of passive listening, but at 1620, 1640 and 1700 GMT, a quick compu-female up, seemingly mentioning “… testing… 503 (or) 0050… “(or some such numbers and/or calls string), back to carrier. So, the few seconds of audio is launching every 20 minutes!

1690 FLORIDA (MIS) WQKP882 Pinellas County Emergency Management, Clearwater & Largo synchronized sites (and others). Now running an approximately 60-second cycle consisting of the previously used male ID cycle, but now with about 30 seconds of telco audio female with mention of “688, also known as Ulmerton Road construction” dropped in atop the old loop. I’m still surprised that while this one is heard on the opposite side of the state from me (by David Crawford, Titusville) -- after the refurbishing of some of the transmitters in the network -- it’s yet to be reported beyond Florida. But re-check June 23, the Largo transmitter is off the air (confirmed in drive-by), with seemingly two very weakly audible with the above loop, one off-frequency slightly and creating a sub-audible het.

690 MEXICO XEN La 69, México DF. 1058 July 1, 2013. Tune-in to national anthem in progress, male canned, “XEN, La 69… la Grupo… 50 mil vatios de potencia… Colonia…” into kiddie talk and Mexi-rooster SFX.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 1032 June 29, 2013. Female sermon nonstop. Good.

750 MEXICO XETI La Huasteca, Tempoal, Veracruz. 1036 July 2, 2013. Mexi-tune ending and seemingly live male, “¡La Huasteca 7-50 A-M!” into another song followed by “¡La Huasteca La Huasteca!” between songs. Alone and briefly excellent on sunrise. First log of this one here, or so I think.

800 MEXICO XEROK Radio Cañon, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.  1027 July 1, 2013. End of Spanish vocal, male ID 1029.

900 MEXICO XEW W Radio Música 96.9, México DF. 1014 June 30, 2013. Simulcasting “W Radio Música 96.9” FM. Mostly continuous English Indie Rock with “Almost Violent” by Rotersand; “Temporary Touch” by Selebrities; “Breathing Underwater” by Metric, etc. Occasional “W Radio Música 96.9” canned ID’s, brief spot for an online university at 1058, into national anthem at 1059, ID, back to music and fading out rapidly. Audio perfectly parallel to their website streaming.

939.88 MEXICO XEQ, México DF. 1038 June 29, 2013. Spanish ballads, hetting Miami. No ID in my brief listen. Reported for quite some time as “Bésame” slogan but Fred Cantú’s site states “Radio La Q” however the station web site states “…Lo Mejor de La Radio Apasionada – Bésame…”

1040 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, Güines, Mayabeque. 1039 July 3, 2013. Under local WHBO, Pinellas Park but fairly strong with end of traditional Cuban vocal, female. Parallel 1140, which was co-channel Radio Musical Nacional.

1060 CUBA Radio Rebelde. 1059 ID, Rebelde sounder theme, into news. I’ve never heard a Rebelde on 1060, and no sign of Radio Veintiséis, normally heard well here. Same transmitter shifting networks today? You just never know what Arnie’s surprise antics will bring.

1060 MEXICO XEEP Radio Educación, México DF. 1050 July 2, 2013. Traditional jazz piano solo till 1058 when mostly lost to Radio Rebelde. Bits of jazz piano surfacing again from 1102. No trace of 6185 shortwave.

1320 CUBA Radio Veintiséis, La Jaiba, Matanzas. 1019 July 3, 2013. Parallel very good 1060 (no trace of Rebelde audio as was yesterday). Male and female Matanzas Province history items, Nutcracker Suite filler music between items. Mostly poor, but again surfacing at 1105 re-check, now with kiddie program and singing.

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) FDOT WQQJ297, Tampa. One of the two on I-275  is still popping up with the compu-female every 20 minutes. On June 28, 2013 around 1600 (noon local) I drove from the office near St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport to the Courtney Campbell Causeway, looped back to I-275 and the Howard Frankland Bridge. I didn't copy the text verbatim but it's just an automated setup loop mentioning "clock" timing setting, the date (think it was stating June 13) and to enter the menu, press "star, zero, pound". Strong on the Hillsborough side, of course.

1650 FLORIDA (MIS) unidentified (but I’m betting it’s one of the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge transmitters). Interesting is an unidentified nonstop NOAA Weather Radio here. Barely audible on both bridges (see WQQJ297 log), even weakly at the office. It's coastal, as there was a mention of "seas 2-4 feet" and also must be Florida as in the presumably state current temperature synopsis, I heard "Orlando, 89-degrees". Couldn't tell if it was parallel Ruskin or Orlando, since the compu-male all sounds the same and surely the phone app with the audio for the NOAA stations has at last some delay. Slight SAH, so either the testing FDOT or this is a hair off. Presume a MIS, as it seems so many of these want to simulcast NOAA. No trace of this at the house despite being close to the gulf. I need to get out to the beach and see if I can hear it there. No trace of this except near water so I doubt anything inland, or the listed New Orleans 1650 since this was referencing Orlando. Could it be WQQY809, one of the transmitters on each end of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (site 1 St. Petersburg and site 2 Terra Ceia), now updated in the FCC Wireless Telecomm Bureau as active (pending, previously)?  And there’s a new third entry: Site: 3 Address: I-275 at Highway 41 City: Palmetto, FL County: MANATEE Coordinates: 27° 35' 9.0" N, 82° 32' 26.0" W.

17775 CALIFORNIA KVOH, Rancho Simi. 1935-2100* June 29, 2013. Thanks to WJP, St. Petersburg, South Florida (heard by him at the 4th Street 7-11 store phone booth, and logged on a lent portable radio). Clear and good with a test broadcast consisting of English and Spanish ID’s, brief snippets of preaching and gospel vocals, email and PO Box for reception reports, mention of testing on 9975 and 17775 kHz. I emailed and within a few minutes received a reply from Ray Robinson, who confirmed only 17775 was on (one transmitter), that 9975 will be added in a few weeks, which will be a night-time frequency.  The 17775 beam 100 degrees from L.A., primarily targeting Cuba. A follow-up email from Ray indicated they would not be testing the next day (Sunday) because the air conditioner in the transmitter house was acting up, and it was 118-degrees outside.

TEXAS (QSL) KSEY, Seymour. 1230 kHz, 1000 watts, non-directional test on March 24, 2013. Full data custom 5.5 X 3.5 nicely designed card, signed by Jim Pogue, QSL Manager, for the NRC-arranged test. Also included was a Pogue KH2AR blank QSL card. Self-addressed, stamped envelope and I think a dollar or two sent for the reply.

600 MEXICO XEZ Radio Fórmula, Mérida, Yucatán. 1022 July 6, 2013. Spanish ballads, male at 1032, “… XHZ 105.1 FM… la música… grande…” Then canned “mi tierra” patriotic fanfare. Presumed FM simulcasting. Good on sunrise peak, slight WBOB, Jacksonville, FL co-channel.

650 MEXICO XEVILL Noticias, Villahermosa, Tabasco. 1027 July 8, 2013. Weak under an unidentified Mexican that was playing music snips and talk. Then this one bubbled up with male and female, peso mentions, slogan ID 1037. Mostly gone a few minutes later. Listed as 1000/500, a surprise catch.

1320 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1050 July 6, 2013. Poor but parallel very good 1020 with male and female news items for Artemisa and Ciudad Habana provinces, fill music, ID’s, kiddie program. Co-channel equally weak Radio Veintiséis (parallel 1060, as was on July 3). So, both remain active on 1320.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 1045 July 8, 2013. Male light news items mostly Cienfuegos, ID at 1050. Good but crunched by local 1340 WTAN.

1650 FLORIDA (MIS, or a “private” LPR operation?). This mystery NOAA Weather Radio relay is a growing mystery. Only barely audible along the north/central side near the water path Tampa Bay east side of Pinellas County. Thinking this would be one of the three Sunshine Skyway Bridge TIS’s recently listed as activated in the FCC dB, I drove to Ft. DeSoto mid local morning, July 6, 2013. At the east end, with the bridge in view to the SE, only a threshold trace of this. Pointing the Sony ICF-7600GR portable to the NE, a huge carrier was present, which is one of the new WQQJ297 transmitters on I-275, Tampa, the one that airs the quasi-malfunctioning default date and keypad entry instructions on programming access (female compu-voice that appears only every 20 minutes!) via whatever the phone number I could do so with if only I knew the number. So where is this from? Gerry Bishop, driving north on the Suncoast Parkway SR-589 toll just after noon local July 7, 2013, had this peaking around Mile Marker 7, roughly Zephyrhills area to the east if indeed located east of this point. The Suncoast Parkway FDOT transmitter on 1640, located a bit north of here, remains on and with the Turnpike DOT loop, so not that one repurposed to 1650 with NOAA.

17775 CALIFORNIA KVOH Voice of Hope, Los Angeles (Simi Valley). 1654+ July 7, 2013. Thanks Ray Robinson of KVOH for email tip the day before regarding the next test. Signal about the same (fair-good) as on June 29th with some local sparking electrical noise. Fair on a quick comparison with the Sony ICF-7600GR portable and whip antenna in the driveway.

CALIFORNIA KVOZ Voice of Hope, Los Angeles (Simi Valley). Full data color North/South America map with antennae pattern grids in six days for email reception report on 17775 kHz June 29 test. Signed by Ray Robinson, Operations Manager.

 539.84 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua. 1040 July 17, 2013. Right at tune-in, “… nicaragüense, la independencia… Esta es Radio Corporación…” and a couple more ID’s.  When did this one shift from around 540.11, where it’s been for ages, to now being on the low side?

550 MEXICO XEKL W Radio, Xalapa, Veracruz. 1047 July 17, 2013. “Desde W Radio” canned ID, brief chatter, into pop-ish vocals with ID between each. Just under a second behind 900 kHz. Listed as 5000/250, and first time logged here I believe.

700 MEXICO unidentified. 0026 July 18, 2013. Tentatively Mexico. Mexi-tune ending, male with quick but clear “700 A-M” and back to Mexi-tunes. Not too strong and KSEV, Tomball, TX (News/Talk) slowly overtaking. If truly the full slogan, nothing on Cantú’s list as such and nothing in the WRTVH-2013 Central American listings with this slogan/sub-slogan.

710 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 0039 July 18, 2013. One of the listed three with a huge, spastic wobble mode, mixing with indeed two other Rebelde audio sources – all out of sync – and WAQI Radio Mambí, Miami, the target of all this nonsense.

1070 CUBA Radio Guamá, Guane, Pinar del Río. 2348 July 15, 2013. Male and female with light news patter, multiple ID’s. Moderate WKII, Solana, FL (C&W format) co-channel.

1100 COLOMBIA Caracol, Barranquilla, Atlántico.0038 July 16, 2013. Briefly fair, parallel 1170 on sunset grayline.

1170 COLOMBIA Caracol, Cartagena, Bolívar. 0034 July 16, 2013. “… en Cadena Colombia, Caracol…” male and female trading off news items, remote reporters, commercials. Good on sunset grayline, parallel 1100. These two are about the only Colombians regularly heard on this side of west central Florida, sadly.

1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus. 0055 July 20, 2013. Spanish dance/pop, Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On” and ID 0101. Back to dance/techno vocals and ID’s, parallel 1210 (which was co-channel Radio Rebelde with baseball coverage).

1230 UNIDENTIFIED 0041 July 20, 2013. Goofy oldie Spanish vocals, 0040 male canned “Sonido” and immediately back to vocals. Quickly lost post-sunset. Presumably something Central American/northern South America. Nothing Cuba seemingly as not parallel Progreso, and nothing on cursory check with a Sonido slogan. Nothing domestic obvious that would propagate at his hour.

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) FDOT WQQJ297, I-275 at Exits 39 and 44, Tampa. July 6, 2013. Update on the mystery audio(s) here: this is now audible daytime and well. This day – july 6 -- while I still heard NOAA very weakly in east central Pinellas County (near the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport), I also heard at about equal level (weak) telco audio male quick loop. I couldn’t copy it exactly, but it partially was: "Attention. I-275 northbound at Himes left (and another word, "center"?) lane blocked (unintelligible word) route." This was heard briefly and this day only. Since, the nonstop NOAA Weather Radio KHB-32 (Ruskin) has been very good, audible at the house fairly well. At home, using the loop antennae, the signal(s) point virtually the same as the Tampa International Airport 1610 kHz TIS. So, I am guessing both I-275 Tampa Florida DoT transmitters are now synched with NOAA audio for the moment, and the closest transmitter is now bumped up to maximum power, the one I’m hearing. While I’m sure these are the FDOT transmitters in Tampa, it’s going to take a direct drive-by on I-275 past downtown Tampa to confirm.

630 MEXICO XEFB “-B 630 AM”, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1010 July 27, 2013. end of Mexi-vocal, male canned “F-B 630 A-M” into another Mexi-tune, “Son la 5 y 21 minutos” time check. Parallel but web stream behind.

700 MEXICO XERV unidentified(s). 1041 July 28, 2013. Announcer at tune-in, into national anthem ad odd time of 1042, then “La tremenda…  Marco (maybe the announcer’s name)…” No slogan ID heard, assuming “la tremenda” wasn’t.  XERV and XEVC logged here previously. A presumed second Mexican with anthem from 1101 threshold.

700 USA unidentified. 1028 July 28, 2013. Fading up with Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” then seemingly male canned, “Oldies [and something not copied]” then into another song, but too weak to catch the title. Lost to the Mexican. The only Oldie format I find is WPTR, Paris, TN which would be a nice catch if so. By the time I got their stream to work, there was no signal left to try paralleling to.

740 MEXICO XEKV “Exa FM”, Villahermosa, Tabasco. 1051 July 27, 2013. Techno-ish song ending, calls and slogan ID into “Up In the Air” by 30 Seconds To Mars. National anthem at 1058. “Exa FM, 88.5 FM y 740 AM, mucho más música” and more English pop. Exa FM is network based. Someone else, seemingly also pointing Mexico-ish way, briefly mixing with classical music.

790 MEXICO XERC “Formato 21”, México DF. 1101 July 27, 2013. Male, “… XERC… 50 watts mil potencia…” into female reading news headlines over random instrumental music bed.

880 FLORIDA WZAB, Sweetwater. 1108 July 28, 2013. Briefly up over Radio Progreso with “The South Florida Garden Show” and matching their web stream.

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 1205 July 27, 2013. Nice light classical music program block with announcer fairly often. Another guy joined in at 1247, surprisingly with a fast, accented, “good morning, good morning, good morning”. So Spanglish has migrated south. Female canned “Radio Metropolitana, la Radio de Casa” at 1301. After that for the remainder of the day, Cuban pop-ish vocals. Excellent all day signal here as long as WTWD, Plant City is tightly nulled. And they’re still airing Noticiero Nacional de Radio news patch at 1300 local time, so all is well.

1060 MEXICO XEEP “Radio Educación”, México DF.  1050 July 21, 2013. Thought I had a domestic flipped to a Nostalgia format at first. Dolly Parton’s “Coat Of Many Colors”, then an ID and URL at 1100, back to Dollyfest with “I Will Always Love You”; “Jolene”; and “In My Tennessee Mountain Home” at tune-out. No sign of 6185 SW.

700 MEXICO XEDKR “Radio Red”, Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1025 July 29, 2013. Tale end of male chatter, into national anthem from 1026 followed by canned ID, “XEDKR, Radio Red…. modulada… watts de potencia en Guadalajara… Radio Red… Grupo Radio Central…” followed by trumpet fanfare and mention of “la temenda” by announcer. Re-tune at 1039, local level now and with a brief radio drama with two animated males, lots of references to pesos. At 1044, “… Radio Red, 700 AM y … frecuencia modulada.” “Starry, Starry Night” by Don McLean bumper music, brief talk about “el congreso de Estados Unidos” and “Rocky Theme” bumper music.

700 MEXICO unidentified. 1059 July 29, 2013. Another Mexican, threshold under XEDKR with national anthem.  XERV and XEVC have been logged here previously, but so many of these are coming in who knows if it’s another one.

710 MEXICO XEDF “La Interferencia 7 Diez”, México DF. 1051 July 30, 2013. End of Spanish dance-pop, male, “La Interferencia 7 Diez” and back to pop-tart vocals. Cuba mostly nulled.

740 OKLAHOMA KRMG, Tulsa. 1033 July 30, 2013. ID by male newscaster right at tune-in, story on Obama speaking in Tennessee. WYGM, Orlando semi-nulled.

750 MEXICO XETI “La Huasteca”, Tempoal, Veracruz. 1038 July 30, 2013. Tropical vocal, “La Huasteca, 750 AM” by man at 1039.

780 MEXICO XEWGR “Exa FM”, Monclova, Coahuila. 1055 July 30, 2013. National anthem in progress at tune-in followed by the Coahuila state anthem by male vocalist. A very distinctive anthem, and seemingly the same version as here: No ID but by default by state on this channel, this one.

780 MEXICO unidentified. 1058 July 30, 2013. Threshold with national anthem beginning at 1058 and way under XEWGR. Pointing northern-ish Mexico.

590 MEXICO XEPH Sabrosita 590, México DF. 1103 August 14, 2013. National anthem, female long canned ID fanfare into Mexi-tune.

660 MEXICO XEAR La Mexicana, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1037 August 11, 2013. Male canned “La Mexicana 101 punto 7” after every song, national anthem at 1059. Excellent on my local sunrise peak. No joy with John Santosuosso’s Radio Chan Santa Cruz here, at least yet.

720 MEXICO XEAVR Radio Fórmula, Veracruz, Veracruz. 1057 August 10, 2013. Female, “Grupo… México… Radio Fórmula, Veracruz… la tierra de México…” Strong, Catholic robot singing and male with pieces of rosary injected for at least 15 minutes before, maybe Radio Católica, Managua (often heard) but yet the vocals ending and this with a ID sure was coincidentally seamless, if so.

750 MEXICO XETI La Huasteca, Tempoal, Veracruz. 1038 August 14, 2013. “La Huasteca 750 A-M” at tune-in, into Mexi-tune.

780 CUBA Radio Reloj, la Mercedes, Granma. 1038 August 15, 2013. “RR”’s sounders the only thing making it through every :03 past the minute, under presumed XEMTS. Not listed by Rodriguez years ago, not on the becoming-dated EcuRed list, but this was listed in the WRTVH 1997 and thus on my list, so until something more definitive appears I’ll go with this site. First time heard here, I think, and not noted on my extensive middle and southern Florida Keys scans in October, 2012.

960 FLORIDA WSVU, North Palm Beach. 1044 August 15, 2013. Tune-in to Rod Stewart cover of “The First Cut Is the Deepest” segued to Kim Carnes “Betty Davis Eyes” then female canned, “This is 95.9 Seaview Radio” and back to songs. I had this as a presumed on sunrise from here last September, but without an ID, and fair in the middle Keys last October. Song sequence matching the frame display on their website, but their live stream was broken.

1180 CUBA Radio Rebelde (and) Rebelde FM.1358 August 11, 2013. What a mess this morning: about half of the audible ones are carrying Rebelde FM, a real audio train wreck against the other half with “AM” Rebelde.

1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, La Fé, Isla de la Juventud . 0000 August 15, 2013. Female, “… la emisora Radio Caribe” right at tune-in, techno-ish Cuban pop vocal, “la gran musical Radio Caribe” after song.

1530 FLORIDA WYMM “La Más Grande 15-30 AM”, Jacksonville. 1101 August 15, 2013. This thing has converted more times than Bob Dylan. Thought I had the XEUR Mexican; tune-in to this slogan and two Mexi-tunes. But it’s merely this one. It used to be Radio Unica and also Radio Fé slogans (Spanish Christian), English prior. And their still functioning website    says “Amistad” slogan and Spanish Christian, but a Google of “la mas grande 1530” confirms this, as in here:

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQY809 Florida Dept. of Transportation, Sunshine Skyway Bridge, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County (transmitter 1) and Terra Ceia, Manatee County (transmitter 2). August 3, 2013. I noticed a good signal with nonstop NOAA Weather Radio KHB-32 (no local TIS identification inserts) while in downtown St. Petersburg late local morning, looping southward. So I drove US-19 to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and indeed these are active now, with this one peaking between the bridge proper and the apex. Signal again very strong nearing the Manatee County toll booth (northbound), which is transmitter site 2. That antenna/transmitter box, shiny new, was spotted just north of the toll booth on the east side. The third transmitter around the US-19 exit off of I-275 near Palmetto, is not active (as of this date) yet. And, a big signal while in Oldsmar when nearer the water (north end of Tampa Bay) on August 11 mid-afternoon, signal dropping off heading Pinellas County inland.

1689.985 FLORIDA (MIS) WQKP882 Pinellas County Traffic Management, Largo. 2345 August 9, 2013. Now just running a looping male, “From the Pinellas County Traffic Management Center in Clearwater, Florida, you’re listening to WQKP882 and WQKP883, operating on 1690 kiloHertz AM.” No stale old telco female US-19 traffic loop any more. The strong 49th Street (Bayside Bridge) transmitter is closer to frequency. Largo has always been right around here, so that’s where this one is coming from.

1690 FLORIDA (MIS) WQKP882 Pinellas County Traffic Management, Oldsmar. 1630 August 10, 2013. Big signal noted while driving to the Oldsmar Flea Market on SR-580. While sitting at the stoplight at SR-580 and Forest Lakes Blvd., I noticed the antenna pole/transmitter in a grassy patch at the NW side. On my return, I pulled over and fired up the ICF-7600GR. Indeed this is the one, even a harmonic present strong on 3380 kHz sitting inside the car about 100 feet from the stick, which one can walk up to. Same synchronized loop as the other active ones on 1690. I didn’t have my frequency counter with me, but it seemed this one is very slightly on the high side of 1690, which could be one of the signals David Crawford measured a few months ago from Titusville. Driving west on SR-580, signal from another one, slightly off frequency from the Oldsmar signal, semi-peaked as I turned on to Belcher Rd. and away from the signal. Suspect that was the Palm Harbor 1690. But for certain, at least four of these are again active after the repairs late spring.

1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Mayarí, Holguín. 1015 August 25, 2013. Very good with WBT mostly nulled. Nice traditional Cuban oldies vocals. No trace of presumed still parallel 1100, and I see I didn’t find 1100 on my October, 2012 middle-Keys band scan. But it is listed as only 1 kW.

1320 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1028 August 25, 2013. Mostly poor under another Cuban and someone domestic with NOS canned format. Parallel 1020 kHz.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 1034 August 25, 2013. Good in passing with salasa-ish Cuban vocals.

1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1032 September 7, 2013. Cuban vocals, station slow chimes and time check. Radio Caribe on 1220 as well.

1500 ALABAMA WQCR, Alabaster. 1050 August 30, 2013. Mexi-tunes, Spanish announcer. Male canned, “WQCR, Alabaster-Birmingham” at 1101 and back to Mexi-tunes. Same ID 1101 September 9.

6050 ECUADOR HCJB La Voz de los Andes, Quito. 1153 September 8, 2013. Kechwa-ish sounding chatter,  distinctive HCJB automated sounders 1200 over programming.

7210L PENNSYLVANIA N1NR, Bushkill. 1134 September 8, 2013. Nelson Roig with the usual anti-Commie Cuba ranting with other pigs. No jamming antics noted in my brief listen this time.

9200 TAIWAN Xi Wang Zhi Sheng (Sound of Hope). 1127 September 8, 2013. Presumed the one with Chinese announcer, single time sounder 1130 into slow choral gospel-sounding Chinese vocals. No trace of any jamming.

9410 CHINA ‘Blob Ze Dong’ (jammer). 1112 September 8, 2013. Thanks David Crawford tip, good with traces of something underneath.  Presumed Fu Hsing Broadcasting Station, Taiwan the target.

9835 MALAYSIA RTV Malaysia, Kajang, Sarawak. 1118 September 8, 2013. Presumably an FM relay, with Malay male DJ, Malaypop. Very good.

9975 CALIFORNIA KVOH, Rancho Simi. *0037 September 7, 2013. First of two consecutive nights tests to Central America/Caribbean. Carrier up at 0037 and into less that 1000 cycle tone till 0100. ID’s, music fills, address etc. including in Spanish. Excellent signal through around 0200 tune-out.

11735 TANZANIA ZBC, Dole, Zanzibar. 1933-2054* September 7, 2013. Swahili female at tune-in, highlife vocals, slow time sounders 2000 with music and patter continuing after. Abruptly off at 2054 mid-song. Okay signal but local noise hampering.

13675 CHINA ‘Firedrake’ (jammer). 1536 September 8, 2013. Nice though somewhat fluttery signal. Presumably targeting Voice of Free Asia via Dushanbe-Yangiyul or wherever it’s from these days.

15140 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait. 1359 September 8, 2013. Tune-in to current pop tart song, segued into two more, then male DJ, “… 90.4 FM… Power…The Nation’s Station…”, female announcer, faux Big Ben chimes from 1430:05, then UK-accented female news (“First, the headlines” over music bed) until 1438, then back to English pop vocals. Politely allowed the pop vocal to end at 1501:28 before going into Arabic programming. Nice signal.

4319U DIEGO GARCIA AFN. 2332 September 10, 2013. Thanks Gerry Bishop tip from a day or two earlier, this one at near local level – best ever heard -- and no NMG CommSta New Orleans QRM present.

4774.96 BRAZIL Rádio Sora de Congonhas, Congonhas, Minas Gerias. 2346 September 10, 2013. Soccer with Brazilian Portuguese host. Presumed the one. No ID, and this is the slightly altered name of the station other DXers are reporting.

4800 CHINA CBPS-1, Golmud. 2338 September 10, 2013. Clear and alone, fairly weak with Asian language but definitely not Chinese talk.

6885 ISRAEL Galei Zahal. 2304 September 11, 2011. Fading in with Hebe male DJ, Jew-pop/rock. Clear, slowly improving signal.

15150 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zahedan. 1134 September 14, 2013. Clear and good with Arabic programming, ID 1230.

15355 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait. 2336 September 11, 2013. Presumed the one with Arabic pop-ish vocals, male and female announcers. Nice signal and in the clear.

780 MEXICO XEZN EXA FM, Celaya, Guanajuarto. 1121 October 4, 2013. Mexi-tunes, several EXA FM mentions. Trading off with XEMTS.

780 MEXICO XEMTS Radio Fórmula, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1109 October 4, 2013. Tune-in to “... 9 minutos” by female, into Mexi-tune, several “Radio Formula Tampico” ID's. XEZN fading up in the mix though this one more dominant.

2910 MEXICO XEVT, Villahermosa, Tabasco. 1101 October 4, 2013. Tail end of man and woman chatter, into Mexi-tune. This is the 3 x 970 kHz harmonic Glenn Hauser has been reporting for ages.

4765 CUBA Radio Progreso. *0029 October 4, 2013. Transmitter up about 0029:13 with music in progress. Great listening pleasure with “Nocturno” program and host featuring an eclectic mix of traditional and popular Cuban vocals, even the Rolling Stones “Let's Spend the Night Together” in the mix. Local level signal of course. Now here's a cool site with song streaming sequentially: No idea how often the song stream changes, if ever.

9870 INDIA AIR Vividh Bharati, Bengaluru. 1138-1159* October 4, 2013. Clear and fair in presumed Hindi with announcer, Hindi pop-ish vocals, 1159:56* abrupt off mid-talk. Again on at 1304 recheck. Why bother with the 30 minute 1200-1230 gap? Seems the same site, power and beam as at 0900-1200.

11510 MOLDOVA (CLANDESTINE) Radyoya Dengê Kurdistanê, Kishinev-Grigoriopol. 1315 October 4, 2013. Excellent with very cool Kurdish sing-song vocals and flutes. Presumed site.

15151.43 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zahedan. 1310 October 4, 2013. Way off frequency and varying a couple of kHz slowly with Arabic male and female, parallel 17550. Excellent.

 800 NICARAGUA Radio 800, Managua. 1032-1120 October 5, 2013. Very good until 1110 then fairly fast fade down. Live male DJ, folk-ranchera vocals often stepped atop by DJ, lots of live phone calls taken on-air, frequent “Radio Ochenta” mentions (instead of the expected “Ochocientos “), lotería and boleto de lotería mentions. At 1100, cuckoo clock sound effects, then male mentioning “Radio Ochenta... desde Managua... Nicaragua... poder... Ochocientos...” into a very Cuban-sounding vocal, more phone calls, ads, mentions of “Ricola” or similar often, whatever that is about. Found this link which was indeed parallel, though the stream was about 25 seconds slow: and note that the graphic paste states 50,000 watts (WRTVH-2013 states 10 kW). A song at 1130 on the stream was clearly off of vinyl (scratchy)! This is at least my 11th Nicaraguan (540 [variable], 555 (1970's), 580, 600, 620, 700, 720, 725 (1970's), 740, 920 previously). Been on this for a week, trying to nail it. Some days WPLK, Palatka, FL; WSHO, New Orleans, LA; and XEROK, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico were problematic. Again October 8, 2013 at 1033 with, “Transmite Managia... 800 AM... Radio 800 y FM... punto...” Haven't been able to catch the FM channel yet (or maybe a sister station). And on my iPhone I found this page to be very nearly in parallel on audio.

950 MEXICO unidentified. 1038 October 6, 2013. EZL instrumental into Mexi-tune vocal. I've heard four at one point at the same time here, only XETO ever ID'ed.

1130 MEXICO unidentified. 1101 October 6, 2013. National anthem in progress, weak, hopeless.

4765 CUBA Radio Progreso. 0200-0409* October 5, 2013. First time catching the closing. News from 0350, highly truncated anthem 0400, then programming continued until abruptly off 0409. They should just run this 24/7. Some of the daytime Progreso is boring (radio novelas) but when in music mode, the network is mostly very good.

780 MEXICO XESFT la Poderosa, San Fernando, Tamaulipas. 1059-1140 October 11, 2013. Tune in to ending of national anthem, canned “XESFT, la Poderosa...” and FM and AM frequencies, into Mexi-tune. ID after each Mexi-tune mentioning “... punto 7... frecuencia modulada... 780 AM, la Poderosa” by man. Female time check “Son las 6 y 25” at 1125. FM frequency is presumably 103.7. Slogans listed as La Triple T/La Caliente on Cantú's online list and in the WRTVH-2013. This surely is Glenn Hauser's unID in IDXD 81-2. Another new XE for me here, if my list is correct.

All logs made from Clearwater, Florida, USA, unless otherwise stated. Frequencies in kc/s and times/dates are GMT unless otherwise stated.

JRC NRD-535; ICOM IC-R75; Hammarlund HQ-180A; Sony ICF-7600GR; Sangean PR-D5; Aqua Guide 705 RDF Marine Radio; GE Superadio III; JPS NF-60 Notch Filter; JPS ANC-4 Noise Phase; 1 X roof dipole; 1 X room random wire; Terk Advantage non-active portable loop.

539.83 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua. *1056 October 13, 2013. Carrier up abruptly, this on a Sunday. Pretty sure they are there well before most days so maybe an anomaly or Sunday-only opening time.

540 TENNESSEE WKFN, Clarksville. 1025 October 13, 2013. Mostly dominating over WFLF, Winter Haven, FL (news/talk) and presumably XEWA. Also from 1056, Nicaragua off-channel low side. ESPN Radio feed, ad for some local “... Gas Association” company supporting dialing 811 for power line dig clearance and ID at 1059.

580 MEXICO unidentified. 1044 October 12, 2013. Presumed Mexican, pointing north/central Mexico, Mexi-tune with lots of accordions, female announcer 1059 and into program promos not copied well and talk, back to vocals from 1113.

600 NICARAGUA Radio Ya, Managua. 1040 October 14, 2013. Radio play with sound effects till 1045, “Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya” reverb, marimba and fiddle fills, back to animated talk, “Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya” again at 1053. Tight Radio Rebelde nulled about 95%.

630 MEXICO XEFB, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 0959 October 13, 2013. Mexi-tune, 1000 “Desde Monterrey... XEFB... XEFB... la F-B...”, time check and back to Mexi-tunes.

640 MEXICO XENQ, Tulancingo, Hidalgo. 1059 October 14, 2013. Eend of male talk, abbreviated anthem from 1100, call and slogan not copied and into ballad from 1102. At 1110, “N-Q, N-Q...” and at 1112, “N-Q, 90 punto 1...” Another new XE for me.

740 OKLAHOMA KRMG, Tulsa. 1048 October 13, 2013. Quciem, HARP etc. finance network spots, back to finance show “... on KRMG.” WYMG, Orlando and something else domestic partly nulled.

780 MEXICO XESFT la Poderosa, San Fernando, Tamaulipas. 1124 October 18, 2013. Mexi-tunes, the usual male canned ID with FM and AM frequencies, female canned time checks.

800 BONAIRE PJB Radio Trans Mundial, Kralendijk. 0038 October 17, 2013. Spanish preacher in passing, some WPLK, Palatka, FL co-channel. Anyone remember hearing Radio Netherlands relayed here early evenings decades ago?

1160 TEXAS KVCE, Highland Park. 2340 October 14, 2013. Scott Luther Gold & Silver Show, male canned “1160 AM, KVCE” at 2347.

1210 PENNSYLVANIA WPHT, Philadelphia. 2301 October 14, 2013. Poking through WNMA, Miami Springs (Spanish sports) with CBS Radio News, “Talk Radio AM 1210, WPHT” at 2305.

1230 FLORIDA WBZT, West Palm Beach. 1034 October 15, 2013. Male canned “News, weather, talk on the :30's on 1230 WBZT” between all-Florida news items read by solo but quiet pro man. 1000/1000 watts.

1240 GEORGIA WPAX, Thomasville. 1042 October 15, 2013. Tentative. Someone briefly with mention of “... on US-19... South Georgia...” US-19 runs through downtown. 1000/1000 watts. Mostly covered by WFWN, Ft. Myers, FL sports talk.

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 0032 October 16, 2013. Mixing with all the others post-sunset, promo mentioning “...mornings on the Florida Keys and beyond, WFFG...” into local insurance agency spot, then sat-fed Obama Care opponent talk. Also logged October 16, from 1056 with live read Buffalo Wild Wings ad, Rob's Car Wash spot, ID, into FOX Radio News. Local nursery plants spot.

1300 FLORIDA WQBN, Temple Terrace. 2100-2300 October 16, 2013. Oscar de Céspedes, FL reports in Glenn Hauser's DX LISTENING DIGEST 13-41 that Radio Martí announced they are now carried on 1300 AM Monday through Saturday 2100-2300 GMT (1700-1900 local at least while we are on EDT), and he apparently logged this. Speculation is it's via WFFG, Marathon, but they remain all English news/talk when I can hear them. From my Clearwater, FL venue, I am thus far unable to hear WFFG until at least after 2300 GMT when WQBN shifts from day power/pattern, and pre-sunrise, where they remain in English news/talk. I can however at least confirm it's not via WQBN, the Tampa radio market station with a nearly straight shot to western Cuba. They are still airing local programming in Spanish at this time. Sadly, we appear to have no extreme SE Florida and/or Florida Keys MW DXer's remaining to step up and confirm. Seems highly unlikely, with the recent report that funding was cut for the “Air Martí” contracted flights and the plane(s) grounded in Cartersville, Georgia, that they would have reactivated flights and activated on MW at 1300 kHz. I just throw that out there for fun. At least this gave me an excuse to log stations on this channel.

1300 GEORGIA WIMO, Winder. 0005 October 16, 2013. Tune-in just out of net news with local weather by telco audio female, “AM 1300, WIMO” canned ID, into sat-fed Affordable Health Care opponent talker. Amazing signal for 650 watts day power (50 watts if they really flipped down when they should have before my tune-in, which seems highly improbable). Located a bit east of metro Atlanta. Looks like a very community-based station, per their little web page. May actually warrant a reception report.

1300 TENNESSEE WNQM, Nashville. 2259 October 16, 2013. Just as WQBN, Temple Terrace gave a female canned legal though Spanish-only ID and their day power/pattern dropped, this one present with male canned, “You're listening to WNQM... 1300 AM... 50,000 watts... a Christian... Ministries Station... Memphis, Tennessee...” into male Christian inspirational talk. Lots of co-channel rumbling. 50000/5000, listed as Spanish REL “La Vida” in the 2013 NRC AM Log (maybe updated since in DX News editions I am not looking at). Parallel Something Spanish vocals weak under, not WQBN when pointing the same direction as WNQM. Same owner as WWCR shortwave, as it would happen, as WNQM's shoddy website lists the same mailing address of 1300 WWCR Avenue, Nashville, TN 37218 and F W Robert Broadcasting Co. Inc.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar,Aguada, Cienfuegos. 0018 October 17, 2013. Very good with romántico vocals, clearly canned male and female reverb at 0027, ID. Deteriorating after 0030.

1420 FLORIDA WAOC, St. Augustine. 1108 October 17, 2013. ESPN Sports feed, break at 1129 with Bozard Ford Lincoln local dealership, canned “1420 ESPN Radio” and phone number.

1590 FLORIDA WPSL, Port St. Lucie. 2311 October 14, 2013. ESPN Radio feed pre-game Dodgers vs. Cardinals playoff,break with local ads, ID. My local WXRB, St. Pete Beach has been off for a few days now with their primary and backup transmitters having blown up and awaiting parts.

1610 CANADA CHHA, Toronto, Ontario. 0057 October 17, 2013. Techno-ish Spanish vocals. 0059 female clear mention of “Voces Latinas” and back to eclectic vocal, chatter between male and female after.

11740 INDIA AIR, Panaji, Goa. 0004 October 18, 2013. Very good in presumed Sinhala, female and male talk, nice Hindi tunes from 0030. No trace of reported sometimes parallel 11985 (well, weak carrier detected, if them).

15190 EQUATORIAL GUINEA Radio Africa, Bata. 2120 October 16, 2013. Presumed the one, excellent with US blackccented boring fundamentalist preacher. I don't recall hearing them at this signal level, when active, in ages.

15120 SA'UDI ARABIA BSKSA, Riyadh. 1419 October 17, 2013. Quran reciting, language male announcer at 1423. Listed as Bengali 1200-1500. Clear and fair.

15140 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait. 1451 October 17, 2013. English rapper, into jazz piano/tabla/strings instrumental “Run Away With Me” by Omar Akram per SoundHound. Male canned “ FM 91.3” at 1455, into instrumental fill, then “Our listeners, now it's time for Call to Prayer...” but into rap, cut abruptly for faux Big Ben chimes from 1500:13, Arabic ID, Arabic news headlines. Very good and in the clear.

15450 TURKEY Voice of Turkey, Emirler. 1301 October 17, 2013. Tune-in to nonstop nice Turkish pop/rock vocals, ID at 1322 and quick news headlines, contact info, traditional Turkish instrumental fill, abrupt off 1326:39. Listed as 500 kW at 310-degrees, so no wonder the good signal here, 1230-1325 in English.

25950 COLORADO KOA, Denver. 1331 October 17, 2013. Good with local news by man and woman, FOX News Radio segments, Accuweather forecast for Denver. NBFM mode I suppose, but fine and best in USB.

27554.95U FRANCE 14KB094 (Manu Goarzin), Paris. 1335 October 17, 2013. Loads of Euros coming in well. This guy, in accented English, appears to be quite active and often on this channel. Googling his calls, there's quite a few hits including his YouTube and Facebook page where it is clear he's very much into the pirate scene.

All logs made from Clearwater, Florida, USA, unless otherwise stated. Frequencies in kc/s and times/dates are GMT unless otherwise stated.

JRC NRD-535; ICOM IC-R75; Hammarlund HQ-180A; Sony ICF-7600GR; Sangean PR-D5; Aqua Guide 705 RDF Marine Radio; GE Superadio III; JPS NF-60 Notch Filter; JPS ANC-4 Noise Phase; 1 X roof dipole; 1 X room random wire; Terk Advantage non-active portable loop.

540 MEXICO W Radio, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí. 0850 October 20, 2013. Fair under domestics with nonstop techno beats, parallel excellent 900. No Nicaragua het (not on yet).

650 CUBA Radio Progreso, Ciego de Ávila, Ciego de Ávila. 1059 October 19, 2013. Still rapidly 'sheet metal noise' wobbling. Fix it, Arnie!

690 MEXICO XECS La Mejor, Manzanillo, Colima. 1110-1137 October 19,2013. An XE with anthem at 1100, too weak to ID, then another with anthem from 1103. Which if either was this is unknown, but this one faded up to decent level with Mexi-tunes, male canned “la Mejor” between songs. Eventually crushed by my local 680 splatter as this one also began fading.

800 CANADA CKLW, Windsor, Ontario. 0815 October 20, 2013. Bubbling up with Coast To Coast AM, almost perfectly synched with local 970 WFLA. Spots for CTV and The Leaf Grill from 0830. WPLK, Palatka,FL sometimes co-channel.

810 ALABAMA WCKA, Jacksonville. 0834 Charlie Pride “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” then male canned “Coast to coast Classic Country on Alabama's 810 and 94.3 FM” into a song by, uh, Alabama. Local spots. Big local signal, surely running their 50 kW day power and not night 500 watts.

910 CUBA Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Camagüey. 0859 October 20, 2013. Male canned, “Transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba” into soft Cuban vocal.

1060 MEXICO XEEP Radio Educación, México DF. 0928 October 20, 2013. Nice classic reggae with Toots & the Maytals “Spiritual Healing” into “Pressure Drop” then female ID at 0934

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. Per my request, Paul V. Zecchino, Manasota Key, monitored this one from 2100-2300 GMT October 19 and confirms Oscar de Céspedes' original report of Radio Martí here, with programming up from 2105, canned “WFFG, Marathon” ID at 2159:30, into second and final hour of Radio Martí. It surely won't be long until we have a flamethrower from Cuba on 1300, one that will remain here long after Martí rebroadcast is gone. A signal that will decimate not just WFFG, but WQBN, Temple Terrace and countless others on 1300. Way to go.

1450 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, Güines, Mayabeque. 1124 October 20, 2013. Very poor under WSDV, Sarasota, with Cuban flute solo, parallel not much better 1140.

1450 MEXICO unidentified. 1103 October 20, 2013. National anthem in progress, male XE calls after, but unable to copy in the co-channel, very weak. This one will be tough at best to ID.

1470 GEORGIA WRGA, Rome. 1050 October 20, 2013. Public affairs program, “News Talk 1470, WRGA” into ABC News.

1530 MEXICO XEUR Radio Fiesta, México DF. 1031 October 20, 2013. Spanish pop vocals, female canned slogan 1034 and 1040.

1610 ANGUILLA The Caribbean Beacon, The Valley. 0942 October 20, 2013. Poor with the usual University Network ranting by the Mrs. Scott, parallel 6090 SW.

7435.58 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam-1, Son Tay. 1145 October 20, 2013. Presumed the one, fill music, soft Asian female. Low modulation.

7535.4 UNIDENTIFIED. 1152 October 20, 2013. Something threshold here, no idea who. Presumed Asian.

9735 TAIWAN Radio Taiwan International,Paochung. 1203 October 19, 2013. Chinese pop vocal,Indonesian service with male announcer, back to vocals. Clear, good.

11530.045 TAJIKISTAN Voice of Russia, Dushanbe-Orzu. 1210 October 19, 2013. English service, interviewing some US chick about living in India and traveling. Hummy audio (shocker).

610 HONDURAS Radio América, Tegucigalpa. 1108 October 23, 2013. Very poor, parallel to strong 630 for just a moment during telco female news item. Radio Rebelde, Cuba and the unidentified Mexican co-channel. No other América parallels located.

610 MEXICO XEBX La Primera, Sabinas, Coahuila. 1118-1131 October 23, 2013. Pointing central/south-ish Mexico, nonstop schmaltzy Mexican band (tuba-intensive) instrumental covers of goofy old songs such as "Man On the Flying Trapeze" until blocked by local 620 WDAE's iBOC at 1131. Octoer 24: Mexi-tunes vocals and instrumentals from 1103 tune-in, 1117 male and female chatter, bad local noise. Finally, October 25, tune in 1120 to Mexi-tunes, then male “La Primera” slogan and again at 1129 just before iBOC wiped out.

630 HONDURAS Radio América, la Ceiba (and/or) Choluteca. 1044 October 22, 2013. Transmitter abruptly up at 1044 mid-song, and continuous Spanish ballads segued. Faded and local noise by top of hour, back in with ballads, then male announcer around 1124 but blocked by local 620 WDAE's iBOC at 1130. The next day, October 23, transmitter up at 1043, segued ballads until 1100 then nice "Radio América, HRN... 23 de Octubre..." into vocal, news and commercials 1103-1108, ID, back to vocals. Very good signal until killed by 620 iBOC at 1131. October 24: 1044 transmitter up, same format till 1100. Sign on must be with automated timer that's lost time or isn't set correctly, well at least the WRTVH-2013 lists 610 flagship as 1030 GMT sign on. But their schedule appears to indicate 0500 local and this link which I think I shared years' ago shows their alleged current channels on AM/FM. Also audible on October 24 was a very low growl, low side. Looking at a September 4, 2012 log of mine, I had the second transmitter audible slightly delayed. So suspect that is the source of this.

630 MEXICO unidentified. 1055 October 22, 2013. A reference to the location of Hurricane Raymond “... kilometros... y kilometros... Acapulco...” Orchestral version of national anthem, no ID 1059, instead straight into ballad, then slow talking male and female talking about a restaurant, food, other patter.

610 ALABAMA WAGG, Birmingham. 1057 October 28, 2013. A Convenient female live, “... Go to 610 WAGG...” while passing the channel.

680 GEORGIA WCNN, Atlanta. 1117 October 26, 2013. Male mentioning CBS Sports Radio, ID. Tight nulling my local WGES, St. Petersburg.

730 ARKANSAS KQPN, West Memphis. 1128 October 26, 2013. This is a tentative. Yahoo Sports Radio and network ads. October 27 from 1112, same with nothing local. October 28, very poor and no ID pulled at 1100. Points NW, so suspect it's this one. October 30, 1101: “AM 730 Yahoo Sports Radio” but no ID caught. The only other YSN affiliate listed at 730 on YSN's website is WZGV, Charlotte, NC, which is not the DF on this. If KQPN, it would be a nice one at 1000 watts from here.

730 FLORIDA WWTK, Lake Placid. 2300 October 30, 2013. “This is CBS World News Roundup” at tune-in, “You're listening to the CBS News World Roundup” at 2305, into male host talk but too weak to copy, finally at 2334 an ad for Lord's Farm & Nursery... on Hwy. 27 North in Sebring” followed by female canned, “... weekdays at... a.m. On WWTK.” Listed 500/340 watts.

800 NICARAGUA Radio 800, Managua. 0106 October 31, 2013. Noticed a fair signal with soccer, someone vs. a Costa Rican team, telco audio feed. Parallel the link, but with delay there. First local evening log of this one here. By 0127, Radio Trans Mundial, Bonaire co-channel with Spanish preacher.

6157.00 U UNIDENTIFIED band intruder. 1156 October 26, 2013. Simplex with two Spanish men in conversation, not Cuban accents, maybe Mexi's?

15300.16 RUSSIA Voice of Russia, Novosibirsk-Oyash. 1200 October 26, 2013. Passing through, noticed the interval signal and 1200:30 plug pulled. Listed as Chinese 1100-1200 here. I guess in the waning days of VOR, transmitter maintenance is even lower priority than before.

27631.04 NBFM IRELAND unidentified church. 1403 October 27, 2013. Thanks D. Crawford tip, slow fade-in/out with Catholic mass, Irish-accented preacher, pauses with lots of coughing (smokers?) and laughter (what' so funny about being held hostage in Catholic church?) in a cavernous audio environment. My first definite on one of these.

800 NORTH CAROLINA WSVS, Crewe. 1104 November 3, 2013. Two Bluegrass instrumentals segued, then Bluegrass vocals, with only a weak trace of WPLK, Palatka, FL present. No announcements heard, but parallel their audio stream.

1190 MISSOURI KQQZ, De Soto. 1143 November 5, 2013. Coming out of a Johnny Cash song with singing KQQZ ID. By 1148 re-check, WAMT, Pine Hills, FL dominating.

1200 TENNESSEE WAMB, Nashville. 1044 November 3, 2013. Sinatra I think, into “I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of my Hair” by Peggy Lee. In a very tight WAOI null, presumed the one.

1210 TEXAS KUBR, San Juan. November 4, 2013. 1056 Mexi-tune vocals, male “Radio Cristiana” slogan at 1120, mention of “Valley Wrship Center en McAllen...” after a Mexi-gospel vocal. Chasing this for a couple of days hoping it was a real Mexican.

1220 FLORIDA WJAX, Jacksonville. 1140 November 5, 2013. “1220 WJAX” into commercials just as passing the channel.

1280 FLORIDA WTMY, Sarasota. 1141 November 4, 2013. Very Oldies with Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra “I Hear A Rhapsody” into Bob Eberly “Singapore” then Nat King Cole “Blue Gardenia” followed by male canned, “WTMY, Sarasota” at 1148. Not sure how long ago (post mid-September I think) this flipped format from Sports. Recheck November 5, 2013 0004 to confirm not a format fluke, very good with a block of instrumentals (Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller).

1280 LOUISIANA WODT, New Orleans. 1054 November 3, 2013. “Esta es Sports Center... de ESPN Deportes” into ads, ID.

1440 MISSISSIPPI WVGG, Pascagoula. 1121 November 2, 2013. Spot for Allstate agent Rusty Dossett along with his street address in Pascagoula, into the “(something) Comedy Show” which was not funny, just a lame male host taking lamer calls.

1480 GEORGIA WZYE, Atlanta. 1106 November 2, 2013. Black gospel ending, then promo for something “... every Saturday, 4-8 pm... on the legendary 14-80, WYZE.”

1500.02 UNIDENTIFIED. 1102 November 2, 2013. Low growl approximately here, no audio. Points about due E/W, so maybe a malfing Mexi. Think this has been here forever in fact.

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Chivirico, Santiago de Cuba. 2245 November 7, 2013. Mixing equally with Radio Sancti Spíritus. And weak WPHT, Philadelphia. Presumed site.

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, unknown site (reportedly Guaimaro or Santiago). 2259 November 7, 2013. ID, time check, into 2300 dedicated Progreso newscast. Parallel 640 et. al. Good on sunset roll. Last logs here were 4/3/2011 and 10/21/2011, not that I've tried for it since.

539.84 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua. 1126 November 13, 2013. Male news, mentions of Nicaragua.

600 NICARAGUA Radio Ya, Managua. 1125 Novewmber 13, 2013. Ad block, “... en la colonia Managua.”

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, N 1116 November 13, 2013. Vocal with mentions of Nicaragua, a marimba bridge, ID, into inspirational reading by man ovefr piano. Slight WGN co-channel.

800 NICARAGUA Radio 800, Managua. 1120 November 13, 2013. Male reading local sports highlights, ID, into campesino folk vocal.

1020 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1203 November 13, 2013. Newscast with field reporter end tagging with station name, male and female hosts, ID. Very weak Radio Reloj under but no other Cubans present.

1140 FLORIDA WRMQ, Orlando. 1138 November 18, 2013. Local ads and church events, 407 area code, briefly over the Cubans.

1140 MEXICO unidentified. 1150 November 18, 2013. Nonstop man and woman talk till piano interlude from 1200, 1201 mention of “... punto uno...” then into highly truncated Mexican anthem from 1201. XE (something) calls 1203, signal in the dust after this.

1300 FLORIDA WFFR Radio Martí (relay), Marathon. 2207 November 16, 2013. Very weak pieces of it coming through under impossible to null WQBN, Temple Terrace (also Spanish). Parallel jammed but best shortwave channel 9565. First log of this one for me. Presume still 5-7 pm local Monday-Saturday. By 2228, lost as someone domestic in English was dominating under WQBN with USA Radio News from 2228, into some canned scripture monologue by man. WQBN day power/pattern dropped at 2230, leaving the north/south path open, and weak pieces Martí again audible. Yet another English up in the mix by 2234, into Herman Cain Show, WMEL, Melbourne, FL listed as an affiliate. Martí theme punching through 2300 but immediately lost after.

And this per Tony Simon, via David Crawford who was in chat communication with Tony: Tony confirms Radio Martí is also now 24/7 on 107.9 MHz, which is WMFM, Key West (100 kW). Until blocked by Cuban FM transmitters, this should be easily heard in the Havana area. Until the Sarasota station came up a few years ago on 107.9 (WSRZ-FM, Coral Cove), I would often here this one during even the weakest tropo and ducting, back then simulcasting a Miami Spanish station.

Tony also confirms the channel the private contracter was using for airborne Radio Martí was 94.7 MHz. This operation is long defunct.

1310 FLORIDA WYND, DeLand. 2155 November 16, 2013. Old School gospel vocals, redneck man with ID, then reading liner card commercials back-to-back across top-of-hour.

4765 CUBA Radio Progreso. 0121 November 19, 2013. Carrier up, into programming 0130:52 with the amazing old man DJ and his awesome music show. Excellent.

5010 CHINA CPBS-1. 2310 November 16, 2013. Clear and fair with alternating man and woman in Chinese, parallel strong 7290. Presumably intended as a jammer on Radio Taiwan International, if they are still here.

5950 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sirjan. 2216 November 17, 2013. Excellent with Islamic vocals, squeaky Bosnian female announcer. Abruptly off 2221 during piano solo, the same piano music they seem to play on many other language services.

5970 BRAZIL Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. 2224 November 17, 2013. Good in passing with soccer coverage.

6003 KOREA, SOUTH Echo of Hope, Hwaseong. 2225 November 17, 2013. Korean man and woman, clear and fair. Parallel about equal 6348.

6030 CHINA CPBS-1, Beijing. 2258 November 16, 2013. Chinese man and woman, the usual 5+1 time sounders 2300. Fair and in the clear with no Radio Martí or jammer, though both present 2325 re-check.

6040 CHINA CPBS-2, Beijing. 2302 Chinese man and woman, very good and parallel equal 6065 and weak 6155.

6060 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sirjan. 2200 November 17, 2013. Arabic Service with Koran poetry. Excellent.

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1048 November 25, 2013. Cuban folk vocal ending, female ID. No trace of 1020 in a quick check, probably just faded down.

1020 FLORIDA WURN, Kendall. 1050 November 25, 2013. Very good, Spanish with two guys hosting the newscast, a Telemundo and Miami stores spots, into Sunday sports highlights beginning with the Miami Heat. This one very good when pointing east-west, while KDKA, Pittsburgh good when north-south.

1110 CUBA Radio Angulo, Holguín, Holguín. 1011 November 25, 2013. Traditional Cuban vocals, mixing with WBT. I always want to put an accent mark over the”u” in Angulo, but I'm not allowed to.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, multiple sites. 1036 November 25, 2013. Big signal from one, and two others much weaker and out-of-synch (delayed) under.

1150 GEORGIA WJEM, Valdosta. 1032 November 25, 2013. ESPN Sports feed with Sunday f-ball scores. Fair-poor in tight WTMP semi-null.

1610 CANADA CHHA, Toronto, Ontario. 0955 November 25, 2013. Very poor with music of some kind, a clear“Toronto” mention at 0959, more music after 1000. Some co-channel from The University Network/The Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, with the Mrs. Scott nonstop, parallel strong 6090 (then clear but weak 11775 after 1000).

1650 ARKANSAS KYHN, Ft. Smith. 0114 November 24, 2013. Promo for the Dennis Miller show at 0015, ID on fade-up over others on the car radio on I-275 west of downtown Tampa. Might be the first time I've heard this here, or should I state “there” (Tampa). Though “there” is close to “here” in this case.

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQJ297 Florida DoT, Tampa. 0116 November 24, 2013. Noticed a big blue sign with white lettering and a yellow background with black lettering on top heading west (a/k/a officially southbound) on I-275 near the Howard Frankland Bridge. But except for a threshold telco audio male mentioning “www...” under KYHN, no trace of this, assuming that was one of the two FDoT transmitters on I-275 (WQQJ297), Tampa, or even one of the several others around Tampa Bay on 1650 kHz. And threshold from the house November 25 mid-morning local. But re-check 1815, good with compu-man with new-ish 1:33 minute loop opening with, “You are listening to the Florida Department of Transportation Highway Advisory System station WQQJ297 16-50 A-M...” and mention of dialing 511,, using construction zone caution, to tune in when yellow beacons are flashing on the DoT sign. Likely the westernmost transmitter, which was off until later today for whatever reason. So yes, the “www...” log on the mobile passing was this, though suspect via the transmitter on the eastern exit site with this western one off until later today.

1660 NORTH CAROLINA WBCN, Charlotte. 0840 November 25, 2013. Wave Ventilation spot, back to CBS Sports Radio audio. Very good over WCNZ, Marco Island, FL.

5970 / 6050 TURKEY Voice of Turkey, Emirler. 2015 November 25, 2013. English, female host. Turkish traditional instrumental music till time sounders 2030, into French. Both clear but 5970 best.

5995 AUSTRALIA Radio Australia, Brandon. 0902 November 25, 2013. Tok Pisin news summary, into reggae-ish vocal. Clear, fair and parallel about equal 6080 (and no trace of Solomon Islands way over here, of course). Listed as 10 kW, Brandon site.

9505 SUDAN Voice of Africa, al-Aitahab. 1628 November 25, 2013. Checking for maybe 1630 opening, nothing but a carrier noted until closer to 1745 when bits of audio began to break through. At 1830:20, Horn of Africa-ish instrumental fill – maybe a bridge into another language -- then Arabic-ish male (may well have been the reported Hausa though). Abrupt audio drop just after 1831 with carrier holding forth, then audio back up at 1832-ish with ther signal quite good by now. Pleasant long HoA-ish group vocal from 1848-1856, then male announcer, definitely not Arabic and talk across the hour till more local vocals music from just past 1901. Home Owner Association-ish vocal ending at 1926:26 into carrier, off 1928:30.

9690 NIGERIA Radio Nigeria, Ikorodu. 0909 November 25, 2013. Poor and low modulation with English male news-ish items, female later. Presumed site.

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargeysa. 1315-1401 November 26, 2013. The Florida local morning seasonal reappearance of this one is upon us, albeit  weak as always. Threshold
 traces of Horn of Africa music at times, transmitter off at 1401:17 today. Carrier there at 1456 recheck, assuming it's them after the hour break going into the 1500 opening, but threshold, and nothing by 1517 re-check.
9585 SWAZILAND Trans World Radio, Manzini. 1451 November 26, 2013. Sitting here from 1448, carrier up at 1451, into TWR music box interval signal from 1453, English male ID 1455, into French. Clear, fair-weak.

9625 SOUTH AFRICA Channel Africa, Meyerton. 1415 November 26, 2013. Clear but very weak, definite Portuguese male and female talk, fill music. Presumed.

9954.973 FLORIDA WRMI, Miami. 1510 November 26, 2013. Excellent with The Overcomer Ministry's Brother Stair monologue and his profound statements such as, “You cannot be a Muslim and follow Jesus Christ.” Even the Castro Brothers aren't bothering to jam this one. Figured I better take a final or near final log before November 30th closing. So, any plans for this transmitter? Re-purposed in the hands of someone else?

13590 FRANCE Deewa Radio, Issoudun. 1438 November 26, 2013. Pashto male host, female phoned reporting. Clear, good. Presumed site.

15550.04U FLORIDA WJHR, Milton. 1617 November 26, 2013. English male emphatic preacher. Clear, somewhat low signal and modulation.

710 CUBA Radio Guamá, la Palma, Pinar del Río. 1959 November 28, 2013. I don't recall noting Guamá at this signal level much less daytime (2:59 p.m. local). Very strong, and battling intended Miami Spanish WAQI “Radio Mambí” along with two audible Radio Rebelde out-of-synch transmitters. Guamá with extensive Pinar del Río province events, frequent ID's, mostly reverb. They often don't like the word “Radio” as in a female canned ID as 2019, “Esta es Guamá” and 2030: “Esta es Guamá ... en... la Caimán [presumed reference to the local almost-alligator] ... de Pinar del Río...” and others.

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargeysa. 1345-1401:41 November 27, 2013. No audio making it today, and carrier off just a few seconds later.

11735 ZANZIBAR ZBC, Dole. 1830 November 27, 2013. Poor in local noise, but recheck about an hour later, good with East African vocals. Zani is always an enjoyable listen.

13695 INDIA All India Radio, Bengalaru. 1232-1245 November 27, 2013. Excellent with Hindi vocals, presumed Telugu programming till conclusion and transmitter down at 1245. Frequent one second or two  power drops.

15430 SRI LANKA Adventist World Radio, Trincomalee. 1214-1232 November 27, 2013. Very good with Subcontinental-ish vocals, man and woman hosts in listed Mon. Pause 1229, into presumed Bengali.

17895 SAO TOME E PRINCIPE Voice of America, Pinheira. 1517-1600 November 28, 2013. Very good with English male hosting “a Thanksgiving Day special” pop, soul and light rock music program. Not clear why anyone living outside the US would care. Scheduled 1500-1600, off indeed at 1600.

25950 NBFM COLORADO KOA, Denver. 1657 November 28, 2013. Commercial string, station promo including website and #tag, ID. Good.

FLORIDA - WRMI Radio Miami International 

I emailed Jeff White at WRMI Radio Miami International Thanksgiving morning (November 28, 2013) with a few questions regarding the new transmissions from the former Family Radio WYFR, Okeechobee, Florida site, which commence on December 1. 

I gratefully thank Jeff for his reply below, and his kind permission to reproduce this interview of sorts.

TLK - Will WRMI have access to all of the former WYFR transmitters and antenna configurations?

JW - Yes, except transmitter #6 which was recently scrapped.  But we will probably replace that one soon.

TLK - I visited the site way back in the early 1980's. As I recall, the antenna farm is spread out over quite a bit of geography that mostly doubled as a cattle ranch. Who actually owns the land? Are you leasing the facilities, or actually the land owner now?

JW - A local farmer has always owned the land, and the lease has been transferred to us.  It's 664 acres -- a square mile. 

TLK- In recent years I've noticed some of the WYFR emissions have been inconsistent. Some transmitters have been slightly off-frequency and/or suffering sporadic audio quality issues. Are there any plans for upgrading, assuming any repairs are needed?

JW - It's probably too early for me to answer that, but we'll be watching these things closely.

TLK- Are any of the techs (I think there were maybe two?) still going to be employed there? I imagine it's a bit of a haul for you from Miami to the site. How do you get any original production audio to the site now?

JW - There were 13 transmitter operators employed by Family Radio until recently.  Two of them will be full time with us, and we will also hire some of the others part-time.  The two full-timers have worked there for 28 and 30 years.  I will probably be at the site 3 or 4 days a week for the foreseeable future.

TLK- What will become of the old 9955 transmitter and site in Miami, which sadly I never had a chance to visit, despite passing nearby on my way to the Keys or record shopping in Miami on occasion.

JW - I believe the old Wilkinson transmitter will be scrapped, except for tubes and parts that can be used in other transmitters.  We plan to transfer an auxiliary 10-kw Collins transmitter up to Okeechobee. The site will probably be completely closed within the next month or so.

TLK - Do you have a transmission and programming schedule available prior to December 1? Any need for monitoring up this way [Clearwater, Florida] where some of the signals do of course mostly skip over?

JW - We now have a transmission schedule on the website (under Programming), as well as a program schedule for 9955 kHz.  Monitoring observations would always be very welcome, although as you mentioned a lot of the signals will probably be skipping over you.

TLK - Any chance myself and a couple of fellow radio geeks could stop in sometime in the coming months for a tour/visit?

JW - You're more than welcome to visit anytime.  If you send me a message beforehand, I can let you know when I'll be there.

TLK – Will there be any tests (open carrier, etc.) November 30, prior to the beginning of the transmissions from Okeechobee?

JW - There won't be any more tests until we go on the air Saturday night. We did tests earlier this week. Everyone's off until Saturday. There may be some hiccups during the first few days because these transmitters have been off the air for five months now

TLK - Thanks, and good luck with the "new" WRMI.

950 GEORGIA WGUN, Valdosta. 2223 November 29, 2013. Pointing the loop N/S, someone Mexi-Spanish vocals. Guessing WGTA, Summerville (Atlanta-ish, GA or WGUN. At 2227, a clear “El Lobo” slogan, confirming WGUN. Presumed WTLN, Orlando (Christian talk) co-channel.

950 TENNESSEE. WAKM, Franklin. 1142 November 29, 2013. C&W vocals nonstop through top-of-hour or close to. Loop pointing N/S. Looking at the format in the NRC AM Log, maybe WAKM, Franklin, NC. And WAKM is actually is streaming live, but by the time I got there, no signal strong enough to confirm. But what is interesting is that at least today, they played the Star Spangled Banner (a male Old School County version of) at 1201 on the stream. Confirmed WAKM on November 30, their stream parallel pieces of audio including Taylor Swift's “Last Christmas” and C&W songs by Eli Young Band, Darius Rucker, etc. No anthem at 1200 today (Saturday), into NBC News Radio (“NBC Radio News” would sure flow better), also audible for a few seconds at 1203 during the network slot ACE Harware ad holiday sound effects. WTLN, Orlando upon pattern and/or power change from 1146 both days, creating some co-channel along with of course Radio Reloj. I recall passing by the station studio on several occasions on my way to hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so this was a fond stalk and kill.

1170 OKLAHOMA KFAQ, Tulsa. 1157 December 2, 2013. In the mix of two Mexicans and WWVA, a quick mention of KFAQ bubbled up. Dominating the next morning, same time.

1170 MEXICO XERT Ke Buena, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 1135 December 2, 2013. Mexi-tunes, though mostly more subdued ballads, slogan at 1152 into literally two seconds false start Mexican anthem, then dead air through 1201 tune-out. Slight co-channel WWVA and (from 1200) WAVS, Davie, FL with English Caribe format commencing with power up.

1170 MEXICO unidentified. 1159 December 2, 2013. In the jumble with the open carrier of XERT mostly dominating, a very weak Mexican national anthem started. Way too weak for a possible ID.

1170 UNIDENTIFIED. 1220-1240 December 1, 2013. Briefly in poorly once WWVA faded Bluegrass format, locally originating, with a female interviewed briefly on some venue that over the next few months is hosting a Civil War battle portrayal, a Western author speaker, etc. Not parallel WWVA audio stream after they faded just to make certain. Points NNW. Reasonably sure not WKFL, Bushnell, FL, which is contemporary Country and should have stayed in to some degree if so. The very low power MO station would be awesome, but I really doubt from here.

1170 UNIDENTIFIED. 1150 December 3, 2013. A black gospel here. Very poor between WWVA and
KFAQ. Not WAVS, Davie, FL which came up 1200, and is always Caribe English on M-F drive time. This was only in for about five minutes.

1440 SOUTH CAROLINA WGVL, Greenville. 1159 December 1,2013. FOX Sports Radio local promo, ID, mixing with one of the two Florida Spanish religious stations.

4139.43 UNIDENTIFED. 1107 November29, 2013. Weak signal for a few minutes, talk mostly. Thanks David Crawford tip, he who had that truly horrid Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse Of the Heart” song here around 1140 on November 21. Guessing this is something domestic and harmonic at 690 X 6 or 1380 X 3.

9954.967 FLORIDA WRMI, Miami. 1559-1630 November 30, 2013. Good signal with Jeff White canned English/Spanish ID, into Glenn Hauser's “World Of Radio” number 1697, the final edition via WRMI at least for the time being, with mention near the end for the special endorsement QSL card being offered via WRMI.

11735 ZANZIBAR ZBC, Dole. 1845 November 30, 2013. Local music, Swahili female host, syncopated drums 1859-1900, five slow,one fast time sounders 1900, Swahili female Radio Tanzania ID and news by same lady until 1911, then back to local pop-ish vocals, some with a very Bollywood flavor.

910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. 1830 December 8, 2013. Coming out of the Noticiero Nacional de Radio feed at 1330 or 1:30 p.m. Local, with canned ID, into produced program on Nelson Mandela with some excellent South African choral music between the praise talk. Excellent daytime signal as always. 1902 ID mentioned “Emisora COCO” so possibly this was also being fed on 980 kHz. But too much iBOC splash from local 970 WFLA to confirm. Transmitter off 1906-1907.

910 CUBA Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Camagüey. 0452 December 9, 2013. Checking on David Crawford's text message that he heard a Radio Ciudad de la Habana ID here. Cadena Agramonte with “programa especial Nelson Mandela” and a weak Radio Metropolitana weak under. Cuban anthem 0500, with Metropolitana starting the anthem about 30 seconds later. At 0503, a clear mention of Radio Ciudad de la Habana. Suspect it was a jointly carried program or mention of something shared but needs more monitoring to confirm there's not a Ciudad de la Habana here.

930 ALABAMA WGOL, Russellville. 1153 December 8, 2013. Classic C&W, quick live read ad for some store with Castol oil on sale, back to vocals, male "WGOL and (seemingly another set of calls -- maybe WKAX their sister but not supposedly not parallel sister station on 1500), Russellville-Huntsville" into unidentified network news, back to C&W from 1206. Fairly poor, overtaken by someone briefly with a garden show, then WLSS, Sarasota with one of those boring Sunday public service programs. 1000/40, I'll presume at 1000 even though a bit early to be.

930 CUBA Radio Reloj, Ciego de Ávila, Ciego de Ávila. 2217 December 10, 2013. Weak under WLSS, Sarasota. Presumed site based on logging time.

930 MEXICO XEU La U de Veracruz, Veracruz, Veracruz. 1144 December 10, 2013. Briefly up among several domestics with male XEU ID into Spanish ballad. First log of this in a long time.

930 UNIDENTIFIED 2227 December 11, 2013. Someone briefly in the jumble with a Pet Shop Boys hit, the full song so not bumper music, male DJ after but faded and gone.

17775.044 CALIFORNIA KVOH The Voice of Hope, Rancho Simi. 1533 Spanish Christian vocals, male canned Spanish ID's between, English ID into nice “Great Jazz Instrumentals” program from 1600 with Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Lionel Hampton, etc. Excellent on all radios including the portable Sony with built-in whip. A bit off-channel per measuring on the ICOM IC-R75.

CUBA Radio Musical Nacional CMBF. Their website has a Flash header, right side, listing (too fast) their frequencies by province and that one quasi province. Note that Artemisa, Mayabeque and Holguín are excluded, apparently coverage is OK from adjacent locations. And note that two listed here are on the Old School Commie non-standard North America FM channel offsets (point six): Pinar del Río – 99.7 FM; La Habana – 590 / 99.1 FM; Matanzas – 93.7 FM; Cienfuegos – 92.7 FM; Villa Clara – 1140 / 100.7 FM; Sancti Spíritus – 93.9 FM; Ciego de Ávila – 91.5 FM; Camagüey – 97.5 FM; Las Tunas – 98.3 FM; Granma – 92.7 FM; Santiago de Cuba – 100.3 FM; Guantánamo – 93.6 FM; Isla de la Juventud – 96.6 FM

930 TENNESSEE WSEV, Sevierville. 1152-1205 December 12, 2013. Shocked to hear, and at near local level, the same long informercial loops for Great Smoky Mountains tourist attractions that I'd always hear when north of the Newfound Gap ridge and in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN area when hiking. It's WSEV, which for years has run this infomertial format. Tune-in to, "You're having fun with Smoky Mountains Radio,,," then promotion for Wahoo Ziplines, Mentions of "The all new Smokies Welcome Center and Discovery Center" and the Mountain Dew Skybridge. "I'm Seth Evans, your voice of the Great Smoky Mountains..." Obviously still on day power 5000 watts. Completely dropped out at 1157, but back weaker from 1204.

930 GEORGIA WMGR, Bainbridge. 2040 December 12, 2013. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee), Sister Golden Hair (America), a Barry White song, Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield), Living In the USA cover (Linda Rhonstadt). Then canned male ID with reference to 99.3 FM at 2100.

890 UNIDENTIFIED. 1200 December 14, 2013. Audible only in tight WLS null when pointing E/W so this may not have even been the optimal bearing to the station. Rambling male preacher, sounded much like Brother Stair (but I can't find any AM affiliates link on the Overcomer site). At one point he stated, “... Bethel, West Virginia, fined $5000 because broke FCC rules... $5000 in 1971 is $45000 dollars (today)... well, this was MY station!” No joy Googling such, no real surprise for an incident so pre-Internet days. WBAJ, Blythewood, SC schedule doesn't match and it is Seventh Day Adventist; KGGN, Gladstone, MO is African-American gospel; KTLR, Oklahoma City is EWTN/EWTN Spanish. WHNC, Henderson, NC seemingly has no website to compare schedule against. Lost the signal to Radio Progreso by 1230. Mexi-gospel KVOZ, Del Mar Hills, TX dominating the next morning with no trace of this one.

900 FLORIDA WSWN, Belle Glade. 1821 December 15, 2013. Poor, nulling WMOP, Ocala. Black gospel voclas.

900 MEXICO unidentified. 1158 December 14, 2013. First up was the truncated version of the anthem with “W Radio” ID coming out of, the big 250-ish kWer from the DF no doubt, then a much weaker signal with anthem starting up at 1159. Impossible to hear any ID under XEW's signal. Presume either the Veracruz or Nuevo León station. Airing the distinctive and catchy Veracruz anthem after would clinch it if them, but...

930 TEXAS KLUP, Terrell Hills. 1150 December 14, 2013. Promo for an 8 a.m. Sunday program, “... exclusively on News Talk 930, KLUP...” and “... our Family values page on” into spot. The at least 8th station logged on 930 in the past couple of weeks!

9585 SWAZILAND Trans World Radio, Manzini. 1450 December 15, 2013. Still making it here in my local mid-mornings. Transmitter up with carrier at 1450:44, into TWR chimes interval signal from 1453, ID into maybe Malagasy (listed for this day). Clear, weak.

11710 NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea, Kujang. 1500 December 15, 2013. Interval signal in progress, alternating male ad female, “This is the Voice of Korea” at least thrice, into truly inspiring patriotic choral. Clear and fair.

11740 INDIA All India Radio, Panaji. 1506 December 15, 2013. Presumed Pashto per AOKI listing as 1415-1530. Clear and fair with Hindi vocals. Transmitter killed at 1529:27 mid-song.

11790 GERMANY Radio Farda, Nauen. 1515 December 15, 2013. Presumed in passing with traditional Farsi vocals. Clear and fair.

960 FLORIDA WSVU, North Palm Beach. 1159 December 25,2013. Active Alarm spot followed by one for Neil Sedaka at “The Sunrise” [Theatre] January 3, sponsored by Humana.

1060.10 UNIDENTIFIED. 2315 December 24, 2013. Who's off-channel here, presume something Central American? Just a low het against Cuba when checking for XEEP Radio Educación, México DF – be they parallel or not to shortwave – after tuning to 6185. Frequency approximate.

4760 LIBERIA ELWA, Monrovia. 0528 December 24, 2013. Tune-in to interval signal in progress, accented English male ID 0529, into preacher and brief gospel fills. Fair-poor. Never thought I'd hear this interval signal over the air again.

6040 / 9435 / 9460 / 9880 / 9625 / 9925 AUSTRIA / GERMANY Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Moosbrun / Nauen. 2114 December 24, 2013. Tune-in to the scheduled 2100-2300 “NDR Info Spezial” relay live mass from Pfarrei St. Thomas Morus Köln-Lindenthal. 6040 excellent; 9435 excellent (until Radio Romania International co-channel from 2129); 9460 barely threshold; 9625 very weak; 9880 very weak; 9925 good. No trace of 6125, 9885 or 11955 here. Lovely large choral and wonderful, huge church organ, German female sermon, German homily and sermon by man. Programming continued after the serivces ended after 2200 (I guess since they bought a two-hour block) with the NDR Christmas programming, which was excellent. Including Mahalia Jackson's “Silent Night” and “Christmas At Sea” by the Goombay Dance Band, and some canned greetings by people in broken English and of course German. 6040, and I suppose the others, off at promptly 2300, with presumed CBPS-2 left alone on the channel. Presumed Austria/Germany sites, and I didn't sort out which was from where if so.

6185 MEXICO Radio Educación, México DF. 2314 December 24, 2013. Clear and semi-decent modulation with excellent very old traditional Mexican folk vocals with lots of squeaky violins. If only all Mexican AM stations played this fare these days.

9575 MOROCCO Radio Médi Un, Nador. 1952 December 24, 2013. Fair in local noise with Arabic male talk. Recheck 2045, Arabic wailer vocals, French female ID 2057 and into news by male in French from 2100-2103, a few words from announcer, into pop-ish North African vocals.

9635.76 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam-1, Hanoi-Sơn Tây. 1258 December 25,2013. Viet male talk just across the hour (no time sounders), some sort of theme bumper music, female then male talk, tinkling electronic SFX 1318, back to talk through 1320 tune-out on slow fade. Clear and fair-good. As Ron Howard indicated in World of Radio 13-50, they must have reassigned the transmitter from previously off-channel 7435 variable. No other parallels audible. Something Asian on 7435.00, presumed China, definitely not parallel 9635.76.

9750 CHINA Nei Menggu PBS,Hohhot, Inner Mongolian AU. 1224 December 25, 2013. Presumed with vocals with heavy percussion, presumed Mongolian male announcer, another vocal, female from 1230. Clear and fair, parallel very weak 7270.

NOTE: All logs below (appended with [HISP]) were made local late morning/early afternoon December 23, 2013 at Honeymoon Island State Park, which is almost Dunedin, Florida, using an ICOM IC-R75 hooked to the cigarette lighter and with 150 feet wire tossed on ground; Sangean PR-D5 portable; and the car radio.

339 CUBA UJM (NDB beacon), Habana, La Habana. 1613 December 23, 2013. Fair. [HISP]

344 CAYMAN ISLANDS ZIY (NDB beacon), George Town, Grand Cayman. 1625 December 23, 2013. Fair. If I only had a dollar fore very time someone spells/lists the George Town in the Cayman Islands as one word. [HISP]

380 CUBA UCY (NDB beacon), Cayabo, Pinar del Río. 1613 December 23, 2013. Very good. [HISP]

415 CAYMAN ISLANDS CBC (NDB beacon), Cayman Brac. 1625, December 23, 2013. Fair. [HISP]

650 TENNESSEE WSM, Nashville. 1722 December 23, 2013. Very weak but clear with classic Country vocals. Always fun to hear this in the local noon hour from Florida. [HISP]

730 GEORGIA WSTT, Thomasville. 1643 December 23, 2013. Black gospel revival vocals, male, “WSTT 730 on your AM radio dial” and back to vocals. Fair with Progreso semi-nulled. [HISP]

850 FLORIDA WRUF, Gainesville. 1646 December 23, 2013. ID in passing. Weak. [HISP]

1000 / 1020 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa. 1721 December 23, 2013. Cuban current music hits show, 1020 about three seconds behind 1000. [HISP]

1060 LOUISIANA WLNO, New Orleans. 1717 December 23,2013. Gospel talk with Cuba semi-nulled. Fair. [HISP]

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, La Salud, Mayabeque. 1750 December 23, 2013. Cuban vocals, into their neat electronic faux steel pan interval signal for almost a minute to fill time until joining the Noticiero Nacional de Radio news feed at always 1300 local. [HISP]

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unidentified site. 1750 December 23, 2013. Weak under Radio Mayabeque and the others here. Several sites, of which this would be one of the sites from western to central Cuba daytime here. [HISP]

1140 FLORIDA WRMQ, Orlando. 1759 December 23, 2013. Very poor with Cubans semi-nulled, presumed with a commercial with 407 area code. [HISP]

1330 FLORIDA WEBY, Milton. 1706 December 23, 2013. Very good. Out of network news with several Pensacola store ads, into talk show. Weak WWAB, Lakeland, FL also present when pointing that way. [HISP]

1390 FLORIDA WAJD, Gainesville. 1748 December 23,2013. Pro-Obama talk program. Tight in 1380 WWMI, St. Petersburg null. If they were still running iBOC, doubt 1390 would be open. [HISP]

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) WQOX737 Suncoast Parkway (SR-589), Mile Marker 33. 1550 December 23, 2013. Presumed site per previous logs closer to the source. Compu-man and compu-woman with Turnpike URL, phone numbers. Fair. [HISP]

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) Florida’s Turnpike DoT, Wildwood; at Mile Post (MP) 304. 1550 December 23, 2013. Threshold with male loop under the Suncoast Parkway TIS, presumably this one, which used to be present at this DX site before the Suncoast transmitter came up. [HISP]

1650 FLORIDA WQQJ297 Florida DoT, Tampa. 1552 December 23, 2013. One of the I-275 transmitters with compu-male loop on construction zones and FDOT references. Good. [HISP]

1709.532 FLORIDA WQKP882/WQKP883, Pinellas County. 1605 December 23, 2013. Surprised to find this one here, local, and seemingly a real transmitter (one of the several normally on 1690 kHz nominal). Nothing on 1670 kHz (20 kHz below 1690 kHz, as in potential 1710 kHz spurious). Audio perfectly parallel 1690 kHz multi-transmitters, a couple slightly off-channel as always, with the usual compu-man and compu-female loop on the “Move Over Law” and to watch out for motorcycles, etc. as well as mention of call signs and 1690 kHz channel. Present on the ICOM IC R-75, Sangean PR-D5 portable and car radio. Later, at the nearby mainland side CR-586/Curlew Road at US-19 Alternate – the Publix grocery shopping center – signal still big at 1930. But upon returning to the car at 1945, transmitter off, and not heard the remainder of the afternoon/evening. Are they intentionally testing on 1710 kHz? Recall, these series of transmitters began at 940 kHz years ago and migrated to 1690 kHz, first operated by Pinellas County Emergency Management, then transferred to the Traffic Department. [HISP]

CUBA Noticiero Nacional de Radio news is the daily half-hour magazine that stations pick-up from 1300-1330 local time. Nothing new here, but just an updated observation that network Radio Rebelde (no trace of Rebelde FM on 1180 or 1620, assuming transmitters relaying said); Radio Mayabeque; Radio Artemisa; (presumed, 1060 kHz) Radio 26; Radio Metropolitana; and COCO carried NndR. Not carrying: Radio Enciclopedia; network Radio Progreso; network Radio Reloj; network Radio Musical Nacional; Radio Cadena Habana. [HISP]

960 VIRGINIA WFIR, Roanoke. 1143 December 26, 2013. Male, "... News Radio 960 and 107.3, WFIR..." and morning news. Briefly up in the channel mess. 


990 PENNSYLVANIA WLLI, Somerset. 1149 December 25, 2013. Very tentative based on weather synopsis and Sports format. Briefly up in the mess with "... Happy Christmas from Champion Windows..." (which appears to be a national franchise) into a seemingly TV weatherman mentioning today's high to be of 35, low 26... "... from the (VLZ?) Weather Center."  WNML, Knoxville format contender shows weather warmer both ends of the range. Somerset weather for. The day on Google nearly matches this forecast. Lost to Cuba and the Orlando Radio Disney. 


1070 MEXICO unidentified. 1202 December 26, 2013. Anthem in progress, male at 1203 but impossible copy.  Suspecting XEEI, Antena, San Luis Potosí from bearings.  Lost in Cuba and domestics. 


9505 SUDAN Voice of Africa, Al-Aitahab. 1843 December 25, 2013. Presumed  Hausa, Horn Of Africa-ish vocals, past 1900 tune-out. Good. And the next day December 26, with nice signal, nice vocals. Audio abruptly off from 1908 for 3-4 minutes (carrier remained), back up with vocals, audio down after conclusion of vocal just after 1930 and transmitter of at 1932:30. 


9525.88 INDONESIA Voice of Indonesia, Jakarta. 1744 December 25, 2013.  Weak-fair, recheck 1901 in definite English with male talk. 


9535 GERMANY Adventist World Radio, Nauen. 1948 December 26, 2013. Arabic female, choral and flute fills, closing announcements and baroque filler till off 2000. Clear, fair. 


9689.88 NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu.  2004 December 26, 2013. Very good in Hausa, happy male and female, tribal drums, lots of Nigeria mentions. Good modulation despite missing the frequency, and presumed site. 


9780 VATICAN Afia Darfur, Santa Maria di Galeria. 1910 December 25, 2013.  Arabic with field reporters, mentions of Sudan and Afia Darfur, closing announcements from 1928, off 1929:25. Very good. 


11435 CUBA Numbers Station HM01. 1600 December 25, 2013. RDFT bursts alternating with Spanish female five digit counts.  Excellent. 


11635 CUBA Numbers Station HM01. 1800 December 25, 2013. Same format and signal as 11435. 


15290 AUSTRIA AWR, Moosbrunn. 1550-1600 December 25, 2013. Subcontinental vocals, presumed Punjabi announcer, address, AWR theme, off. Very good.


CUBA more observations:


Radio Reloj - all day December 25, Reloj was running the four descending chimes usually reserved for Sundays instead of the faux Morse RR sounders after each minute time marker, but oddly except for the first five minutes top of hour and bottom of hour when the RR's were used. A subtle albeit odd nod to it being Christmas?


Radio Ciudad Bandera - while I've not heard this one in a long time (1140 kHz), the opening 1700 news item on Reloj mentioned some upcoming program on Bandera, so presumably they are still on the air. 


Radio Sandino - like the above, apparently still around (presumably FM only; years ago they were on highly variable 646-652 kHz as often observed from here). This per a mention on the Radio Guamá news December 26 around 1150 on 990 kHz.

960 VIRGINIA WFIR, Roanoke. 1143 December 26, 2013. Male, "... News Radio 960 and 107.3, WFIR..." and morning news. Briefly up in the channel mess. 


990 TENNESSEE WNML, Knoxville. 1051 December 27, 2013. AIG Direct spot, "Stay tuned to the Sports Animal with iHeart Radio..."  This is the one I thought might be WLLI, Somerset, PA but not. The FM frequency heard yesterday that matched theirs was merely a list of Tweets and emails from station staff across the US that the network guy reads along with their channels, as confirmed today. 


1230 FLORIDA WSBB, New Smyrna Beach. 1135 December 27, 2013. End of Sinatra's That's Life into Oliver's Good Morning Sunshine. Station web has a frame that updates song titles and commercials that just ran, both matching.

580 UNIDENTIFIED. 1222 January 1, 2014. Definitely someone domestic, Mexi-Spanish format, though no obvious formats listed that I can find. Seven digit phone number on one commercial, something business with initials read in English, Mexican vocals. Quickly faded with WDBO Orlando and maybe a real Mexican super weak co-channel. 


590 MEXICO XEPH Sabrosita 590, México DF. 1218 January 1, 2014. Kiddie talk, commercials, male slogan ID. Briefly over Radio Musical Nacional


960 CUBA Radio Reloj, Guantánamo. 0520 January 2, 2014. Weak under WFIR. Interestingly, running chimes instead of RR's again, a Thursday. 


960 VIRGINIA WFIR, Roanoke. 0523 January 2, 2014. "... On News Talk 960 and 107.3, WFIR..."  Back to "Ground Zero" syndicated show, with someone else also carrying the same show, threshold and a fraction of a second delayed. This one continues to put in a good night signal here. 


980 CUBA. Radio COCO, Ciudad de la Habana. 1725 January 1, 2014. Tune-in to Mexi-tunes program until abruptly dumping into Noticiero Nacional de Radio at 1800. Seemingly titled "Melodias Mexicanas" and apparently locally generated, as one clear mention of 91.7 FM. And their website appears to be stupid with no current listing of programming. 


1100 CUBA Radio Angulo, Mayarí, Holguín. 0607 January 2, 2014. ID and mention of programa especial which was some cocktail jazz female vocals in Spanish. Poor, parallel better 1110. 


1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque (and others). 0458 January 2, 2014. Male ID 0458, with someone into Cuban anthem 0459, another beginning the anthem at 0500 and yet another closer to 0501. Musical Nacional faded up a little later parallel 590. 


1170 COLOMBIA Caracol, Cartagena, Bolívar. 1148 January 2, 2014. Rapid news by man, Caracol IDs. 


1170 FLORIDA WKFL, Bushnell. 1901 January 1, 2014. Canned 2013 Country Music roundup program. Fair and pointing up the coastline. 


1170 MEXICO XEZS Radio Hit, Coatzacoalcos. 1154 January 2, 2014. Mexi-tunes, slogan and mention of Veracruz and FM frequency, power both not copies, then national anthem from 1157. Some days there's another XE also here, starting the anthem consistently at 1200. 


1410 OHIO WING, Dayton. 0543 January 2, 2014. Dominating the channel well with ESPN Radio feed, faded 0600 (WNGL, Mobile, AL up with ID), but nice WING ID on 0602 break end. 


1440 FLORIDA WPRD, Winter Park. 0542 January 2, 2014. Presumed the one in Haitian Kreyol talk, pointing E/W. Listed as Spanish but presume brokered Kreyol here as well. 


6949 USA (PIRATE) Pirate Radio Boston. 1238 January 1, 2014. Tune in to  weak signal in AM mode with slow vocals, female and male announcements but too weak to ID. Off just past 1255. Chris Smolinski on  HF Underground's pirate blog was listening at the same time and noted the transmitter off at the same time, thus my confirmation.


9920 VIETNAM jammer. 1257 January 1, 2014. The always cool police car siren jammer here with a nice signal and unidentified language presumed target under, FEBC I suppose. Recheck 1304, jammer off and just the other station here. 


11715 NEW MEXICO KJES, Vado. 1545 January 1, 2014.  Mentality unstable  preacher, kiddie ID in English, then another robot kiddie ID in Spanish at 1559, into dual female Spanish preaching. Hey, at least they are finally not off-channel. Very good signal. 


11765 TAIWAN Sound of Hope. 1614 January 1, 2014. Female Chinese inspirational vocal, female Chinese announcer from 1618 with clear mention of Xi Wang Zhi Sheng. Very good with slight but rapid flutter. 

11635 CHINA Firedrake 1216 January 5, 2014. Two out-of-synch Firedrake transmitters here, with something weak (Radio Taiwan Int'l?) under. First time I can recall hearing two Firedrake signals on the same channel.

11665 MALAYSIA RTM Sarawak, Kajang. 1222 January 5, 2014. Malay pop vocals. Presume the FM relay in Malay or something local language female, phone calls patched in. Good.

102.1 MHz FLORIDA WQLC, Watertown (Lake City). 1605 January 11, 2014."Power Country 102" slogan, local ads mostly for stores in Lake City and just across the Georgia border, Country vocals. Mostly dominating the channel and good on the car radio. Surprised, if really 9000 watts.

780 MEXICO unidentified. 1159 January 26, 2014. Seemingly an XE, with the odd format of -- at tune-in -- Blondie's "Heart Of Glass" followed by a quick female canned blurb mentioning "... punto..." so presumably an FM simulcast (seemingly too brief for a URL), into "Dancing On the Ceiling" by Lionel Richie. Signal lost in the jumble of others. Pointed E/W.

780 MEXICO XEMTS Radio Fórmula. Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1139 January 27, 2014. Female network newscast with pulsing synth between items, DF news, then Latina American news on Cuba and Perú, weather at 1143, out of net feed at 1144 and male mention of Grupo  Fórmula, so surely XEMTS which has been logged here previously. Into Spanish ballads, so seemingly not the same as the unidentified.

790 MEXICO unidentified. 1158 January 26, 2014. National anthem, weak in the mess. Equally weak with Mexi-tunes at 1155 on the 27th, 1154 the 28th.

790 USA unidentified. 1144 January 27, 2014. Someone with Nostalgia format here but nothing listed is obvious. Tune-in to BJ Thomas' "Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" segued to ? & the Mysterians! "96 Tears" and faded out.

9600.75 UNIDENTIFIED. I'm hearing a carrier approximately here, such as 1810 on January 25, 2014 and 1553 on the 26th. Fairly weak, no audio coming through. Ideas? Chicommies? Surely not that Mexican transmitter back.

97.7 MHz FLORIDA Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, was issued a Construction Permit on January 27, 2014 for an LPFM according to John H Mouw, Classroom Technology Manager at the University. John has provided me with extensive updates on low power and pirate operations in the northeastern Pasco County vicinity for several years.

539.835 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua. *1104 February 2, 2014. Big het up on the Mexican at 1104, seconds later into national anthem by male solo, live announcer from 1107. Good once in LSB.

540 MEXICO unidentified. 1100-1104 February 2, 2014. Anthem, probably ID but no copy. Anthem at 1100 instead of 1200 on this one. Damaged by Nicaragua sign on 1104.

590 MEXICO XEPH Sabrosita 590, México, DF. 1122 February 2, 2014. Female canned "Sabrosita" over very tropical non-Mexi-tunes vocals, felame at 1124, "Sabrosita 590 AM, la mas caliente" then live male DJ, TC, ID, mention of musical tropical, into vocal. Excellent, alone with Musical Nacional off at this hour.

600 NICAGARAGUA Radio Ya, Managua. 1127 February 2, 2014. Excellent with Spanish male preacher on a local Sunday morning, mentions of nicaragüense.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 1134 February 2, 2014. Light inspirational Spanish vocals, live female announcer, TC, ID, inspirational chatter over music.

780 MEXICO unidentified. 1144 February 2, 2014. The 70s/80s English pop hits mystery continues. Tune-in to female mentioning "... punto 3" then the Bee Gee's "Jive Talkin'" and another "... punto 3" slogan, into McCartney & Wings "Jet", an unidentified female vocal, then "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer across the hour. Not XELD Radio Costa who is listed as simulcasting 103.9, as not parallel their stream (jazzy instrumental there). Could this be Radio Fórmula, Tampico switching to their listed 103.9 FM some days/times (Cantú lists as Fórmula NotiGape + FM 103.9)?

780 MEXICO XEMTS Radio Fórmula, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1127 February 2, 2014. Long string of promos for Grupo Fórmula, Radio Fórmula ID, Spanish kiddie song 1132, into that network news feed 1137-1146 with female and pulsing music between items. Promo for Grupo Fórmula 1148. No trace of the unidentified English pop Mexican.

780 MEXICO XEWGR Exa FM, Monclova, Coahuila. 1154 February 3, 2014. Weak under XEMTS with national anthem beginning at tune-in followed by a vocal rendition of the catchy and obvious Coahuila state anthem, so by default it's XEWGR. 

850 TEXAS KEYH, Houston. 1206 February 2, 2014. End of Mexi-tune, male canned "la Ranchera 850" slogan and back to songs.

950 TEXAS KJTV, Lubbock. 1213 February 2, 2014. Tentatively the one briefly surfacing with seemingly some sort of Sunday morning public affairs show hosted by man with a couple of clear mentions of "Northwest Texas." Lost to the mush of other stations and local 970 WFLA's iBOC kicking in at 1217.

1170 MEXICO unidentified(s). 1158 February 9, 2014. Anthem up, damaged by WAVS power up. On February 10 from 1150: Mexi-tune, anthem from 1156-1159, with another weaker Mexican beginning the anthem just as this one was ending. Unable to copy any IDs.

1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Chivirico, Santiago de Cuba. 1212 February 9, 2014. About a second behind the strongest 1180 kHz Rebelde.

1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, La Fe, Isla de la Juventud. 0050 February 11, 2014. Cuban vocals, female canned, "Radio Caribe, desde la Isla de la Juventud..." at 0100.

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, La Palma, Pinar del Río. 0052 February 11, 2014. Cuban vocals with flutes, parallel 640. Fair.

1550 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 1138 February 9, 2014. Fair, parallel 1180 etc.

1550 CUBA Radio Reloj, unknown site. 1141 February 9, 2014. The mystery unlisted site heard sporadically here, RR's nearly five seconds slow on the minute mark, under Rebelde, WRHC and WAMA (all Spanish).

1650 (TIS) WQQY809 Florida Dept. of Transportation, Palmetto. Site: 3 noted very strong on I-75 south of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge's north and south-end approach transmitters, and all are still incorrectly announcing WQQJ297 which is assigned to the two Tampa I-275 transmitters. My theory is the sites were set up by the same contractor, and they simply didn't update the Skyway transmitters audio identification after bringing the Tampa transmitters online a few weeks earlier. Big signal, audible for several miles while heading southbound.

6185 MEXICO Radio Educación, México, DF. 2358 February 12, 2014. Tune-in to XE choral anthem having just begun. Male canned ID with calls, shortwave frequency into oldie XE folk music. Decent modulation this time.

96.1 MHz FLORIDA WTMP-FM "96.1 FM la Mexicana", Dade City. Noted on the car radio mid-morning while driving south on I-75 near the north Sarasota exits briefly with Spanish discussion. Sounded like a Cuban accent, thinking it might be a Sarasota pirate or even tropo from Cuba. But not so. On the return early evening the same day, audible on I-75 from University Dr. up to near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge approach with this slogan often and Mexi-tunes. Prior to and after fading in/out, WRXK-FM, Bonita Springs (Active Rock format) was dominant. Relatively low power, odd that this geography is open for their signal.

99.9 MHz ALABAMA WMXC, Mobile. 1410 February 16, 2014. Noted on the car radio locally here in Clearwater while returning from breakfast. Walter Beasley smooth jazz tune back announced by female jock, mostly Pensacola store ads, I Heart Radio promo for Katy Perry tickets. This is about 371 straight line miles.

790 FLORIDA WAXY, South Miami. 2357 February 20, 2014. Spot for in Davie, ID.

800 NICARAGUA Radio 800, Managua. 2358 February 20, 2014. Spanish male announcer, 4 + 1 time sounders ending at 2359:20, "Radio 800, desde Managua, Nicaragua" at 0000, into news items.

990 TENNESSEE WNML, Knoxville. 0003 February 21, 2014. ID and mention of Knoxville, spot, into sports coverage, Raiders vs. Auburn?

1200 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Yaguajay, Sancti Spíritus. 0020 February 21, 2014. Telephone patched female reporter, parallel much better 1210.

800 COLOMBIA RCN, Bucaramanga, Satander del Sur. 0039 March 6, 2014. News items, RCN and mention, Spanish vocal fill 0055. TWR Bonaire co-channel by then. Listed as still a simulcast at the bottom of the web page.

810 MISSOURI WHB, Kansas City.0007 March 6, 2014. "Sports Radio 810" slogan and talk on the KC Royals. Fading by 0017. One of them W's on the wrong side of the river.

1160 TEXAS KVCE, Highland Park. 0000 March 6, 2014. "KVCE, Dallas-Ft. Worth" ID into SRN News. Excellent. Into business geared program from 0002.

1170 COLOMBIA CARACOL Radio, Cartagena, Bolívar. 0026 March 6, 2014. Man and woman alternating news items, 0030 "CARACOL Colombia" ID. has a "Emisoras" link with a map of the stations and affiliates pinned.

1540 IOWA KXEL, Waterloo. 0018 March 6, 2014. Mark Levin Show, Red Eye Radio promo "... on News Talk 1540 KXEL" at 0020. Co-channel Radio Bahamas poking through.

580 MEXICO unidentified. 1118 March 16, 2014. Mexi-tunes, poor in presumed plasma TV QRM from neighbor pointing the direction I needed to hear this. XEAV the most commonly appearing one at my site.

610 MEXICO unidentified. 1128 March 16, 2014. Mexi-tune, male "Buenos días..." into another song. TV QRM.

640 MEXICO unidentified. 1133 March 16, 2014. Mexi-ballad, poor with Progreso mostly nulled but TV QRM.

1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1 Radio Bahamas, Nassau, New Providence. 0004 March 13, 2014. Bahamian-accented enthusiastic preacher, male live "You're listening to... This is AM 1540, the National Voice of the Bahamas" at 0128. Worth noting the preacher was on a local Tuesday early evening.

1650 MEXICO XEARZ Zer Radio, México DF. 1050 March 15, 2014. EZL guitar solo, 5 + 1 time sounders at 1100. Clarinet solo cover of  "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" then a few seconds of male announcer in Spanish at 1106 and back to more instrumentals including a cover of Wham! "Careless Whisper" and Kenny G "Going Home" (original version). At 1130, male canned,"XEARZ Zer Radio... 5000 watts de potencia... Ciudad de México." then into another EZL instrumental. Slight WHKT co-channel. Noted the following day, March 14 at 1100 with instrumental but very weak with WHKT and the Tampa I-275 HAR dominating the channel. First log of this one for me, and a surprise.

1100 COLOMBIA HJAT Caracol Radio, Baranquilla, Atlántico. 0026 March 27, 2014. Male/female trading news items in Spanish, "Caracol Radio" several times by female.

1130 LOUISIANA KWKH, Shreveport. 1704 (1304 local) March 23, 2014. LSU Lady Tigers vs. Georgia Tech game in progress, very poor under WWBF, Bartow (Oldies) which could be ever so slightly nulled. WWBF by the way now simply identifies except top-of-hour as "WBF 102.9" a reference to their new-ish simulcast translator W275AX.

1170 COLOMBIA HJNW Caracol Radio, Cartagena, Bolívar. 0039 March 27, 2014. Long ad string, 0041 multi ID's by female in newscast. 1100 kHz Baranquilla already faded out as seems to be the pattern on these two regular sunset Colombians from here.

1230 FLORIDA WBZT, West Palm Beach. 0005 March 27, 2014. Mixing with WONN, Lakeland and other weaker unidentified stations. Promo or weather blip from "News Channel 5" then Lumber Liquidators spot, mention of I Heart Radio, Clear Channel Communications, partially copied ID and into"Spiritually Speaking" (matching their website as 7-9 pm Wednesdays only local time/date).

1650 unidentified "Beeper". 0104+ March 27, 2014. Weird ~700 Hz staccato audio beep -- each follwed by brief quivering reminiscent of a Cuban "Wobbler" -- roughly every five seconds but sometimes longer or shorter. Presume some audio tone emitting from a failed audio patch. Heard again quite well from 1029 at the house and 1125 on the car radio a few miles east, mixing with WHKT, Portsmouth and the presumably most westward Tampa I-275 Highway Advisory Radio male loop. DFing due north/south. Not heard by Gerry Bishop in the Florida Panhandle or by Craig Cook, Oviedo, FL but heard by John Santosuosso, Lakeland, FL (closest source to my location), he seemingly getting a NW bearing. I am waiting for a contact in Bradenton, FL who drives the Sunshine Skyway Bridge weekdays to work in Pinellas County and report back if this could be one of the three WQQJ809 FDoT Highway Advisory Stations malfunctioning.

1700 TEXAS KKLF, Richardson. 1032 March 27, 2014. Tentatively just this one while looking for Glenn Hauser's recently reported possible log of XEFCSM, Mérida, Yucutan with XE anthem at odd 1245 GMT ("Radio Maria" Catholic radio), reportedly new at 50/1 kW as Julián Santiago Díez de Bonilla in the DF reports he was informed of by Héctor García Bojorge. But as Glenn points out there is also KKLF on 1700 kHz, and they recently flipped from (English) Comedy format to (Spanish) Tejano. My interwebs search shows they flipped around March 14, and the slogan is (oddly) "Kick AM, Tejano and Conjunto 1700" per their logo, but no functioning audio stream located. Anyway as for my log, northern Mexican vocals poking through the WJCC, Miami Springs Haitian Kreyol and KVNS, Brownsville (Sports) co-channel. Pointing NW, so likely KKLF and not XEFCSM for me today. Heard on the car radio recheck at 1125 with Mexi-tunes, seemingly a fast ID or slogan at 1130 but not good enough to copy any of it, then back to Mexi-tunes.

6069.96 CANADA CFRX, Toronto, Ontario. 0957 March 25, 2014. Commercials and program promos, "CFRX AM, Toronto"at 0959, news. Clear and fair until Voice of Korea co-channel with interval signal from 1000.

21460 EUROPIRATE Borderhunter Radio. 1754 March 23, 2014. Thanks Gerry Bishop tip, caught the last couple of minutes with accented male, "...Borderhunter... here on 21460... in the Netherlands. Have a nice afternoon, hope to see you again and bye-bye." Then immediately off at 1756. Clear, fair.

800 BONAIRE Trans World Radio, Belnem. 0142 March 29, 2014. SPanish Christian talk, near local level.

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, La Palma, Pinar del Río. 1028 March 28, 2014. Traditional Cuban music, parallel 640.

1650 CANADA CINA, Mississauga, ON. 0733 March 28, 2014. Surprised to here what had to be this one with subcontinental female vocals atop WHKT. No trace of the Mexican at this check.

590 FLORIDA WDIZ, Panama City. 0717 April 14, 2014. ESPN promo, station promo, very good briefly over fade down Radio Musical Nacional. 

600 NICARAGUA La Nueva Radio Ya, Managua. 0720 April 14, 2014. Very good with studio man, remote other in sports discussion on Nicagaruan teams, several "La Nueva Radio Ya" and "Radio Ya" mentions.

660 MEXICO XEACB, Ciudad Delecias, Chihuahua. 1059 April 13, 2014. National anthem in progress, male "XEACB..." at 1103. No slogan caught, though I see "La Lupe" on some pages now. Heard before here but generally not the dominant one on 660 (XEDTL and XEAR more often).

690 MEXICO XEN La 69, México DF. 1100 April 13, 2014. Snappier version of anthem, "XEN... frecuencia modulada." (channel not copied).  

780 MEXICO XEZN EXA FM, Celaya, Guanajuato. 0748 April 14, 2014. Nonstop Spanish romantic ballads, then male canned "EXA FM... XEZN" at 0757. AM calls thus confirming this one, and not the "other" EXA FM on 780. Very good with WBBM nulled.

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, La Salud, Mayabeque.1450 April 13, 2014. A trio of Shakira songs, "You Don't Care About Me" then "Broken Record" into "Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte" followed by female ID at 1459. Fair with at Rebelde weaker co-channel.

1160 FLORIDA WEWC, Callahan. 1100 April 14, 2014. Surely the one, caught just the tail end of "... North Carolina, La Raza." So it must have been a multi-station ID for these with 106.1 FM in Charlotte, NC being the last one mentioned. Spanish hits format, Jacksonville, FL market.

4724U UNKOWN PARTS USAF HFGC. 0023 April 11, 2014. Male live alpha strings, "This is NATO, out." Again up 0026, 0033-0034 also with "This is NATO, out" each time. Then at 0041, up with "NATO, NATO, this is Shirt Tale..."

6260 UZBEKISTAN CVC Voice of Asia, Tashkent. 0010 April 11, 2014. Clear, fair and presume the one in Hindi or similar sounding language with Subcontinental fill music, female talk. Parallel 9975 from 0100 opening but weaker. Still listed on their website, though some interweb pages claim it was to cease March 31.

25000 COLORADO WWV, Ft. Collins. Heard at various times, some outside of announced though disclaimer as nominal hours/days. 0002 April 9, excellent. 2109 April 9, excellent. 2358 April 10, excellent. April 13 (Sunday) 1446, weak. It would be fun if they could reactivate the very long-defunct 30 and 35 MHz channels next.

1650 MEXICO XEARZ ZER Radio, México DF. 1057 April 15, 2014. tune-in to instrumental jazz piano solo, fast male canned calls/slogan ID into national anthem from 1100:28. Some English talk co-channel, probably KYHN at this hour and direction. Always worth checking 1700 kHz at the same time, though nothing heard that would indicate the potentially new Mexican was there.

530 CUBA Radio Rebelde. 0720 April 27, 2014. ID, "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" by Andy Gibb, into his "Shadow Dancing" so apparently all Cubans got their Andy fix if they stayed up or got up at this hour. No trace of Enciclopedia, though on at mid-morning re-check. Suspect this is the westernmost of the two Rebelde transmitters on 530, as quite strong.

539.848 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua. 1056 April 27, 2014. Once again caught the Sunday variable sign on with carrier up at 1056 mid-song. Measured on the IC-R75.

540 MEXICO XEWA W Radio, Monterrey, Nuevo León (or) Los 40 Principales, San Luis Potosí? 1057 April 20, 2014. Promo for futebol event "... en W Radio" into anthem from 1058, another W Radio ID coming out of. So am I really hearing the 1,500 watt Monterrey W Radio listed and not the XEWA San Luis Potosí powerhouse that supposedly always carries Los 40 Principales (or do they sometimes feed W Radio)?

600 NICARAGUA la Nueva Radio Ya, Managua. 0735 April 27, 2014. Male DJ introduced female for a quick weather synopsis, mentioning "Instituto Meteorológico" then DJ intro'ed an smooth jazz instrumental Santana cover (mentioning Santana) of "Flor d'Luna" which upon locating Live 
Stream was still playing, then mention of church-sponsored event later in the morning in San Plaza San Pedro seemingly tied to The Vatican's Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII this day. The Live Stream site was pretty cool, with a camera on the DJ in studio live. Occasional WBOB "The Answer" slogan talk format, Jacksonville, FL co-channel.

790 UNIDENTIFIED 0640 April 27, 2014. Chuck Berry's "Maybelline" segued into something Frankie Valli. Co-channel WAXY, South Miami and Radio Reloj, Cuba. Briefly back up at 0708 with "To Sir With Love" by Lulu. No doubt the same one I first heard and reported a while back in the NRC's DXD 81-19, and probably the same one Kraig Krist in VA reported in 81-22. Who is this with a Nostalgia format?

840 CUBA CMHW Dobleve, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. 0658 April 27, 2014. "Melodias de Cuba" or something like that, mentioning it's an overnight show, ID and time check 0700 into soft Spanish vocal.

850 TENNESSEE WKVL, Knoxville. 1112 April 27, 2014. End of Classic C&W vocal, male "AM 850, WKVL" and into another song.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Palmira, Cienfuegos. 0758 April 27, 2014. Segment on tourism in Cuba, ID and time check 0801 into soft Spanish vocal. Very good. Parallel threshold 1340 kHz which was only barely audible under my local WTAN, Clearwater during brief silent periods between words.

1370 NORTH CAROLINA WTAB, Tabor City. 0835 April 27, 2014. Classic C&W vocals over/under WOCA, OCala, FL. Promo for always listening to radio end-tagged with, "... We're WTAB (dramatic pause) RADIO!" and into "I'll Be Home" by Larry Chance. This one has often been putting in a good night signal, so once must wonder: is it really 110 watts night power or leaving the 5,000 watts day up.

1400 UNIDENTIFIED 0858 April 27, 2014. "Two Sleepy People" by Kay Kyser (Big Band) thanks to SoundHound on the iPhone for identifying. Lost in the jumble forever after.

1400 UNIDENTIFIED 0920 April 27, 2014. "Every Praise" by Hezekiah Walker (thanks again, SoundHound) and another modern gospel, signal also lost in the jumble.

1401.135 UNIDENTIFIED 0805 April 27, 2014. This one has been around for ages, never any audio. Measured approximate on the IC-R75. Anyone else?

1410 ALABAMA WNGL, Mobile. 1000 April 27, 2014. "You're listening to Archangel Radio, WNGL, Mobile..." by man.

1410 OHIO WING, Dayton. 0930 April 27, 2014. "ESPN 1410" and ID, briefly in the pile of stations.

1410 UNIDENTIFIED 0925 April 27, 2014. Big church pipe organ, then at 0935 Spanish priest in Catholic mass briefly up.

1420 FLORIDA WAOC, St. Augustine. 0952 April 27, 2014. ESPN Radio feed, national spots but one local for the St. John's Golf & Country Club with 904 area code. So them.

1520 FLORIDA WBZW, Apopka. 1132 April 20, 2014. Poor with canned Bloomberg business roundup for the week. Normally not heard here but local flea power WXYB, Indian Rocks Beach was off the air this Sunday morning.

1639.89 UNIDENTIFIED 1004 April 27, 2014. No audio making it, with WTNI, Biloxi right on frequency. Errant TIS somewhere? Anyone else?

630 WASHINGTON DC WMAL. 1038 May 3, 2014. Live local newscast, mostly Washington US Government topics, ID and TC. Squished out by 620 WSUN's iBOC up at 1043.

660 MEXICO XEAR La Mexicana, Tampico, Tamaulipas. 1025 May 3, 2014. Spanish ballads, frequent "la Mexicana" dropped between songs with mention of the FM. Some Progreso co-channel.

710 MEXICO unidentified. 1102 May 3, 2014. National anthem in progress. Too weak for ID.

850 TEXAS KEYH, Houston. 1049 May 3, 2014. Initially thought it was a Mexican, not the first time this one has fooled me. Local ads, Mexi-tunes. Lost 1059 by power throttle from 860 WGUL, Dunedin, FL.

1130 SOUTH CAROLINA WHHW, Hilton Head Island. 1112 May 3, 2014. Noted a James Taylor song but pointing away from the source, WWBF, Bartow, FL, hearing Gordon Lightfoot's "Carefree Highway" then mention of "... presented by the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce..." and male canned, "It's your weekend. Sit back and enjoy, AM 1130 and FM 93.5, The Island." Into "My Eyes Adored You" by Frankie Valli. Still getting pieces of audio as late as 1138.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde (multiple sites). 1052 April 30, 2014. Three, all out of synch. Canned promo for upcoming May Day events, complete with the classic Commie "The Internationale" as the music bed. A surprising and warm audio welcome. Weak Musical Nacional co-channel.

1200 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Yaguajay, Sancti Spíritus. 1109 May 4, 2014. WJUA, Pine Island Center, FL failed to appear this morning leaving this one alone and fair with nonstop orchestral scores, parallel stronger 1210. Female announcer from 1128 with ID. A few minutes later, co-channel WOAI. 

1240 FLORIDA WMMB, Melbourne. 1044 May 5, 2014. Local traffic report with mention of the Merritt Island Causeway and other local roads into local commercials.

600 MEXICO XEMN La Regiomontaña, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1044 May 11, 2014. Mexi-tune ending, clear male canned la Regiomontana slogan. Poor in co-channel. Listed ad 1000/500. Is there really a tilde in montaña when prefixed with regio? It didn't sound it or was very soft in the slogan heard.

900 UNIDENTIFIED 1114 May 10, 2014. Someone with C&W format threshold briefly, lost to ESPN audio from presumed WMOP, Ocala, FL.

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Aretemisa. 0032 May 6, 2014. Cuban rap/rock into "Roar" by Katy Perry. Parallel 1020 kHz, both very good.

1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, La Fe, Isla de la Juventud. 0040 May 6, 2014. Nice Cuban pop/rock.

1140 FLORIDA WNWF, Destin. 1102 May 10, 2014. Briefly up though weak in co-channel with definite Fox Sports Radio audio. Presume the one, ex-1120 kHz, on a check after being tipped by Gerry Bishop in Niceville, FL that this one had moved (as per FCC application) as per his logging the eve before.

1140 MEXICO XEMR Radio Esperanza, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1101 May 10, 2014. Super truncated version of anthem beginning at tune-in, ending 1102, excited male, mention of Monterrey so tentatively the one. Barely there in the multiple Cuban and probable WNWF co-channel.

900 FLORIDA WSWN, Belle Glade. 2315 May 14, 2014. Alone, Southern Black gospel, "Sugar 900" slogan.

1060 MEXICO XEEP Radio Educación,  México D.F. 1033 May 17, 2014. Ragtime piano, into soft spanish vocal, ID. Slight Radio 26 co-channel.

1100 CUBA Radio Angulo, Mayarí, Holguín. 0108 May 15, 2014. Cuban modern pop vocals, male ID 0125.

1410 MEXICO XEBS La Más Perrona, México D.F. 1027 May 19, 2014. Mexi-tune, male XEBS calls, more vocals and chatter, never an anthem in the 1100 range on this one (logged the previous three days in the 1045-1110 range as well). Calls and ¡La Más Perrona!, slogan at 1101 and 1103. Very good level but eventually giving way to WMYR, Ft. Myers Classic Country. Perrona doesn't mean "cheap" in this instance; it's a Mexican-ized phrase used by youth for great or excellent.


Logs appended [MOBI] were made while mobile/driving on the stock car radio.

Logs appended [MANA] were made at Manasota Key, Florida with various but mostly multiple Collins and a Yaesu FRF-100 radio courtesy of Paul V Zecchino.

Logs appended [BOCA] were made at Lighthouse Beach Park, Boca Grande (island), Florida with a Sony ICF-7600GR. 

Logs not appended were made at the Clearwater, FL QTH.

810 BAHAMAS ZNS3, Freeport, Grand Bahama. 2104 May 24, 2014. Bahamian-accented man with Bahamas government-sponsored events program. Clear, fair. [BOCA]

860 CUBA Radio Reloj, Jovellanos, Matanzas. 0347 May 24, 2014. Fair under someone domestic. [MANA]

930 CUBA Radio Reloj. 0910 May 25, 2014. Fair under domestic, three sites listed.

970 CUBA Radio Guamá, Los Palacios, Pinar del Río. 0349 May 24, 2014. Over/under WFLA, Cuban anthem 0359, female ID 0402. [MANA]

970 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus. 0400 May 24, 2014. A few seconds after Radio Guamá queued the anthem, this one was up with the anthem. Too weak to catch an ID, but the only other one listed on 970. [MANA]

1000 COLOMBIA RCN, Cartagena, Bolívar. 0320 May 24, 2014. ID, news, mostly Colombian and US items and a segment of Cap and Trade, some presumed Cuban co-channel. [MANA]

1040 CUBA Radio Victoria, Victoria de las Tunas, Las Tunas. 0155 May 24, 2014, good, parallel 1050. [MANA]

1100 COLOMBIA Caracol, Barranquilla, Atlántico. 0200 May 24, 2014. ID, news. Fair. [MANA]

1100 GEORGIA WCGA, Woodbine. 1059 May 25, 2014. "Good morning, you're listening to News Talk 1100, WCGA, Brunswick. It's 7 O'clock" into net news. Fair.

1100 MEXICO unidentified. 1040 May 24, 2014. Mexi-tunes, presumed a Mexican, but blown apart at 1045 by WTMP, Egypt Lake, FL power/pattern up. [MANA]

1150 CUBA Radio Bayamo, Bueycito, Granma. 0214 May 24, 2014. Good under/over WJBO with Cuban oldie vocals, parallel weaker 1160 and fair-poor 1140, so these three are still active. [MANA]

1150 LOUISIANA WJBO, Baton Rouge. 0217 May 24, 2014. Mark Levin Show promo, local roofer ad with 225 area code, ID. Co-channel Radio Bayamo. [MANA]

1260 FLORIDA WFTW, Ft. Walton Beach. 2121 May 24, 2014. News/talk. Clear/fair. [BOCA]

1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 0355 May 25, 2014. EZL music, female time check, ID into highly truncated Cuban anthem at 0400. Parallel 530 kHz. Fair, nice to hear them here again.

1340 FLORIDA WTIS, Sebring. 2118 ay 24, 2014. Nostalgia format, Highland County weather. [BOCA]

1350 FLORIDA WCRM, Lehigh Acres. 2119 May 24, 2014. Local level and horribly overmodulated with Kreyol man rambling talk. [BOCA]

1500 FLORIDA WKIZ, Key West. 2108 May 24, 2014. Spanish with Christian theme talk, very good. [BOCA] and 0652 May 24, 2014 with Spanish vocals, Spanish announcer with 305 area code. [MANA]

1550 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. 2115 May 24, 2014. Excellent with weak WRHC under, apparently soccer coverage as lots of "goooooooal" mentions. What, no baseball? Presumed site though many listed. [BOCA]

1640 FLORIDA (TIS) WQMZ864, 10041 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers. 2110 May 24, 2014. Compu-female with "... traffic information, dial 511... Attention all motorists driving I-75... WQMZ864, broadcasting on 1640 AM..." Very good, DFing E/W. Site per FCC dB. [BOCA]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQY809 FDoT, Skyway Bridge North City: Saint Petersburg, FL County: PINELLAS Coordinates: 27° 40' 0.0" N, 82° 41' 0.0" W, Good signal and audio on bridge approach. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQY809 FDoT, Skyway Bridge South City: Terra Ceia, FL County: MANATEE Coordinates: 27° 35' 0.0" N, 82° 36' 0.0" W, Good signal. s[MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQY908 FDoT, I-275 @ Highway 41 City: Palmetto, FL County: MANATEE Coordinates: 27° 35' 9.0" N, 82° 32' 26.0" W, Good signal. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX912 FDoT, I-75 & US 301, MM 225.2 City: Ellenton, FL County: MANATEE Coordinates: 27° 32' 1.0" N, 82° 30' 33.0" W, Live recorded male loop, "This is a test of the Highway Advisory Radio System, May 7, 2014. This is only a test." [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX912 FDoT, I-75 & SR 64, MM 221.2 City: Bradenton, FL County: MANATEE Coordinates: 27° 29' 29.0" N, 82° 28' 18.0" W. Same loop as I-75 & US 301. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX912 FDoT, I-75 & SR 70, MM 217.7 City: Bradenton, FL County: MANATEE Coordinates: 27° 26' 28.0" N, 82° 27' 32.0" W. Same loop as I-75 & US 301 only stating May 8. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX912 FDoT, I-75 & University Pkwy, MM 214.0 City: Sarasota, FL County: SARASOTA Coordinates: 27° 23' 18.0" N, 82° 26' 54.0" W. This is Exit 213, and was relaying NOAA Weather Radio WWG59 162.4 MHz from Venice continuously. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX912 FDoT, I-75 & SR 780, MM 210.5 City: Sarasota, FL County: SARASOTA Coordinates: 27° 20' 18.0" N, 82° 26' 47.0" W. Exit 210. This one consisted of either six or seven telephone keypad dial tones followed by a distorted one syllable word repeatedly cycling. Quite annoying. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX888 FDoT, I-75 & Clark Rd, MM 205.6 City: Sarasota, FL County: SARASOTA Coordinates: 27° 16' 11.0" N, 82° 26' 55.0" W. Same loop as I-75 & US 301 (back to "May 7"). [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX888 FDoT, I-85 & SR 681, MM 200.2 City: Sarasota, FL County: SARASOTA Coordinates: 27° 11' 30.0" N, 82° 26' 16.0" W. Same loop as I-75 & US 301 ("May 7"). [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX888 FDoT, I-75 & Jacaranda Blvd, MM 193.4 City: Venice, FL County: SARASOTA Coordinates: 27° 6' 39.0" N, 82° 23' 4.0" W. Exit 193. Same loop as I-75 & US 301 ("May 7"). This is where I exited the Interstate, so the last two southernmost TIS's on 1650 were not heard. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX888 FDoT, I-75 & Sumter Blvd, MM 182.4 City: North Port, FL County: SARASOTA Coordinates: 27° 5' 54.0" N, 82° 12' 12.0" W. Listed in the FCC dB but not heard due to exiting at Exit 193. [MOBI]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQRX888 FDoT, I-75 & Toledo Blade, MM 179.5 City: North Port, FL County: SARASOTA Coordinates: 27° 5' 56.0" N, 82° 9' 20.0" W. Listed in the FCC dB but not heard due to exiting at Exit 193. [MOBI]

89.1 MHz MEXICO XHCAO La Lupe, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 1642 May 26, 2014. "... por la sabor... es la Lupe" into ads. A nice E-skip opening to Mexico, thanks Craig Cook tip.

89.3 MHz MEXICO XHFF La Norteña, Matehuala, San Luis Potosí. 1600 May 26, 2014. All logged on the more sensitive GE Superadio III with the ICF-7600GR as a frequency tracker. Ads, one of those Gobierno de la República PSA or whatever things, listener calls taken, slogan at 1608.

90.9 MHz MEXICO unidentified. 1610 May 26, 2014. SPanish male, poor. About 30 minutes later, a seemingly different one here with Spanish female DJ, English Urban/pop format, no ID before fading.

96.3 MHz MEXICO unidentified. 1714 May 26, 2014. Reggaeton music, ads with peso quotes, another mentioning "requisitos napola" several times, whatever that was.

96.3 MHz TEXAS unidentified. 1730 May 26, 2014. "... is your number one RAM 1500 in Val Verde and Maverick Counties... 1700... Highway West... Graham..." KCOT, Cotulla seems to be the closest to these counties -- not real close -- but listed as only 300 watts, however with a CP to go 25 kW. So could it have been them at their new power? There is a Country Chrysler with a 3611 West Highway 90 in Del Rio, if the correct dealership.

96.5 MEXICO XHMSN Dominion FM, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1628 May 26, 2014."Dominion FM, pasión por información" into ads. Huge signal.

102.9 MEXICO XHMG Digital 102-9, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1631 May 26, 2014. URL ending in .mx, ads including one for a farmacia, Gobierno de la República thing, slogan into Spanish Modern/Alternative rock.

640 CUBA Radio Progreso, Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana. 0714 June 16, 2014. Great, this one is wobbling.

880 MEXICO unidentified. 1100 June 9, 2014. Whisper of the national anthem, otherwise hopeless with Progreso dominating.

930 FLORIDA WFXJ, Jacksonville. 1056 June 12, 2014. FOX Sports Radio audio, Jacksonville auto dealership spot. WLSS, Sarasota mostly force nulled.

1140 CUBA Radio Mayabeque, La Salud, Mayabeque. 1043 June 8, 2014. Cuban vocals, male at 1110 "Esta es Radio Mayabeque..." Weak Radio Musical Nacional co-channel.

1160 UNIDENTIFIED. 1050 June 16, 2014. Orchestral score (not parallel Enciclopedia, listed on 1160 though I've yet to log it), lost to WCFO, East Point, GA power up at 1059. Suspect Radio Bayamo, Cuba, but no parallels audible.

1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 1048 June 16, 2014. Good with piano solo, parallel glorious 530.

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 0738 June 16, 2014. Spanish ballad, male and female announcers, ID. Very good.

1490 FLORIDA WAFZ, Immokalee. 0719 June 16, 2014. "La Ley" slogan, Mexi-tunes. Very poor on fade-ups and under WWPR, Bradenton which is mostly black gospel these days. No ID but paralleled to the WAFZ stream, which doesn't have a mobile app.

1600 GEORGIA WAOS, Austell. 0958 June 8, 2014. Mexi-tune, male canned "This is WAOS, Austell" back into another Mexi-tune. Under WKWF, Key West with FOX Sports Radio.

4885 BRAZIL Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, Pará. Soft Braso-pop vocal, male ID, long string of commercials including something "California" with phone numbers. Good.

5950 FLORIDA WYFR, Okeechobee. 1724 June 15,2014. Good with Overcomer Ministry crap. Wonder how well this gets out to the Caribbean at this time. Noted 5015 at 0757 June 16, excellent and with the exact script and program ID as when tuned to 5950 the day before.

6159.97 CANADA CKZN, St. John's, Newfoundland. 0804 June 16, 2014. Coming out of news with, "You're listening to CBC Radio One."  Clear, fair.

6770.52 UNIDENTIFIED "Old Time Radio". 0324 June 15, 2014. Fair with old radio drama. Also at 1056 June 16, 6770.58, also with an old radio serial, clear and fair.

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica, Managua. 1019 June 29, 2014. Nica-tunes, quick live ID and into homily already in progress at 1032, choir singing. Excellent.

730 UNIDENTIFIED 1045 June 29, 2014. Very low het against 730, no audio. Something Central American no doubt on the low side.

740 UNIDENTIFIED 1047 June 29, 2014. Like 730, very low het against 740, no audio. Something Central American no doubt on the low side.

1140 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. 0806 June 29, 2014. Cuban instrumental in passing, parallel 1180.

1220 MEXICO XEB La B Grande, México DF. 1100 June 28, 2014. Anthem while passing by, under Radio Caribe, Cuba.

6000 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. 0727-0737* June 29, 2014. Stumbled upon the Sunday-only Esperanto program, scheduled 0700-0730, but this ran until 0737 when interrupted by Ed Newman's voice with "This is Radio Havana Cuba" and immediately off. Excellent. What's the target audience, two linguistics professors with insomnia?

6003 KOREA SOUTH (CLANDESTINE) Sound Of Hope/Voice Of Hope. 1104 June 29, 2014. Good with Korean female talk over solid telco-ish tone jammer.

6059.78 BRAZIL Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba, Paraná. 0747 June 29, 2014. Braso-Portuguese male preacher, clear but low modulation, parallel better 6120.

6120 BRAZIL Super Rádio Deus é Amor, São Paulo. 0750 June 29, 2014. Braso-Portuguese preacher, parallel weaker 6059.78. At least this one is on frequency.

6925U NORTH AMERICA (PIRATE) Generation Wild 100. 0532-0647* June 29, 2014. Great signal, good audio with a refreshing format of traditional jazz, The only track I recognized was "Cast Your Fate To the Wind" by the Vince Guarldi Trio. Male quick ID's after every couple of songs. Definite on the "Wild 100" part, sounded like "Generation" before it. Abruptly off 0647.

650 MEXICO unidentified. 1038 July 5, 2014. long ad string with pesos, mention of Ciudad... Mexicana..." into Mexi-tune, signal lost.

690 MEXICO XEN la 69,México DF. 1034 July 5, 2014. Two guys with Mexican political discussion. Very good over Rebelde and something domestic.

810 BAHAMAS ZNS3 Radio Bahamas, Freeport, Grand Bahama. 0938 July 6, 2014. Nassau preacher, parallel very good 1540. Weak, but first log of this here in a very long time.

1000 MEXICO XEOY Radio Mil, México DF. 1011 July 5, 2014. Nice Mexi-ballads, male canned, " Buenos días, Radio Mil..." with frequency and power.

1070 FLORIDA WNVY, Cantonment. 1026 July 5, 2014. End of canned gospel show, redneck female local weather, station URL, "You can always here... on WNVY AM 1070..." into another canned gospel program.

1240H FLORIDA WDAE, St. Petersburg. 2205 July 3, 2014. Passing between the two towers on the Gandy Bridge, checked to see how long the 620 kHz harmonic would be present. Only a few hundred feet.

1620 FLORIDA (PIRATE) Radio Keenam, Orlando. Heard on various checks July 2-3 with the usual Kreyol talk and konmpa music, best in south Orlando and on the FL-408 toll westbound, fading down by the Hiawassee Rd. exit.

1640 FLORIDA WQDC927 City of Casselberry. No trace of this one again while in the area July 2-3.

1640 FLORIDA WQEY603 Florida DoT on FL-417 Toll, Slavia. The usual big signal with compu-male/female regarding night lane construction closures as heard on FL-417 mid-morning July 2. FCC Wireless states: SR 417 NB OFF RAMP AT RED BUG LAKE RD City: SANFORD, FL

1650 FLORIDA WQEL638 City of Orlando (multi-sites registered). The usual male ID with calls interrupting otherwise continuous NOAA Weather Radio from Melbourne, as heard when in the area July 2-3.

1700 FLORIDA WQFG448 Orlando International Airport. Male loop regarding mostly parking as heard mid-morning on FL-417 Toll.

4369U ALABAMA WLO, Mobile. 1504 July 6, 2014. Compu-female maritime weather, very good level. Parallel 6519U (excellent), 8788U (excellent) and 17362U (fair).

12759U DIEGO GARCIA AFN. 1138 July 5, 2014. C&W-pop music show, male host. Too much local noise to make out program name.

25000 COLORADO WWV, Ft. Collins. 1511 July 6, 2014. Excellent.

590 XEPH Sabrosita 590, México DF. 1050 July 26, 2014. Excellent with Mexi-tune, female canned "Sabrosita 590, la más caliente" into long ad string. Musical Nacional nulled.

600 NICARAGUA La Nueva Radio Ya, Managua. 1041 July 26, 2014. Very good with animated radio serial dialog between man and woman, mentions of Nicaragua and one who had a "pistola" -- such violence so early in the day! Growing WBOB, Jacksonville, FL co-channel.

670 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad de la Habana. 1700-1805 July 27, 2014. Noticiero Nacional de Radio running way long, past usual 1730 (1330 local) conclusion, mostly with post-Julio 26 (failed 1953 Moncada Barracks attacks anniversary) celebratory items. Ran the full NNdR theme song from 1756, which I've never heard not truncated. Is there a title and artist, or is it just an in-house produced theme customized for NNdR? Into Panorama Deportivo from 1801 with soccer and baseball highlights. 

710 MEXICO unidentified. 1053 July 26, 2014. Mexi-tune, very weak. Recheck July 27, with anthem from 1058.

830 MEXICO unidentified. 1036 July 26, 2014. Just a whisper of a Mexi-tune, weak and in bad 820 WWBA splatter. Checking on John S.'s report of an unidentified here in parallel to 810 kHz (unheard here).

960 GEORGIA WJYZ, Albany. 1128 July 26, 2014. Surprised to find local 970 WFLA's iBOC off this Saturday and Sunday, leaving someone in the clear here with Black Southern gospel vocals, 1148 Home Depot spot, back to gospel. Streamed it to their iHeart Radio and indeed them. 

550 MEXICO unidentified. 1035 August 16, 2014. Mexi-tunes, announcer with time checks between. Mixing with Rebelde. On August 18, the anthem was up at 1101 but otherwise impossible copy due to fading and KSTA dominating.

550 TEXAS KTSA, San Antonio. 1043 August 17, 2014. Network legal issues show, local and network ads. Strong.

790 CUBA Radio Reloj. 1703 August 17, 2014. Threshold, either Holguín or Pinar del Río.

790 FLORIDA WLBE, Leesburg. 1640 August 17, 2014. Someone threshold here mid-day with nonstop gospel. Finally at 1702, "This is WLBE, Leesburg... this hour of gospel music is brought to you by the Astatula Baptist Church." WAXY, South Miami and a threshold Reloj co-channel.

830 MEXICO unidentified. 1059 August 2, 2014. Very poor with anthem, lost to 820 WWBA's power/pattern up.

850 TEXAS KEYH, Houston. 1055 August 16, 2014. Mexi-tune, slogan "A 8-50 A-M" back to Mexican song across top of hour.

940 CUBA Radio Progreso, Sancti Spíritus,  Sancti Spíritus. 0830 weak with Cuban vocals, parallel 640, 900. Listed 1 kW.

950 MEXICO XEMAB la Poderosa, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. 1043 August 2, 2014. Format of Mexi-tune followed each time by male canned slogan but unable to copy. Finally on August 7 at 1056, clearly copied, into anthem from 1100 and blocked seconds later both days by 970 WFLA's iBOC up. Of the three on this channel listed with this slogan, one is in Chihuahua, the other in Nayarit, both unlikely from here and sunrise time favors this. My first Campeche state log I think.

960 FLORIDA WGRO, Lake City. 1000 August 16, 2014. Thanks John S. for the tip that this had reactivated and heard by him. Tune-in to end of a song, then at 1001, male canned "... on the all new AM 960, WGRO" into Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" then "Rock And Roll All Nite" by KISS.

1140 CUBA Radio Surco, Morón, Ciego de Ávila. 0400 August 16, 2014. Anthem followed by male, "Transmite CM-- Radio Surco, desde..." Presume overnights via the otherwise Rebelde from this site. Co-channel another Rebelde and Radio Musical Nacional.

1170 CUBA CMKS, Maisí, Guantánamo. 0920 August 10, 2014. Briefly excellent with Latin American pop vocals, young female announcer, parallel 1070 kHz but Radio Guamá mostly dominating there.

1170 MEXICO XERT Ke Buena, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 1052 August 10, 2014. "Ke Buena, Ke Buena 11-70 A-M" male canned into Mexi-tune, very good. Also 0259 August 17 with ID 0301.

1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. 1049 August 17, 2014. Female opera singer, parallel much better 1210.

1190 MISSOURI KQQZ, DeSoto. 0627 August 17, 2014. Distinctive with their decent Classic Country format. Are they now on their construction permitted 650 watts night? Surely even on a southwest night pattern, this signal wasn't the 22 watts. Or did they keep the 10 kW on past sunset?

1350 CUBA Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada, Cienfuegos. 0400 August 17, 2014. Cuban anthem from 0401, female ID. Also on August 16 from 1106 with fast-paced newscast, synth sound effects between items.

1500 FLORIDA WKIZ, Key West. 0642 August 17, 2014. Presumed the one with the usual soft Spanish Christina vocals, Spanish man between every couple of songs with brief inspirational words, across the hour with no ID.

1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1 Radio Bahamas, Nassau, New Providence. 0632 August 17, 2014. Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" into female seemingly live read Dept. of Public Health advisory that chikungunya has now spread to the Bahamas. Symptoms described and to contact the Dept. if you have the symptoms, into "Our Day Will Come" but not the Ruby and the Romantics version.

1540 TEXAS KZMP, University Park. 1051 August 16, 2014. ESPN Deportivo net ID, surely the one.

4775 SWAZILAND TWR, Manzini. 0436 August 17, 2014. Huge signal with nice live sounding chorals, German preacher between. Only a carrier on 3200, if them.

4930 / 15580 BOTSWANA Voice of America, Selebi-Phikwe. 0443 August 17, 2014. English programming, good level and parallel clear but weak 15580, also via Botswana.

4960 / 6080 SAO TOME Voice of America, Pinheira. 0445 August 17, 2014. English programming, very good level, parallel good 6080.

9600 / 9605 PIRATE YHWH. 0502-0621* August 17, 2014. Finally caught this one. Male monologue about "Yahweh the Creator" into drone-like vocal with mini-Moog-ish keyboard, clear and fair but telco-ish audio. Announced he was moving 5 kHz up due to co-channel (nothing interfering for me) and off at 0543, back up a couple of seconds later on 9605 and continued until 0621 closing. AM mode.

12080 AUSTRALIA Radio Australia, Brandon. 0554 August 17, 2014. Clear and very good with English sports roundup. Nice what 10 kW on a good channel can do.

630 HONDURAS Radio América, Choluteca or La Ceiba. 0905 August 30, 2014. Political discussion, fanfare from 0920, "Buenos días América... en San Pedro Sula... Radio América..." Into long ad string. Excellent, and no trace of the unidentified seemingly Catholic station from the previous morning.

630 UNIDENTIFIED 1048 August 29, 2014. Nonstop inspirational talk by man in Spanish over slow guitar strumming until 1101, then announcer but impossible to ID as local WDAE 620 was up with iBOC from 1057. Not the same format as the news format Honduran Radio América. Pointing south of Mexico, and would like to think it could be YSLN Radio Santa Sion, San Salvador. No trace of Radio América this day, and only weak Radio Progreso present and nulled.

780 MEXICO XESFT la Poderosa, San Fernando, Tamaulipas. 1059 September 1, 2014. Anthem in progress, 1100 male, "Escuche...estación la Poderosa... 103 punto 7 FM, 780 AM... watts frecuencia modulada... la cadena... México." Into Spanish ballad. Several more la Poderosa slogans and mentions of 103.7 FM. First noticed this slogan October 11, 2013 though it's listed as La Triple T/La Caliente in the WRTVH and on Fred Cantu's list (he quickly updated after I sent him an email). Signal held up until 1125 fade out.

790 TEXAS KBME, Houston. 1043 September 1, 2014. FOX Sports Radio audio, hard break 1057 and "... on Sports Talk 790" into metro Houston traffic report. WAXY, South Miami up on day power at 1058, co-channel.

800 MEXICO XEROK Radio Cañon, Ciudad Juárez, Coahuila. 1000 August 30, 2014. Ending of anthem, " ... Radio Cañon... Coahuila, México." Into Mexi-pop.

800 OKLAHOMA KQCV, Oklahoma City. 1049 August 30, 2014. Surprised to catch this one, pastor talk, send cash to a CA address, IHeartRadio spot at 1054, "...800... in Oklahoma City... Bott Radio Network..." into another canned preacher block.

810 MISSOURI WHB, Kansas City. 1022 September 1, 2014. Mention of "SportsRadio 810 WHB" into ad for Metcalf Bank.

830 MEXICO XELN La Caliente, Linares, Nuevo León. 1025 September 1, 2014. End of Mexi-tune, slogan and repeated each time after songs, anthem from 1059 recheck. Not to be confused with WFNO, the Norco, LA station coincidentally using the same format.

9240 CUBA HM01 Spy. 0902 August 31, 2014. Five digit female count, almost no audio went to none but OK carrier. Talk about leaving a spy out in the cold.

26110 CALIFORNIA KMK282 KVOR CBS 13, West Sacramento. 1653 August 31, 2014. Broadcast Aux NBFM mode, good on fade-ins with local weather (77 low, 96 high, 98 yesterday), fluff and patter local morning show hosts. Thanks D. Crawford for the alert.

630 HONDURAS Radio América, Choluteca or La Ceiba. 1049 September 4, 2014. Tune-in to strong signal with the male inspirational talk over guitar strumming, then brief female Christina Spanish bumper fill vocal, into male canned "HR(LP, LD?) Radio América, La Voz informativo del pueblo... 94.5 FM... 610 AM... Desde Tegucigalpa, Honduras... principales... en Colonia... Radio América... Radio América presenta..." into news. So the unidentified inspirational on August 29+ is merely this, apparently a 1030-1100 inspirational wake-up block.

550 MEXICO unidentified. 1103 September 9, 2014. "... AM... Barcelona... pesos... super..." was all I could catch. On September 10: anthem from 1059, not parallel W Radio on 900.

950 MEXICO XEMAB La Poderosa, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. 1103 September 7, 2014. Anthem in progress, calls/slogan 1104, into Mexi-tune. Fair-poor with Reloj and a domestic co-channel. Confirms my tentative of this on August 2.

950 MEXICO unidentified. 1113 September 14, 2014. over/under presumed XEMAB. Female mentioned "... vatios... FM... Guadalajara..." at 1114. So could it be XEMEX La Mexicana, Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco? But Guadalajara is about 50 miles north though same state.

960 FLORIDA WGRO, Lake City. 1104 September 14, 2014. George Harrison's "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" followed by male canned ID. This one continues to put in an OK signal pre-sunrise. Format is more Classic Rock that traditional Oldies.

1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 1055 September 7, 2014. Instrumental, female back announcing song, fair-poor, parallel 530.

1650 INT'L WATERS 0HLI long line fishing net beacon. 1038 September 6, 2014. Presumed the source, pointing mostly N/S with cycling Morse, presume somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico and only heard this morning over broadcasters. Gerry Bishop in Niceville, FL coincidentally heard it the same time one day prior. First one of these for me, and inside the once X-band at that.

1650 MEXICO XEARZ ZER Radio, México DF. 0922 September 7, 2014. All instrumentals, including elevator version of El Condor Pasa, male canned ID with calls and slogan at 0929, often atop WHKT and the I-275 Tampa HAR.

1680 LOUISIANA KRJO, Monroe. 0958 September 7, 2014. End of C&W oldie, male canned "You're listening to Classic Country... KRJO, Monroe, your station for the latest from ABC News." Into net news.

1700 TEXAS KVNS, Brownsville. 1050 September 6, 2014. Fox Sports Radio over WJCC.

9500 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait. 0104 September 13, 2014. Mullah with Quran recital, excellent. Abruptly off at 0156, close enough to listed 0200 closing I guess.

540 UNIDENTIFIED 1048 September 21, 2014. Briefly fading up among others with a promo for ESPN Radio. NRC AM Log 2014 shows only WKFN, Clarksville, TN as an ESPN affiliate on this channel.

550 HONDURAS HRH, ABC Radio, Tegucigalpa. 1056 September 24, 2014. Big signal with Mexi-like tune, then canned unison "ABC, ABC, ABC" at 1058, station promo, "ABC Radio" by man at 1100 followed by singing "ABC Radio" jingle, into female and male newscast from 1101 with lots of mentions of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, a mention of Puerto Plata en la República Dominicana, and Nicaragua. "Cinco de la mañana (y) cinco minutos" at 1103, frequent ABC Radio mentions between every couple of items, and more time checks, all consistently two minutes ahead. Began fading at 1110 along with low side het appearing from someone else. Found a live stream here: Note their logo includes the sub-slogan "la Primera... 550 AM" though never heard. No unidentified Mexican this morning, which is what I was looking for again but pleased this one decided to appear instead.

660 MEXICO XEFZ, ABC Radio, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1100 September 21, 2014. Anthem in progress at tune-in, female with calls and ABC Radio slogan at 1102, into of all things, Survivor "Burning Heart" followed by a Spanish ballad. So beware, 80's English (Chicago, at least) language rock here could be this one.

1140 CUBA Radio Surco, Ciego de Ávila. 2309 September 23, 2014. Cuban pop-ish vocals, nice Radio Surco canned ID by man at 2313 over/under Musical Nacional, a Rebelde and Radio Mayabeque. This is the earliest hour I've heard a Surco ID (7:13 pm local), so is this really via the Morón, Ciego de Ávila  Rebelde site we assume flips to Surco overnights, or is there really a dedicated Surco transmitter here?

7280 TAIWAN Sound Of Hope, Tanshui. 1120 September 21, 2014. Excellent with traditional Chinese instrumental and vocals, Chinese male ID 1130, parallel fair 9200.

15140 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait. 2130-2156* September 20, 2014. Arabic vocals, announcer. Abruptly off in 2156 in advance of switching to 15355. Very good.

15355 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait. *2157 September 20, 2014. Transmitter up 2157, audio specifically timed up at 2159:14. Arabic with ID, discussion, vocals. Good.

1140 COLOMBIA Caracol Radio, Villavicencio, Meta. 2351 September 24, 2014. Faded up briefly over the pile of Cubans with Caracol ID, man and woman fast-paced news, ad block from 2355 with phone numbers, mention of various Colombian Departamentos at 2358 and faded down. First time here for me, I think.

900 FLORIDA WSWN, Belle Glade. 0007 September 25, 2014. Tune-in to "Danny's Song" by Loggins & Messina, female canned "95-9 Seaview Radio" often in what is also apparently a canned music format, mention of 561 area code on one break. Oldies by Gladys Knight, Air Supply, Glen Campbell, Elton John etc. Finally at 0102, "This is the place where South Florida comes to... WSVU...960 AM... 95.9 and 106.9... a JVC Broadcasting station." So what for many years was the "Sugar 900" Urban/gospel community station is now simulcasting 960 WSVU, North Palm Beach, which has translators W240CI (95.9) in North Palm Beach and W295BJ (106.9) in Jupiter. I've not heard WSWN in the evenings and have to wonder if they aren't powering down the daytime wattage. And checking the FCC dB, indeed WSWN is listed as JVC Media of South Florida LLC owned.

550 GEORGIA WDUN, Gainesville. 1050 September 27, 2014. Auto dealership in Gainesville spot, promo for something, "... Saturday at 4 on WDUN" and into local sports program.

1090 TEXAS KULF, Bellville. 1123 September 27, 2014. Continuous Hindi vocals through 1140 fade out. The next day, from 1001, with male hosting Bollywood vocals, alternating between presumed Hindi and broken English, mentioning, "... 1090 AM... my show... we thank you for listening... under $1000, zero percent financing... in Houston." Later, a couple of clear, "1090 KULF" mentions. At times dominating the channel and strong, over KAAY. This is listed as a D3, 1000 watts with 30 watts psa, so what gives? Found this website: which lists this as "Radio Naya Andaz" ("New Style"), Paki/Indian format. Indeed.

1090 TEXAS KVOP, Plainview. 1032 September 28, 2014. Briefly popping up with, "Welcome back to First Day on FOX Sports Radio..." No ID but format, bearings and sunrise propagation would fit KVOP.

1170 ALABAMA WGMP, Montgomery. 2315 September 25, 2014. Auto dealership spot into Panic! At the Disco "I Write Sins Not Tragedies", male canned, "104 point 9... alternative rock... Montomery's alternative rock, The Gump."

All semi-local FM logs made on the Hyndai car radio parked just east of the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport, Clearwater, FL.

99.9 MHz FLORIDA W202CB Bayonet Point, Pasco County. 1630 September 25, 2014. Noted this one apparently a few days after coming online on this channel with "The New Alt 99-9" imaging after every couple of songs, no top-of-hour ID in the re-check 2150-2110 block. Clear Chann... err, IHeartMedia, nationally available concoction of commercial-free weak alt crap like Mumford & Sons, Muse, Atari and the occasional tolerable 'classic' alternative cut such as one by The Cure, locally originating from WFUS 103.5's HD2. The signal pretty much obliterates WXJB, Homosassa locally now. Read more at:

101.1 MHz FLORIDA unidentified LPFM or translator. 1715 September 26, 2014. New Beginning Radio with Old Testament preaching, parallel WKOT-LP on 102.1 but some signal breakup. Presumably not W266AI Spring Hill which simulcasts News/Talk WWJB, Brooksville, Nothing listed on the New Beginning Radio site at 101.1 in Florida, and the next closest in the FCC dB are allegedly not on the air yet as in CP applications for LPFM's in Citrus Park and Lutz, Hispanic Arts of Tampa and Iglesia de Cristo Corp. respectively.

102.1 MHz FLORIDA WKOT-LP, Wimauma, Hillsborough County. 1659 September 26, 2014. Olde Tyme Jesus vocals, not quite legal "WKOT Wimauma-Sun City" male canned ID into SRN News, including embedded network commercials, back to Jesus praise singing then preacher from 1707. New Beginning Radio network. So even though no commercials are allowed on LPFM's I suppose if they are within a network news feed it's OK to not have to suppress? Parallel audio to weaker 101.1 MHz unidentified source, 

103.9 MHZ FLORIDA W280DW (WSMR 89.1, Sarasota simulcast), Tampa, Hillsborough County. 1718 September 26, 2014. Classical music, excellent signal. Tower located on the University of South Florida campus.

107.9 FLORIDA WNDN, Chiefland, Levy County. 1615 September, 2014. Often dominating over normally alone WSRZ-FM, Coral Cove, Sarasota County (Classic Rock Hits/Oldies). "Wind FM" slogan, local commercials, Classic Rock, i.e. Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions. FCC dB says 6000 watts.

550 HONDURAS ABC Radio, Tegucigalpa. 1022 October 4, 2014. Still holding up well most days with Mexican-style ranchera vocals, "ABC Radio, la musica campesino..." and singing ABC jingles.On October 5 from 1104: male announcer, "... poder de radio, ABC Radio" into "Cielito Lindo" (the Ay, Yai, Yai, Yai song), then at 1107, "Estamos escuchando ABC Radio... los rancheros en ABC Radio."

720 NICARAGUA Radio Católica , Managua. 1020 October 5, 2014. Young female with inspirational reading into peppy Jesus song, ID, excellent.

1060.10 MEXICO XEEP Radio Educación, México DF. 1113 October 4, 2014. First noted today as an unidentified with soft Spanish vocals, female briefly at 1127 and faded shortly thereafter. Serious near co-channel from Radio Veintiséis, Cuba. Then on October 5: no trace of this at 1010 check, but recheck at 1027, on with soft Spanish vocals. Finally at 1100, the Mexican national anthem followed by calls/slogan ID. Could they be using two transmitters, the alleged 20 kW night power which is tuned properly, and this the 100 kW day power that's out of whack now? No audible 6185 kHz shortwave either days to parallel.

1090 MEXICO XEMCA La Grande de las Huastecas, Pánuco, Veracruz. 1101 October 2, 2014. Man and woman trading off on news items, lots of slogan IDs, ad block from 1116.

104.1 MHz FLORIDA WZIG-LP, Palm Harbor. 1827 October 3, 2014. New LPFM, eclectic mix of songs such as this string sample: Nirvana "Come As You Are", The Beach Boys "Crocodile Rock" (from a 1991 Elton John tribute album), Material Issue/Liz Phair "The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)", Sheryl Crow "A Change Would Do You Good", CC Adcock "Y'all'd Think She'd Be Good 2 Me", Supertramp "Breakfast In America". Automated during my listen at least, with 4-5 seconds gap between tracks, and male, "WZIG 104.1" after every couple of songs, sometimes barking dog SFX. Licensed to Palm Harbor Radio, Inc. which is Paul Kempter, site appears to be residential on Lake Tarpon, 100 watts. Audible with only minor breakup from Feather Sound, Clearwater, while only 5-6 miles west at the house, essentially no trace of (just the Orlando FM station).

780 MEXICO XESFT La Poderosa, San Fernando, Tamaulipas. 1113 October 12, 2014. Romantic ballad, slogan and AM, FM frequencies between songs. Excellent just before my sunrise.

790 MEXICO unidentified. 1122 October 12, 2014. Commercials, very poor in domestics and Reloj. Seemingly Mexican, pointing that way.

930 GEORGIA WMGR, Bainbridge. 2343 October 13, 2014. Doobie Brothers "Slow Train Coming", Roy Orbison "Oh, Pretty Woman" over and under WLSS, Sarasota and a weak Reloj.

980 CUBA COCO, Sapo, Ciudad de la Habana. 2315 October 13, 2014. Canned national anthem into baseball game opener with announcer, crowd.

980 FLORIDA WDVH, Gainesville. 2314 October 13, 2014. Female, "... on North Florida's... WDVH..." into ads, US Forest Service & the Ad Council PSA, into replay of The Dave Ramsey Radio Show.

1130 SOUTH CAROLINA WHHW, Hilton Head Island. 1103 October 11, 2014. Spandau Ballet "True" into Carly Simon "Haven't Got Time for the Pain" then male canned, "The Island" slogan, parallel live stream, into "Stand By Me" by Ben E King.

1140 MEXICO unidentified. 1101 October 11, 2014. Anthem but little else under the Cubans. This one continues to elude ID.

1160 TEXAS KDRY, San Antonio. 0933 October 12, 2014. Spanish male preacher, suspiciously strong signal for pre-sunrise power.

1170 MEXICO XERT Ke Buena, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 0928 October 12, 2014. "La Ke Buena 11-70 AM" by man, into Spanish ballad.

1170 UNIDENTIFIED. 1010 October 12, 2014. Someone here with all EZL instrumentals, such as Paul Mauriat's "Love Is Blue" and male announcer briefly at 1026. Pointing mostly N/S. Maybe CMKS but seemingly unusual format for them if so. Mostly poor mixing with another Spanish, and possibly Caracol Cartagena.

1220 FLORIDA WJAX, Jacksonville. 1043 October 13, 2014. "In the Misty Moonlight" by Jerry Wallace, male canned, "Thanks for listening... WJAX 12-20 AM" into Jackie DeShannon oldie.

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, La Palma, Pinar del Río. 1035 October 13, 2014. Male and female fast news reads, parallel 640.

1240 FLORIDA WZCC, Cross City. 1038 October 13, 2014. "I Say A Little Prayer" by Dionne Warwick, co-channel WFWN, Ft. Myers.

1360 FLORIDA WCGL, Jacksonville. 1057 October 13, 2014. Canned preacher asking for $25 from each listener. 1101 male live, "This is AM 13-60, WCGL... Victory AM...35 years..." Into gospel vocals. Fair with WMOB, Mobile (also Christian gospel) nulled.

1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. 1659-1730 October 12, 2014. I noticed that Rebelde's online schedule shows Noticiero Nacional de Radio listed as "Noticiero Nacional Dominical" on Sundays 1300 local, but I don't ever recall hearing it branded that way. Indeed not, checking today. "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución" followed by two short, one long time sounders and female, time check then a plain old NNdR intro, throughout and at the conclusion at 1730. Parallel 670, 5025 et. al.

1650 MEXICO XEARZ Zer Radio, DF. 0943 October 12, 2014. Instrumental version of "Love, This Is My Song" and guitar surf "Pipeline" style instrumental, Male canned, "XEARZ, Zer Radio... Desde... México."

950 MEXICO unidentified. 1103 October 19, 2014. Mexi-tune abruptly cut with anthem kicking in from 1105, and anthem abruptly cut near the end with Mexi-tune started. Computer malf I suppose. No ID. XEMAB most recently heard here but plenty of other possibilities.

1160 FLORIDA WEWC, Callahan. 1113 October 18, 2014. Mexi-tunes, "La Raza" slogan dropped between songs.

1330 WEBY, Milton. 1122 October 18, 2014. Interviewing someone about hunting and fishing, "13-30 WEBY, Northwest Florida's talk radio" at 1131.

630 HONDURAS Radio América, Choluteca or la Ceiba. 1045 October 27, 2014. Reverb ID into inspirational talk segment, something that seems the norm in this half hour block on an otherwise news format.

670 ILLINOIS WSCR, Chicago. 1100 October 28, 2014. ID at tune-in, into sports roundup.

740 CANADA CFZM, Toronto, Ontario. 1052 October 27, 2014. Gerry & the Pacemakers, "AM 740 Zoomer Radio" slogan, male and female hosts, she talking about John Denver, time check, traffic report with mention of South 401, Hwy 400 and Aurora Road, weather with a high of 13 C. Into news with the Toronto mayoral election leading off. Great signal, first time for me.

740 MEXICO unidentified. 1030 October 28, 2014. Right on frequency, so not the low side unidentified Glenn Hauser is hearing. Spanish female 70's-style vocal, several mentions of "... AM y FM, mucho más..." after songs but unable to catch the slogan. Played Maroon 5's "Maps" at 1036, and for some reason, subjected to again at 1048. No anthem leading into the hour or through 1108 when the signal was lost in the jumble of others. XEKV Exa FM, Villahermosa, Tabasco?

1200 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Yaguajay, Sancti Spíritus. 1100 October 26, 2014. Canned program with female hosting opera, parallel 1190 and 1210.

1540 IOWA KXEL, Waterloo. 1128 October 24, 2014. "News Talk 1540 KXEL" and promo, weather, back to the Talk Radio Countdown show. 

1610 ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon/University Network. 2322 October 24, 2014. Dead Man Talking, big signal on my post sunset, parallel 6090 (neither of which was producing the hum Glenn Hauser has been hearing on the latter).

1610 CANADA CHHA Toronto, Ontario. 1120 October 26, 2014. Nice signal through 1136 tune-out, Toronto sunrise today: 7:46 a.m. Spanish radio novela, delay parallel their live stream.

344 CAYMAN ISLANDS (Aero NDB) ZIY, George Town, Grand Cayman. 1450 October 30, 2014. Fair. [HISP]

380 CUBA (Aero NDB) UCY, Cayabo, Pinar del Río. 1451 October 30, 2014. Fair. [HISP]

415 CAYMAN ISLANDS (Aero NDB) CBC, Cayman Brac. 1452 October 30,2014. Poor. [HISP]

570 CUBA Radio Reloj, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. 1527 October 30, 2014. In tight nulling of WTBN, Pinellas Park. [HISP]

640 FLORIDA WVLG, Wildwood. 1530 October 30, 2014. "... on AM 640 WVLG." Good when Progreso tightly nulled. [HISP]

690 LOUISIANA WQNO, New Orleans. 1533 October 30, 2014. Promo for EWTN-TV, very good when WOKV, Jacksonville, FL nulled. [HISP]

800 LOUISIANA WSHO, New Orleans. 1435 October 30, 2014. Man interviewing a "doctor" about her gospel thoughts. Clear and fair. [HISP]

1610 FLORIDA (MIS) WPLY701 City of Tarpon Springs. 1415 October 30, 2014. Long rap vocal on fire prevention, male ID with calls, URL, phone number, address and how to apply for city positions loop.Co-channel Tampa International Airport TIS. [HISP]

1650 FLORIDA (TIS) WQQY809 FDoT Sunshine Skyway Bridge. 1510 October 30, 2014. One of the three weakly audible under the I-275 FDoT Tampa TIS. The farthest I've heard this one. [HISP]

539.836 NICARAGUA Radio Corporación, Managua. 0010 October 31, 2014. Rustic campesino vocals with accordions, 0016 male, "... de correo de la noche..." then female, back to folk songs. Very good copy.

580 MEXICO unidentified. 1038 October 31+, 2014. Mexi-tune, Mexican-sequence phone number, more songs. Pretty much the same format daily when strong enough to cut through the co-channel (Orlando in particular) and 570 slop. Never appears to air the anthem at or near 1100 though.

1169.98 UNIDENTIFIED Central American. 0031 October 31, 2014. Pointing more Honduras/Nicaragua than Mexico. Spanish ballads, female DJ. WWVA slowly becoming problematic. Several other Latin Americans ruled out below.

1170 COLOMBIA Caracol, Cartagena, Bolívar. 1028 November 1, 2014. Reporter, singing Caracol jingle, ad string. Excellent, and on frequency.

1170 CUBA CMKS, Maisí, Guantánamo. 1058 November 1, 2014. Female news items, mostly Guantánamo province items. Do they ever use the Trinchera Antiimperialista slogan any longer? I never hear it. On frequency.

1170 MEXICO XERT Ke Buena, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 1104 November 1, 2014. Anthem beginning at tune-in, male, "XERT... cinco mil vatios... Zamora... Colonia Beatty... Reynosa, Tamaulipas, la Ke Buena, la Ke Buena... Ke Buena 1170 AM..." into Mexi-tune. On frequency.

740 TEXAS KTRH, Houston. 1131 November 9, 2014. "News Radio 740, KTRH... the following is a paid commercial program..."

930 TENNESSEE WSEV, Sevierville. 1134 November 9, 2014. This one is again making an appearance with the usual long looping tourist information segments, mentioning the Visitor Center, "... nights here in the Great Smoky Mountains" and various Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge attractions.

1390 SOUTH CAROLINA WSPO, Charleston. 0538 November 10, 2014. Tune-in to the DX test in progress, cycling with sweep tones, ascending warbling tone, The Price Is Right theme, siren SFX, Morse ID and recorded male, "You're listening to WSPO in Charleston, South Carolina, USA... this hour of reception... designed for reception... worldwide... DX listeners. Normal programming will resume after 1 a.m." ID at 0600 when the test ended, but clearly remaining audible through 0625 tune-out with normal programming of looped tourist information by male, mentioning, "I'd like to welcome you all to Charleston... top 20 cities in America... treasure of history... Charleston Visitors Center... across from the Charleston Museum... Four Corners... the French Quarter..." Thus, presume still on 5000 watts day power for a while after the official test ended. Overall decent copy, but co-channel from a mystery nonstop black gospel vocals station, suspect WHMA, Anniston, AL (see separate tentative log of).

1390 ALABAMA WHMA, Anniston. 0031 November 11, 2014. Tentatively the one with black gospel. Recheck later at pre-sunrise 1033, Southern black preacher past 1100, then modern gospel vocals, identified via SoundHound app on the iPhone, in order, as "Won't Turn Back" by Damita; female DJ briefly at 1120; "I Almost Let Go" by Kurt Carr Singers with Sharron Bennett; "Don't Wanna Be Saved" by Da Minista; 1130 female DJ briefly; "Hello Fear" by Kirk Franklin"; "When the Saints Go Marching In" by Bill Gaither, Terry Blackwood and Jake Hess; 1140 male announcer mentioned, "... on AM 13-90" (same station?) and at 1143, signal obliterated by iBOC from WWMI, St. Petersburg, FL on 1380 kHz coming up. Not parallel TuneIn live stream for WEED, Mt. Airy, NC, and the "recently played" track listing of around the previous 10 songs on the WGRB, Chicago website showed no titles matching the above heard ones. I tried calling the WHMA phone number listed in the 2014 NRC AM Logbook (256-236-1880) to ask if these songs matched their playlist, but it's disconnected. Searching online, the correct office number is 256-741-1390 but at this hour, nobody answered, and no studio phone line was located. Their slogan appears to be "Mighty Power 13-90" per the phone listing site. Still, no ID though. 5000/1000 with psra of 500 watts. Signal actually improved suddenly at 1111, maybe when psra power kicked in despite half the power if so, and the loop points Alabama-ish or points beyond.

1720 PIRATE (North America) unidentified. 2305 November 8, 2014. Very poor in local noise, pieces of music. post had Undercover Radio here, but others were also hearing Pirate Radio Boston and Radio Free Whatever this evening on 1720 kHz. Bad frequency coordination, if so.

6070 CANADA CFRX, Toronto, Ontario. 1048 November 7, 2014. Two hosts talking about covering the Blue Jays in the old days at CFCF. Very strong, excellent audio.

6089.836 NIGERIA FRCN Radio Nigeria, Kaduna. 2157 November 8, 2014. Presumed Hausa, highlife filler, talk across the hour with Qur'an verses, primitive vocals. Hugely over modulated, clear and fair until 2222:09 when University Network, Anguilla came up on 6090 with Dead Man Talking and obliterated reception.

9575 MOROCCO Medi-Un, Nador. 0638 November 10, 2014. French male announcer, into Aretha Franklin's "Think (Freedom)", parallel their live Streema feed. Clear, good.

9870 INDIA AIR Vividh Bharati, Bengaluru. 0104 November 6, 2014. Hindi pop vocals, clear and fair. AIR in presumed Urdu service with traditional Hindi songs rolling in loud on 11620 same time. 9870 also noted good at 1147 on November 7.

11650 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrayt. 0026 November 6, 2014. Arabic pop vocal, Arabic female announcer, local level.

17730 MONGOLIA Radio Free Asia, Ulaanbaatar. *0056 November 6, 2014. Carrier up, into presumed Tibetan programming mid-sentence 0100, filler music. Clear but poor.

1310 UNIDENTIFIED (and identified) 0051-0150 November 14, 2014. A busy channel in the 1951-2050 November 13, 2014 local time post-sunset range. An aggregate: 1309.745 unidentified big het, pointing almost N/S, could be domestic but suspect deep a Central American; 1310 WAUC, Wauchula, FL Spanish/Mexican; 1310 unidentified with "Get Ready Cause Here I Come" (Temptations), "Good Vibrations" (Beach Boys), "Bye-Bye Love (Everly Bros.), suspect one of the two Oldies format stations from AL as bearing was close to WHMA, Anniston, AL on 1390 same time-frame; 1310 unidentified Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins "on Westwood One"; 1310 unidentified, suspect WTIK, Durham, NC Spanish, "La Mega" male canned slogan between songs, surely not the MA station with the same slogan; 1310 unidentified Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" not parallel 1310 Radio Enciclopedia, Cuba also fading in and out; 1310 WYND, DeLand, FL "You're listening to Florida's Christian voice, WYND."

1390 ALABAMA WHMA, Anniston. 0034 November 14, 2014. Finally a definite on this one. Funeral notices, with references to 237-1691 (plug in 256 area code and it Google's to the Williams Funeral Home, Anniston) and mention of Anniston Funeral Services, 236-0319 which again Google's correctly.

1140 MEXICO  XEMR, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 1154 November 16, 2014. Man and woman hosts into Spanish Christian vocal, abruptly cut 1200:37 with music bed leading into singing "Radio Esperanza" followed by national anthem. Very good.

1260 FLORIDA WSUA Radio Martí rebroadcast, Miami. 0306 November 17, 2014. Tune-in to "Cuba en la Semana" mostly island news highlights program hosted by male and female. Male "Somos Martí, 1180 AM y onda corta, Radio y Televisión Martí"  at 0332 and back to "Cuba en la Semana" program. This is a taped rebroadcast, not parallel 6030 kHz SW. Scheduled local 2200-2400 daily (this, for instance, was on a local Sunday night), and per a reliable engineering source, this appears to be the only stateside non-Office Of Cuba Broadcasting station now, with WFFG, Marathon no longer relaying Martí 24/7 (probably hasn't for a while).

1300 FLORIDA WFFG, Marathon. 0334 November 17, 2014. Sports roundup show though not sure what network source, then a commercial break, including "The Device Doctor, located right here in Key West, 305-240-9921." Appears to be News/Talk/Sports format, not Radio Martí relays as in the 2014 NRC AM Logbook any longer.

1310 ALABAMA WKZD, Priceville. 0354-0420 November 17, 2014. Finally nailed the mystery Oldies station. Bobby Helms, The Hollies, The Beatles, Shelley Fabares, Dionne Warwick and The Surfaris, looping to Alabama and indeed all songs parallel the audio, about 5-6 seconds delayed. 1000/33 watts, so if really running 33 watts, a nice catch.

1400 CUBA Radio Sagua, Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara. 1150 November 17, 2014. Trying to pull anything US that could be IDed on this graveyard, Cuban accented Spanish noted, SSE bearing. Male and female news, mostly Villa Clara province items and events, ID 1201 and cuckoo-cuckoo SFX during what seemed to be a kiddie program. Listed 1000 watts, so Cuba's graveyard contribution. This one is huge in the Florida Keys.

1500 FLORIDA WPSO, New Port Richey. 0422 November 17, 2014. Following up on David Potter's WXYB, Indian Rocks Beach, 1520 kHz reception at night (listed as D1 600 watts with a CP for U1 600/17), noted this one as well which is a clear violator from their D1 250 watts license. Greek vocals, Greek male announcer, parallel local level WXYB (same ownership), the usual cruddy hum to their audio. Fair-weak. Suspect WXYB is running the full 600 watts, and why not if you're going to break rules with your other station? WXYB may get out well at night if they continue to cheat. This one is always nearly local level daytime in Key West. WPSO's signal, despite proximity, is always poor here.

7120 SOMALILAND Radio Hargeysa. 1400-1401:31* November 22, 2014. Presumably the one, as seasonally heard fairly consistently here every year since this one came on the air, though rarely with much audio coming through. Pulls the plug typically +/- a few seconds to a minute or so variable after 1400. Assuming they come back at 1500 as listed in some sources, propagation has never allowed it to be detected here by then. Not sure what path this one is taking to make it here. USB often needed if pigster activity is too close.

9635.82 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam Net-1, Son Tay. 1211 November 22, 2014. Viet man and woman chatter. Clear but mediocre modulation.

9810 INDIA All India Radio, Panaji. 1218-1245:40* November 22, 2014. Hindi vocals, female in presumed listed Telugu. Closing announcement 1244, off 1245:40. Clear, fair.

9900.15 TAIWAN Radio France International, Paochung. 1222 November 22, 2014. Chinese female, ID 1231. Clear, good.

15140 OMAN Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrayt. 1402 November 22, 2014. US-accented male DJ hosting Hair Band songs such as KISS "Hell Or Hallelujah", Thousand Foot Krutch "Born This Way", Mastodon "The Motherload" and chat about Linkin Park tour, into their "Final Masquerade" then stuttering news read by US-accented man from 1430-1438, techno-pops next. IDing as "This is Radio Sultanate of Oman FM" and canned jingle, "Radio Sultanate of Oman 94 FM" a few times throughout. Still going strong in English at 1535 check with dance pop, UK-ish accented male DJ now, ID and time checks. Arabic programming 1635 re-check. Excellent.

15290 AUSTRIA Adventist World Radio, Moosbrunn. 1553-1559:34* November 22, 2014. Subcontinental vocals, listed Punjabi, 1530-1600. Female from 1557 with ID, address in Pakistan, "www-dot-AWR-dot-org" mention, filler instrumental music, off 1559:34. Clear and good.

15360 SRI LANKA Adventist World Radio, Trincomalee. 1601 November 22, 2014. Presumed Urdu female, into subcontinental vocals, ID 1627. Clear, fair-good. 

15375 TAJIKISTAN Radio Free Asia, Dushanbe-Yangiyul. 1232 November 22, 2014. Presumed Tibetan female talk, co-channel presumed CPBS-1 blocker.

25910 TEXAS KLDE-FM, Eldorado. 1518 November 22, 2014. Presume the broadcast AUX IFB popping up briefly with Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" old disco hit. I see people constantly reporting this as El Dorado but it's Eldorado, at least that's how they want to spell it there. Narrow band FM mode.
940 MEXICO XEQ La Q Mexicana, México DF. 1055 November 28, 2014. "Hey (Hey!)" by Julio Iglesias, male DJ, "Todo Cambio" by Camila, female canned, "Escuchado... XEQ Radio... México DF... estéreo... MHz... www-punto-xeqradio-punto-mx... La Q Mexicana." Parallel their live stream. Right on frequency, so did they fix the forever off-frequency (939.88) or do they have a second transmitter that works correctly?

1100 COLOMBIA Caracol, Barranquilla, Atlántico. 1103 November 24, 2014. ID's, Latin American news by male and female. Fair, parallel 1170 Cartagena.

1110 MEXICO unidentified. 1115 November 28, 2014. Spanish ballad, male and female news headlines (Honduras, Mexico items), Mexican anthem at the odd time of 1124. Mention seemingly of "La Tremenda Jota" or similar, but no such slogan I find here. Poor with WBT co-channel and destroyed by WTIS, Tampa up from 1141 with big carrier, into programming shortly thereafter.

1170 MEXICO XEMDA La Ley 11-70, Monclova, Coahuila. 1059 November 24, 2014. Ad for store in Monclova, call letters but no slogan at 1100 into Spanish ballad, co-channel Caracol Colombia.

1210 TEXAS KUBR, San Juan. 1203 November 24, 2014. Tune-in to canned long, long, long string of call letters and cities by man in English for "La Nueva Radio Cristiana" affiliates, one of the last being KLMO 98.9 FM, into Tejano-flavored Christian vocal, kiddie gospel at 1216. Unidentified top end het around 1210.02 also present. This KUBR reception is almost identical to my April 30, 2013 log.

1230 FLORIDA WBZT, West Palm Beach. 1136 November 24, 2014 Local business news and City of West Palm Beach items, local traffic. Co-channel NOS format station, probably WONN, Lakeland, FL.

1289.78 UNIDENTIFIED. 1123 November 24, 2014. Fairly big low end het, no audio. Being this far off channel, probably deep Central American, with more-or-less N/S LOB. Reading approximate.

1290 UNIDENTIFIED. 1108 November 24, 2014. Fundamental screaming black preacher briefly up in the WJNO dominance, black gospel a few minute later.

1290 UNIDENTIFIED. 1111 November 24, 2014. Spanish tropical/salsa briefly up under WJNO. Presume something domestic.

1310 FLORIDA WAUC, Lakeland. 1105 November 25, 2014. "The All New WAUC" by male host, into deep gospel-like R&B. Fair. Thanks to Floridian DXers David Potter and John Santosuosso for earlier confirming this one flipped from Mexi-Spanish with the new ownership a couple of months ago.

1430 FLORIDA WOIR, Homestead. 0120 November 27, 2014. Spanish modern Christian vocals, male canned "Radio Zoe" slogan between. Fair-good. If following the rules, 500 watts here (5000/500).

1649.76 UNIDENTIFIED (HAR/TIS?). 1149 November 28, 2014. Carrier only audible but putting a big het on the dominant westernmost I-275 Tampa HAR which remains on 1650. One of the many other semi-local (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee County) HAR's off-channel? Or something more distant? Recheck 1645, no trace. Anyone else?

1650 UNIDENTIFIED (HAR/TIS). 1645 November 28, 2014. Checking for the 1649.76 mystery carrier local daytime, another presumed HAR malfunctioning with staccato maybe 500 Hz or so single digi-beeps, about every 3-8 seconds apart, but right on channel and about equal level with the westernmost I-275 Tampa HAR (with the usual short generic male loop). LOB is more N/S than the Tampa HAR. Anyone else?

6100 SERBIA Radio Serbia International, Bijeljina. 2155-2228*  November 25, 2014. End of French, into English at 2200 with mostly Serbia news topics by man, vocal from 2221 with also heavily-accented female host. Closing announcement, interval signal I suppose cycled once at 2228, then off, leaving someone Asian language -- China Radio International or P'yongyang -- alone here. This matches the RSI program schedule here that lists continuing after 2230 local Fridays only, with Serbian until 2300. Their web actually brands as International Serbia Radio on the top of the page. Whatever. Clear, good. Catch 'em this winter before they too vanish from shortwave. I forgot they still existed.

6145 FRANCE Radio Algerienne, Issoudun. 2113 November 25, 2014. Qur'an recitals. Clear, fair.

9750 KUWAIT Radio Kuwait, Kabh (Sulaibiyah). 1245 November 27, 2014. Arabic female with story read script over tinkling piano solo, into traditional Arabic vocal from 1254. Weak, under Radio Japan. Parallel excellent 21540.

9920 VIETNAM the siren jammer. 1211 November 27, 2014. Good, with presumed target FEBC, Philippines underneath.

15150 GERMANY Adventist World Radio, Nauen. 1503 November 24, 2014. Listed as Punjabi. Subcontinental vocal, man mentioned in English, "World Radio Day" even though it's not (February 13 it is per UNESCO). Excellent.

15200.05 TURKEY Voice of Turkey, Emirler. 1508 November 24, 2014. Arabic. Mentioning only because it's off-frequency, or at least was today. Very good.

15235 GERMANY Athmeeya Yata Radio, Nauen. 1511 November 24, 2014. Listed as in the Sherpa language at this time, subcontinental vocal, mention of a Nepal address.

940 CUBA Radio Progreso, Sancti Spíritus., Sancti Spíritus.. 0124 December 11, 2014. Fair-good over WINZ, parallel 640.

1450 CUBA Radio Maybeque, Güines, Mayabeque. 1104 December 7, 2014. Cuban vocals, female DJ, parallel 1140. Under "Sunny 1450 & 1320" WSDV, Sarasota. Listed 1 kW.

1490 FLORIDA WWPR, Bradenton. 1150 December 7, 2014. Black preacher, gospel vocals, live, "You're listening to WWPR" non-legal ID at 1201, more preaching. Fair.

1600 GEORGIA WAOS, Austell. 0010 December 11, 2014. Mexi-Spanish vocals, Atlanta area commercials and "La Mejor" slogan at 0026. Co-channel several others, though this was the most dominant.

1600 LOUISIANA KLEB, Golden Meadow. 0010 December 11, 2014. Briefly atop the mix with French-Cajun regional vocal, parallel station website live stream. Besides WOAS, an unidentified black gospel and WHTY, Riviera Beach, FL with Haitian Kreyol programming, and weak sports (possibly WKWF) in the mash up. Thanks David Potter for his 1600 kHz observations.

1280 LOUISIANA WODT, New Orleans. 1052 December 14, 2014. FOX Sports Radio with two talking heads, poor with tight WTMY, Sarasota semi-nulled.

1310 VIRGINIA WGH, Newport News. 0118 December 17, 2014. Fade up with female canned, "Back to more contemporary favorites on Star 13-10" into soul-gospel flavored vocal, lost to dominant Radio Enciclopedia co-channel.

1350 FLORIDA WCRM, Ft. Myers. 1159 December 14, 2014. Live Haitian Kreyol male chorus, live Kreyol preacher with mentions of Ft. Myers on a local Sunday morning. Good.

1420 FLORIDA WAOC, St. Augustine. 1110 December 14, 2014. ESPN junk, 1118 ad block with locals on the back end, including Dirt Cheap (can deliver coquina concrete) ad Daytona Kia. Good with WBRD, Bradenton mostly nulled.

890 TEXAS KVOZ, Del Mar Hills. 1152 December 22, 2014. Tentative. Suspect merely this one but with odd format of English Urban-Soul takes on Christmas songs, Spanish language man with brief inspirational words at 1156, back to English Christmas songs, no ID across the hour, female briefly with "... punto 890" (890 read in English). No working KVOZ streaming located. Slight WLS and Progreso co-channel, eventually this faded leaving Progreso alone. Suspect they were illegally on their 10 kW day power, if KVOZ.

950 MEXICO unidentified. 1203 December 20, 2014. Anthem in progress, then immediately repeated (bathroom break?) from 1205, male coming out of anthem, Mexi-tune, female 1216 but no ID culled before fading out post-sunrise.

1130 GEORGIA WLBA, Gainesville. 1147 December 20, 2014. Spanish commercials, "La Mejor" slogan, Tejano song. Very good, presume on psra 3.2 kW. First log of it here, if my records are actually accurate.

1190 TEXAS KFXR, Dallas. 2245 December 22, 2014. Commercial break at tune-in, into the Matt Patrick Show with the entire "Can't You See" by the Marshall Tucker Band mixed underneath his rants, today live from Shaw's Jewelry, Houston (so this is an at least Texas syndicated show, KTRH, Houston appears to be the flagship). But not really live, he closed with "Have a good weekend" on this Monday, so a holiday excuse to repeat. Mostly poor with the Orlando station nulled out. Parallel TuneIn live stream which was at least 20 seconds behind. "Talk Radio 11-90" is the slogan when going into and out of FOX News Radio top of hour.

1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, La Fe, Isla de la Juventud. 2314 December 22, 2014. Big post-sunset enhanced signal with Cuban techno-pop vocals, male canned ID 2318 into live DJ.

1230 CUBA Radio Progreso, unknown site. 2324 December 22, 2014. Big post-sunset enhanced signal, female announcer, ID's, parallel others. Certainly the western side of the islands.

1230 FLORIDA WMAF, Madison. 1136 December 23, 2014. This is a very tentative. Classic Country with Carl Smith "Let Mother Nature Have Her Way" segued to Loretta Lynn "Don't Come Here a Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind)" etc. Mary Chapin Carpenter "Down at the Twist and Shout" at 1229 into Tom T Hall "Grandma Whistled." Too weak plus some WBZT and possible WGGG co-channel for any ID. Seemed to have been a break for maybe commercials briefly at 1242, otherwise appeared to be on C&W music auto-pilot. By near 1300, WONN, Lakeland with Christmas oldies was the only thing on the channel. Suspect WMAF, Madison, FL 1000/1000 the best candidate. No working stream without having to d/l proprietary junk. Signal still poking in with Classic Country after 1230 GMT, so suspect WMAF. Song IDs courtesy of SoundHound app on the iPhone held next to the speaker.

1320 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1140 December 20, 2014. Female news reader with reverb and laser SFX, parallel 1020. Weak with presumed WJNX, Jacksonville, FL gospel co-channel.

5040 Radio Habana Cuba, Quivican. 2156 December 22, 2014. Carrier already up at tune-in, 2159:50 audio up abruptly mid-canned Spanish ID, into Spanish prpgramming. Local level.

6050 ECUADOR HCJB, Pico Pinchincha. 2104 December 21, 2014. Checking for ELWA, Liberia. Only this one propagating, fair and increasing signal level in Spanish, robot time sounders over programming 2130. Weak carrier-only on 4760 at the same time.

6185 MEXICO XEPPM Radio Educación, México DF. 1555 December 23, 2014. A tentative, just an educated guess this is the one based on my proximity, a fairly decent carrier, audio so threshold impossible to make anything of it. This one rolling along late? Recheck upon returning home at 1825, off. Recheck 1648 the following day, nothing.

7200 SUDAN Radio Umm Durmān, Al-Aitahab. December 22, 2014 2102. Caught after end of programming, transmitter off at 2103:51. But carrier briefly on/off several times after, engineer apparently doing some work instead of going home to the hyenas. Recheck December 23: carrier up just after 1930, after departing 9505, on/off a few times for Arabic domestic channel I guess programming scheduled 1930-2100. Audio not really worthy until 2030 and steadily growing quickly with Sudanese folk quasi Horn of Africa-ish vocals, definite Arabic female announcer 2033, more nice vocals. Audio cut at 2100, carrier still on when tuning out right after.

9500 UZBEKISTAN CVC Voice of Asia, Tashkent. 1225 December 24, 2014. Hindi female, happy Hindi vocals with accordion and sitar. Good.

9505 SUDAN Voice of Africa, Al-Aitahab. 1825 December 23, 2014. Carrier detected, presume prior to 1830-1930 Hausa. Audio finally showing from 1910 and rather quickly improvijust afterng, presumed Hausa, with nice almost Horn-ish of Africa traditional vocals from 1824. Transmitter off about 1930:10 mid-song, up on 7200 about 1930:35 with carrier on/off often initially for Radio Umm Durmān Arabic, but no decent audio yet.

9590 NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS Radio Free Asia, Agingan Point, Saipan. 1610 December 24, 2014. Clear, fair with a little path flutter, Chinese female, Asian filler music. Something on 9455 the same time weaker, but definitely not parallel with mostly Asian-sounding music, maybe Firedrake?

9595 INDIA All India Radio, Bengaluru. 1630 December 24, 2014. Russian, with female reader. Subcontinental music 1655 recheck. Clear, weak. Listed 1615-1715.
9689.918 NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu. 2040 December 22, 2014. Excellent with great highlife, Hausa female announcer, plug pulled 2007. Site a guess, measured on the IC-R75.

11435 CUBA HM01 spy numbers. 1601 December 24, 2014. AM mode, local level, five digits opening, alternating with digital-pack send tones from 1603.

11735 UNIDENTIFIED. 2040-2125 December 24, 2014. Checking for Zanzibar, something here weak, rather fluttery and mostly talk in unknown but seemingly Asian language, not Zanzibar. And well past the usual just past 2100 Zanzibar closing time. I don't see Voice of Korea listed at this hour here.

11752 / 11768 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. 1658 December 24, 2014. Noted a decent carrier right on 11752, no audio until 1659 when a peep of the RHC interval theme poked through. Indeed, an 8 kHz spurious puke from the big 11760 transmitter in Spanish, with a slightly weaker 11768 also present.

15105 BANGLADESH Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka. 1229 December 22, 2014. Tune-in to single tone in progress, heavily accented English female just before 1230 with ID and frequency, subcontinental fill music, male and female news script followed by commentary, male, "This is the External Service of Bangladesh Betar" (pronounced almost like "Better" or at least he does). Into Bangla-tunes, then at 1256, Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill" of all things non-Bangla, rapidly potted down by 1259:36, unnecessary long pause, the same female again with closing announcements ending with "Bye" and transmitter off at 1300:45. Bye! Very good signal with ever so faint flutter.

25910 / 25990 TEXAS WQGY434, KLDE, Eldorado. 1447 December 22, 2014. Righteous Brothers "Bring Back That Loving Feeling" segued to James Brown "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag" then quick KLDE 104.9 jingle, into Christmas oldie, local businesses commercial block. Male canned legal ID 1455, local news from 1458. They pronounce the town with a hard "a" which they may as well being that they smash El and Dorado together to make one proper noun. Channels in perfect parallel, very good with some deep fades. A BARP in NBFM mode of course. Wonder if these are active just for hobby fun by the engineer. Hope so.

25950 COLORADO KB99696, KOA, Denver. 1655 December 22, 2014. Barely poking through at times. BARP in NBFM mode. These call (re)assignments must be newer, with only two alpha characters followed by numerical replacements for the missing two or three letters. WWV on 25 MHz fair at the same time.

1000 CUBA Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 1611 December 28, 2014. Poor with Cuban vocals. Doesn't seem to have anywhere near the signal it used to have. Second channel 1320 kHz not possible daytime here with WDDV Venice, FL present. 

1370 NORTH CAROLINA WTAB, Tabor City. 1105 December 28, 2014. Local redneck monotone announcer, Bluegrass gospel vocals, local death announcement 1125. Under WOCA Ocala with FOX Sports Radio at this hour. Still question whether WTAB is really on night power.

1410 UNIDENTIFIED. 1142 December 28, 2014. Tune-in to male canned, "La Raza 14-10 AM" and Tejanican vocal into fade, with some WNGL Mobile co-channel. Not finding anyone on 1410 with this slogan in the 2014 NRC AM Log or Google search.

1480 FLORIDA WVOI, Marco Island. 1111 December 26, 2014. Pablo Cruise, Beach Boys, Billy Joel, Bob Seger oldies, commercial at 1120 for a jewelry store serving, "... the Marco Island Community." No slogan caught, but mid-November posts on RadioInsight say it's "Mix 98.1" in reference to W251BL translator, and thus no longer simulcast 1660 WCNZ which when logging at the same time here is still Spanish.

1490 FLORIDA WTTB, Vero Beach. 1150 December 26, 2014. Promo for someone, "... back on Monday at... on WTTB" and unidentified net news top of hour, Sean Hannity promo and female, "News Radio 14-90 WTTB" at 1206. Poor in WWPR black gospel and WAFZ Mexican format co-channel, plus someone with NOS vocals format.

6769.86 USA (PIRATE) Old Time Radio. 1225 December 25, 2014. Fair with unidentified old radio serial, local noise bothering reception.

6970 CHINA (JAMMER) CPBS1. 1145 December 25, 2014. Presumed network, Chinese, blocking unheard/listed Sound of Hope low power channel.

7435 IRAN Voice of nslatorthe Islamic Republic of Iran, Sirjan. 1249 December 25, 2014. Pashto, clear and fair, parallel 9790.

9505 SUDAN Voice of Africa, Al-Aitahab. 1629 December 25, 2014. Surely the one, but virtually no audio so early here. Sitting in USB off-tuned 20 kHz down and waiting, carrier up from 1629:38, presumed opening of French service to Central Africa if only one could hear at this hour.

9790 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kamalabad. 1249 December 25, 2014. Pashto, clear and excellent, parallel 7435.

11895 THAILAND BBC World Service, Nakhon Sawan. 1230 December 25, 2014. English service, quick news headlines into magazine program. Clear, good, some flutter.

11955 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kamalabad. 1306 December 25, 2014. Dari service, good, parallel 13830.

12370 CHINA (JAMMER) CPBS1. 1234 December 25, 2014. Presumed network, Chinese, blocking another unheard/listed Sound of Hope low power channel.

13750 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kamalabad. 1240 December 25, 2014. Arabic, female news, ID, Iranian classical music. Parallel 15750.

13830 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahwas. 1306 December 25, 2014. Dari service, clear but weak, parallel 11955.

15450 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kamalabad. 1247 December 25, 2014. Indonesian service, excellent, parallel 17715.

15750 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Zahedan. 1240 December 25, 2014. Arabic service, clear and fair, parallel 13750.

17715 IRAN Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sirjan. 1247 December 25, 2014. Indonesian service, excellent, parallel 15450.

99.1 MHz FLORIDA W202CB Bayonet Point, Pasco County. 1358 December 28, 2014. Poor when the ICF-7600GR is held just right in one part of the house, simulcast to 105.9 and 94.5 translators. Format is Classic Rock “Thunder Tampa Bay” with this having moved from 88.3 back in September while 94.5 is W233AV Gulfport/St. Petersburg and 105.9 is W290BJ licensed as West [sic] Tampa. But wait, there's more! 102.9 from Wesley Chapel stumbled upon today (see log). Programming originates at 100.7 WMTX-HD2.

96.7 MHz FLORIDA W244BE, Brandon, Hillsborough County. 1328 December 28, 2014. Yesterday I heard a canned calls-only ID dropping on 970 WFLA, then again today. Indeed, simulcasting WFLA, heard with the ICF-7600GR pointed just right. Appears to have very recently activated. A while back they were on 105.9 prior to that one flipping format to "Thunder Tampa Bay." At last check the website still had this unlisted. FCC dB states 80 watts ERP.

100.3 MHz FLORIDA W207BU, Bayonet Point, Pasco County. 1410 December 28, 2014. According to RadioInsight this one has been here since November 7 due to an interference complaint from 99.9 WXJB, Homosassa, which doesn't come as a surprise to me, having expected that one would happen. Slogan is “Alt 100.3” (formerly "Alt 99.9"), with Alt Rock format. Good signal when positioned in just the right spot on the ICF-7600GR.

102.9 MHz FLORIDA W275AZ, Wesley Chapel, Pasco County. 1540 December 28, 2014. "Thunder Tampa Bay" Classic Rock with friend Big Rig voice tracking right now, weak on the ICF-7600GR, parallel the other translators on 94.5, 99.1 and 105.9. This one isn't listed on their website as of today. FCC dB shows 200 watts ERP. Found this one while again checking for W275 AX Bartow, which simulcasts WWBF (1130 kHz), which will probably never make it this far but I sporadically check anyway.

830 LOUISIANA WFNO, Norco. 0107 January 15, 2015. A tentative but no other obvious sources, and pointing that way. Very poor in my local WWBA, 820 splatter with weak signal, Spanish male talk until 0114 when Mexi-tune aired. Not EWTN Spanish programming (WACC, Hialeah).

960 FLORIDA WGRO, Lake City. 0126 January 12, 2015. Aerosmith "Dream On" followed by male canned, "... on AM 960 WGRO."

1070 ALABAMA WAPI, Birmingham. 1031 January 2, 2015. ABC News, into Red Eye Radio 1034. Under Radio Guamá.

1230 FLORIDA WMAF, Madison. 0110 January 8, 2015. Finally IDed the one I've been hearing pre- and just post-sunrise with mostly nonstop Classic Country. This evening, George Strait "Murder On Music Row" popped up briefly between WSBB, New Smyrna Beach (oldies) and someone talk. I called the website number, not expecting anyone to answer after hours but "Stephanie" picked up. I told her I was calling from Clearwater and have been hearing what I thought was WMAF; does she know if that George Strait title played 10 minutes ago? "Hold on, let me check the playlist... Yes sir that song played at that exact time." She confirmed they are often automated, but do have a weekday live morning drive female host and live programming much of the weekends.