Florida Cracker Bass Club

"By Laws"


Printable copy of Club "By-Laws"


 Florida Cracker Bass Club


 “By Laws”


1.    Annual membership dues are $25.00.


2.   Tournament entry fee is $25.00.


3.   Non-boater fee (paid to boater at ramp) is $25.00 per fishing day.


4.   There will be 11 monthly tournaments (July thru May). All tournaments will be  held on the first Sunday of the month. If holidays interfere with this schedule, the membership will be notified in advance.


5.    The 12th tournament (July) will be the “Classic”. You must fish 6 of the 11 regular tournaments to qualify for the “Classic”. The site of the “Classic” will be determined by popular vote. Only qualified members may vote for the “Classic”


6.   Monthly meetings will be held on the Tuesday prior to the tournament. All entry fees must be paid before the boat draw. There will be NO exceptions!


7.    If you are unable to attend the meeting, entry fees may be paid in advance by any member attending the meeting. Please enclose a note stating what fees you wish to pay (i.e. entry fee, big bass, 8 lb pot, etc…).


8.   Pay back is as follows:


          6 – 15 Anglers pays 3 places


          1st – 45%,  2nd – 25%, 3rd – 10%


          16 - ? Anglers pays 4 places


          1st – 40%, 2nd – 25%, 3rd – 10%, 4th – 5%


          20% of entry fees will be held back to fund the “Classic”


          The “Classic” will pay back 5 places


          1st – 45%, 2nd – 25%, 3rd – 15%, 4th – 10%, 5th – 5%


9.   “Big Bass: per tournament is optional. The entry fee is $5.00 and      pays back 100%



10.     The 8 lb pot is also optional. Entry fee is $5.00 per month and must be kept current to be eligible to receive a payout. The 8 lb pot also pays out 100% of the monies taken in. If no one in the pot catches a  bass 8 lbs or larger during the year, the angler who caught the season’s largest bass and is current and was  current at the time the largest bass of the year was caught will receive the money at or after the June  “Classic”.


11.All checks will be awarded after weigh-in at the tournament site.


12.     Entrants will be informed as to the total payout of the tournament at the ramp on Sunday morning.


13.     Withdrawal from a tournament will be accepted up to 48 hours (Friday evening) prior to the tournament and entry and big bass fees will be rolled over to the next month. After Friday evening, the entrant will forfeit the entry fees. 8 lb pot fees do not roll over to the next month and will need to be paid to enter the 8 lb pot at the next tournament.


14.     Release boats will be announced prior to the start of each tournament. Any boat that is designated as a release boat and refuses to release fish will be a release boat at the next tournament that he attends. Should that boat fail to release fish for a second time in a row, he will be disqualified and his weight will not be counted for that tournament.


15.      No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the boat during tournament hours. If caught, you catch and your non-boaters catch will be disqualified. Use of illegal or alcoholic beverages will result in immediate banning from the club.


16.     Life jackets must be worn any time gas engine is running.


17.      All fishing must be done from the boat.


18.     Each angler may have only 1 line in the water at a time.


19.     Minimum size is 12” long. Bag limit will be stated at the meeting and at the ramp the morning of the tournament.


20.   All fish will be measured on “Golden Rule”. You may ask for a courtesy measure prior to weighing      fish.


21.     If a short fish is brought to the scale, the angler will forfeit that fish and his largest fish.


22.    Artificial bait only. Rod and reels only. No fly rods or cane poles. Fishing rods may not exceed 8’    long.


23.    All fish will be brought to the scale in a weigh-in bag with sufficient water.


24.    Dead fish penalty is 4oz per fish. Penalty applies to overall weight only, not “Big Bass” weight.


25.    Penalty for being late to scale is 1 lb per minute, disqualification after 10 minutes.


26.    No trolling is permitted.


27.    Maintain 50 yard distance from any boats anchored with trolling motor up.


28.   All boats must have operating live wells.


29.    In case of a disabled boat, one person may leave the boat and come to weigh-in with another tournament boat. All fish must be kept separate. The disabled boat will be retrieved as soon as possible after weigh-in.


30.   If navigation lights are not working, that boat may not leave the ramp until it is safe to operate without lights.


31.     All anglers will be expected to be aware and abide by all rules.


32.    All protests must be made at weigh-in prior to dispersment of awards.


33.    Good sportsmanship and common sense should be practiced at all times.


34.    2 boaters may fish together in any tournament, providing that they both do not draw a non-boater (draw a blank). If two boaters wish to fish together, they must bring it up at the meeting.


35.    The site of the “Classic” is off limits the week prior to the “Classic” date (Monday thru Thursday).


36.    For the “Classic” boat numbers will be drawn at the meeting and you will keep the same non-boater for both days. Calling of boat numbers will be reversed on the second day of the tournament.


37.    No changes to these rules will be made until the meeting prior to the first tournament of the season and will be voted on at that meeting. (No changes will be made throughout the season).