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Benefits of Florida APBS Network Membership:
  • Access to a diverse network of individuals across Florida who are researching, supporting, implementing, and utilizing PBS practices
  • Real-time information about PBS policy, training opportunities, events, and web-based resources via our website and email communication
  • Opportunity to share your work, knowledge, and events associated with positive behavior support with the larger community in Florida
  • Connection to national and international organizations and activities
General vs. Active Memberships
Florida APBS Network offers two different ways to become involved, making it possible to tailor your participation to your interests and availability:
General Membership: Access to resources on the website, updates on current events and activities of the network, and opportunities to connect with other members.
Active Membership: Participation in meetings, voting on initiatives, and involvement in committee activities (e.g., communication, membership, product development, evaluation), as well as access to resources and information.  Please note: Given that this site is operated through Google Sites, in order to access members-only information, you will need a Gmail account (our network will never request your password).
If you would like to join our network, please click the "Become a Member!" below and complete the brief membership questionnaire.  Membership in the network is free; we do, however, suggest joining the international Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS); the organization's website link is available on the Resources page.

Become a Member

Thank your for visiting our Florida APBS Network site. If you would like additional information or have questions or concerns, please contact Meme Hieneman at meme@pbsapplications.us