Welcome & Mission

Welcome to the Florida's Association for Positive Behavior Support (FLAPBS) Network website. This site is designed for people supporting individuals with behavioral challenges in their homes, schools/work sites, and communities.  Here you will find a variety of resources and a calendar of events related to positive behavior support. We hope you find our site to be useful and will consider becoming a member of our growing network.

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Mission of FLAPBS Network

FLAPBS Network strives to build capacity across disciplines and settings to employ sustainable, evidence-based practices to improve behavior and quality of life for individuals throughout their lifespan. We are committed to engaging professionals and caregivers through collaboration and education in order to develop practical strategies and systems that adhere to the principles of positive behavior support.

What is Positive Behavior Support?

Positive behavior support (PBS) is an evidence-based approach to supporting individuals with behavioral challenges, as well as the families, agencies, and groups that assist them. PBS combines the principles of applied behavior analysis with person-centered values and involves comprehensive assessments to design effective interventions that fit within natural contexts and routines.  More about PBS 

For a copy of our Network brochure, click here.