Florian Nagler

Department of Finance

Via Roentgen 1

20136 Milan, Italy

Email: florian.nagler [at] unibocconi.it

  • Thank you for visiting my personal web page!

  • I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at Bocconi University

  • My research focuses on OTC markets, corporate finance, and asset pricing

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Publications and Accepted Papers

Journal of Finance forthcoming

with Nils Friewald and Christian Wagner

  • Shareholders demand a premium for short-term leverage but not for long-term leverage

  • Internet Appendix and Code

Review of Asset Pricing Studies forthcoming

with Giorgio Ottonello

  • Underwriter-investor relationships mitigate the impact of inventory constraints on issuers' cost of bond financing

  • Internet Appendix

Review of Finance 24(2): 345-379, 2020

  • The pricing of a bond liquidity shock depends on the current size of a firm's bond rollover exposure

  • Runner Up for the Spängler-IQAM Award for the Best Investments Paper in RF

Journal of Finance 74(6): 3217-3257, 2019

with Nils Friewald

  • Systematic inventory, search, and bargaining frictions help to explain the latent common factor of yield spread changes

  • Internet Appendix and Code

Journal of Financial Economics 114(1): 155-177, 2014

with Rainer Jankowitsch and Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Working Papers

with Thorsten Martin

  • Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic we find that stock prices drop more in countries with higher debt-to-GDP ratios

with Paolo Colla and Yingdong Lin

  • Corporate cash holdings are U-shaped in the intensity of bond financing

Permanent Working Papers

with Nils Friewald