EEF at Flora Vista

Encinitas Educational Foundation

What is the Encinitas Educational Foundation?

Flora Vista EEF—FVEEF

In addition to district-wide EEF funding, each school in EUSD has the ability to hold school specific EEF fundraising events to benefit their individual school.  Together with the PTA and School Site Council (SSC), the FVEEF helps identify annual goals and plan fundraisers to provide the money to meet our site-specific objectives. 

Every Child Benefits

Every child at Flora Vista benefits from grade-specific enrichment programs provided in the areas of music, art, physical education, science and technology through EEF Funding.

You Can Make a Difference

Support of all families is needed. Fundraising efforts and parent donations to FVEEF currently fund consultants for our Media Center, Music, Computer Lab and Reading/Writing totaling approximately $70,000 annually.  The suggested FVEEF donation to help with these costs is $115 per child.  We urge you to donate to the Falcon Fund so that these vital programs can continue at our school.  We know that our families are economically diverse and times are challenging.  Give at the level that is comfortable for you.  All donations are 100% tax deductible under the limits of the law, and many companies will match funds for school donations.  Please check with your employer to see if they will match your donation.

In addition to financial support, volunteers can help with organizing events, chairing an event, grant writing, promotions, coordinating restaurant nights, joining a committee, attending meetings and MORE! All parents are welcome and  all positions are voluntary. Not sure what you can do to help? Tell us about your skills and interests and we’ll find something for you to do! Email us @

Current Annual District EEF Events

Look for details in future Flora Vista e-packets:

  • Swing for Students
  • Legoland Day
  • Encinitas Rotary Wine Festival

Proposed FVEEF Events

Many FVEEF events this year will coincide with PTA efforts to minimize activities and maximize volunteers!

  • Annual Giving/Donation Drive
  • Spring Auction & Raffle
  • Restaurant Nights
  • Tile Wall Orders

Partnering For Success—FVEEF, PTA,  SSC

The FVEEF works in conjunction with School Site Council (SSC)  and PTA to identify and approve specific funding needs at our school.  FVEEF representatives attend PTA board meetings to keep the members updated on EEF events, funding goals, and available grants.  FVEEF and PTA work together to help ensure programs are funded each year for music, art, physical education, science and technology. 

Flora Vista is fortunate to have  wonderful parent volunteer organizations with FVEEF, SSC and the PTA.   By  working closely together we achieve our common goal of supporting Flora Vista and providing our children with a quality education.