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Woodshop Floor Plans

woodshop floor plans
    floor plans
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woodshop floor plans - The Complete
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Now to decide how I want to replace the floor. It had 8 2x8 boards mounted lengthwise and that's how I'll probably replace them "but" there is a piece of angle iron welded across the front end that means I can't just cut 8 boards and drop them in place, I have to get that welded piece off first. Ack, lots of grinder time ahead. Plan B is to replace the flooring with 1/2 inch plywood which should work okay since it has wide metal supports welded across on 24 inch centers. Hmm, that would do away with all the grinder time and the cost of wood is roughly the same either way. I'm open to suggestions if anybody even looks at this! This trailer frame is 8 feet long and just a hair short of 5 feet wide.
shop floor 3-4 done
shop floor 3-4 done
I am now 3/4 done with the installation of armstrong vinyl commercial tile in my shop. I plan on being done this Friday. I will wash and then wax this baby until total shinedom has been achieved!

woodshop floor plans
woodshop floor plans
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