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Steel Floor Systems

steel floor systems
    floor systems
  • (floor system) the complete framework of floor beams and stringers or other members supporting the bridge floor and traffic loading, including impact
  • (Floor System) That portion of a structure immediately above the foundation that consists of the structural material from which the floor system is made.
  • an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range
  • get ready for something difficult or unpleasant
  • Mentally prepare (oneself) to do or face something difficult
  • cover, plate, or edge with steel
steel floor systems - Dynamic behaviour
Dynamic behaviour of the composite steel-concrete beam floor systems: The mechanical reaction in the composite floor system due to the human induced vibration
Dynamic behaviour of the composite steel-concrete beam floor systems: The mechanical reaction in the composite floor system due to the human induced vibration
In the majority of recent studies the dynamic behaviour of significant elements in the system has been overlooked. Furthermore, current codes are unable to suggest clear and realistic approaches. Therefore a proven method of analysis needs to be undertaken to provide better predict the vibration characteristics in composite steel-concrete beam systems. This research takes advantage of the finite element package ABAQUS to describe a study of the dynamic behaviour of isolated and coupled composite steel- concrete beam systems under free vibration analysis. This report also includes several chapters describing theoretical investigations, computer modelling, evaluation of the results, and recommendations for further study. The first six isolated beams of different lengths are simulated and analysed, and then 24 coupled composite beams are simulated and analysed by considering different length girders at differing distances. The purpose of this study is to derive a theoretical and analytical analysis to predict realistic concepts, and present an active mode in composite steel-concrete beam systems instead of the combined modes.

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Inside the tank
Inside the tank
Inside the tank we find a copper coil constructed of four 25 foot pieces of ?" tube. This core is part of the radiant floor heating system. Heat is transferred through this core to a closed loop that heats the house. The closed loop prevents accidental leaks of a thousand gallons of water into the basement incase the radiant floor tubing breaks. Other tubes seen are for filling the tank ( see garden hose), temperature probes at three depths, and suction lines for the pumps that supply water to the solar panels. More tubes that are not seen penetrate the ceiling only an inch or so to return the water from the solar panels. It is important in this type of system that the return line ends above the water level in the tank so that air can go up the return line when the pumps shut off and train the water out of the panels. This prevents freezing in the winter, and boiling in the summer. Also you can see that the roof liner is attached with green deck screws and stainless steel washers. There are about 100 of these fasteners in the roof.
Diagonal Tile
Diagonal Tile
We are removing the butcher block top from the stainless steel three drawer unit (it is actually not even affixed to the top) and will be installing a longer piece of Varde counter top. This piece will intersect in the corner with another piece of Varde counter top covering the dishwasher. Even though the Varde pieces are individual/separate items, they will unite under the same countertop to form what appears to be a fitted kitchen.

steel floor systems
steel floor systems
Steel, Concrete, and Composite Design of Tall Buildings
Thoroughly updated, this superbly illustrated handbook provides a uniquely practical perspective on all aspects of steel, concrete, and composite use in the design of tall buildings. It alerts professionals to the latest codes and ANSI standards and includes dozens of case studies of important buildings throughout the world, providing in-depth insight into why and how specific structural system choices were made. It also discusses recent studies of seismic vulnerability. . .the effect of wind and seismic forces on design decisions. . .the use of lateral bracing concepts and gravity-based systems. . .computer modeling techniques that forecast the response of buildings to various forces. . .and much more.

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