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Installing a hardwood floor medallion, inlay, compass rose or marquetry can be done by any handy person!                                                                           

This web site is intended for the homeowner or anyone else that wants to make or install a floor medallion inlay on their own. A huge cost could be realized by purchasing your inlay and installing it yourself. In many, if not most cases a floor installer charges the same or even more for the installation of the floor medallion than the purchase price of the inlay itself! For 2 hours work some clients have been charged up to 1500.00 for a simple round floor medallion installation!! This is a  a work in progress so at first there may not be a great amount of information here, the page will be updated until I have the simplest to understand installation techniques for many different types of floor medallion inlays and compass roses.

These are the install instructions as seen on our regular web site: Rose Farm Floor Medallions & Inlays

Background Info on Floor Inlay Installation

In many cases the builder and decorator may not know much about floor inlay installation and rely on the installers they use for information. Every installer should make it a point to read up on and practice installing each type of inlay before they start cutting into a floor. It is nice for a client to know about the install procedure also. Many times the installer has never put in a medallion. A "dry run" on a piece of scrap plywood is advisable, especially if this is a first time project for the installer.The install techniques shown below are based on my personal experience. I have previously installed all types of floors from laminate and engineered to vinyl, ceramic tile, stone and of course my favorite 3/4" hardwood. I am not only a floor installer, but an inlay specialist. This is my job and my specialty so I stand by what I say. I have over 150 inlays installed in all flooring types(tile,carpet,stone,wood,etc)under my belt. Most floor installers may have put down one or two inlays and more than likely have never made a medallion. So feel free to ask me what, where, when or how to install a floor medallion.


The inlay can get cut in after the floor is down. With so many pre-finished floors being laid, it is standard practice to install the inlays in a finished floor. If it were true that all inlays needed to be "sanded in"(installed after the floor is down, but before final sanding and finishing) then no one with a pre-finished floor would be able to have an inlay. It is nice to "sand in" the inlay, but delaying the project is unnecessary. An install on a finished floor just requires patience and some forethought of nail placement while installing the floor in the area the inlay is to go(pic 3).  So even though I do suggest "sanding in" the medallion if the floor type and time allow, it is in NO WAY REQUIRED to have the inlay before the new floor is down! Some web sites state that only a professional should install floor medallions, NO WAY, any handy homeowner can install an inlay in a few hours, max! In many cases the  homeowners put in the inlay after the floor guys leave and the install comes out perfect. 25% of these inlays go to people with existing floors that are already finished and more than 25% go to people with newly installed pre-finished floors. The client finishes the inlay, cuts the hole in the floor and glues the medallion down. Then uses a small amount of matching filler around the inlay in the expansion gap of about 1/16" around the perimeter. The next few web pages explain different ways to install a hardwood floor medallion inlays using the circle jig, "one piece"  template and the "stick" template. I will also include an advanced area for free form and oval medallions.

This is a work in progress. Please send suggestions anytime to:

The following instructions are opinions and posted as help only, they are not definitive in any way and info may change. Use this information at your own risk. Read the owners manual of your tool carefully and follow those instructions if they differ from these. Use safety precautions and wear safety glasses.  Good luck!

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