New From Redsn0w: iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Release Imminent

Exclamation New Jailbreak Using The SHAtter Exploit Coming To Windows [Untethered 4.2.1]

I recently notice a lack of discussion are the new JB for Redsn0ws new unlock 0.9.7 - this will give an untethered JB/unlock to Windows users. They say they are in the final stages and it will be out within a few weeks. For some this is amazing news for others its dissapointing as they hoped the jailbreaking community would save the SHAtter exploit for iOS 4.3 or 4.2.5. Either way, people should be informed its coming soon. Also important is that it hasn't been released yet what devices this Jailbreak will support.

Only criticism i've heard is that it's noticeably slower than the Mac version.

This long awaited jailbreak has been surfacing and submerging over and over again in underground jailbreaking new but this is the first [image supported] posting by the developers suggesting it is in the final stretch.
If our suspicions are correct here at Floopfloop we expect the release within 3-6 weeks, or possibly sooner.

We await Redsn0w's SHAtter exploited 0.9.7 with crazy excitement as we're sure you do too!

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