Scheduling and Pricing

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Note: All Initial Appointments require a phone consultation prior to scheduling.

See bottom of page for pre-pay discounted session and packages.

Only $65-80 per 2 hour session! 


Initial Floatation Appointment: $123.60* 

This required initial session is three hours in length and includes: an introduction to floatation and its benefits; review of the consent for treatment, professional disclosure agreement, liability waiver/tank rules, and HIPAA rule; an initial assessment and diagnostic interview; an orientation and familiarization of the therapeutic floatation process; therapeutic consultation and formulation of therapeutic intention; introduction to the floatation equipment; pre & post showers; and session conclusion consultation. 


Floatation Sessions:  $97.85* 

Each session is two hours in length and includes: 0-90 minutes of therapeutic consultation; 30-90 minutes of floatation; and 30 minutes for pre/post showers.  The therapeutic elements of the float may occur before, during, or after the float depending on the plan derived from the initial session or subsequent sessions.


Pre-Paid Initial Session Discount  

Initial Floatation Session with Spokane Serenity Solutions = $97.85*  Add to Cart

(Initial session is required prior to purchasing any discounted packages.)


Pre-Paid Therapeutic Packages - Discounted

    1 Floatation Session (save $15) = $82.40*  Add to Cart

3 Float Sessions (save $60) = $231.75*  Add to Cart

  5 Float Sessions (save $125) = $360.50*  Add to Cart

10 Float Sessions (save $300) = $669.50*  Add to Cart


Some medical insurance companies may be billed out-of-network for later reimbursement after services; however, not guaranteed. Call your insurance company to ask about your counseling services coverage, if applicable.



An additional discount of 3% is given for cash purchases;

note that packages above are discounted for advance payment only.


*By purchasing this package, I agreeing that I have received, read, understand, and agree to all intake documents provided by Spokane Serenity Solutions including: Informed Consent for Treatment and Evaluation, Professional Disclosure Agreement, Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA), Liability Waiver and Agreement, and the Samadhi Floatation Tank Rules.

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