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Robot Missions Running Smoothly

posted Dec 3, 2010, 11:49 PM by Steve Putz
Between the Qualifying and Regional Tournaments, the team made several improvements to the robot programming and attachment designs to add a new mission and improve reliability of the other missions.  Lost of timed practice runs have paid off, and the day before the Regional, the robot succeeded at every attempted mission, for 320 points, the team's highest score yet!
  • Grab the Patent (25 points) and Deliver Bionic Eyes (20 points)
  • Retrieve the Syringe (25 points) and the Doctor
  • Deliver Cardiac Patch (20 points) and Pace Maker (25 points)
  • Insert Bone Bridge (15 points)
  • Kick Goal (25 points)
  • Deliver Doctor and  Bio-engineer (25 points) and White Cells (15 points)
  • Open Door with Brain Nerve (20 points)
  • Nerve Mapping (15 points)
  • Pressure Test (25 points)
  • Dispense Medicine (25 points)
  • All Red Cells (40 points)
The team is hoping they can repeat this result for at least one of the tournament matches!