Canoe & Kayak Trips in the Florida Keys, Southern Everglades. Northern Everglades, 10,000 Islands etc.

This website is under development at the present time.

The trips posted are the first of over 100 trips in the Florida Keys that will be posted here by Jack & Nanci LaMarre.




These trips have been compiled and perfected over the past ten years and are listed here to aid all paddlers.

 After exploring for several years, and then sending info to many paddlers, we first decided to write a book , but after checking into the cost and hassle of publishing one, and the fact that we just wanted to share our experiences with others, we decided to do it this way where it is free to those desiring to take advantage of it.

 We have done some of the trips many times and others only a few times, and hopefully you can enjoy each trip as much as we have.

  These trips have all been documented during the months of December, January, February and March and paddlers should pay careful attention to the weather reports prior to heading out, since there are almost weekly cold fronts that blow through, creating high winds and waves and dangerous paddling conditions.

 Regardless of the cold fronts, if a paddler is weather savvy, they usually can find one side of the Keys to paddle on and be in relatively calm conditions while on the opposite side the wind and waves are like a gale.


 We recommend taking an underwater camera, since we cannot remember any trip among the hundreds we have taken where we didn't get good views of underwater fishes, turtles and other miscellaneous critters.


 Most of these trips require a GPS and we highly recommend one, unless you are still a compass user and can interpolate for one.

 We have had a few trips where the GPS not only found  the various offshore Keys that we were heading to, but got us back safely to our take out in pea soup fog.