Blended learning is a both an Ontario ministry initiative and an evidence-based tool to enhance student achievement. In its purest form, Flipped Learning is a form of blended learning, where students learn content out-of-class (normally online through interactive lectures or activities) before the teacher runs an in-class session. This shift of pedagogy leads to freed up class time, and a variety of methods have been used by a variety of teachers in this newly available class time.

This project is a combination of a research design project from students attending UBC Masters in Education: Technology-Enabled Design course and the Blended Learning team from the TCDSB's 21st Century Learning and Academic ICT department.

Inspired by the work of Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, the Flipped Classroom has motivated teachers all over the world to boost student learning: both engagement and achievement.

Aaron Sams: Teaching for Tomorrow


GROWING SUCCESS: self-regulation, collaboration   

21C COMPETENCIES: collaboration, use of ICT for learning, self-regulation


How does the flipped learning model affect student-teacher interaction (both in-class and on-line)?