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At The Friday Institute

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What is provided during the training days?
1. All materials needed for filming lecture videos.
2. All tech support for filming and uploading videos.
3. Expert flipped classroom guidance from Katie Gimbar.
4. Drinks, snacks, and lunch.
5. A thumb drive for each participant to store their videos.

What will the training be like?
Watch a video from some of our recent graduates here.

What do you get when you complete the program?*
1.  A Friday Institute / SAS certificate of completion
2.  A set of 6 lecture boards
3.  A thumb drive with all your lectures
4.  A YouTube account where all your lectures are accessible and uploaded as “unlisted”

*You must be officially accepted to the program in order to receive the certificate and materials.

Program Reminders
1.  It is important that you arrive on time as we will try to utilize every moment of the training.
2.  It is important to come prepared with your lessons ready to be transferred to the boards.
3.  All homework assignments are due the night before your next day of training.
4.  The focus and purpose of the training days are to provide...
  • Time to experience flipped classroom practice and resources
  • Time to ask questions about flipped teaching
  • Dedicated time to film pre-planned content