Flipping the Classroom

Imagine being able to meet the needs of every single learner in your classroom...a teacher's dream. When you know how to effectively Flip classroom instruction to optimize student learning, you can do just that. John Dewey said that, "There is very little place in the traditional schoolroom for the child to work." How backwards. We expect kids to come to school to work, and yet there is very little place in school for them to do that.

When you Flip your Classroom to maximize efficiency in delivering effective instruction to your students, the result is a much more productive and happy classroom.

There are some Questions you will want to ask yourself when you are preparing to Flip your Classroom.

3. Of those goals, which content can be most easily flipped?
5. What resources & materials do I need to teach?
6. What resources & materials do my students need to learn?

Use this Planning Sheet to help you get started.