Where can I download rosetta stone torrent that works?

Lily asked 3 days ago:
                    I want to learn some languages, and like rosetta stone very much but dont         have money to buy it. does anyone know a torrent for working rosetta stone         where I can select language?

    Best Answer
    I got the Arabic downloadable lessons for free just a few hours ago with the coupon code "freelanguage" I found on some forum. Here's the direct link with the coupon already applied: http://www.rosettastone.com/?coupon=freelanguage
    I think it works for any language, but you can only redeem it once per computer (or something like that). Just follow the instructions on the screen, and then select the language you want, and you'll be given the software download and license. From what I've heard it also works on Mac.

    I don't advise you to mess around with torrents. Most of them don't work and have viruses and other things, my computer got infected once because of them, not to mention it's illegal to download copyrighted software. Better to play it safe, especially if they've got coupons.
answered by Petra 2 days ago

Lily replied:
Thank you very much it worked. and all levels too wow this is great!!!!!!!!!!! but verification pretty annoying

Petra replied:
Glad it helped. Good language learning! Yea, getting past that first screen takes a few minutes till you get to the language selection menu, but it's totally worth it IMO.

Tesla V replied:
Does anyone know if it is possible to get more than one language with this coupon? I downloaded French (with all levels), but when I go to the link again it displays error.

Lily replied:
I don't know, maybe by changing your IP or something like that. Try to search for some proxies, and try with that.

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