"A miniature gaming experience"

flintcon (this coming year will be our third)

Event Date: Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 

The event location:

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School.
402 S. Ballenger Highway, Flint, Michigan 48532

Directly across from McLaren Medical Center with parking in the back of the building... Enter through door number 3 the event will take place in the gym.  Concession stand available onsite!

There will be flea market tables available bring your old stuff, go home with new old stuff.

Discussion site:

Doors open at 8AM (for Game Master setup)
Gaming starts at 9 AM
Doors close at 11:30 PM
Cost per person $10 (children 10 and under are free when accompanied by an adult)  All proceeds are donated to support our Host St. Paul Lutheran Church and School. 

Painting demo and Tutorials!  This will be going on through out the day where kids and adults can try out some techniques or just relax and paint a miniature. 

Pathfinder (and Starfinder) Room will be running events again this year all day and evening, presented by the Pathfinder organization sign up on Warhorn or walk up and play.  This year the room will be run by Michael L. Eischer

Go here to sign up in advance or check out the Pathfinder Starfinder events:
2018 Warhorn Page  <follow that link there!

The Board Game Room is back again this year with Kyle Ferguson running some of his favorites like Heroclix, Dicemasters, Flux, DC Deck building, Legendary, Settlers of Catan and more, come and play or bring a favorite

The Miniature events planned so far!
1st Session (9AM-1PM)

Age of Sigmar Demo Games - Michael Besko (Riders Hobby Shop)
15mm AWI Battle of Brandywine 15mm AWI Guns of Liberty Rules - Michael David Wedding
25mm Napoleonic Black Powder - Jon Carroll (Riders Hobby Shop)
Clear for Action WWII Naval - Ed Crutchfield and John Hugener
Zombicide - Robert Gendron
28mm Battle of Nicaea First Crusades - Larry Weichel
All Quiet on the Martian Front – Training battle Glen Cooley

Congo 28mm - Paul Buchholz and Michael Ovsenik

15mm Flames of War WWII Russian Front - John Hutcherson

54mm Pirates based on Broadsides and Boarding Parties 

2nd Session (2PM-6PM):
Age of Sigmar Demo Games - Michael Besko (Riders Hobby Shop)
28mm Greeks Vs. Persians - Tod Kershner
Clear for Action WWII Naval - Ed Crutchfield and John Hugener
15mm Napoleonic (Hanau 1813) - John Holcomb and Larry J. Finazzo
All Quiet on the Martian Front - Glen Cooley
54mm WWII Memoir 44/Command and Colors - William Hupp
28mm Sudan Colonials - Ray Brammer
15mm WWII Fireball Forward - Larry Smith
1/64th scale Championship Formula Racing - Garry Kaluzny

Warhammer 40K Tank Battle - Michael Ovsenik

Charlie Don't surf, Vietnam Brown Water Navy Battle - Michael Harris

Attack on Saint Augustine 1700, British, Pirates and Spanish - John 

3rd Session (7PM-11PM):
Age of Sigmar Demo Games - Michael Besko (Riders Hobby Shop)
1/64 scale Gutshot a Wild West shoot out game - Garry Kaluzny
Blue Max WWI Dogfight 1/144th scale

Events listed on Warhorn these will be running all day.

The miniature events are presented by the Game Masters listed and they supply all the necessary materials and the teach you the rules, all you need to do is show up and play.

(Keep checking back here for updates on games and tournaments)

Interested in running an event (Game Masters) or for additional information please contact us at:

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    Miniatures games samples........................
                 A WWI dogfight 
       WWI Dogfight
                                                             Ancient and Medieval battles

    Japanese carriers move in to attack Midway!

Star Wars Full Thrust Fleet Battles.......
  Stargate ...