About Flight Simulator Xtra

There are many things you can do that will increase the performance of, the detail of, and the realism of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This website, and my Flight Simulator Xtra Blog, are about improvements that can be made to  FSX, though much of this information will apply to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, and 2004, as well.

I have spent far more time tinkering with computers and "modding" my sim installations, than I have "flying" my favorite aircraft. Without a doubt, I have learned far more than I ever expected to. And... I loved every moment of it! Perhaps sharing some of what I have learned can help justify some of the many, many, hours I may have wasted! I sure hope so...
Known as BenReclused, I'm a member of several flight sim forums, and a few computer related forums, that I enjoy very much. But they all have the same problem: EVERYTHING gets lost in the clutter. What a waste! Well, this is where I'm going to start sharing my "lessons learned", concerning computers and Microsoft's last three flight simulators.
My goal is to make the "learning curve" much less frustrating for anyone that really wants to get the most of, and the best of what, "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" has to offer.
Here are some things to keep in mind as you "tinker" with your computer or flight simulator installation:
1) I am not responsible for anything you do!
2) By far, most computer problems, hardware and/or software, are caused by you, the "end user"! This is certainly true in my case, so be sure of  what you are doing BEFORE you do it. If you want to modify a file, make a copy of it FIRST.
3) Never forget the first two items!
That said, you should also know:
1) Most user generated problems can be easily corrected if the proper precautions were taken FIRST. Get in the habit of making "restore points" and copies of files before making any modifications. This way you have the ability to "undo" any changes that you may have made.
2) If a problem occurs, think about what you may have done to cause this issue, then "undo" the "cause". This almost ALWAYS fixes the problem, so it should ALWAYS be your FIRST step.
3) When something doesn't work, or doesn't work properly, there is ALWAYS a REASON. If you REMOVE that "REASON", that "something" WILL ALWAYS WORK. This is TRUE of EVERY DAMN THING!