FlightPath: robust p2p streaming

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Mission: Design a robust system that allows a user to stream live data to hundreds of others without redundant servers or expensive high-bandwidth connections.

The FlightPath idea is simple. Use a peer-to-peer approach to stream live content.  The broadcaster need only send each part of the stream to a subset of peers.  Peers then share the stream parts with each other, adding redundancy and bandwidth to the overall system without any cost to the broadcaster.  Each peer reconstructs the stream after a small delay and feeds the reconstructed stream to the user's media player.

The FlightPath technology is not so simple.  As we've already seen in peer-to-peer file-sharing applications, users do not like to share.  Such selfishness hurts the system, and so the FlightPath technology introduces new mechanisms to encourage cooperation among peers, mechanisms that allow peers to trade stream packets in exchange for other stream packets.  You can read about the details of our mechanisms in our published papers.