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This section will place a renewed focus on selected operational and human factors aspects and will announce new postings in the Safety Awareness Library and Words of Wisdom sections

Identifying and Using Precursors ( posted November 2011 )

Commercial aviation has achieved an impressive safety record, thanks to developments in technology, operating and training standards, as well as developments in air traffic management and airport operation.

Further improvements will continue to require an holistic approach whereby all factors and their respective interactions need to be considered as a whole rather than in isolation.

At the very root of any safety management program is the careful assessment of risks ( also referred to as risk factors or threats ).

This first release of the Flight Operations Refresher site intends to shed light on the Identification and Use of Precursors, a domain where many has been achieved but also where many remains to be done.

You will find a dedicated Flight Operations Refresher note in the section Safety Awareness Library as well as
an associated compilation of quotes in the section Words of Wisdom.