Improving the Cessna 172 - Step 2

Wings 3D does not export or import the .ac format, so an alternative 3D format has to be used. Flight Gear works with different 3D formats, .obj, .3ds and possibly .lwo.

Initially the entire panel showed through: this was a 2D panel, and after removing the <panel> entry in the 3D config file , I think that is where it was, the problem was solved. 3D instruments do not show through.

.obj files work, and textures can be applied and show up in FG

The following image is of a .3ds file with colored materials, textures do not show up. The 2D instrument panel showed up through all the surfaces of the airplane, replacing with 3D instruments (such as the already installed compass, which does not show through the walls as it were, should correct the problem.

The advantage here is that the .3ds file can be imported into Wings 3d, modified, and then exported out, unlike the .ac format that FG uses most exclusively. The model below has an cavity in the wing that will be fixed with the new wing.

The instruments show through the walls of the plane, this was found to be due to the use of a 2D panel.

Adding 3D ASI at various coordinates for placement. Y is left and right, and X is back and forward. The compass is at -0.35, and the ASI is placed at various intervals from the compass.

This model does not use textures - it is modeled in .3ds format and the colors are 'materials'. It is quite an improvement on the original jagged textures: next replace the seats and wheels.