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The Official FlightGear Pages:
The FlightGear web page: (Where you can download the program if you don't already have it)
The FlightGear Wiki:


The FlightGear Forums:

The FlightGear Forum: (The place where you will find help with FlightGear)

La Patrouille de France FlightGear: (This is the French forum I belong to, a friendly community)

A very interesting site by one of our community's member, F-VEBR:

FlightGear On This Day In Aviation History:


Other FlightGear Hangars that I have bookmarked:
(If there are other hangars you think I should add, please leave me a comment)
Alpha-J's Hangar:

Helijah Free Fr:

United Free World:
Airliners.net: (This is my reference when I'm working on liveries)
The offical Canadian Air Force web page:
Gimp: (The program I use to work on liveries)
XML Marker: (The program I use to edit .xml files)