Boeing 737 Fixed Base Home Flight simulator Cockpit Parts made in Australia.

Quality Boeing 737 and Airbus

 Simulator   Components

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Airbus Knob Range coming to the site this week, stay tuned!!


Throttle knobs now available!!

A Sample of our new 737 throttle knob package

$90.00 Full Set of all knobs required for 737 TQ.


    F-F supply to Aviation Australia!!     

We are proud to announce that we were given the opportunity to supply Boeing 727 cockpit 

parts to "Aviation Australia", our city's leading aviation training school  last week. 


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 After a year of faithful service to many customers all over the world,

 we have proven our quality and cost is second to none. 

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All Knob sets available fully Back-lightable.               

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You wont get better quality or prices on the net. 

Exact replica Boeing and airbus (soon) FTD Parts.


 Fiberglass Forward side wall assemblies Available Now.

Captain and First Officer sides.

$300.00 per side+ shipping

Email for more info


J Rail system available now.

$490.00   + Shipping

(Four rails and Clutches included).

Locking system soon to be released.