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Unfortunately this project is discontinued....
The site will stay online for general purpose

My new Cessna Citation Mustang project can be seen here:


This site is all about the construction of my home build fixed base Boeing 767-300ER Cockpit Simulator.

Which boy did not want to become a fire fighter, or a pilot? Well... I've been a fire fighter already...

As a child I have always been fascinated by the sky, watching all the clouds. Dreaming of flying up there. After a few flights on a real plane, flight simulator software got to my attention. Another dream started to appear.

Why not become a real life pilot you ask?
Flying is a fun thing to do, but I don't think it matches family life. I'd rather only get to do the fun part. Taking off from Boeing Field with my own new (self build) 767. Turn around for an unrequested gear-up-low-altitude-pass, without getting sacked.

And to be honest...
It's also a matter of Big Toys for Big Boys....

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  • 2011
    My best wishes to all of you!

    A new year with new building developments.
    As a christmas gift Hessel Oosten donated his 3D design of the Gear Lever.
    I quickly implemented the Lever in the MIP panel.
    Pictures are added in the media section.
    Posted 2 Jan 2011, 07:33 by Erwin van Steen
  • Boeing Brown
    Sune Gustaffson from Sweden was so kind tho share his Boeing Brown color matching experience. Read more about this topic here.
    Posted 12 Nov 2010, 09:27 by Erwin van Steen
  • New Page, New Pics
    Today I have added a new page to this site. It contains the pictures of the pedestal design and can be found in the media area. To start of with I added some pictures of the FMC CDU. It's still a rough concept, but now you can see what kept me busy last week. This one is realy time consuming because there are a lot of components that have to be lined up together.
    To be continued!
    Posted 12 Oct 2010, 13:26 by Erwin van Steen
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