Notes Sent Home

Here you will find copies of notes sent home that I write.  They will be posted chronologically with the most recent note first. 




Welcome to First Grade - August 23, 2007 

Summer Letter - August 7, 2007 

Welcome to First Grade!

Asa C. Adams School

Mrs. White

Room 8


Reminders and Suggestions

Monday: Art and Library and Computer Lab

Tuesday: Phys. Ed.  (Remember sneakers!)

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Phys. Ed. (Remember sneakers!)

Friday: Music

Guidance with Mrs. Erhardt will be scheduled for every other week.  She will be doing this in between her duties assisting Mr. Lucy.  Mr. Lucy is Orono Middle School's principal and will be covering some of Mrs. O'Roak's responsibilities.  Mrs. O. is slowly recovering from a serious illness.

We are scheduled to have a student teacher from UMAINE, Miss Sara Patstone work with our class during the fall semester.  Educational Technicians working within our classroom are Miss Mills and Miss White.  (She is not related to me.)

It is helpful if you put a change of clothing, including underwear and socks, in your child's backpack.  That way if your child needs to change due to a puddle, a spill, or another accident, s/he can change with comfort.  If your child is sensitive to the temperature, an extra short-sleeved top and/or an extra sweatshirt might be a good idea.  Please check backpacks daily for homework, leftover snacks and lunch, notices home, and the occasional wet or dirty clothing in a plastic bag.

Please feel free to contact me.  You can leave a phone message with Mrs. Brooks at 866-2151 or you can use email.  I can be emailed at or  I can access the Asa Adams address only at school.  I can access the gmail address anywhere I have web access.

I will not be in school the afternoon of Friday August 31, 2007.  I will be bringing my son to college.  He'll be a Freshmen at UMAINE in the New Media program.

Between "Kodak Moments" and creative learning and teaching, there are many opportunities in the classroom and at school for photographing, filming, and recording students, their schoolwork, and their activities.  I'd like to take full advantage of these opportunities but, I need your permission.  Please carefully read this permission slip, ask any questions, and then complete the form.





Debbie White



Permission Slip  [Please circle the appropriate word(s).]

I DO  DO NOT give permission for photographs and/or videos to be taken at Asa C. Adams school of my child. These images will only be used for educational projects.  These projects include but are not limited to, student presentations, name charts, class-written books, individual written books, displays in the classroom, hallways, and on the web, student- teacher portfolios, teacher portfolios, and sharing with parents.  Any image that is used beyond the school community will NOT have the child's name associated with the image.

I DO  DO NOT give permission for copies of my child's school work to be displayed for educational projects.  These projects include but are not limited to, student presentations, name charts, class-written books, individual written books, displays in the classroom, hallways, and on the web, student- teacher portfolios, teacher portfolios, and sharing with parents.  Any work that is used beyond the school community will NOT have the child's name associated with the work.

This permission is good for the 2007-2008 school year and the 2008-2009 school year.

Child's Name:____________________________


 Parent/Guardian:___________________________      Date:__________

Parent/Guardian email address:





It’s going to be a TREE-mendous year!                                                                                                                 



August 7, 2007





Welcome to Room 8!  Did you notice that 'eight' rhymes with great?  Room 8 students are GREAT! I'm very excited that you are a member of our classroom community.  Our first day together will be Thursday, August 30, 2007.  Our school day is 8:20am – 2:35pm.


You probably have some questions about school.  This letter will try to answer some of them.  You will have Physical Education with Ms. Umel (sneakers required!) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Music with Ms. Degrasse is scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays.  We will have library once a week with Mrs. Smart.  Art class with Mrs. Fitch will be first thing on Monday mornings.  Every other week Mrs. Earhardt will visit us for a guidance lesson.  Computer lab and library will be scheduled for once a week.


I’d like to invite you and your family to a “Meet the Teachers Night” on Thursday, August 23, 2007 from 6 – 7 pm.  All the first grade teachers will be in their classrooms that evening.  It will be a chance for you to meet me, see the classroom, and ask any questions that this letter doesn’t answer.


It will be helpful for you to have a few things for school.  I’ve included a list to help you and your parents organize yourself for school.


Can you believe it?  I am assigning four homework assignments for you even before school begins!  Your first homework assignment is to memorize a poem.  It can be a nursery rhyme, a funny poem, a haiku, or any kind of poem.  Please learn it by heart so you can share it with the class.  We will be making books of our memorized poems this year so I’d like you to either handwrite or type (and its okay if a parent does the typing) your poem.  Make sure your paper is titled this way, “(Your Name) memorized (the title of your poem) by (the author of your poem).  I can’t wait to hear your poem! 






Your second homework assignment is to create an “All About Me Bag”.  To do this, you need either a lunch bag size paper bag or a zip lock baggie.  Put your name on your bag.  Then you need to collect items for your bag that will help the rest of the class get to know you.  You can draw and label a picture of you and your family or you can put in a photo.  If you like to go to the beach, you might put a shell in your bag.  If you are a baseball fan, you could put in a newspaper article about your favorite team.  The only limits on the things in your bag are that the items need to fit into the bag, the items can’t be alive, and they need to help us get to know you.  You only need 4 – 6 items in your bag.  Please bring your “All About Me Bag” to school on the first day.


Your third homework assignment is to bring in one wire clothes hangar.  We will be using them as a tool for a project you will create as part of our “All About Me” unit. 


Your fourth homework assignment is to look around your house to see if you have any of the over 40 books written or illustrated by Eric Carle.  Our first author study will be on Eric Carle.  Ask your parents if you can bring in any Eric Carle book that you have to share with the class while we study his books.  If your parents say yes, ask them to help you put your name on the books so they don’t get mixed up with the classroom books.


If you or your parents have other questions that need to be answered before school starts, please leave a message for me at school (866-2151) or call me at home (827-3758) or on my cell (944-0247) or email me at or  I won’t have access to the school email until school begins.


The rest of my summer will be busy.  I will be updating our classroom webpage and helping to install the new Linux-based computers at school.  My son is getting ready for college and my daughter is getting ready for high school.   We will visit my Mom and Dad when they come to Maine on vacation.  Of course, I will also spend lots of time getting our classroom ready for the first day of school.



Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I'll see you soon!








Mrs. White

Things For School



Needed Everyday

* pencil with an eraser (some children find mechanical pencils easier to use)

* snack

* lunch or lunch money

* be ready to do your best

* know where you are going after school


Helpful but not required

* washable markers

* crayons

* colored pencils

* scissors (Fiskars are especially good)

* glue stick(s)


Things for the classroom community (not required)

* box of tissues

* box of band aids

* white out or white out tape

* glue sticks

* self stick labels-any size

*hole reinforcers for holes punched in paper

* box of zip-lock type baggies - any size

* grocery bags - plastic and paper




Please do not bring large notebooks, trapper keepers, large pencil boxes, (small ones and pencil bags are okay) or other similar items.  We do not have room to store them.




There may be other things during the course of the year that children will be asked to bring in.  If it is an item that costs money and your family truly can not afford it, please write me a note and I will make sure that your child is adequately supplied.