Course Outline

Department of Industrial Technology

Forest Lake Senoir High


Course Outline - Welding Technology (10-12)


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Metals Technology with a final grade of “C” or instructor approval.


It is strongly recommended that students complete “Introduction to Drafting and Design” prior to taking this course.



Course Description:

Welding technology introduces students to more advanced concepts of MIG, Arc and Oxy welding.  Students will build on the basic skills and knowledge of Introduction to Metals Technology.  Students will use their skills to complete required and individual projects agreed upon by the instructor and the student.  Lab time will be utilized to develop the students’ skill, while emphasizing safe work habits.



Learner Outcomes:

1.     Students will develop a strong work ethic while applying a constant concern for safety while working in the metal shop.


2.     Cut shaped parts accurately using the plasma and oxy-fuel gas-cutting process.


3.     Produce required quality welds in various positions.


4.     Produce a working drawing, develop a plan of procedure and a Bill of Material to complete a quality project.



Course Content:

I.       Introduce Weld Types

A.   Sketch weld types


II.      Safety

A.   Review Safety Procedures in the Metals Shop  

B.    Safety Test


III.     Complete Welds in Various Positions

A.   Tee

     B. Butt

C.   Lap

D.   Corner


IV.     Advanced Gas Welding

A.   Gas Welding Safety Precautions

B.    Advanced Gas Welding Procedures        

C.   Brazing and Braze Welding


V.      Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding

A.   Safety Precautions for Arc Welding

B.    Advanced Gas Welding Techniques


VI.     Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding

    A. Safety Precautions for MIG Welding

    B. Advanced MIG Welding Techniques


VII.    Plan a Project

    A. Orthographic Drawing

    B. Plan of Procedure

    C. Bill of Material


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