Metal Fabrication


Department of Industrial Technology


Forest Lake Senior High


Course Outline - Metal Fabrication (10-12)


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Welding Technology, and Machine Tool Technology with a  final grade of “C” or instructor approval.



Course Description:

Metal Fabrication will utilize students previously learned skills to complete more complicated machine and welding projects.  Metal Fabrication will apply skills developed in other metal classes.  The student will be required to design and fabricate an advanced project using all facets of the metal shop.  These would include, but are not limited to, welding, machining, forging and foundry.  Students will be evaluated on project complexity, quality, work ethic and time management. 



Learner Outcomes:

1.     Students will develop a strong work ethic while applying a constant      concern for safety while working in the metal shop.


2.     Produce a working drawing, develop a plan of procedure and a Bill of Material to complete a quality project or projects.


3.     Fabricate a quality project by applying welding, machining, forging and foundry.


4.     Develop a thorough understanding of metal fabrication used in industry.



 Course Content:

I.       Review Safety Procedures in the Metals Shop

A.Safety Test


II.      Jigs


III.     Fixtures


IV.     Planning a Project

A. Orthographic Drawing

B. Plan of Procedure

C. Bill of Material