We hope this reflective learning flex activity is productive and purposeful for you. Here is our proposed schedule: 


Opening: 10 minutes

1.       What purpose do you think reflection plays in learning?

2.       Do you currently integrate reflective activities into your course(s)? Describe.

Example:  Reflection Assignments for ESL 400 / LIBR 100: 15 minutes

· Context for course: course sequence, ESL 400 / LIBR 100

· Reflections integrated throughout course:

o    Reflections on essays

o    Eportfolio

o    Final reflective essay

o    Presentation

· Rubric 

· Sample reflections from ESL 400/LIBR 100 students

Planning: 15 minutes

1. Do you currently incorporate any student reflection into your course?  If so, how might you modify/expand? 

2. What are some possible reflection questions specific to the discipline you teach?

3. Draft a reflection assignment for your class.

Share Results:  10 minutes

Closing: Work from SLCC (Sample Reflection Prompts + Rubric)  & Readings:  5 minutes