The goal of Family & Leadership Empowerment Network (FLEN) is to equip low-income individuals and families with educational tools that empower them to improve their quality of life and the lives of their children for generations to come.

FLEN develops training and facilitates activities that enhance the life, social, relationship, financial and career skills of families (adults and youth). We also help families gain access to basic human resources (i.e., food, clothing, transportation assistance, rent & utility assistance, and personal items, etc.) so that they can attain and sustain self sufficiency.


FLEN is able to provide high quality services to low-income families because of the generous support of people in the community, as well as our community partners. Your gift of any size will help ensure that low-income families get the tools they need to move to self sufficiency and permanently improve their quality of lives and their children's lives.
Donations may be sent to:
Family & Leadership Empowerment Network
1327 Empire Central, Suite 216, Dallas, TX 75247