Fleming County Access Television Welcomes You!
FCA-TV is Fleming County's only public access station. Our viewers are always guaranteed one of a kind programming that no other station offers! We're available on cable channel 6 to residents living within the broadcast range. We're hoping to get our signal boosted soon, so that we may be able to reach all of Fleming County and possibly the surrounding counties as well!
When we aren't finding out what people want to watch and airing it, we're out shooting it! FCA-TV is responsible for shooting and editing most of the counties large events, concerts, and festivals. Some programs are available for purchase through FCA-TV, please contact us to find out which programs are available.
We at FCA-TV try to make our community our main priority. That's why we offer to make graphics for announcements free of charge. Our graphics scroll, which airs on a loop during the day, features local announcments for free events or charities. We also put our viewers' birthdays in our scroll so you can call in that special someone's birthday, and have them see their name on the air! 
Our programming schedule also shows up in our graphics scroll, but it changes weekly so stay tuned!
FCA-TV's Office Hours
Monday Through Friday
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