At Fleet Counselling we offer an affordable, low cost, confidential, one-to-one service where you can talk to a trained counsellor in private for up to an hour a week.
The aim of the counselling is to help you find your own answers so that you can become more in charge of your life.

Listening attentively, without passing judgement, a counsellor can help you explore aspects of your life and feelings that are important to you.  S/he can begin to see things from your point of view and can also reflect back to you – and help you to understand more clearly – how you may affect other people and be affected by them.

Then, if you want to, you can develop new ways to work towards understanding your life and feelings and to feel better about them.  In these ways, you can learn more about yourself  and the choices that are open to you and become more able to put into action the decisions you make.
Fleet Counselling is located in North London.