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Getting ready to graduate high school? Thinking about college? Let us help you out with these great dates and links.

ARTE Class meets Tuesdays at 4:00
Come paint, collage, craft, design, and compute each week! Click below for photos!

Free E-books

Summer Reading for School:

Required Reading List

 Don't want to buy the book?  Can't get a library copy? Try Project Gutenberg! Project Gutenberg offers over 45,000 free e-books, many of which are the same classics you're being asked to read for school. So don't fret, you WILL get the book you're after!

Learn a new language for free!
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Need help on a paper or project? Click here for this awesome database, full of great articles on hot new topics in technology, history, art, news, and more. It will even create your citations!

If you're going to fight authority, be well armed! Click on this link to find
balance and perspective on hundreds of topics with articles from multiple viewpoints, biographies, news, and interactive maps.


Get the overviews, critical essays and biographies on authors with Literature Resource Center.


Like Computers? Try learning to write code at one of these sites:
Dash (html website building)