Begin Your Garden with seeds from FLC Public Library!

Borrow: Check out seeds using you FLC Public Library card. Through generous donations from local farm supply stores, such as Jean's Lawn and Garden and the Lincoln County Farmer's Co-Op, and seed-loving patrons, we currently have an array of vegetable and flowers seeds. Many seeds were also donated for this growing season from Sow True Seed Company.

Grow: Grow your vegetables and flowers. FLC Public library does contain many print resources on gardening and offers encouragement to new growers of all ages. 

Return: Seeds can be returned after they are harvested from your garden. We do ask that you follow proper protocol for saving seeds, and can assist you in finding materials on seed saving techniques. If you are unable to save your seeds for any reason, we simply ask that you donate a fresh packet of seeds of your choosing.

Donate: This is a new way for FLC Public Library to reach our community, and we gladly accept donations to keep the seed library up and going. FLC Public Library hopes to promote growth and learning opportunities to our patrons about local food resources, food origins, and other small agricultural topics important to this community.