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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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Ketchikan, Alaska


We are called by Christ to Invite, Equip & Send

Fall 2018

Office Hours:
Please leave a message as the office hours vary due to staffing changes.

8 am Prayer Meeting
9 am Bible Study
10 am Worship
11:30 am Fellowship

5:30 pm Exec Comm - 1st wk of the month

5:30 pm Council, 2nd wk of the month

10:30 am Pastor's 
Text Study (location changes)

6:30 am Men's Breakfast
10:30 am Men's Coffee

3:00 pm Bible Study at Pioneer Home

10:00 am Women's NA meeting in Annex Bldg.

Another Growing Season !

     The longest season of the Church calendar is the season of Pentecost, which occurs following the Day of Pentecost (50 days after Easter) and lasts all the way to Christ the King Sunday which leads into Advent (four Sundays before Christmas). The color for the Season of Pentecost is green, a color that reflects the growth of all that grows in nature during the summer months - grass, trees, flowers, fruit, even the weeds get in on the act.

    Summer is also a busy time of year, especially here in Ketchikan. Fishermen are hard at work coming, going, mending nets and fishing. Here in town, an estimated 1 million people will disembark from the many and varied cruise ships that make their way to Alaska. Added to this number are all the seasonal support staff who make the tourist industry happen. The locals? Well, some fish, some work in the businesses, and many take off for summer vacations or to cabins for some R&R.

    Amidst all this coming and going, we grow. Some people grow busier while others grow tired. Many people grow wealthier while some grow hungrier. While young people grow stronger, older folks grow wiser yet weaker. Like the weeds among the garden plants, there's all kinds of growth happening. Some good. Some not good, if even bad. But growth happens all the same: good, bad and otherwise.

    The season of Pentecost provides multiple opportunities for us to grow in faith and community as the summer months pass. First off, new connections with all those million+ day visitors from - literally - all over the world. Then all the support staff who come from - again, all over the place, some for the first time, many on repeat occasions. I could on, but you get the idea. There is a lot of coming and going by a gazillion people during these summer months.

    On another level, one might consider ways to grow in faith and service personally. Is there a spiritual discipline that you've wanted to develop further but didn't have the time? Why not make give it a go this season of growth? How about growing deeper in prayer - is there a prayer partner you might commit to in an effort to encourage each other? The thing about spiritual disciplines is this, there are more than a single person could ever seriously consider doing. The goal, therefore, is to experiment until you find the 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 that work for your spirit and place in life. Perhaps the best thing about spiritual disciplines is that they are tried and tested. They really work! They really help establish healthy patterns for seeing and living in God's heavenly kingdom here on earth. I can all but guarantee that if a person practiced any new discipline (or disciplines) that there would be a noticeable difference in his / her life by the end of the growing season. Oh, and a second amazing thing about spiritual disciplines is that they don't cost a dime. Just a commitment on your part.

    Got questions? Drop me a note. I'm happy to hear from you.

    To God alone be the Glory!

            Pastor Keith