"the man that deliveries"

Video game producer specialized in the pre-production stage, prototyping, creative direction and game design.

my name is Flavio Rodriguez

I'm video game producerspecialized in the pre-production stage, I’m passionate for video games, music and interactive technologies in general. 

My multidisciplinary skills and my strong programming background are important tools which I'm used to explore in order to find out creative and efficientsolutions for all sort of production problems; that abiliity made me very well known as "the man that deliveries"

It during production process my activities involves but not limited to support:

> creative direction: Helping to find meaning to convey and game pillars which after become meta-objectives.

> game design: finding core game mechanics and making sure all decisions and directions convey for the experience we are trying provide for the player.

> programming, architecture and engineering: helping to keep the focus in the core game elements and researching during prototyping stage and so simplicity and realistic solutions and architecture during production stage.

> art direction: guarantee the consistency.

> technical artists and artists in general: it bringing the best of them for the game at same time that respecting their own style.

> managing and production: team schedule, optimizing production pipelines, keeping team moral high slicing macro objective in micro objectives which can be reaching during production, contacting and managing relation with age rating, sound third part studios, localization process, script writers, supporting marketing at end of the production.