Welcome to my little corner of the Web

Flatouts Designs are simple Graphics Designs used for creating Pathtags, Geocoins, T-shirts and other items. Who knows what.  I just like to make your idea come to life.

I have ideas all the time and share them here and on our Flatouts Designs Facebook page. I also really enjoy making the ideas bouncing around in someones head come to life and do a lot of custom graphics.

My love for doing this all started many years ago just dabbling around making avatars and then a few other things like T-shirts for a fishing club my wife and I were involved in. Dabbled with some web design and other activities.  Then some of our fishing club friends introduced us to Geocaching, we were hooked.  From there we discovered the wonderful expensive world of Geocoins, yet another addiction.  We amassed a large collection but never quite made it to producing our own.

Then we were introduced to pathtags.  We had seen a few and even had a few.  Dale, of Dale & Barb, Space Coast Geocachers Association, was helping us with an event we do annually and suggested we create an event pathtag.  Well, we did and some of the other folks on the committee asked us to do one for them.  Next thing I know I'm doing pathtags for quite a few folks in or area and now it has blossomed into a large area of the SE US.  So, here I am.  I still do not consider myself a professional but I really enjoy helping folks get the idea they have in their head to work for their personal signature item.  It's a win win situation. You know that feeling when they open up a present at Christmas and it's exactly what they wanted... They're happy and your happy that they're happy.  It just doesn't get any better than that!

Well, with this website I hope to introduce you to my work and if you're interested perhaps you'll select me to help you with your design.

So feel free to poke around and if you find something of interest or want a custom design just contact me and let me know.