Crested Butte News

Crested Butte is excited to host the Flatland Ski Association Races.

Race Clinic info

David from the Adult Ski & Ride School says, "We have coaches ready to go and the time is scheduled for 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. with group ratios of 1:5 and split by ability. The meeting area will be between the two base area lifts, Red Lady and Silver Queen at the sign that says "Flatlanders Race Clinics". We plan to set a course of stubby gates on West Wall and also have a lane to practice drills and tasks out of the gates from skill acquisition and practice. I am looking forward to your groups arrival!"

Racing info

Crested Butte has new timing equipment which is wireless. This gives them a greater ability to set the course as we need it.

o The Start for all Challenge/Open races will be at the same location (top of Buckley), which provides a flat waiting area. However, the finish line can be moved up the mountain to shorten the course for the Women’s Challenge and Snowboard Challenge.

o The Women’s Challenge will be first this year, on the right side of the trail (Buckley) which is slightly flatter.

o The timing equipment will then be moved to the Men’s course on the left side of Buckley, and older Men’s group will run their 2 runs, and then the younger Men’s group will run their 2 runs.

o Snowboard gates (triangular shaped) will be available for the snowboard race and the course will be set to fit snowboard needs.

o SINGLE COURSE ONLY: The new timing equipment can only do one course at a time! The schedule has been examined and adjusted as needed to allow time for the races to complete. It will be important that everyone stay organized to keep the races moving as efficiently as possible.

- NO NASTAR HANDICAPPING AVAILABLE: Crested Butte dropped their affiliation with NASTAR after the 2012 season.

- VIRTUAL PACESETTER/HANDICAPP SYSTEM WILL BE USED: The Board has worked with Terry Porter to turn the Virtual Pace Setter function back on in the scoring database. This was set up when FSA went to Heavenly (which did not use NASTAR either).

o Terry also set up the new snowboard classes, and fixed a minor issue with the scoring we had last year. Test data has been run and so far it looks good.