Online battle reaches Flathead Valley
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    Youtube celebrity Pewdiepie has been fist to fist in an online war with Indian record label T-Series since October of 2018.
    Pewdiepie, or Felix Kjellberg, is a 29 year old Youtuber originating in Sweden. He’s been on Youtube since 2010 and managed to claim the title as the most subscribed Youtuber on the platform in 2013. He has not lost this title once since that year. Only recently has Pewdiepie been at risk of losing his crown against an Indian record label known as T-Series.
    Pewdiepie currently has 85 million subscribers as of the publication of this article.
    T-Series has gained immense popularity throughout 2018. Most notably in July of 2018 when T-Series accumulated 50 million subscribers. At this time, Pewdiepie had roughly 60 million subscribers and counting. Pewdiepie hit 50 million subscribers in December of 2016. For perspective, T-Series had 10 million subscribers at that time. Meaning they accumulated over 40 million subscribers in just two years. That is 40 million people that have clicked on a T-Series’ video and subscribed to them in just two years.
    Since October, Pewdiepie and T-Series have consistently fought against each other for the spot on number one. It’s an entire Indian corporation versus a single man, so of course there isn’t much he could do alone. Had the assistance of Pewdiepie’s fans not come into play, it is likely that Pewdiepie would’ve been dethroned in the same month the battle began.
    With the assistance of various other Youtubers, streamers, as well as just normal people, Pewdiepie has managed to continue his streak as the most subscribed Youtuber into 2019.
    Pewdiepie’s feud with T-Series has carried around worldwide. At the 2019 Superbowl, some of Pewdiepie’s fans can be spotted advertising his channel when the New England Patriots #3 kicker, Stephen Gostkowski missed a field goal, even making it onto ESPN’s official Twitter account.
    Fans have also bought billboards around their states and cities advertising channels. Most notably, fellow Youtuber Mr. Beast or Jimmy Donaldson. Donaldson was also one of the people advertising Pewdiepie at the Superbowl.
    Another one of the major attempts to keep Pewdiepie above water, a hacker known as The Hacker Giraffe hacked into 50,000 printers worldwide advertising Pewdiepie and advocating against T-Series. Many people assume this is more of an attack then anything passive. On the contrary to that, this action has actually improved printer security around the world.
    “People underestimate how easy a malicious hacker could have used a vulnerability like this to cause major havoc… Hackers could’ve stolen files, installed malware, caused physical damage to the printers and even use the printer as a foothold into the inner network… the whole learning, downloading and scripting process took no more than 30 minutes, ” TheHackerGiraffe said in an interview with The Verge. According to TheHackerGiraffe, there were 800,000 open printers he was able to access. He chose to hack only 50,000.
    This feud is a bigger deal than many make it out to be. Youtube has been stuck in a difficult position since 2016. Many Youtubers, Pewdiepie included, have expressed a distrust in the site and believe it’s lost the initial connection to it’s audience that it used to have. Many Youtubers and Youtube viewers feel like one of the few things they still have on the site is the independence. If a corporation becomes the most subscribed Youtuber rather than an independent creator the community believes that the feeling of independence will finally be lost.
    “T-Series is this big conglomerate of just a bunch of music industries and it’s that thing of the industries taking over what used to be a people’s platform and that’s what Pewdiepie represents an independent Youtuber,” senior Dade Wendt said.
    This feeling of disconnection isn’t exclusive to Youtube either. Many well known websites struggle to maintain a connection with their audience and community in the ever-changing world of the internet. Youtube is owned by Google meaning this disconnect continues into Google itself.
    Nearly all of Youtube has realized this and in turn have come together to help Pewdiepie keep his spot on number one.
    As of this publication, Pewdiepie’s sub gap against T-Series is residing at 16,000 subscribers. Pewdiepie is currently at 86,679,000 subscribers and T-Series at 86,663,000.

Lack of vaccinations lead to dangerous outbreaks 

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With the recent outbreaks of serious illnesses, such as measles, spreading across the country, the argument for and against vaccinations is on the rise--as is the number of unvaccinated students at Flathead High School.

To begin 2019, there have been 127 reported cases reported cases of measles in the United States from 26 different states according to the Center for Disease Control. Fifty-six cases were confirmed in Oregon and Washington. Across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe, 72 children died from measles.

Measles had been supposedly eradicated because of the vaccine. So when the reports surfaced, it surprised a lot of Americans. However, the explanation of the reintroduction of the disease, and the anti-vaccination movement, was simple to track down. In 1998, a British doctor published a report--which was deemed fraudulent by the scientific community in 2011--that linked autism to the vaccine. Also in 1998, it was found that the Measles, Mumps, & Rubella vaccine contained mercury in the preservative compound. Since then, though, vaccinations have removed mercury from the preservative.

However, those two incidents caused enough damage in public opinion that over the past two decades, some parents did not vaccinate their children. Because of their choices, the spread of infectious diseases like whooping cough and measles have happened.

At FHS, there are over 65 students that haven't been vaccinated, said FHS school nurse Mrs. Molly Denman. Not only does this put them in danger but it also puts the rest of the student body at risk for being exposed to dangerous illnesses.

Students are required to be vaccinated in order to attend public school. In order to register at Flathead High school you must have a DTaP, DT, Tdap, MMR, Hib, Polio, and chickenpox vaccine. If you are not vaccinated due to religion than a form titled, Affidavit of Exemption on Religious Grounds from Montana school Immunization and Rules, must be filled out and given to the health department before school begins. If you fill this form out and are found guilty of false swearing or falsely claiming religious exemption you can be fined $500, face up to six months or jail, or both for endangering the lives of others. The only other way you could be exempt from vaccinations if it were medically cleared. For example, being allergic to the vaccine could cause you to be immune to certain vaccination policies.

“You have to vaccinate your kids, please, if you don’t, you’re dumb,” said senior Kylie Olson. “The only kids who rightfully don't have to get vaccinated are those with immune disorders.”

The CDC mentions that Measles, also known as Morbilli, is a respiratory, immune system, and skin infection caused by a Virus called Morbillivirus, which can be prevented by two doses of a vaccine known as MMRV (Measles, Mumps, and Rubeola Vaccine). Symptoms such as; fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, Koplik's spots (tiny white spots with a white-bluish center setting on an inflamed background found in the mouth), and a skin rash made up of large flat blotches, start to occur 10-14 days after contracting the virus. During these 10-14 days of exposure there is no sign of measles, after this period is over a moderate fever will occur. Soon after the face will break out into a spots and bumps rash that soon spreads to the rest of the body as the fever rises to life threatening temperatures of 104-105.8 F. A person with measles can spread the virus for up to eight days, seeing as it is contagious through coughing and sneezing virus. A person can be contagious for one week before and four days after a rash appears.  

Since 2018, the cause of this spread is due to contagious travelers traveling to and from non-vaccinated areas. In total 372 people have brought back measles from other countries towards the end of 2018, causing this to be the most reported of cases since 2014.

Outside of the U.S, other countries in North and South America have all reported major outbreak cases of Measles. By then end of 2018 the World Health Organization reported totals of 82,596 people in 47 countries with confirmed measles cases.

Because measles has been reported in states such as Oregon and Washington, being updated on vaccinations is crucial, especially when attending public school. Ancase of mumps has been reported in Bozeman but hopefully will not be a problem to those who are vaccinated with both doses of the MMR vaccine. If measles were to hit the Flathead Valley, Denman encourages everyone to stay safe and updated on vaccines.

“I encourage students to stay vaccinated and to make sure they have both doses of MMR,” said Denman. “If there was to be a case of measles in this school, my job would to be to test anyone that came in contact with that person. I would also be working with the Flathead County Health Department to send out letters to parents informing them of the situation.”

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, was the talk of the school earlier on this year as it spread due to the lack of students who were vaccinated. Other students at FHS have family members that won’t vaccinate their kids causing them to spread serious illnesses.

“My sister and her husband aren't vaccinating my niece, Ivry, because they are trying to do everything in a very all-natural manner,” senior Olivia Purvis said. “The scariest part about it is all the stuff going around right now. When Ivry was a month old, Celina, my sister, already thought Ivry had whooping cough.”