STB Fictional Aircraft
The STB aircraft are entirely fictional. I came up with most of the ideas for the aircraft here simply through random 
doodling. I have revisited a couple of models upping the level of detail seeing that i am a somewhat more talented modder
now than i was when i first made the original super-bomber.

STB Superbomber Mk.1 & Mk.2
The First aircraft ever made for STB air, and second on the drawing board was the legendary Super bomber. Based on
MSX's B-52 model, the two aircraft bare a slight resemblance. However, the B-52 does not have a 500ft (151m) wingspan
and does not weigh 1300 tons (empty),  3600 tons (full). The engines have been scaled up from the realpack A380. The
Bomb load of this monster is 810, 500lb warheads, which is enough to wipe out half a city in a single pass. For the Mk.2 variant,
I cut the wings from the CKP tornado, and did some extensive remodeling on the fuselage and cockpit. The engines this time
are from TF58's 747 model, and the new landing gear is from my AN-225 model.

STB Stratobomber Mk.1 & Mk.2
The Stratobomber was the second in the Superbomber series. Featuring afterburners and a swing wing it tops out at
around 1.8 Mach, depending on altitude. For this version, half the bomb load has been removed, and instead replaced with
60 sidewinder missiles, 120 AGM's, 8 nose cannons and 144 rockets. Aswell as being armed with a wider variety of weapons,
the Stratobomber is also more manouvrable, and with the added power from 8 huge afterburners, it has much higher chances in
evading fighters than traditional bombers. Fully loaded it weighs just over 4000 tons, yet with 75% feul and full bomb
load, it retains an impressive rate of climb. The Mk.2 Stratobomber only has 4 engines however they are much larger. The
fuselage is once again common with that of the Superbomber, as are the wings and cockpit.

STB Superbomber VTOL
The superbomber Vtol was recomended to me by, of all people, a wing designer from Airbus working in bristol. I obliged, and
this was the result. Weighing in at 1800 tons (empty) due to the extra engines, and weighing a monstrous 4400 tons (full), the
Vtol is the most incomprehendable aircraft i have ever designed. The bomb load of this beast is 600, 500lb bombs, and 18000
rounds in the 8 nose cannons.

STB Concorde II
My tribute to the legendary concorde. The STB concorde 2. It was sort of what i think concorde would have looked like if it had
been redesigned to a mark 2 version. The top speed is 0.05Mach higher and the engines have been moved to the top of
the fuselage. The origonal model was the stock concorde created by Soji Yamakawa.

STB 380 Supercruiser
I sat down one day and thought, 'How could the airbus A380 be improved?' and this was my answer. A delta winged
version for higher, longer range flights. Out of all the aircraft i have designed this one is by far the most sensible. It is
based upon the A380 from the Real Pack.

 The STB M12 was origonally designed as a passenger high atmosphere airliner but things got a little out of hand.
This thing ended up with a top speed of mach 14 and an aceleration force of up to 10G, 20G at low speeds with
low levels of feul. This is based upon the M52 model by E.E.E. with afterburners from skipper's X-15.

The XM4 is the most random shape i have ever thought up. Incorporating a 4 way swing wing design. The afterburner and
nozzle were taken from Makoto's X-35b Model found in CEP/KZS and the fuselage is based on E.E.E's M52. Top speed is
about 1.3Mach.

Makoto, MSX-FMR(Raputa) TF58, 
CKP, Umaibow, Skipper, EEE