Antonov An-225
This was sort of a 4 way colaboration between myself, Iceman, Flakenwut and H3csc. The origonal mesh
for this model was made by iceman who sent it to falkenwut to put together. Falkenwut released the base
model AN225 on YSP1 in the summer of 2008. I began the exterior repaint within 2 weeks of the initial
release, got in contact with h3csc and he began work on the super detailed mega cockpit straight away.
There are 4 versions of this aircraft in the pack, 2 are in a more recent colour scheme, the other 2 are in an older livery. 
Both schemes show the aircraft with and without cargo on board. The new paint version has the fuselage of an A320s 
inside the cargo bay, while the old paint version will has an AH-64 Apache and a AH-1 Cobra inside. The cockpit is 
very detailed, it has animated yoke and 6 views (Pilot, Co-pilot, Navigation officer, Communication officer and 2 flight engineers.
Iceman for the original mesh
Falkenwult for the FW pack's An-225 original model
H3csc for Cockpit modifcation