Walla Walla Corn Maze

the "survival" list

3 color desert or Multicam (Flashpoint official color) camouflage -

vest or pack with a hydration system -

windbreaker / jacket / parka -
(because it's in November! remember to layer!)

hat -
(again... November. it may be cold... may i suggest the Flashpoint Identification kit?)

waterproof boots -

gloves -
(think skin tight mechanic style but having the cold weather type wouldn't hurt.)

GMRS/FRS radio with an earbud -
(the Flashpoint community will be using the Midland GXT1000/1050 series in the future. comes with an earbud boom mic.)

compass -

map carrier -

(the kind you walk with, not the kind you drive with but, you already knew that.)