didn't you dig the mortar?

we have some of the coolest toys. everyone is welcome to come out and play with us.

how about some preliminary information?

there are 2 teams in the Flashpoint Paintball Community.

the Flashpoint Lancers is an inclusive team which welcomes anyone who wants to join. we put all our events on the Flashpoint Lancers Facebook group page. the page is open enrollment and everyone is encouraged to participate.

as for the Flashpoint Harriers...

this team is comprised of Lancers. that's right, Harriers are Lancers. these are the same people who manage the teams, events, assets, and the company itself. they are the officers of the community and take on responsibility. 

as a whole, the community is set up with a loose military style rank and command structure. both Lancers and Harriers have ranks available. to be eligible for promotion, a player must have the event identification kit, which consists of a tan beret and the community beret flash. this does a couple things: it shows that you, as a player, are willing to make commitment and makes participants identifiable as team members at events we attend. this kit is available directly from the community through the checkout.

beyond this, we have worked out team pride merchandise from local suppliers. we have decals, tshirts, hats, bags, and other products.

the community also carries many products on an preorder basis. items such as markers, tanks, and vests, are available; we have more than 20 suppliers on tap.

we also have an established uniform. it is not required but strongly suggested because of it's capabilities and the notoriety we get as a team. you can find it in the gear rack under "soft goods".