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  • Flash: Does anyone ever trust her twice? Thanks to Ryan

  • Flash: Flash Gordon, quarterback, New York Jets. Thanks to Tom Bell

  • Flash: Forget it Ming, Dale's with me. Thanks to Paul

  • Flash: Tricked you Barin! ... Back off. One move and you're looking for a new prince. Thanks to Paul

  • Flash: Oh my god this girl's really turning me on. Thanks to Zuzanny

  • Flash: I don't wanna go to any moon! I've gotta rescue my friends and save the Earth! Thanks to Adam Bernstein


  • Dale: I'm a New York City girl. It's a little too quiet around here for me. Thanks to Ryan

  • Dale: Flash, I love you! But we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!

  • Dale: Would you leave us alone? I just got engaged! Thanks to Zuzanny

  • Dale: Keeping our word is one thing that makes us better than you.

  • Dale: Go Flash Go! Go Flash Go! Thanks to Heather


  • Zarkov: They can't wipe those things away. Thanks to Keith H. Patton

  • Zarkov: Friendship ... built this to send in friendship. The end now, unless we three can ... unless we can ...

  • Zarkov: Get your toothbrush and whatever! Thanks to Stacy

  • Zarkov: Keep your foot on that red pedal or the g-forces will kill us all! Thanks to Abgood94

  • Zarkov: A-ha! I thought it was one of the prime numbers of the Zenith series. I haven't changed!

  • Zarkov: Check the angular vector of the Moon!

  • Zarkov: For God's sake! Strap yourselves down! Quick!


  • Ming: You pitiful fool! My life is not for any Earthling to give or take.

  • Ming: Remove the earth woman. Prepare her for our pleasure! Thanks to Paul

  • Ming: Klytus! Are all your men on the right pills? Maybe you should execute their trainer!

  • Ming: It's what they call tears. It's a sign of their weakness.

  • Ming: Pathetic Earthlings! Hurling your bodies out into the void without the slighest inkling of who or what is out here. If you knew anything about the true nature of the universe, anything at all, you would have hidden from it in terror.

  • Ming: Gordon?


  • Klytus: Bring me the bore worms. Thanks to Phil

  • Klytus: Put down your weapons! Nobody -- but nobody -- dies in the palace without a command from the emperor. Thanks to Zuzanny

  • Klytus: Now HE showed promise!


  • Aura: Look, water is leaking from her eyes. Thanks to Trace

  • Aura: Don't worry, I won't look. I like you a lot. Thanks to Paul

  • Aura: No, not the bore worms! Thanks to Pam Fackina

  • Aura: Father! Damn you father! Thanks to Pam Fackina

  • Aura: You'll have to convince me much better than that ... Thanks to Zuzanny

  • Aura: I love initiations. Thanks to Zuzanny

  • Aura: Quickly, before the lizard men arrive to bury you. Thanks to Noah Ban


  • Vultan: ... And Bero, remember to keep your head down! Thanks to Adam Shaw

  • Vultan: Better late than never! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Vultan: Is there such an article? ... What a damn nuisance! Thanks to John Scott

  • Vultan: Gordon's alive?!

  • Vultan: Will you shut up!

  • Vultan: Oh well, who wants to live forever? DIVE!!

  • Vultan: Flying blind on a rocket cycle?


  • Orb: Halt Lizard Man, escape is impossible.

  • Orb: Long live Flash, you've saved your Earth. Have a nice day.


  • Barin: Freeze you bloody bastards! Thanks to Andy Thomas

  • Barin: There is something more powerful in this galaxy than Ming's law! Thanks to Mike H.

  • Barin: We owe everything to Flash.

  • Barin: Welcome back from the grave. I knew you were up to something though I confess I hadn't thought of necrophilia.

  • Barin: Tell me more about this man Houdini.

  • Barin: Lying bitch.

    Various characters

  • Treeman: Spare me the madness! Thanks to Patrick Stuart

  • Kala: Dispatch War Rocket Ajax! To bring back his body!

  • Munson: Dr. Zarkov, there's no sun!! It's 8:24 in the morning, and there's no sun!! Thanks to Noah Ban

    Dialogue between groups of characters

  • Flash: Are you OK?
    Bero: Yeah, they just winged me. Thanks to Keith H. Patton

  • Slave: Drink this.
    Dale: What is it?
    Slave: It has no name. Many brave men died to bring it here from the Galaxy of Pleasure.
    It'll make your nights with Ming more agreeable.
    Dale: Will it make me forget?
    Slave: No, but it will make you not mind remembering. Thanks to Rob
  • Guard: General Kala, Flash Gordon approaching.
    Kala: What do you mean, "Flash Gordon approaching?"
    Guard: On a hawkman rocket cycle. Shall I inform His Majesty?
    Kala: Idiot! The Emperor would shoot you for interrupting his wedding!
    Fire when Gordon's in range! Thanks to Tom Bell
  • Vultan: That must be one hell of a planet you men come from.
    Flash: Not half bad. Thanks to Adam Shaw
  • Flash: I demand to see the governor! I can hardly breath in this thing!
    Klytus: Yes, you don't look well. And I'm told you refused your final meal.
    The chef will be upset.
    Flash: Tell him to go to hell.
    Klytus: Maybe just as well, gas works more quickly on an empty stomach. Any final request?
  • Priest: Do you, Ming the Merciless, ruler of the universe,
    take this earthling, Dale Arden, to be your empress of the hour?
    Ming: Of the hour? Yes.
    Priest: Do you promise to use her as you will?
    Ming: Certainly!
    Priest: Not to blast her into space? ... Until such time as you grow weary of her?
    Ming: I do.
    Dale: I do not! Thanks to Gabriel Salgado
  • Klytus: Come forward, Barin.
    Barin: Address me as Prince Barin.
    Klytus: No longer. Princess Aura, under our persuasion, has implicated you on a charge of high treason. You're under arrest! A prison ship will be here shortly to take you away.
    Barin: You tortured Aura.
    Klytus: An interesting girl. I think she found it rather enjoyable. Thanks to Joseph E Sumrall
  • Dale: What happened?
    Flash: I don't know, but it was pretty sensational.
  • Aura: What does "team up" mean?
    Flash: Maybe I'll show you sometime.
  • Barin: Do you know where you are?
    Flash: Up the creek. Thanks to Zuzanny
  • Flash: Any problems fellas?
    Pilot 1: A bit of clear air turbulence. Nothing serious.
    Pilot 2: But nothing you'd want to toss a third down pass through, either.
    Would you like to autograph this for my kid, Mr. Gordon?
    Flash: Glad to. What's his name?
    Pilot 2: Buzz.
  • Flash: This Ming's a psycho.
    Orb: This Ming is a psycho.
    Ming: Who said that?
    Orb: The fair-haired prisoner.