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8/21/07 Jennifer writes to ask, "I was wondering if you knew any of your contributors who might have an idea of where to get or if they have any close up pictures of each of the different alien races in the opening throne room scene. I am attempting to make all of those costumes, but there are a real shortage of images available. Any help would be appreciated." 

Does anyone have any pictures of the aliens Jennifer is talking about? If you do, could you please e-mail them to me at the address in the column at left? I'll forward them to Jennifer. Thanks!

7/15/07 Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me about the upcoming Flash Gordon Saviour of the Universe Edition DVD! It's great to see a new Region 1 DVD for sale, even if it doesn't have all of the special features in the Region 2 25th Anniversary Edition.  

6/30/07 Somewherein72 e-mailed me a photo he made using some Flash Gordon images for a Fark.com contest. It's on The Pictures page.

6/16/07 I needed to switch servers and had been messing around with Google Page Creator. So I decided to re-do the site here! Please let me know if you find any broken links or other problems by sending an e-mail to my new address in the left column.

3/10/07 Sam Schmucker sent me many awesome photos from his Flash Gordon collection. They're on the pics page.

12/16/06 C. Buick sent me two cool scans from the Weetabix Flash Gordon movie album. They're on the pics page.

8/12/06 Todd Killinger sent me this e-mail about upcoming Flash Gordon action figures!

Recently returned from the San Diego Comic Con and, not only did I get to spend a little quality time with Sam Jones and Melody Anderson (I told them they need to bring Max von Sydow with them next year -- though I'm not sure this would really be his "thing"), I also found out a bit of long-overdue news: Seems artist Alex Ross is involved in the design of some upcoming action figures from our beloved film! Entertainment Earth, a collectibles distributor) had a huge "Coming Soon" poster up in their booth on the convention floor [see this picture]. The representative couldn't give me any more information than what I stated above, but Mr. Ross is a huge Flash Gordon fan and, if his famous work in the comics are any indication, these figures will be true beauties. 

4/29/06 Bishop sent me some great images from the international 25th Anniversary DVD! Bishop writes, "Some of the pics look like costume tests, production stills, and on set pics." 

4/2/06 Keith H. Patton sent me a couple of great quotes. They're on the quotes page.

3/27/06 Jon Hassall e-mailed me a link to his Flash Gordon soundboard

2/27/06 Lee Guest e-mailed me that "Melody Anderson & Brian Blessed will be appearing at the Memorabilia Show held at the NEC Birmingham UK on the 25th & 26th March 2006."

1/19/06 Longtime Flash Gordon fan David Guntner e-mailed me that his Flash Gordon Sounds page is running again!

10/15/05 Mark Dennis sent me some pictures of him dressed as Ming this year. They're on the pics page. Another great costume!

8/3/05 The always awesome Kirk Hiner sent me the news that the Silver Anniversary Edition of Flash Gordon on DVD will be released Oct. 10 in the United Kingdom. It's got tons of extras, too. As Kirk says, this DVD will probably not be playable in America, but it does bring us closer to a Region 1 release of this cool disc! Here's more info from Queen's Web site.

7/24/05 Phunknsoul sent me an mp3 of a techno remix he did called FlashDanceGordon. It's really good and about a million times better than the remix on the official soundtrack!

2/10/05 Alert fan Tom Hering sent me this Digital Bits rumor of a new version of Flash Gordon on DVD from Universal!

1/30/05 Colin Harvey sent me a picture of himself dressed as Flash at a New Year's Eve party. I've posted the photo on the pics page. Great costume, Colin! He says he's selling Flash T-shirts on eBay under the username flashgordonshirt.

1/30/05 Sam Schmucker e-mailed me that Sam Jones and Melody Anderson will be at MegaCon 2005 in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 25-27. Here's a link to the con's guest list and more info.

8/21/04 Todd Killinger sent me an e-mail about meeting Sam Jones at the 2004 San Diego Comic Con! He attached a photo of Mr. Jones and himself. I've posted the photo on the pics page. Todd also said I could post his e-mail. Here it is:

Just thought I'd add a little to Kenneth Parker's news about Sam J. Jones signing at Chiller. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the man himself (see attached) at this year's San Diego Comic Con, and he told me that he's embarking on a world tour in honor of FLASH GORDON's 25th anniversary. Not only will he be at Chiller, but Melody Anderson will be joining him as well! Also, for those who live across the pond, Mr. Jones told me that Max Von Sydow (!) will be joining him and Ms. Anderson at a show in England (Wonder how much VIRGIN is charging for roundtrip airfare these days?)

As far as my own experience with the savior of the universe, Mr. Jones was very friendly and quite gracious, posing for pictures with fans and taking all the time you wanted just to hang out and chat. He even remembered me when I made a return trip on the last day of the con to pay my final respects. He had a lot of stills on hand from FLASH GORDON (naturally), CODE RED, STARGATE, and even THE SPIRIT. He was also selling copies of a UK produced "Making of FLASH GORDON" VHS tape (which is still on its way from San Diego, so no review of that as yet) and a nice, hand numbered/autographed reproduction of his personal script from the film (complete with notes written in the margins). Two goodies I've never seen available anywhere else.

It was a real thrill to meet one of my childhood heroes and I wish him much success with his signing tour.

8/21/04 Steven Roberts e-mailed me six stills of Melody Anderson from Flash Gordon. They're on the pics page.

7/16/04 Longtime contributor Kenneth Parker found that Flash Gordon himself, Sam J. Jones, will be appearing at the Chiller Theatre Expo in October 2004. Further details can be found at Chillertheatre.com.

5/27/04 Is it Sam Jones voice we hear in Flash Gordon? Warren Gibbs e-mailed me several sounds clips that bring this into question. Check it out.

4/18/04 Alert Flash Gordon fan Bishop e-mailed me that Stephen Sommers is involved in Universal's movie revival of Flash Gordon. Here's the link to the story from IGN Filmforce.

11/13/03 I've done a little cleaning up of this main page to put the navigation bar right at the top and the less useful stuff down lower. Thanks to my co-worker Pete for the advice!

12/3/01 Edgar Peek sent me a movie poster. It's on The Pictures page.

9/30/01 RedFlare22 sent me a movie still. It's on The Pictures page.

9/16/01 Sue Cole sent me some great movie stills. They're on The Pictures page.

7/29/01 Tim Lindsey sent in a copy of a newspaper ad for the sneak preview of Flash Gordon. It's on The Pictures page.

2/19/01 I added some more quotes to The Quotes page. I also got rid of the note that asks you not to click on the Geocities-required ads. I've realized that Geocities is trying to make money and isn't providing me this web space out of the kindness of its heart. So click away on the ads! Just make sure you come back here when you're done!

8/30/00 Aad Groothuijzen sent me 21 great pictures of his Flash Gordon pinball game. They're on The Pictures page.

6/10/00 I noticed today that this site has been visited more than 70,000 times since I started keeping tabs on visits! (You can see the counter at the bottom of this page.) Wow, I can't believe there are that many folks interested in Flash Gordon. Thank you all for making this site what it is today. I'm also testing out how the main page works without that orange background I've used for years. (HTML folks: remember when putting wild backgrounds on your site was cool, just because Netscape could support it? When was that, 1995? Shows you how old and how little-redesigned most of this site is. I need to get with the times.) This page should be much easier to read now. E-mail me with your comments. I may fiddle with the background's transparency level on PhotoShop and stick it back on the site later.

4/14/00 I updated The Quotes page.

4/9/00 I created a new page to archive all the older updates so you won't have to scroll through so much. Check out The News page. I also updated The Quotes page.

3/20/00 Tom Hicks, a longtime Flash Gordon fan, e-mailed me this tidbit regarding a NEW Flash Gordon movie: "Just FYI, marketing has just begun for the new 100 million dollar version of Flash Gordon 2001. It will be opening in the summer of 2001 through Hearst Entertainment and Mandalay Entertainment." Tom pointed out this Flash Gordon promotion sheet for sale on eBay. You'll notice that it confirms Tom Hicks' e-mail!

2/8/00 I added three pictures to The Pictures page

1/8/00 Steve Russo sent a scan of his movie program from Flash Gordon. It's on The Pictures page.

1/3/00 The "new" version of the Flash Gordon DVD is now out! Check out the Buy It page for more information.

11/7/99 TBS showed Flash Gordon very early this morning. (3 a.m.) Could they be adding it to their rotation? The quality doesn't compare to the widescreen DVD, but at least some more folks will get to see a great movie.

10/23/99 Added more quotations to The Quotes page.

5/19/99 Saw "Star Wars" today. Great! You should see it too. Plus there's a surprise! One of the main cast from Flash Gordon is in it! Can you figure it out? E-mail me if think you know or want to know the answer. P.S. Jonathan Walker e-mailed me this tidbit a long time ago. I want to give him the credit, even though I forgot about it until seeing "Star Wars."

2/15/99 Added a new picture of Ornella Muti as Princess Aura to The Pictures page.

1/30/99 Added, corrected and improved many quotations on The Quotes page after getting Flash Gordon on DVD. (It's awesome.)

1/23/99 Added another quotation to The Quotes page. I also reorganized and added some important DVD information to the Buy It

1/11/99 Another quotation added to The Quotes page.

12/8/98 Would you like to find out about the Flash Gordon comic strips? Then visit Kirk Hiner's Flash Gordon site at http://www.bright.net/~cptjack/flash.html.

12/3/98 More quotes added to The Quotes page.

10/7/98 Kevin Crawford sent me 10 widescreen captures of Ming from Flash Gordon. They're on The Pictures page.

10/1/98 I've added more information on how to buy Flash Gordon on DVD and VHS to the Buy It page.

9/28/98 Would you like to find out more about Flash Gordon than is covered at this site? Then visit Scott Woodard's Flash Gordon site at www.angelfire.com/nc/FlashGordon. It's still in its early stages but looks like it will be good!

9/19/98 Kevin Crawford has sent some screen captures from Flash Gordon. They're on The Pictures page. page.